I know the topic of post frequency has been tackled by a lot of people but I wanted to add my spin to it. Why not, considering post frequency is actually a very important topic.

Post Frequency – The Daily Blogger

There are some out there you say that the best thing a blogger can do, as far as post frequency goes, is to post daily. Once such blogger is Akaahan Terungwa of NoToPoverty. In his post 8 Tips For Blogging Daily Terungwa writes that blogging daily is the best way to build organic traffic. He knows this can be difficult which is why he offers his 8 tips.

It was after reading his post that I decided to write a post a day on my EZeSportsBetting blog. I don’t plan to keep this regime up indefinitely as I know trying to do so would make posting on that blog a chore. This would affect the quality of my posts and I don’t want to do that.

Post Frequency – Consistency Is The Key 

Barbara of Barbara Charles.org speaks of consistency when she wrote the post Six Ways To Get Back To Work When You’re Tired. Barbara is so right too. Regardless of how often you write a post you should do it consistently. That’s one of the reasons I started the Friday Funnies series. My readers know that they can rely on a funny post every Friday. 

On this blog I try to write two posts a week, usually on a Monday and Friday. Sometimes I miss out on the Monday post but when that happens I’ll publish one on a Wednesday.

As far as post frequency goes I believe that you should at least post once a week. Failing that, once a fortnight. Any less than that one wonders why you would have a blog at all. You may as well have a static website.

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Post Frequency Affects Traffic

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that increasing your post frequency does affect your traffic. The more you post the more traffic you’re bound to get. Some of this will be from your regular readers but a lot of it will be organic traffic sent your way by the search engines. Of course this will depend on the topics you choose as well as the keywords you’ve targeted.

The question you need to ask yourself is how often can you post a good quality post. You sure as hell don’t want your quality to suffer just for the sake of frequency. You also don’t want to post so often that you lose your love of blogging. You need to find a happy medium which leads to regular posts while maintaining your love of writing.


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