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Post Frequency How Often Should You Write A Post

I know the topic of post frequency has been tackled by a lot of people but I wanted to add my spin to it. Why not, considering post frequency is actually a very important topic.

Post Frequency – The Daily Blogger

There are some out there you say that the best thing a blogger can do, as far as post frequency goes, is to post daily. Once such blogger is Akaahan Terungwa of NoToPoverty. In his post 8 Tips For Blogging Daily Terungwa writes that blogging daily is the best way to build organic traffic. He knows this can be difficult which is why he offers his 8 tips.

It was after reading his post that I decided to write a post a day on my EZeSportsBetting blog. I don’t plan to keep this regime up indefinitely as I know trying to do so would make posting on that blog a chore. This would affect the quality of my posts and I don’t want to do that.

Post Frequency – Consistency Is The Key 

Barbara of Barbara speaks of consistency when she wrote the post Six Ways To Get Back To Work When You’re Tired. Barbara is so right too. Regardless of how often you write a post you should do it consistently. That’s one of the reasons I started the Friday Funnies series. My readers know that they can rely on a funny post every Friday. 

On this blog I try to write two posts a week, usually on a Monday and Friday. Sometimes I miss out on the Monday post but when that happens I’ll publish one on a Wednesday.

As far as post frequency goes I believe that you should at least post once a week. Failing that, once a fortnight. Any less than that one wonders why you would have a blog at all. You may as well have a static website.

post frequency

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Post Frequency Affects Traffic

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that increasing your post frequency does affect your traffic. The more you post the more traffic you’re bound to get. Some of this will be from your regular readers but a lot of it will be organic traffic sent your way by the search engines. Of course this will depend on the topics you choose as well as the keywords you’ve targeted.

The question you need to ask yourself is how often can you post a good quality post. You sure as hell don’t want your quality to suffer just for the sake of frequency. You also don’t want to post so often that you lose your love of blogging. You need to find a happy medium which leads to regular posts while maintaining your love of writing.


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  1. Twitter:
    Yet others say it is NOT about frequency but about length. Size does matter they will say. Anything less than 2000 words and forget it. So are we supposed to write 2000+ words every day?
    Hard to know who to listen to.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Troy, now let’s not get into who’s is longer shall we. :smoke_tb:

      Personally I think 2000 words is way too long. A 2000 word post has to be really interesting to hold my attention. When writing a post I try to hit the 300 word target as the Yoast plugin says anything less is not good for SEO.

      As to who to listen to, of course that would be me :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Peter recently posted…Changing the Game: Profiting From Your Passion for Sports BettingMy Profile

  2. Hello Peter,

    It’s great to be here…your blog truly rocks and you definitely know your business.

    Back to business: I have tried several blogging frequencies (like I mentioned in the original post). However, I have found out that if anything is going to work for me, it’s the daily plan. Why? You may ask:

    1. About 75% of my readers are new. This indicates that there isn’t anything to lose publishing daily.
    2. Two third of my traffic is organic. This means that more than ever, search engines are my friends.
    3. My inspiration really knows no bounds. I can comfortably create 3 really great articles a day!

    Now, this is the catch: look inwards and watch your Analytics…you can never go wrong that way.

    Make the day a very great one!


    1. Twitter:
      Welcome to my blog Terungwa.

      It’s your second point that interests me the most. That is why I have been posting daily on my exports betting blog. I’ve noticed this has helped my organic traffic as well as being indexed for my posts by Google.

      I’m sure Google likes the frequent updates and that it will help my new blogs standings in the SERPs. How long In can keep it up? Not as long as you I’m afraid, but hopefully long enough so it matters.
      Peter recently posted…World Cup StandingsMy Profile

  3. In my company we are supposed to write short blogs of 300 words or 500 words and complete total 2000 number of words. But i prefer writing just one article of 2000 words instead of writing in chunks!

  4. As you said,if we update our blog regularly,there are many advantages
    1.Search Engine crawl our blog frequently and index our new articles before pinging
    2.Website traffic increases and number of new visitors also increase to a website
    3.More Domain Authority and Page Authority
    4.Increase in backlinks and trust
    5.Can Earn more money
    6.Higher PageRank

    1. Twitter:
      Not to mention that you will also keep your regular readers interested in your blog. Then again, too many updates can turn them away. You have to find a happy medium.
      Peter recently posted…Funny Jokes Friday Funnies #121My Profile

  5. I, myself, have read this and have tried to post at least once a day. One thing I noticed on my WordPress blog though is that my site gets indexed ~10 hours after I publish. As such, I don’t really mind missing a day because I know it’ll take close to half a day for organic readers to come across it.

  6. Hey Peter,

    Thank you for the mention in your blog. Very nice of you and I so appreciate it.

    Your article on blogging consistently and if we should blog daily is an age old question. I was told the same when I first started blogging and found it impossible to do. After all, there’s life, job, eating, etc LOL that we have to do and blogging is definitely time consuming.

    But you addressed this masterfully in that 2 to 3 times a week is acceptable and probably necessary to keep yourself in the internet lime light! Anything less will not bring you the traffic or people you need, although many people blog once a week and bring in traffic (but they didn’t start out that way). We’ve got to build up before we can break it down.

    Anyway, again thanks for your support and your share. Great tips for newbies and for professional bloggers as well. We must not forget that consistency is what gets us where we want to be.

    Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Ways To Get Back To Work When You’re TiredMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Barbara, linking to your post was was my pleasure. I liked it and so it’s only natural that I would want to share it.

      I agree, when starting out you have to devote as much time as you can to get your blog up and running. Once you’ve done that you can start to cut back. As long as you don’t stop altogether things should be OK.

      Thanks for popping in.
      Peter recently posted…How To Fix Rich SnippetsMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Well now, you knew I was going to have to jump into this one once you started talking about length of posts as it pertains to consistency.

    You know I tend to write sort of long posts often enough but I don’t set out to do it. My opinion is that a post is as long or as short as it needs to be, and if you’re trying to hit specific numbers of words then you’re over-thinking the process and your post probably won’t look or sound right in the minds of the readers.

    I also tend to believe that if a reader doesn’t read all of a long post that it’s not the fault of the writer but the reader. There are so many people with short attention spans and it’s terrible. But you know how I feel about seeing posts that are incomplete and missing lots of stuff and steps because the writer decided their post was too long; those things waste my time.

    Now that I’ve talked about that I’ll talk about consistency and frequency, but just briefly since I’ve talked about that often enough also. I’d agree with you that, other than a blip from the norm, not writing a post at least every fortnight brings the question of why have a blog to begin with. Right now I have that problem with one of my blogs because I haven’t been home enough to write much about my area, since it’s supposed to be my local blog. But I’ve kept up with all the others.

    These days I really try to have a post for all my blogs at least once a week but I’m not beating myself up over it. But you remember the days when I was writing 300 posts a year; oy! :-) It certainly helped overall traffic but loyalty… well, that takes a hit when you write that much and of course marketing each post gets to be problematic.

    I think that’s enough, as my comment might be longer than the original post. ;-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Are You A Lazy Networker Or Marketer?My Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Yeah, that would be just like you to write a comment that is longer than the actual post. :wink_ee:

      As far as length goes I just make sure that the post is longer than 300 words as they say 300 words in the minimum requirement for good SEO. You may not believe it but I actually do have some posts over the 1000 word mark, and I didn’t even know at the time I was writing those posts that I had written that much.

      I’ve also need to catch up with some of my blogs. There are a few that are screaming for attention.
      Peter recently posted…Jokes To Make You Laugh Friday Funnies #122My Profile

  8. Twitter:
    What effect do you think posting infrequently has on potential readers? Will they even care how often you post if you don’t have dates in your byline and on the comments?

    For a couple of weeks now, I have been considering removing the dates and I wonder if it’s a good idea or not. It seems to me like the only real reason to show the dates on a blog whose content isn’t really time-dependent is to show people how often you post.

    Is that even necessary?

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Amrish,

      I think you’re more likely to get regular readers if you post regularly. Otherwise why would they bother to check back?

      As for removing the dates it probable would be a good idea if you’re not planning to write regularly. This way they won’t know how long it’s been between posts.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Google Front Page How Do You Do ItMy Profile

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