This pocket hose review has been a long time coming. I meant to write it a long time ago but for some reason I never got down to it. I originally bought the pocket hose because of the commercial I saw on TV. I was tired of the old heavy bulky hose I was used to. Tired of all the kinks it always used to get. I wanted something that was light, kink free and was easy to store away. If you’re not sure about what hose I’m talking about just watch the video below.

I bought my hose on eBay and was pretty exited when it finally came in. My first impression of the pocket hose was it was definitely light. A bit brighter than what I’m used to but that’s neither here not there. Of course the big test was plugging it in to the tap and turning the water on.

It was pretty freaky watching the pocket hose expand after turning the tap on and most disappointing when it did not shrink back to the original pocket hose size. Check out the image below to see how much the pocket hose did actually shrink.

pocket hose

As you can see it didn’t shrink back to the original size at all. I emailed the seller at eBay who was happy enough to send me a brand new one. I was really hoping that this next pocket hose actually worked but unfortunately it this new one didn’t shrink either. What’s worse is that after letting the seller from eBay know this hose was no better he failed to reply to my email.

Review Of Pocket Hose

So, from my experience I can safely say that the pocket hose sucks as it just did not shrink the way it was supposed to. On the plus side, I know have two very light weight hoses that haven’t kinked, yet, and is extremely easy to roll up and put away.


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