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Plugins Make WordPress So Versatile

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Image by ocean.flynn via Flickr

I love the WordPress Blogging Platform so much that I use it for all my blogs. As good as the platform is the plugins make it so much better. The world is full of intelligent people who love tinkering with scripts and because of the popularity of the WordPress platform a lot of them contribute their talents to making WordPress even better.

Stratosg is one of those who goes out of his way to develop plugins to improve the blogging experience of all WordPress bloggers. I’ve never installed the ‘Tag Cloud” feature before because I didn’t like the jumbled hapzard look of the resulting Tag Cloud. Then the other day I came across Kim’s post, If You Could Have Any WordPress Plugin, What Would You Want, and I noticed that someone wanted a unique style of Tag Cloud, one that I would love to display on my blog.

Anyway, Stratosg heard the call and developed the plugin. I installed his “MY Tag Cloud” plugin today and it worked fine except that it broke the widget box. I left a comment on his blog and shortly after he had a fix for me. Now that is what I call good customer support service.

I’ve noticed a lot of blog posts where the bloggers list a whole lot of plugins, but very few of them actually describe what the plugins do, so I’ve decided to start a plugin category where I list them individually describing exactly what they do. This post will be the first in the series.

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  1. Hey Sire,

    I just installed this plugin. I was trying out a few before this including one that’s text moving type which didn’t work on my blog. Well I installed this one and I’ll see if my mood changes later.Coincidentally my last post is on WP Plugins. Check it out and see if you’ve got all of them. But these plugins are those with the reader in mind.

    Peter Lee

    Peter´s Last blog post..Discover 10 WordPress Plugins That Make Readers Repeat Visitors

  2. I’ve got most of them Peter. I’ve downloaded the contact form and I will probably install that later.

  3. Mitch, Have a look at the bottom of my left sidebar.

    1. Twitter:
      Man, that looked so much like your other content I had missed it; nice layout.

      Mitch´s Last blog post..Chitika

      1. I Know! It looks so much more professional than those normal Tag Clouds. I reckon it was a great find.

  4. I am really glad it worked fine for you. Thanks for the mention and all the nice words. This is what makes me happy and gives me more energy to keep going :) Good luck with the new section you opened on plugins. I am honored i am the first one to be mentioned! So, i guess i’ll see you around :)

    stratosg´s Last blog post..“My Tag Cloud” plugin

    1. It was the least I could to show you my appreciation for designing such a great plugin.

  5. I haven’t used tags that much but I’ll check out this plugin

    Blogging from scratch´s Last blog post..Case Study: Increase your blog statistics through blog contest 4

  6. Oh awesome! I’ve been wanting to see the plugin in action. I didn’t need it myself so didn’t test it that way. Stratos is the best and it’s great that you wrote this article.

    The plugin directory is a great idea too :-)

    Kim Woodbridge´s Last blog post..5 Ugly WordPress Themes

    1. It just needed a little tweak to fit my Widget and Stratosg was kind enough to fix it for me almost right away. The guy is a legend, whose customer service is probably only surpassed by Andy Bailey.

  7. I have actually started developing a wordpress plugin, so the post quite interests me! I don’t think the plugin I’m developing has been said in that list, but I think there might be a need for it (if it isn’t already out, but I can’t seem to find it). Its quite secretive atm, but hopefully I will reveal it soon – if I can get it working that is :P

    Can’t wait to see the ideas that pop up on your blog though Sire :)

    Dan´s Last blog post..Saturday News Update

  8. Now you have me all intrigued on what your plugin could be, but that was the intent was is not? Still, I hope you let me in on it as soon as it’s out.

  9. Still new to blogs, so had to look up what a tag cloud is and have to agree it does look better than the jumbled mess seen on loads of sites. As soon as I get a bit more to grips with plugin’s will have to give it a try.

  10. Hi Khaled, as long as the plugin is well written they are so easy to install, and usually come with install instructions.

  11. The ability to develop and use plug-ins truly is the real power behind WordPress. MY Tag Cloud looks like a pretty nifty plug-in and the fact that you that support so quickly is unbelievable.

    John´s Last blog post..Baltimore Real Estate

    1. Yep, good service certainly stands out in a world where it is getting hard to come by.

  12. Good idea on having A Plugin Listing category…this ought to keep lots of WordPress users coming back ;)

    Will you be putting it in your sidebar or what?

    Caleb´s Last blog post..2 More Reasons For CB TopSites

  13. Thanks Caleb. I have been known to come up with a good idea every now and again. Not often enough unfortunately.

  14. I’m with you. The WordPress CMS is amazingly easy to install and use. Also, all it takes is a little css knowledge and you can completely customize the look. And, yes the plugins are what makes wordpress so great. I may not be a fan of tag clouds but I can see the usefulness of this plugin as well as the hundreds of other plugins out there.

    Nancy | Cheap Nintendo DS Games´s Last blog post..Review Surfing – Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades (DS)

  15. I’m normally not a fan of Tag Clouds either, but I’ve found this one pretty cool and I figured that those who do like that sort of thing would really appreciate it.

  16. I really wish that blogger would get a little bit more on par with WordPress. I really like bloggers web interface much better than wordpresses for a blog hosted by them, however, it doesn’t even compare with the plugins that you can get and use to customize a self hosted wordpress blog.

  17. I have a Blogger blog, but I still prefer WordPress and not just because of the plugins. There is a whole heap of themes available that you can modify to suit your tastes and it is a whole lot easier to maintain. Thanks for dropping by Sweyn.

  18. Good morning, Sire.

    I agree that plugins make a real difference in using WordPress and customizing it to work the way we want.

    I’ve been blogging a long time, on a lot of platforms and I had an established blog that is hosted on a system I like, but which is not as visitor-friendly as WordPress.

    I made the difficult decision to stop using that blog and start my new one. I’m very happy with the choice. It’s easier to comment on the new blog and it’s easier to customize it to work as I want.

    As far as tag clouds go, I prefer the jumbled mass with different sized text. I can look at that and – at a glance – determine what that blog is all about. I don’t know of anything else that offers that much information in such an easy-to-grok format.

    But, then again, I’m an aging techno-geek.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of what you have to say on plugins. I’ve picked up quite a few good ideas from you and Mitch.

    Act on your dream!


    John Dilbeck´s Last blog post..Have you seen Twitter Me Fun?

  19. That is the good thing about WordPress and the amount of plugins available. Because there are a lot of plugins that do the same job the blogger can pick the ones he or she likes best, resulting in a blog that mirrors a little of the blogger’s personality.

  20. I wish I am geeky enough like Stratosg to develop incredible plugins which can create a revolution in the blogging arena. Unfortunately I am not :( , but I guess I know how to use them wisely :D
    .-= Girish@Car Hire New Zealand´s last blog ..Rugby World Cup Car Rentals =-.

    1. Yeah, I know how you feel Girish. I suppose we can’t all be like Stratos, but we can be thankful that guys like him do what they do.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..How Sexual Health Is Impoved By Oral Sex =-.

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