Perception Is Important To Your Blogging Career

I feel this to be a very accurate statement and it’s because of that I try to maintain an online presence where I am known for my honesty and integrity. Everything that you do online is being judged by others and may very well give them a false perception of who you really are. You want to make sure that perception of you is as accurate as possible because if it isn’t it could hurting your online career, whether it’s blogging or affiliate marketing.

The problem is magnified because of all the social sites the majority of us are members of. Let’s just take Twitter as an example. How many times have you chosen to follow someone and their very first tweet was one where they tried to sell you something? I know I get it quite a lot, and there are times when I’ve even stopped following them. They may have been a really down to earth person but that tweet led me to perceive that all they were interested in was trying to sell me something.

Let’s study the following picture for a minute.

These women all have one thing in common. Now I know when I first saw this photo I thought that every one of them was on the verge of having a mind blowing orgasm, and I was starting to get a little excited, when it turns out that the photo was taken just as they were about to sneeze.

The thing is that if I was to write something on this photo about what was turning all these women on, you can just imagine my embarrassment when someone pointed out what actually was going on.

The question is how to improve peoples perception of you.

  1. Don’t bullshit: This one is the most important rule that you should follow. You may get away with it for a little while but once you get caught out your credibility will be shot and it’s almost impossible to get it back, unless your Tiger Woods that is.
  2. Only promote things you believe in: Honestly, if you don’t believe in a product don’t go promoting it. By far the product I’ve had most success with is FlexSqueeze and that’s only because people can see how much I love it because of the emotion I display when I’m talking about it.
  3. Don’t say it’s so when you don’t know it truly is: Some people will read the hype on a particular affiliate and they then do a post telling everybody how fantastic it is, without even trying it! If that affiliate turns out to be shit then their perception of you and everything you say from now on turns to shit with it.
  4. Be COOL!: This applies to everything you do online, from interacting with those commenting on your blog to every other interaction you have with others online. If they’re abusive to you, show them your the better person by not retaliating. State your case in a diplomatic way and if they’re not willing to listen drop it! You win more points by letting it go than by losing your cool.
  5. Be Honest!: Different from #1 in that this is referring to those who have the tendency to steal content from others claiming it as their own. It’s only a matter of time before you get caught and when you do your name will be mud from now own. Better to do your own unique post linking to the one that supplied the idea for the post.
  6. Be Humble!: I have to admit I’m getting a little tired of those posts where bloggers claim to know everything about affiliate marketing and other stuff when it’s obvious they don’t . They may fool the newbies but everyone else can see them for what they really are, jerks!
  7. Accept Criticism!: Learn to listen to others when they criticize something about your post, your blog or about something you said. Don’t get on the defensive, it’s quite possible they know what they are talking about. Better to thank them for their opinion and to voice your reasons as to why you think they may be wrong without going on the attack.
  8. Your Input!:

I know that there are lot’s of other ways that we can give people a false perception of who we really are, but I want to leave that open so that you can voice your opinion.



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  1. For a split second I thought you had put a spy camera above my bed. Lol!

    I think it’s important to share real experiences where one messed something up and learned something from it. I totally agree with you how some guys come across as really arrogant in their field. I want to see the human side too.

    1. Hey Gordie, long time no see. So, are you saying if I had a camera above your bed I would see a lot of women? I think that can be arranged :devil_tb:

      1. In my dreams, man. In my dreams. ;)

      2. Or perhaps that he causes women to sneeze.

        1. LOL. I was at first put off by the images; however, these comments cracked me up – especially Ralph’s.

          Who you are comes through in your writing for anyone who is paying attention. That is why being real – even if you’re a little “out there” – makes some bloggers very popular.

          What you have written here is going to become more and more important. We all need to develop our skills of discernment and focus our time and efforts and support ONLY on those who are highly ethical and honest.

          This is much of what is behind our dofollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv community: recognizing those who are honest and selfless who do the right thing.

          Not everyone who installs the plugins is ethical or honest. Some just want to use their popularity. Unfortunately for them it is easy to tell the difference.

          Have I not asked if you are interested in joining our private blog collaboration? I don’t see you among the members. I sent you a message via your contact form.
          .-= Gail @ Business Blogging´s last blog ..KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

        2. Hi Gail, I don’t recall being asked and I did get the message but I need to know more before I can give you an answer.

          As to bloggers honesty, not everyone is as honest as they could be, and sooner or later they will be found out and it will work against them.
          .-= Sire´s last blog ..Where Bloggers Meet, A Forum For Bloggers =-.

          1. Hi Sire,

            I just sent you the information via your contact form again and also a shorter message through it. I am fairly certain I sent it before. I also sent an email to the address you use when commenting in my blog. Hopefully one of those methods will get us in direct contact via email.
            .-= Gail @ Business Blogging´s last blog ..KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

  2. Wow, even I was thinking it had to do with orgasms. I would say that one has to be honest and passionate about what they post. The more passion there is the better the outcome will be.

    1. I think one has to go way beyond what happens on their own blog George if they don’t want to give other a false perception of who they really are.

  3. Ah, the things we do when we’re in the throes of…sneezing. Great picture to illustrate your point.

    I stumbled into this forum once wherein a writer despaired of new bloggers giving advice in their make money online blogs. His point was that newbies had just launched their blogs. Why do they presume to know better to teach readers about blogging.

    So it helps to be honest and to be more transparent. Own up to the fact you’re passing along tips as you discovered them yourself, but please don’t make us believe you’re an expert.

    I felt alluded to. But I kept quiet and moved on. I remembered it though and that comment helps me keep myself in check during those times when my enthusiasm gets the better of me.
    .-= jan geronimo´s last blog ..Here’s Why I Unfriended Darren Rowse in Facebook =-.

    1. That’s what I try to do jan, if I know it’s good I say it is, if I’m not sure or am just trying it then I say that. I don’t want to fool people into anything.

  4. The hard part is criticism. I my self always tend to activate my self defense mechanism when there is criticism. I hope i can overcome it and get benefit from criticism.

    And number 8 for me is be your self so others do not have wrong perception about you.
    .-= Dana @ Blogging Update´s last blog ..6 Benefits of Guest Blogging =-.

    1. I reckon most people would find dealing with criticism difficult Dana, but as bloggers we have an advantage. We can stop to think before responding to comments.

  5. Taking criticism is a tough one for anyone, but I believe if you can learn to to that and actually open your mind to what and why the criticism comes, you will move up a huge step in your blogging career.
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Removing DoFollow From This Site =-.

    1. You certainly can learn for good qualitative criticism Keith, but there’s always the harsh negative kind that is only meant to hurt. These are best ignored as are most negative things in life.

  6. Another thing this demonstrates is how poor we are at predicting events.

    1. Yep, the only time I’m good at predictions is when watching a movie.

  7. Did you hear the rumour in high school about sneezing being one eighth of an orgasm? Maybe the guy who started that one saw your picture?

    From what you’re advocating, it sounds like just being yourself is the best way to go (assumming that ‘yourself’ is honest, trustworthy and not a spammer ;)) You’re right though, this online world is so small, it would be impossible to play act it without going insane or being found out.
    .-= Eleanor Edwards @ Charity GiveABrick´s last blog ..How to procrastinate =-.

    1. And yet they still try, :nono_tb: what a shame. Still, as long as we do the right thing, that’s all that matters.

  8. Twitter:
    I bet you didn’t know what that picture was showing when you first saw it, did you? :cool1_tb:

    I have to say that I also have problems with #7. Some criticism I can accept when its opinion, but when I know what I’m talking about I don’t take it all that well.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Expert, Specialist, Professional Or Hack? =-.

    1. Of course not, like I said in the post I thought the girls were have a wow of a sexual time. Man was I disappointed. :laugh_tb:

  9. In German we have a saying that goes like this “Shoemaker keep to your tools.” It means that you should only speak and write about what you know and can transmit. I always think of that when I see “Make zillions of $$$$$$$$$$$” with clickbank products programs. How can you promote a product or service you have never seen, touched or used?

    The other point is also what we do when our online identity meets the “real world”. I remember when I met the first time other bloggers in real life, it was kind of scaring. And mixing groups is also not easy, I have now members from our church and online friends like internet marketers amongst my facebook friends ;-) SY

    1. I love those sayings form other countries, and I bet it lost a bit in translation. My dad has a lot of Italian ones and I know it sound way better in Italian than it does in English.

      I’ve always tried to maintain an honest approach, both online and offline, even when I was a salesman. I may not have made as many sales as the other guys, but I reckon my customers where more satisfied and I was able to sleep at nights.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity =-.

  10. sneaky bunch of pic.. yup perception is what make different of adult mind and young mind.. they tend to have first view of something even before they see it.

    if you create a bad perception, it hard for people to stay on your blog.

  11. Building your credibility is definitely important if you are planning to start a career in blogging. How people sees you will make an impact, and since they don’t see you face to face. You’ll be judge based on how you write and how you “talk” with your blog.

    I agree that we should be humble and learn to accept criticism (which is not an easy task, especially if you are making a point) but this is what makes blogging great. Learning is continuous, so closing your doors to criticism and being prideful will just pull your growth down.

    1. Being humble should be easy, unfortunately there are those out there who want to fool others into believing that they know what they’re talking about just so they can sell them a bill of goods.

      Accepting criticism, even constructive criticism, can be hard for some people.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Perception Is Important To Your Blogging Career =-.

  12. Cool Picture and I love the twist to it. Um yeah the first time I looked at the picture I thought “Yeah they look like they are having a good time :)” Ok yeah sure they are sneezing.

    Being honest with no Bullshit is great advice. Definately Critism is hard and can make the blood boil, but when I do get it sometimes I won’t respond to it right away. That gives me a chance to cool off and write something meaningful. Hey we all have opinions and we all can learn from eachother.

    Well I am slowly coming back. Just getting back into a routine with a new addition to the family.
    .-= Jim Hardin´s last blog ..Pineapple Upside Down Nofun Post Cake =-.

    1. Hope that’s all going well for you Jim. Is the new addition keeping you up at nights at all?

      Anyway, that’s the good thing about blogging, it does allow you time to contemplate any response.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why You Should Join Forums updated Thu Feb 18 2010 5:43 pm CST =-.

  13. About to sneeze … yeah, right :)
    .-= Luc J´s last blog ..Teach Kids How to Ride a Bike Using Gyroscopic Wheels =-.

  14. I like the image you used to illustrate perception, but the rest of the content you have written is quite old and have been read in some other form in many blogs.

    1. The world being what it is Vivek I wouldn’t be surprised that portions of this post may be found on other sites in one form or another, but I can assure you the content is 100% mine.

      I got the picture in the mail and I formulated the post around it.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..My First Squidoo Lens & About Bloody Time Too =-.

  15. Haha, false impression is definitely mind boggling. Those pictures do give a false perception and if it wasn’t me reading it all the way, I would have never imagined that they where all in the verge of sneezing, rather than… well you said there, lol. Nice twist:)

    Now it’s up to everyone else to follow these guidelines. On a personal experience, I can safely say that they work. Build your credibility and everything else flows smoothly..
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Make Money With Google – Increase Your Earning Potential With Ad Planner =-.

    1. DiTesco, you know that, as bloggers, we tend to post topics that we hope our readers will find to be of some value, and it makes our day when someone stops to comment on how they actually found it to be so. Thanks mate.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Where Bloggers Meet, A Forum For Bloggers =-.

  16. Sire I really needed to read this I had this page open for like a day just thinking about it :)Hope all is well and it is fascinating how people treat each other and all that when there are motives and false honor etc anyway it’s all good. I just try to be myself and I’m far from perfect :)
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Always the inside scoop =-.

    1. I think that is what I’ve always liked about you John, you’ve always been yourself and it shows in your posts.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why You Should Join Forums updated Thu Feb 18 2010 5:43 pm CST =-.

  17. How about being openly vague? I respect others thoughts, opinions, and beliefs yet they don’t always match my own. Given I know some of my beliefs may be considered controversial I am reluctant to share. Does this make me dishonest? Seriously, I wonder about this.

    1. Not at all Anne. There are things that I keep to myself as well because I know many people would disagree with me, but that’s fine because it doesn’t have a true bearing on what I post anyway.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Perception Is Important To Your Blogging Career =-.

  18. Too funny. Orgasm was my first impression also.
    .-= Colleen´s last blog ..Kennewick Real Estate =-.

  19. Yup perception is all – but luckily for me I have always been fairly transparent so that what you see is what you get on my blog. It still winds some people up – but *shrug* that’s the Internet!

    1. Yeah, you tell em Lis, that’s the Internet and you’re just having your say, right?

  20. The photo got me too.

    Nice “no BS” list. Because of the nature of the Internet, it seems that some people forget to be human beings. You should let your online personality match your offline personality.
    .-= Nathan Miller@Metal Water Bottles´s last blog ..Metal water bottle brands =-.

  21. I love about being honest. That all bro!

  22. “Fake it ’till you make it” was very popular, and in fact worked, back in the mid-late 90’s…read: today’s gurus.

    The sad thing is, people are still trying it and failing miserably.

    Great list man. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..$100 – 10 Winners – Comment Contest! ‘Till Months End… =-.

  23. Sneezing? Are you sure? lmao

  24. Great advice as always Sire, but I will say I thought for sure those girls were all getting some good lovin on haha you tricked me and probably just about everyone else. Except maybe Mitch.
    .-= Extreme John @Blogging CEOS´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of Extreme John Episode 7 [video] =-.

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to fool Mitch although that just makes me try all the harder. :devil_tb: Glad you liked it John.
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Kissing 101 – Women Want a Man Who Knows How to Make Their Toes Curl =-.

  25. I believe honesty is the most important thing. Don’t try to bullshit people and they won’t bullshit you. Is my motto. Be honest and people will appreciate that more than anything.

    1. That’s pretty well my motto too Armand. Thanks for commenting mate.

  26. Hey
    Loved the pictures too:)
    No need to tell you what I was thinking at when I saw the pictures, definitely wasn’t sneezing. But you know that already.

  27. Great post. I was thinking exactly what you were. I would hate to see what I look like before I’m going to sneeze.Is there a reason why they all seem to be laying down in bed..

    1. Funny you should notice that, all but one I believe, maybe they were doing a sleep test at the time?

  28. I do agree with you on this and believe that perception is very important in having the right focus on my blog and bringing up the right kind of target audience. The center frequency as are a major part of the success or failure of your blog and to achieve this, you surely need to focus on a subject. Thanks for the insightful post.

  29. Very straightforward Sire. This must be read by those aspiring and don’t know how to sell bloggers. Anyway, I was really curious about the photo and it’s good that the reaction of the women there are because they’re about to sneeze :)

    1. Glad you liked it Janis

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