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Are People Reading Your Posts

Are people reading my posts is a question that I have asked myself on a fair few occasions. It’s also a very important question because as bloggers the reason we do what we do is so people can stop by and read what we have to say. But how do you know if people are reading your posts? Is the fact that they’re leaving a comment enough proof of them reading them? If only that was a true indication!

You know as well as I do that the majority of comments left these days are by people who are only interested in getting a link back to their site. They don’t care in the slightest what you have to say and more often than not formulate their comment from your title or from quickly scanning some of your content. Sometimes their comment is so bad you know they’re full of shit and so you can spam their comment but a lot of the time their comments are so vague you’re just not sure.

Are People Reading Your Posts? How Do You Know?

The best way is to ask them a question in your post that requires a specific answer in your comments. The problem is you can’t do this in all your posts as it will get pretty tedious for your commentators commenters. Thanks Mitch:tongue_laugh_ee:

One way I’ve been doing is by asking them to do something to earn the right to leave a comment. I use this in my Friday Funnies post where I require them to LIKE my Best Gifts Idea blog. lately I’ve been promoting my YouTube videos and asking them to click on a  LINK, leaving a comment there and then LIKING the video

This may seem unusual to many who know me as I have always told everyone how they should make it as easy as possible for people to leave comments and not make them jump through hoops to do so. So, why the sudden change? There are actually two reasons. The first being because of the nature of the posts most of the comments were of the “Great Post”, “Love the jokes” and the like. They left no real substance and I just got tired of the anal commentary.

The second reason was to try and promote my new FaceBook Page, blog or YouTube videos. At the beginning I left the instructions of what I required them to do at the end of the post. That didn’t seem to work as people were leaving comments without completing the task set. I would then leave the instructions at the beginning of the post. I then put it in the beginning and at the end. I even used the Logo Creator to create an image in the hope that would get the message across. All to no avail. People would still leave comments without  jumping through the required hoops  :devil_tb:   :hairout_tb:

The other day my mate Mitch said to me during one of our regular chess games;

Okay, time for me to say this. I think you should give up on making people like & share your stuff to leave a comment on your Friday funnies. I know you say you don’t care if you lose traffic and such but in a way aren’t you going away from the original intent of blogging to begin with?

I pointed out to him that the original intent of blogging was to get people to read our posts. If they’re not doing that then what is the point? As for traffic, the loss of comments did not detract from traffic as my Friday Funnies posts are bringing more traffic than any other posts.

people reading your posts

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Still, the question remains, am I being unreasonable in requiring people to complete certain tasks in order to leave a comment? Only you can answer that for me and to help you do so I’ve created a special poll.

Is it OK to require readers to complete tasks so they can leave a comment?

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This poll allows you to choose more than one answer if you so wish. I will make my decision once enough people have taken the time to vote. Naturally I’m always happy to read your opinions so feel free to leave a comment and take part in the discussion.

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  1. I agree, the whole reason for a blog is to get people to read it, but as you stated, it’s easy to scan and comment to get a linkback. Is it ok to have people complete tasks to leave a comment, I said yes and that I have no problem with doing this, but then again you will lose much of your “readership” I think because there are many that just want to get done and move on. Guess you shall see!!

    1. I don’t know that having set tasks will cost readership Ron. As long as my articles are interesting I believe people will still read them, they just won’t bother to comment. Those who really want to leave a comment, such as yourself, won’t mind helping me to promote my videos or blogs, as long as they don’t find them too crappy that is. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Think Before You Speak Friday Funnies #79My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    First, thanks for sharing and learning. lol

    Second, I tend to think that when most bloggers set up tasks for people it’s with the intention of giving them something, not self promotion. I’m not sure anyone sees being allowed to comment as being for them, even if their intention is just to leave a backlink. Truth be told, we both know that many of the folks leaving those lousy links are paid to do it, and they don’t care whether you end up deleting the link or not because they’re only in it for the numbers, and unless you happen to be on the blog at the time they leave their lousy comment, all they have to do is print the screen proving they left the comment and move on.

    Here’s the problem with the weekly Friday Funnies page. They’re jokes, and not even original jokes. If I laugh, what more is there to say except “that one made me laugh”? Look at how long the comment is on this post; that’s because you’ve given me something to talk about. Jokes, though I like them, are like bloggers who only write poems; I can’t fully identify and thus I can’t think of much to say. So it’s a brief comment or no comment at all, and with the extra stipulations you’ve made for Fridays, I’ve already stopped commenting on the joke posts, even if I give the video a like on YouTube, because I don’t have a legitimate comment that I can make there; it would be as bad as a comment here.

    So, that’s my take on it. How do you know if people are reading it? Well, you give them something that will require a substantive comment in response to the content… like this one. Then if it’s a short comment that’s generic, you’ve got them.

    Whew I’m tired; and it’s your move. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Are You Offending People Away From Your Blogs Or Websites?My Profile

    1. OK, the thing with jokes is while they may not be original there are so many out there there’s always someone who hasn’t heard it before. Even if they have heard it before it amy have been so long they don’t remember the punch line or find it refreshing to read it again.

      As for doing the tasks when I was asking them to like my FaceBook page they only had to do it once. Once they had done that they were free to comment on other Friday Funnies post without any encumbrances.

      As to not having anything to say. You could always write why you liked the joke, personal experience, add a joke of your own. Heck, there is always something that can be added if you’re willing to try.

      As to giving them something, they get a dofollow comment on a PR3 blog. In my last post I’ve even given the opportunity to use keywords. :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Think Before You Speak Friday Funnies #79My Profile

      1. Twitter:
        Okay, let’s look at your responses and apply them to me as if I was the one you were talking to directly.

        One, I’m your age so to speak, so I’ve heard all the jokes and remember almost all the punch lines. So, most of these aren’t for me. The shared videos I haven’t seen, but that takes time & someone else created them, so I don’t always watch those.

        Two, the task of liking the page is a one time thing but wanting a comment on the video so I can come back here to comment isn’t going to happen; I’m skipping both.

        Three, dude, there’s not always something to add to something like a joke, just like there’s not always something to add to a poem. Anything I might write beyond one line would be forced and, truthfully, I’d be making stuff up just to get a link because I don’t care that much. Love jokes, but writing a dissertation on every one of them, on the video, so I can come back to the blog to leave a comment… nope, not happening.

        And four, maybe for those phony commenters scraping along for a PR3 blog to comment on means something but you know I could care less whether I’m commenting on a blog with no rank or one with a PR10 ranked #1 on Alexa. I comment on things I care to comment on and nothing else matters. Now, if I were one of those folks who wanted to comment on a blog to try to win something, those are normally contest posts where someone’s giving away money or some such nonsense. We’ve both seen that unless the prizes are substantial no one’s playing along, but at least that’s actually giving something away, whether they want it or not.

        Keywords; ick! lol
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Your Blog Is Irking Me; Check These Gripes OutMy Profile

        1. Well, all I can say Mitch is I’m glad not everyone is like you. :laugh_tb:

          The reason for the comment on the video is so I can confirm who liked the video. Otherwise I have no way of checking who did and who didn’t like it. I wasn’t requiring a long comment on YouTube at all. Any comment would have done.

          Jokes or not I’m not prepared to have comments that I would normally not accept because of lack of content. So it seems my choice is either to leave things as they are or turn comments off altogether.
          Sire recently posted…Review Of AdClickMediaMy Profile

          1. Twitter:
            Yeah, probably turning comments off on the Friday posts would make your life much easier. After all, you know the bit about insanity… lol
            Mitch Mitchell recently posted…10 Blog Tips In 2 MinutesMy Profile

  3. I don’t think it’s necessary to ask readers to do a task in order to comment, because it doesn’t help your readership. People who are here just to get linkbacks have no intention of reading, but they wouldn’t mind doing a task because their goal was the linkback. People who are here to read your article would read it regardless, but may get turned off by the task. Thats just my thought on the matter. Thanks for the good read by the way.
    Sophorn recently posted…5 Things You Should Do Before Creating your WebsiteMy Profile

    1. Actually I’ve proven for the most part people won’t complete the task requested even for a link back to their site. I’ve also proven that those who leave the comments don’t actually read the post. I’ve removed the links from the last three comments just to show you guys that these people exist.
      Sire recently posted…You Scratch My BackMy Profile

  4. The Best way you encourage people to read your post is share some thing amazing in first paragraph and at last ask them their opinion about that. ;) That would be a nice trick.

  5. In the very early phase of blogging…. all comments are gold. But after a time, gold comments are still gold but mediocre comments are a time-sink for the site admin. Unfortunate but true. We move from needing each and every comment (for social proof and initial traction) to needing only the best comments – or the commentor to do something besides yack their jaw, LOL. Ya know I’ve supported ya for years and am never afraid to help ya when I can.
    Kim :thumbup_tb:

    1. Hey Kimberly, you’re the best mate. It’s great to know that there are still bloggers out there who are ready to support others. :drunk_tb:

      As for me asking commenters to like a video or a FB page or something, it’s not a huge ask as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like I’m twisting their arm or anything.
      Sire recently posted…Think Before You Speak Friday Funnies #79My Profile

      1. If they don’t like ya enough to hang out with you on social, there is probably a far bigger problem than blog comments, right? Facebook, YT, Google and Twitter all let you comment on biz pages/channels without actively adding the channel to your feed. Facebook and G+ make it easy to “suppress” or “hide” something you’ve liked but don’t want to see. Youtube is actually the real problem child though since subscribing adds it to your YT feed and if someone (me) uses the YT newsfeed for a non-blogging-related content feed, then things get wonky. But as long as you mix things up (which you always have) and such, it gives people different things on different posts to work with. There shouldn’t be too much of an issue for them. Besides, as you said, it’s the Friday Funnies and not the meat and potatoes posts. Very different thing than the primary posts. The Friday Funnies posts mostly serve to eat up bandwidth if they aren’t otherwise serving the blog/business.

  6. It is very natural that you will get people who will not read your post and just leave a comment for backlinks specially if you are writing content for bloggers.

    You can’t stop people by doing that so let them be and just delete the comments that don’t give any meaning to the post.

    The best way to get/attract more readers than linkers (linkers-just my own word for people who build backlinks ^_^) just write article that is not in blogging niche. Change your comment system to Disqus (this is what I have done). And the other commenter above is correct, make the starting of your post interesting to read so they will not stop reading.

    1. I actually do a lot more than delete them. If I consider their comments warrants it I send them to to Akismet spam so that no other blogger has to put up with their crappy comments.

      In case you’re not aware of it my Friday Funnies series have nothing to do with blogging, is very easy to read and yet people don’t take the time to read it.Linkers suck :guns_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Friday Funnies #80 Elderly Sex HopefulMy Profile

  7. Today blog commenting is just a way to get back link, 70% of commenter visits blogs just to drop their link in comment box, even they did not go through the blog. On my blogs I usually found such comments NICE BLOG, VERY GOOD BLOG THANKS FOR SHARE and these all are only with single motive BACK LINKS. So now it is not possible to get good comments or quality visitors every time.

    1. While that may be true there are those that actually read the posts and leave a good comment because they want to make a valuable contribution to the post. Then there are those that don’t read it and leave what they hope is a good comment. Most of the time the comment is crap and should be spammed wherever possible.
      Sire recently posted…What Do Customers Want?My Profile

      1. Hmmm Agree :-) but usually i avoid to mark comment as a spam, just because i am not sure that the visitor with comment “NICE BLOG” had gone through the whole blog.

        1. Coleman, as far as I’m concerned, anyone that simple writes “Nice blog” should be spammed.
          Sire recently posted…Review Of AdClickMediaMy Profile

          1. Thanks for suggestion, I will keep it in mind next time when I m going to respond to commenter

  8. Sire, what a great idea:
    1. Set up a blog post with a headline that helps your readers with a common problem
    2. Give the common problems that you have found, and request information tha may help everyone’s problems.
    3. Add a form for everyone to fill in gicving everyone a ‘state of the industry’ update.
    This is very clever, well done

    1. Thanks Rick. I don’t use the poll that often but when I do it usually goes pretty well.
      Sire recently posted…Why I Love WP Zon BuilderMy Profile

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