People Agree Commenting Does Not Harm Blogging Success

There was a time, not all that long ago, when I wrote one of those ‘killer posts’, not that I consider it one of my better posts, but because of one thing or another it went viral for a short time. That post was called Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow, and to date it’s had 217 comments, close to 4000 view and sits at the top of the ‘Popular Post’ ladder.

What sent the post viral was the involvement of a couple of ‘A Listers’, and I’m not mentioning any names so that I don’t get accused of link baiting again. Those very same A Listers said that the reason they didn’t respond to their commentators was because they ran their blogs as a business and taking the time to reply to comments would only hurt their business. Anyway, that post led me to doing a followup called Will Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success because I wanted to find out how many people felt the same way as the A Listers or if, like me, they felt replying to comments was actually favorable to their blogs.

That post included the Poll Can Commenting Harm Your Blogging Success and I also included it in the sidebar so as to give it maximum exposure. This post is to discuss the results of the poll. Of the 106 people who voted 88, thats 83%, said that comments would not harm your blogging success. On.y 18 or 17% said it would and they would probably include an A Lister or two.

One has to remember that we’re talking about replying to those people who comment on your blog. The big boys would have us believe that replying to the very people who are the life’s blood of their blog would take too much time, time that could be better served elsewhere, running their online business. Sort of makes you wonder how those of us who work full time, run several blogs and still have time to reply to comments manage.

Personally I think it’s a choice that individuals make and I’m fine with that. I’m just glad that I’m not the only one who believes that taking the time to reply to those people who leave a comment is not a waste and is actually beneficial in improving your name/brand.

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  1. For me, I will try and respond to any useful comment on my blog just as I respond to any productive email, it’s simply the right thing to do.

    Plus, if someone is taking the time to make a thoughtful comment, that’s exactly the type of reader that I want to encourage to come back every day.

    Lastly,I think any of us that blog consistently knows how depressing it can be if you’re writing posts without anyone seeming to notice.

    1. That’s the way I look at it Mark, and I think it’s one of the main reasons I get so many comments on this blog.

  2. My response is the same as it is to those that close comments (being as its virtually the same thing)

    Turn yourself into a static site with articles. Simply put, that’s what you do now, with the addition of wasting commenters time.

    They wouldn’t have a “blogging business” if it weren’t for readers/commenters.
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Will DEDC Comments Remain Do-Follow? It’s Up To YOU! =-.

    1. I know of at least one prominent blogger who turned of the comments entirely from his blog, saying that people could interact with him through the comment form, only to turn it on again when it didn’t happen.

      1. I know a few. Ya know what though? The truth is clear, I don’t care who you are; if you’re in the IM/AM/Blogging realm, your content is not THAT unique.

        There’s a damn good chance I can find it on I dunno how many other blogs that will allow me to comment. ;)
        .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..DEDC Remains DoFollow – BUT… =-.

        1. Yep, I think I said something along those lines in my original post, so I agree 100%.

  3. At the end of the day, the question might be this: Are you trying to create an ivory tower persona/reputation? Or build relationships with people? Somewhere in between? My guess is the way you handle comments will reflect this…
    .-= James @ Photography – Journal´s last blog ..Tiny Snake =-.

    1. Of course it’s all about relationships James. Some of the big boys get comments more because those commenting want to be noticed by them, a waste of time it seems as they don’t interact much at all. Yet they still try.

  4. I’d consider it impolite not to reply to comments. Why leave the possibility to comment if you don’t give a damn about what people are saying? I don’t mean that I’d expect a reply to each comment that I leave (don’t feel obliged :) ), but someone who never comments should shut down the commenting plugin.
    .-= Luc J´s last blog ..Rechargeable Battery Comparison Table =-.

    1. Ah, but they won’t Luc because they want to be seen as influential blogs and this can’t be done without showing some form of interaction, which is what comments are. As I said in a comment above I know of one influential blogger who tried this only to turn comments back on.

  5. I agree too. What is the sense of having a blog and not answer to peoples questions. I think that this is very out manners and arrogant!! In this industry some believe that they are too good!! They should come off their high horse. We have way too many so called “gurus”.
    .-= Fleurblanche@link building services´s last blog ..Buy .edu Backlinks: How to Get .edu Backlinks from .edu Web Sites =-.

    1. No not too good, just too busy :tongue_rolleye_ee:

      1. Ok could be as well the case. :)
        .-= Fleurblanche@link building services´s last blog ..Buy .edu Backlinks: How to Get .edu Backlinks from .edu Web Sites =-.

  6. Twitter:
    I agree that commenting doesn’t harm, as long as you don’t overdo it. I also sometimes find it hard to find time to reply to all comments on my blog. I try to answer as many comments as I can but it doesn’t happen within the same day, usually 2-3 days after (hoping that they have “e-mail notification enabled” – maybe I should force them to enable it :) ).
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Review: Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Canceling Earbuds =-.

    1. Yep, nothing in life is easy, and you don’t always have to reply to every single comments as some of them don’t necessary warrant a reply.

      People can see from the comment section which bloggers are active in the comments section and which aren’t and they will make judgment calls on their perceptions.

  7. Commenting really builds your success. I have been replying more to comments on my site and guest posts recently and have noticed lots of benefits in terms of more comments, people mentioning my posts in theirs, etc. It really separates you as a blogger and makes people know that your out to help them, not just in it for yourself.
    .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..10 Habits of Effective Bloggers =-.

    1. I’ve noticed how your input had increased and I can’t say how happy I was to see you interacting more with your readers. Sure it takes time, but I think it’s time well spent.

      1. I’ve pretty much put the freelancing to a halt, so now it’s just full time job (where social interaction is encouraged), blogging, and personal life, as opposed to full job, freelancing part time, etc. etc. It has been nice getting to be engaged with readers again. I always miss it when I can’t!
        .-= Kristi@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Internet Marketing Internship =-.

        1. Yeah, it’s hard getting the right mix in life and work, and I’m glad it’s all coming together for you Kristi.

  8. In my last comment i commended you on how fast you respond to people’s comment and i would still say it again, you do well with it, i wonder how you are able to do it when you have several blogs to handle. Anyway,replying to people’s comment i believe helps your business in every way you want to look at it, it’s one of the quickiest way you build credibility and credibility equals sales. Take for example, i found your blog just few days ago, now i feel like i know you, so even when i don’t visit any other blog i make sure i visit yours everyday. I even check my email everyday just to see if you have a new article. That’s the power of replying to comment

    Replying to comments can be time consuming though especially when you have alot of readers leaving comment, but it’s not all comment that needs reply, so all you do is browse through your comments and see the one that needs reply

    Honestly i’m not one of those who are crazy about big names, i always feel that when someone is rich he doesn’t give attention to those just starting out, i have find this to be true in many cases, that’s one of the problems the network marketing industry has, everybody wants to sign up under a big name and after signing up, and the sponsor makes his first commission on them, they ignore them.

    I like associating with the middle guys who are not there yet but close and work with them.

    What i find funny is that most of these big guys don’t even offer any beneficial information, i was in John Chow blog yesterday and i did not spend more than 2 minutes because i didn’t find anything helpful but i saw lots of commentators on his blog, though i know these people just comment because of the link back

    Let’s just try and do what is right, not be too self centered, without your followers you’re nothing online.

    Whenever i comment the feed for my recent article don’t get picked so i’m going to add a link here to my recent article Make Money Ideas – “How I Made My 1st £1 Million @ 25” Part 1 If anyone finds the article as inspiring as i do, please link to it

    1. Strange that it didn’t pick up your link Karo, but commentluv does tend to hang sometimes, not surprising considering the workload it must deal with.

      As to how I have the time to reply to comments, especially having so many blogs. It’s a matter of prioritizing my time. I treat this blog different to my other blogs, giving it special consideration. While I may reply to a lot of comments left on my other blogs I actually reciprocate comments left on this one.

      My only hope is that I do not change my ways if I ever make it into the big times.

      1. I see, this is your primary blog, i’m glad i’m on your primary blog, it’s been nice commenting here and i pray you don’t change when you join the big league. Like my future article will make clear, one’s success is actually measured by the amount of people you take along with you to the top

        1. Don’t worry about me, I have no intention to change. If I get too busy I will pay someone to do the mundane work so that I can continue to converse with my readers.

  9. Sooooo commenting to people who visit your blog is bad? Soooo saying hi to someone that says hi to you is rude? All the “technical” and “right” things to do bugs me. I want to build relationships and actually know the people who stop by. I’m not really worrying about the people who think commenting is hurting me.
    .-= Anthony @ Innovatively Simple´s last blog ..Is Good Customer Service That Hard To Provide? =-.

    1. That’s the idea Anthony. Besides building relationships is always good for business so how can it be bad?

  10. I can’t even imagine getting so popular that I stop replying to comments.

    To me, the people that visit my blog are my real community and where I create loyal followers. Sure, I can have a big following on Twitter or other social network, but the 140 character conversations are no where near as intimate as on your own blog. Discussions stay there instead of flying by at lightening speed and you have a hub where people can come by and get an inside glimpse of your personality at any time.

    I could see if the blogger had soooo many comments they couldn’t feasibly reply to every one every day. But, a daily hello in the comments makes their readers feel appreciated.
    .-= Coree Silvera@Marketing With Social Media´s last blog ..7 Cross Promotion Ideas To Boost Traffic and Sales =-.

    1. There’s always a way around any problem. I just had a look at one of the big boys blogs and the last 9 blogs attracted 450 comments, that’s an average of 50 comments per blog, not too big a task to reply to if you ask me, especially as five of those posts were guests posts.

      1. 50 comments per day would be a lot of replying if they hit every one of them, but I doubt if every single one warranted a reply. And if, like you said, 5 of those posts were guest posts you would expect the author to be picking up some comment slack.

        I will say in David’s defense that although he may not reply to a ton of comments, he is one of the most approachable probloggers I’ve met at a conference. A real down to earth guy that made me feel like he was actually interested in what I had to say, unlike a few others that were just blowing people off. Face to face engagement counts for something too, right?
        .-= Coree Silvera@Marketing With Social Media´s last blog ..CommentLuv vs Disqus – Which Blog Commenting System Is Better? =-.

        1. Sure does Coree but so does perceptions and as not everyone has the opportunity to meet one face to face all they have to go on is the way they conduct themselves on their blogs and unfortunately that side of it may build up a false perception of their true character.

          1. Yeah, you’re definitely right there. See, so maybe that’s why I was such a chicken to approach him and other big timers. ;)

            For instance, with all the communication that goes on here, most of the people that comment on your blog would feel totally comfortable approaching you because it’s like they personally know you.

            I hope it’s the same way for anyone that comments on my blog or knows me from any of my social networks.

            1. I’m sure it would be as long as you take the time to interact with them. I look at it as being over at someone’s house where the owner just sits there watching TV or perhaps chatting with the better known guests ignoring the rest. I know I wouldn’t go back there again.

              I reckon it’s the same with blogs, by interacting with people you make them feel like one of the family of friends and they’re more likely to come back.

  11. Just to clarify one thing Sire, my vote on your poll (which was ‘Yes’) shouldn’t be counted since I voted before reading the entire post. I don’t know if you remember my logic, but it didn’t have anything to do with productivity.

    I think Anthony put it best. You wouldn’t ignore someone that passed you by on the street who said Hello. At least we hope civilized people wouldn’t behave that way. So why allow comments if you’re not going to talk?
    These writers (would the correct term be technical writer? ‘blogger’ doesn’t seem fair) should turn their sites into forums, start the thread with their post and allow the readers to discuss the topic amongst themselves. Oh, wait, that’s pretty much what they are already doing, isn’t it?
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Does sex Matter? =-.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up Aaron, as it makes our case that little bit stronger.

      I’m not fussed that they feel they don’t have the time to reply to their commentators, that’s their business decision. All I’m saying is that I disagree with it and that I feel the commentators should come first, but then as one of them said, they don’t pay the bills. So why have a blog in the first place?

  12. There are very rare instances where blogging can harm a blogger’s success. By responding do comments it creates a strong sense of community, a thing that many readers and visitors of our sites will be happy to come back for.
    .-= Jasmine Henry from System Fail News´s last blog ..Hands-On : First Play (The New Interactive Service for PS3) =-.

    1. Yep, it’s all about community and being social, which is why all these social networking sites are so strong. That being the case why wouldn’t you want to be more social on your own blog.

  13. I strongly believe that a young blog will grow faster if the author responds to comments, creating community.

    And when said blog reaches stupendous proportions and said now stupendously famous blogger is offering amazingly useful content on an almost-daily basis, his or her avid followers will understand, and let said gigantically successful blogger lovingly off the hook.

    So, when does a blogger reach said “successful” point? The cosmos will send signs. And all will be well.



    1. OK. Let’s say that the person running the young blog had a full time job, as well as other commitments, and when his/her blog too off it went so well earning a six figure income that they were able to leave their full time job. This frees up a whole lot of time, what’s their excuse now? :wink_ee:

  14. Twitter:
    Of course you know I always love seeing and responding to comments, Sire, but I do want to be somewhat fair by clarifying what those guys were saying, though we still disagree with them.

    Their take was that they both give a lot of good information, and that they felt we were all better served by the information than by having to comment all the time. One guy also stated that his purpose for blogging was to make money, not be social, although if you ask me he’s more social than he lets on.

    Just to keep the record correct. Other than that, comment folks! :drunk_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Sunday Question – How Far Will You Go To Be Successful? =-.

    1. What, the information they give is better than ours and because of that they can relinquish their right to comment? So,they’re inferring that because we spend so much time commenting our output is diminished in either quality, quantity or even both? Not to mention the fact that they blog for a living where most of us hold full time jobs so they essentially have more time than us.

      Sorry mate, as far as I’m concerned they’re reasoning doesn’t wash with me.

        1. Yeah I know, I’m sort of just pointing at the silliness of what they’ve said.

  15. I, nearly religiously, answer to all comments on my main blog If you leave something more then “great post, thank you” as a comment and perhaps even include a question / suggestion / critique, chances are very high that I will give a personal response.
    As for my niche blogs / sites that are more geared towards search engine visitors, I will still answer questions submitted via the contact form etc. but the setup / personal involvement is simply not the same for me. In this cases I use a blog as a CMS not as a community building tool. Hope you understand, SY
    .-= hospitalera@Geld mit Adsense´s last blog ..Geld verdienen mit surfen =-.

    1. Sure do, one is for building community the other for business. Still if you’re not going to reply to any of the comments why have it open?

      1. Sorry, my mistake, forgot to mention that I have them closed on my niche blogs ;-) Actually a lot are so set up that you barely notice that they are in fact blogs. I love using wordpress as a CMS. SY
        .-= hospitalera@Geld mit Adsense´s last blog ..Geld verdienen mit surfen =-.

        1. Well that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

  16. I saw another ‘blogger’ turn off their comments the other day as a ‘test’ and it makes me wonder what people are actually thinking.

    I understand if you are going specifically for SEO traffic – then comments are not really that important. But if you are in a niche that is personable then I get really off put when I visit blogs that have plenty of comments but not activity from the owner.
    .-= Tom@Outsourcing Jobs Overseas´s last blog ..Find An Ebook Cover Designer For Less Than $10 =-.

    1. True Tom, but if you harvest good comments then I’ve found it actually helps your SEO traffic as many comments contain keywords picked up by search engines that were not in the original post.

  17. That is true Sire, but then again you have to worry about spam comments then. I’d rather not for my niche blogs.

    But that is a really good point. Especially with your post that got over 200 comments, that would have help with a few long tail keywords I would guess.
    .-= Tom@Outsourcing Jobs Overseas´s last blog ..Find An Ebook Cover Designer For Less Than $10 =-.

    1. I reckon it’s one of the reasons it’s had so many views. In regards to spam, what you could do is make it harder for them by installing captcha’s, making it nofollow and making them register before they can comment. They would have to be pretty serious about leaving a comment if they were willing to jump all those hoops.

      1. I hadn’t thought of those options. I find captcha’s really annoying, but for a niche blog, they might be handy. The idea of registering to coming is a good one and I think I might just implement that on my niche blogs.
        .-= Tom@Outsourcing Jobs Overseas´s last blog ..Find An Ebook Cover Designer For Less Than $10 =-.

        1. Yeah, they’re a pain in the ass but can come in handy for situations like yours.

    1. And yet some people just don’t get it.

  18. I’m new to blogging. The first time I ran across a blog with the comment option turned off (an A lister), I was turned-off. It didn’t seem very appreciative of one’s audience. I liked the blog quite a lot, but I’m not sure I’ll return.
    .-= Sandra Lee´s last blog ..The power of one =-.

    1. Never mind Sandra, there are a lot of great blogs out there that appreciate you taking the time to comment, ones that will grace you with a reply, that I’m sure you won’t miss going back to that A Lister whoever he/she was.

  19. I understand your point about responding to comments. However, I understand their point also. Have you been to Tim Ferriss’ blog? The guy gets hundreds of comments. If he were to respond to them all, he would never leave home.

    Also, there are people who are just introverts. They enjoy broad casting, but don’t enjoy conversing. I know because I am one of them. I still respond to comments though. :) But, I also don’t get many. ;)
    .-= Dr. Kal@Weight Loss Tips´s last blog ..How To Lose Weight Fast =-.

    1. Hey Doc. welcome to WassupBlog. As I’ve never heard of Tim Ferris I thought I should check out his blog before replying to his comment. I did a quick comparison between his blog and mine and I found that in the same period, January to the current date, Tim wrote 6 post from which he received just over 1300 comments. I on the other hand wrote 44 posts which netted a little over 2300 comments.

      I think one could safely say that overall Tim had more time to reply to comments than I did. Also bear in mine that I reciprocate all comments left here, which means I visit their blogs, find a post I like, read it and then leave a comment.

  20. Thanks for the welcome and for leaving a thought out comment on my blog.

    I cannot argue with 2300 vs. 1300. They have no excuse.

    I can’t believe you never heard of Tim Ferris. I guess you are too busy providing your readers with good content.

    Your blog and a few others have inspired me to add KeywordLuv Plugin.

    .-= Dr. Kal´s last blog ..Dr. Oz and America’s Weight Loss =-.

    1. It’s always nice to know one’s been an inspiration Doc. :tongue_wink_ee:

      As to Tim Ferris, I suppose it’s not so surprising considering the amount of bloggers that exist.

      Thanks for coming back, I love return visits.

  21. This brings up an interesting debate. If you have a blog that gets hundreds of comments per post, responding to them would be all consuming. At the same time, you want to ensure that you’re connecting with your community. Where is the line? Is posting on your blog serving that purpose? I’d assume that many of the top bloggers are doing a cost benefit analysis and have made an informed decision for THEIR unique situation.

    1. Perhaps Joshua, or perhaps they’ve have gotten so big and well known that comments now come naturally and they figure they no longer have to put in the time to keep them coming?

      1. That’s a good point. I’ve had some blog posts where comments came in with a flurry in the hundreds, and keeping up was close to impossible, so I can understand not being able to respond to all. That said, that’s not the norm. I make every effort to interact with our commenters, as that is what builds the strength of the community.

        If someone is at least making an effort, it is one thing. If, on the other hand, they are too good (busy) to get involved at all, that is another thing altogether.

        That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!
        .-= Joshua Dorkin´s last blog ..The Ten Best in This Week: April 10, 2010 Edition =-.

        1. That’s just the thing, there are many who believe they no longer have to make the effort. The excuse they use is that their time is better served elsewhere as in providing good content, as if we don’t do that anyway.

          The thing is that you don’t have to reply to every single comment, but some interaction would be nice. I’ve seen posts where there is no input at all from the blogger. Pretty piss poor effort if you ask me.

  22. Hi Sire,

    I just can’t think of any reason why replying to your blog readers comments could harm your blogging success.

    In fact I think that it’s quite the opposite.

    (By the way congrats on getting your 4/10 Google rank back).

    I could see why the so called A-bloggers don’t comment on other peoples blogs. The time concern there is more understandable but it’s interesting how they find the time when someone ruffles their feathers by bruising their ego.

    Then they comment like mad.

    Anyway, I have to say that both Darren of ProBlogger and John Chow do on occasion reply to comments on their blog.

    It seems to me that they only reply occasionally and usually to someone that has successfully caught their attention and even more likely to someone that they know already.

    I think that we will fully know if we can do better than the A-bloggers once we are in their position.

    Unfortunately I’ve seen more than once in the off-line world that the people who are most critical of those in a higher position turn out to be much worse than those they have criticized once they get up there themselves.

    Of course we all hope to be different and better.

    In the meantime for us not in the big league, it definitely pays to comment and reply to comments.

    .-= Vance@Get Blog Traffic´s last blog ..Can You Really Get Blog Traffic From Twitter? =-.

    1. Vance, I don’t think I will ever get to their position and frankly if getting there means forgetting about the people who put me there, well I’d rather keep going the way I am.

      I know a few people who have, through hard work and ingenuity, got to a position where they are so much better off than those around them and it’s amazing to see which ones let it go to their head and which ones don’t.

      I’m pretty sure though that if I was making a six figure income and was able to leave my current job I would actually have more time to reply to comments and not less.

  23. I must say, Sire, one of the attractions I have to your blog is the way you encourage your guests to respond. It is quite refreshing.

    I try my best to keep up with comments on my blog if only to write a generic response such as “thanks for visiting everyone.”

    Recently, one of the blogs I try to visit on a regular basis shut off comments with a note: This blog is now comment free: I was so elated with the post and when I got to that sentence, I was so deflated I just haven’t been able to bring myself to visit again. What had we done wrong I wondered. I don’t always respond to comments but I do appreciate their time and effort so much more now after that virtual “slap in the face.”

    Thank you for bringing this conversation into the light once again…
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..April Food Celebrations: 11th-17th =-.

    1. Yeah, not responding to comments is one thing but to turn them off altogether, well that makes no sense whatsoever. I bet that once that blogger discovers his traffic die off that comment form will come back once again. Until then you can always come back to my blog. :wink_ee:

      1. I Often think to email them but as you say, the discovery is not far away, I’m sure.

        I love “popping” in at your blog. You just never know what you’ll be showing. Whoops, saying…
        .-= Louise´s last blog ..April Food Celebrations: 11th-17th =-.

  24. Isn’t social media about interacting? I feel like by not responding to comments, you are just contradicting all of it. People like to have a response, otherwise they will move on to someone else who will pay attention to them.

    1. Apparently not all people feel that way. Look at those A Lister blogs, they get a lot of comments even though the majority of them are ignored.

      I’ve also noticed that a hell of a lot of those comments are crap and I wonder why they’ve not been deleted. Do some of these guys even read the comments?

  25. Commenting should always be based on providing additional information other than what the article provides. To do this reader comments should always include specific questions in posts. I find that when I see questions in the comments, it gets particularly effective from additional information point of view. Article writers most welcomes intelligent questions from the readers.So keep asking!

    1. I think it’s a bonus when commentators provide additional content to a post but this may not always be possible. What I look for is more of a discussion which is especially gratifying when it others are brought into it. Sort of like when a group of friends are sitting around the table having a coffee, or beer, talking about all the stuff that is going on around them.

      1. I really like the Eto’s suggestion to always ask questions. Seeing other’s people point of view on a topic adds a lot to a discussion. Questions really do help. I think I have to go back and add more questions to the ends of my posts :o).
        Also the whole idea of it being the idea of a group of friends sitting around the table having a coffee is just exciting to me. I love that idea.

        1. Oops my bad Eren, I thought he was suggesting the reader, as in commentator, supplied the questions. :doh_tb:

  26. I totally agree with you Sire that commenting back to people is so essential. I understand that it’s very time consuming but it’s worth it. Sometimes I may even take a while to respond because of my busy life as a mom to 3 boys but I always end up responding. I’m trying to get better at responding the same week that they commented.
    The comment section is all bout conversation and building relationships and I love making friends. Friends fulfill me in a special way. I think we were created to be social. If I didn’t comment back to someone they might feel hurt and I certainly don’t want that.
    In the time that I’ve read your blog, you have always commented back and that really makes me feel connected to you. You even go to my blog and comment too. That’s just awesome.
    Anyways – great points here.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Are You Doing These 5 Things to Prevent Credit Card Fraud? =-.

    1. Going to other people’s blogs and returning the favor seems only natural Eren. By doing that you learn more about the commentator and it’s the only way to discover if you have something in common which helps in building a real relationship.

      As to your boys, naturally they have to come first and people realize this. I don’t think they expect to get a comment right away, and some don’t expect a reply at all, and imagine their surprise when one comes their way. :clap_tb:

      1. Very true Sire,
        Hey you were talking about me getting more videos up . I think you should get more videos up too. Just an idea for even more connection ;-) .
        We can motivate each other to move into the video arena- hee hee.
        .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Are You Doing These 5 Things to Prevent Credit Card Fraud? =-.

        1. OK? So as soon as I do a video you will do one as well?

          1. Oooooo… is that a dare? Maybe that’ll get some fire under us to get moving in the video department. Hee hee …. Well then I guess I accept the challenge.
            But- you first :o)
            your friend,

            1. Cool. it may take awhile but I’ll make sure you know when it’s up and running.

  27. Speaking from personal choice, I like to see commenters add to my posts with a related and insightful comment — as if it was a contribution at a round-table discussion of the subject. Each comment hopefully adds value to the topic and I try not to restate my thoughts from the post in the comments. Currently it is my choice to send a thank you response (customized template) email to each commenter.

    You said, “Also bear in mine that I reciprocate all comments left here, which means I visit their blogs, find a post I like, read it and then leave a comment.”

    That is a very nice thing for someone with your number of comments to do. It’s good that you have mad time management skills. I enjoy your blog and topics


    1. I rather like reciprocating comments. Most people wander the net looking for blogs to comment on, I just visit the ones that left comments on mine. Seems the logical thing to do.

      I like the round table scenario :wink_ee:

  28. Hi Sire :) :)
    After long time back to blogging :) :)
    I came across a similar situation when i started blogging , but later i started getting visits and some nice backlink.
    So never forget to comment whenever you come across any post :) :)
    .-= Sunil Jain@Tech18´s last blog ..[How to] Customize Retweet Feature in Multiauthor WordPress blogs =-.

    1. Only if you have something more to say than ‘Nice Post’ :tongue_rolleye_ee:

  29. I know that commenting on blogs helps SEO, but I don’t go to just any blog. I do have to have interest in the topic and the author has to interact. It doesn’t feel like work when I can go to a blog I enjoy. I would say that almost every blog I go to posts random stuff. Just the way I like it.

  30. agreed based on the Online marketing pros

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