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Do You Want More People Commenting On Your Blog?

When looking back at my blogs I get the feeling that although I am doing all the right things and most of my blogs are getting lots of hits, very few people are taking the time to comment. Now if you’re like me you just have to agree that getting comments virtually breathes life into a blog. Without comments it’s sort of like talking to the wind. If we think of our blog as a room and the readers as visitors to that room then perhaps getting that initial comment would be like what would happen when someone breaks the silence and a conversation ensues. So, what we need is a way to break the ice, and what better way than to offer an incentive and the incentive that I have in mind is that we return the favor by commenting on a post on their blog.

Considering the vast amount of bloggers out there who would dearly love to increase the comments on their blog I reckon the solution should be very popular. I want to start a “You Comment And I Will Comment On Your Blog” movement, and to show who is involved in the movement we should display the following icon.

In addition I feel that like the ‘dofollow’ movement we should also get rid of the no-follow tags that is standard with most blogs.

Anyone who wants to get involved in this movement needs to meet the following requirements

  1. Always follow the commenter to their blog and leave a comment otherwise it defeats the purpose of the movement.
  2. Try to leave a quality comment that relates to the post. Comments like, ‘nice blog’, or ‘nice post’ should be avoided.
  3. Do not spam while commenting. Yeah I know this is obvious but I don’t think we should leave anything to chance.
  4. Let people know you are part of the movement by displaying the icon. If you don’t like mine feel free to make one of your own.

Displaying the icon is as simple as copying the following code onto your blog. The code will also link to this post but it would be a great idea if you introduce your readers to the movement by providing your own post.

<!–Start I Follow–>
<a href=””<img title=”You Comment And I Will Comment Back” src=”” alt=”You Comment And I Will Comment Back” height=”40″ width=”88″>
<!–End I Follow–>

If there are any other requirements that you think we should add to make this a better system then why not leave me a comment.

Before you leave I want you to just think about all the blogs you have left a comment on, and how many of the bloggers have actually reciprocated?

Edit: In case you are worried that any Tom, Dick or Harry from a totally unrelated blog, leaves a comment forcing you to reciprocate, something that you would not be comfortable with, then perhaps you could set a few rules in your comment policy.

The F Word, When No Other Word Will Do

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You may have recalled from one of my previous posts how I said that hosting your own blogs gave you more freedom? Well this is completely true in regards to censorship. I’ve had many posts/articles deleted from community sites because there were some there who were offended or even found it distasteful. Heck I even had the word SEX censored to S*X! Nope I am not kidding, now you tell me how anyone could find sex distasteful?

Hosting my own blogs gives me the opportunity to post what I want, but even so I would not post anything that I felt my readers would find ‘distasteful’ as I want to entice people to read my posts not scare them away! So even though I am able to use the ever popular F word, a word that Gordon Ramsay has made famous, I choose not too, as I find the word can be used way too often, even when not necessary. On the other hand I admit that there may well be times when that very non-descriptive word can and will slip out. I actually wrote a poem about it that was actually banned from several sites. Without further ado I present to you The F Word!

The F word, always on the tip of your tongue
As an expletive the F word is rated number one
It’s always there when the need arises
And most times it will win you no prizes

There are many occasions when it’s in use
Especially those times when yelling abuse
Hey, you F’n wanker, you stupid jerk
Come here and say that, cos I’ll go berserk

There’s the time the hammer hit your thumb
For F sake, that really hurt some
As you jump up and down shaking your hand
The pain is way too much to withstand

Then there are times when you’re feeling bold
And tell your wife to F off in order to scold
Now that was a mistake I’m telling you
You may as well jumped into some boiling stew

Perhaps the driver who cut in front
And you scream F you for pulling that stunt
You flick him the bird as a parting salute
And then you lay on the horn for all it would toot

It’s not all bad because the time may arise
You meet a shiela and in order to surprise
You swagger up to her and ask for a F
She slaps you instead and calls you a schmuck

Well that did not go well it seems no matter what
Being able to use the F word is no reason to strut
It seems it’s best if you want to be nice
If your gonna use the F word you better think twice.

So don’t be scared to comment because I don’t bite and I would really be interested in what you have to say.

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Joining The Crazy Blogging For Money Train

Once you’ve been surfing the net for awhile you tend to notice that just about everybody is trying to make some cash and they are usually trying to con people like you and me out of our hard earned cash. There is one simple rule that I go buy and that is, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. The thing is that you can make money on the net and you don’t have to rip people off to do it.

An honest way of earning some spare cash on the Internet is by blogging. Now don’t you give me that, ‘that’s bullshit’ look because it’s true and some blog like are bringing in over $100,000 per year! Before you get your hopes too high, very few of us will get to see that sort of cash, but that is no reason why we shouldn’t strive for those heights and take whatever falls in your lap.

In your efforts of trying to get your hands on some of that Blogging Cash that’s circulating around the World Wide Web keep in mind that it is not an easy road and it will take a fair bit of hard work. Most bloggers become disillusioned when the money doesn’t start rolling in straight away and give up before they have even given blogging a decent chance.

When starting your first blog it is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons that you think carefully about the name you choose for your blog. This particular LINK will take you to a pretty good article that explains the importance of keywords.

So, how do blogs produce money? One thing that just about every blogger incorporates on their blogs are things like Google Adsense but unless you’re pulling in thousands of daily visitors you’re only going to get pocket change. Many bloggers will also promote affiliates that have joined and some will do quite well at it. For this particular post I want to concentrate on paid posts.

Many companies recognize that because of the myriad of bloggers that are out there that they represent a huge advertising medium, one that is very affordable. These guys are willing to pay bloggers to do posts that promote either a product or a service and the amount can range anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars per post. Don’t expect to get the big bucks though unless you blog as a PR7+ ranking.

Some sites that you can join that act as a mediator between bloggers and advertisers are.

  1. This is a fantastic site. Unfortunately they will not accept new blogs so you will have to work at it for awhile getting exposure. More on this later. Blogitive does have one requirement and that is that all blogs put their feeds through This is a free service, and will assure that your blog’s content is syndicated through the Web effectively. They pay $5 a post. This is an example of a Blogitive post.
  2. is another company that allows you to generate extra income from your blog. You can actually set your limit between $5 – $10 per post. Naturally if you select the lower amount you will get extra tasks. The reason you will get paid for the posts is because Advertisers want you to talk about their websites and products etc. in your blog. This is an example of a Blogsvertise post.
  3. Blogging Ads is another great site that will help you make money while blogging. This one is unique in that they will offer you the choice of either selecting one of their ads (a simple cut and paste job) or you can write one of your own. A Blogging Ad example.
  4. Review Me This site allows bloggers to get paid to review products and services on your site. You actually control what you review. You can submit your site for free and if accepted you can get paid from $20 – $200 for each review. No examples for this one as I haven’t been accepted yet.
  5. PayPerPost is a fantastic site with lots of opportunities to make money. You can do three posts per day and the amount of money per post can depend on your Google PR rating. I’ve seen posts advertised for Bloggers with a PR7 where advertisers were paying $1000 for one post.

I do have one word of warning though for those of you who have done the hard yards and have gotten a good PR, and that is that Google does not look kindly on bloggers that do paid posts. Google has actually been known to penalize these sorts of bloggers by reducing their PR, two of mine went from PR4 to PR0. Personally I start several new blogs and slowly build up their PR and use these to do your paid posts.


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