Why So Many People Choose To Blog

I reckon that as there may still be a lot of people who may not be sure what a blog actually is, that we should really start with a short description. In essence a blog is short for weblog, which is really an online journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated (ergo it’s SEO appeal) and intended for general public readership. Blogs can be personal, or they may provide a commentary of regular world news. Companies even use blogs to provide their customers with reliable updates of their products or services. There are also many companies out there that use blogs as effective marketing tools.

So technically blogs can be used to record anything that you like, but we must keep in mind that the more interesting we make it the bigger the readership which in turn creates more earning potential for the respective blog. I can see how some may be wondering about what sort of things you can blog about and it can really be about anything at all.

  • Do you have a hobby you are passionate about? Imagine how many other people in the world share the same passion.
  • Perhaps you have some expertise you can share with others.
  • Experienced mothers may want to share their experience with new and prospective mothers.
  • Perhaps you’re a budding photographer and would like to share some of of your prized photos. If you do I would recommend you include descriptions of the photos or how they were taken as this will give the search engines something latch onto. I have seen so many Photo Blogs where the blogger only posts the photo with no description and they probably wonder why they do not get indexed by search engines. If they were to use the right keywords in their descriptions they would definitely get more hits as well as a higher PR.
  • Going on a holiday, then what a perfect time to share your experiences with others.

You see, the choices are endless so don’t be frightened to join the world of blogging.


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Photrade Made Me A Professional Photographer

OK, maybe that is stretching the truth a little too far, but the thing is I did actually sell a photo on Photrade and although I am far from being a true pro photographer, having sold one does sort of make you feel that way. Having said that, I reckon that if told my mates I was a pro they would surely take the crap out of me. Anyway, out of all the photos I have listed, this is the one that that they bought.

Red Tomatoes

I have no idea why they picked that particular photo, perhaps it was for an ad on how not to take a photo of tomatoes, or some school instructing their students on how you should take out the worm ridden tomato out of the group before you take a photo of it. :doh_tb:

I used to have my photos on flickr but then I found Photrade which gave me the opportunity of turning my photos into a money making venture.


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Wassup? CommentLuv Now Working, You Little Beauty

When I first started this blog I spent a long time trying to find a great WordPress Theme because I wanted it to be just right, and truth be told I love the theme that I finally settled on. I later found out that Andy Baily’s CommentLuv Plugin wouldn’t work, and I really wanted to reward my readers for leaving a comment. For those of you who don’t know, Andy’s plugin rewards you by displaying a link to your blog’s last post and I know how bloggers like to promote their blogs.

Anyway, no matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to work. Then I remembered that Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin used its own comments.php and viola it worked a charm. So now, not only can you get a little link love, you can also reply to a particular comment as this blog now supports nested comments. Also don’t forget that I use the dofollow plugin so comments will be picked up by the search engines.

I think after all that I deserve a martini or something.

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