Blogs Are A Great Way To Show Off Your Photos

I have found that the problem with photos is that once taken and developed (or because of the digital era, stored on your computer) they are by and large filed away and forgotten about. Every once in awhile you may take some out to show friends and visitors but by and large you only see them on very rare occasions.

A blog is a great avenue for you to share your photos with the world and who knows you may even get requests to buy one or two. Whilst most people use as a medium to store their photos online I prefer as it gives me the added bonus of earning a little cash on the side.

This particular photo was taken with my Minolta i700 on one of those rare holidays. My wife and I decided to drive to Melbourne via The great Ocean Road which had some very panoramic views.

Sell photos on photrade | By Sire

The photo is of a petrified forest found along the Cape Bridgewater Trail. Even in reality it was very surreal and the photo has an almost moonscape quality about it. Originally it was a slide but thanks to my Canon MP810 printer I was able to scan it into the computer.

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Wassup? I Have An Online Tipping Jar

Tipping is something that Americans are very familiar with. You normally tip a person for performing a service that you are very satisfied with. The amount of the tip may be a percentage of the bill or it may be at the discretion of the tipper, and usually the better the service the larger the tip.

Bloggers may be seen by many as providing a service and that service is by an large the passing on of information. Unfortunately except the various ‘please donate’ badges there hasn’t really been a way for the reader to tip the blogger for the service provided. Thanks to I am now have a virtual online tipping jar where the reader can now reward me if they feel that they have acquired something of worth form any of my posts.

There is one major difference and that is that tippers are also rewarded for the tip provided. Rewarded in what way you ask? For your kind generosity you get a link placed in the widget that is displayed over on the right. As this is a relatively new site I have set tips at a $1 which must agree is an extremely low price. I have decided on a top 10 placing and your link will stay in the top 10 until you are bumped off. An example of bumping is that if you are on the No.1 position and someone new tips me you will be bumped to No.2 and so on down the line. If my posts are slack and tipping is slow you could be on the Top 10 for quite awhile.

So, let the tipping begin! :thumbup_tb:

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Going One Better Than You Comment I Follow Crap

OK, I am normally a patient sort of bloke but this “You Comment I Follow” bullshit is really pissing me off. I reckon that although there may be some bloggers that are doing the right thing most of them just display the badge to con people into leaving a comment. Out of all the comments I have left on so called ‘You Comment I Follow’ blogs there was only one blogger that had the decency to follow me back to my blog and actually leave me a comment. That blogger was David Rader whose post was actually sending the whole thing up anyway. David I commend you on your post U Comment I Follow Parody Badges for it certainly is a mockery of the movement.

Still I concede that there is merit in the idea, it’s just too bad that bloggers are not following it diligently. I see no reason why I shouldn’t try to take the ‘You Comment I Follow’ movement one step further. I promise that if you comment on one of my posts, not only will I follow you to your blog but I will comment on one of your posts. Now I concede that may well have been the intention of the original movement but apart from those like David very few are following it to to the point of leaving a comment. Maybe they are following, maybe they are getting lost along the way, but whatever they are bloody doing it’s not culminating in a comment. So as far as I am concerned it’s out with the old movement and in with the new.


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