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A Blogger’s View On Google Chrome

Yep, I am one of those guys that just has to try every new gadget, especially when it is free, so first chance I got I downloaded Google Chrome. I am actually typing this post whilst using the Google Chrome browser and I haven’t read any other reviews as I wanted this to be completely unbiased.

Good Points

  1. My blogs all look great in it. This was a real worry and the last thing I wanted was to start modifying the themes to work with this browser.
  2. It was a breeze to set up, no problems at all and seemlessly imported all my passwords and bookmarks.
  3. It is bloody fast, it’s like the computer has been turbocharged as so far all the pages load a lot quicker than FireFox or Internet Explorer.
  4. Memory usage seems heaps better and it also allocates the memory diferently. FireFox used to increase the memory usage every time a new tab is opened whereas Google Chrome simply opens another process allowing it to manage each tab individually.
  5. Simple, no bells and whistles although I reckon there will be some users who will see this as a fault. I have no doubt that addons will become availabe that will provide the bling effect for these users.

Bad Points

  1. Shit! So far as I can tell, I can’t see any other than it doesn’t display my favicon in the search bar. It does however display it in the tabs.


I have decided to run a little poll, but as we all know a poll can only tell you so much and I would really appreciate if you could take the time to leave a comment on your personal experience with Google Chrome!

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Chitika Has Proven That Their Ads Truly Work

I remember the time I got my first check from Google for my Adsense account, man I was so thrilled, it was just like the time I got my first paycheck. Even though it took over a year it was still a milestone in my blogging career as it proved that it was possible to blog for money and it gave me the incentive I needed to expand and improve my blogs.

The thing is that I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket as I could see it was bad business sense to rely on just one source of income revenue. So, the search began to find out what other ways existed to add to my Adsense income. I came across Chitika only a month ago but it wasn’t until today that I realized just how good it really was. What made today so special? Not much, just the email I got from PayPal that confirmed that Chitika had made a deposit into my account. In just one month. Unlike Google Adsense where you need to accumulate $100 before a payment is made, you only need to rack up $10 to have it deposited into your account, which occurs monthly.

Chitika is very configurable so that it can easily fit in with your blog theme, and they have a whole range of ads you can use including the NEW Chitika | Premium – PPC Ad Units. This particular ad is really special as it behaviorally targets to your search engine traffic which means that the chance of getting clicks is increased dramatically. What is really unique about this ad is that if your visitors come to your blog via means other than a search engine, they do not see the ad at all, that and it is only targeted towards US traffic. I have a 728×90 banner in my header but I don’t see it because I’m an Aussie.

The beauty about displaying a second set of ads is that you dramatically increase your blog’s earning capacity. There may be times when there is nothing interesting being displayed by Google Adsense but something from Chitika catches their eye. Chitika even has a WordPress plugin that enables you to place an ad right in your post whenever you want. Once a member you can also recruit others and get 10% of their earnings as well, and what makes it really special is that it’s free which are pretty well the only sort of schemes that I promote.


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Quality Comments Does Bring Results

If you go back through some of my posts, specifically Do You Want More People Commenting On Your Blog?, you will notice that I put a lot of value on the importance of quality comments and how they can build up a growing community.

There is also another reason for inviting comments because there may well be many occasions when comments can add so much more to the value of the original post. No matter how much time we put into a post we are only human and we are bound to miss things out or perhaps not even explain certain aspects of the post properly. Comments help to rectify this by allowing us to expand on the original post as well answering questions from our readers. There may even be times when a comment sparks a light bulb situation that leads to an entirely new post.

There was one particular reply that I gave that actually gave another blogger an idea for a post that he titled Readers Appreciation No.1, and the bonus for me is that he also linked back to my post to show his appreciation. Now I have been to Yan’s thou shall blog on several occasions and I know that he is no slouch when it comes to blogging and so I consider the link back high praise indeed.

So we in essence have just learned another important blogging lesson and that is to give credit where credit is due as sharing a bit of ‘link luv’ helps to build up the blogging community.


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