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I was Number One On Problogger

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Yes I was number one, but not the way you think. Ages ago I read a post on Garry Conn Dot Com on how you could get a whole heap of traffic to your blog from leaving just one comment. The idea is that if you are the very first person to comment on a blog, and if that comment was meaningful and related to the original post you would be bound to get a whole lot of visitors from people reading the post.

The other day I was able to put the theory to the test because I actually was the first person to comment on Problogger’s 12 Tips To SNAP Readers Out of Passivity with Calls to Action! I couldn’t believe my luck, and in my rush to to beat everybody else, the comment probably wasn’t as good as it could of been. But heck, I didn’t want someone else to beat me to the punch now did I?

The result was that comment actually did send a whole heap of traffic to this blog and some of the visitors actually left comments. The lesson to learn from this is not to be afraid to be the first to leave a comment as the benefit to you in the long run is well worth the effort.


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Yes You Can Make Money On Your Blogs

There is one thing that almost every blogger wants and that is to make their blog more profitable. There are many ways that you can make money via your blog other than by doing paid posts. The most used method is by displaying Google Adsense on your blog. As you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad you want to make sure that you place it in a prominent position on your blog. Adsense is a great way of generating a passive income. Obviously the more visitiors you get the greater the potential of earning money via your google adsense and some other systems I will now mention.

Only recently I have been trialing another system similar to Google Adsense which is called Chitika. I must say that I am very impressed as so far it is producing 90% of Google’s income. The best thing is that you can use Google Adsense and Chitika on the same page which increases your chances of getting someone to click an ad. They also have something they call Chitika | Premium.

When a user comes from a search engine to your site, Chitika | Premium targets the ad to the exact keywords that were typed by the user. As the ad is targeted to the search term the user is much more likely to click on it and this has been confirmed by their high CTR — which beats other ad units, including Google AdSense. The beauty about this ad is that if a user comes directly to your site via normal methods, ie not via a search engine, the ad actually collapses and doesn’t show up at all. How cool is that? Chitika offers many other methods to monetise your blog and I suggest you at least check them out.

There are other Google type adsense ads including  Adbrite and Software AdsNow. You can also join many compaines such as checkmystats which allows you to select form hundreds of merchants to advertise on your blog. You can even choose to have rotating banner ads which is basically a banner which changes with each page refresh. This is an example of such an ad.

You can also display in-text advertisements by joing sites such as Kontera and Infolinks. Once their code is added to your site it selects keywords on you website/blog and hi-lights them. When a user hovers their mouse over the word a description comes up and if they click on it you get paid. The words on this post that are hi-lighted in blue are Infolinks ads.

I also recommend joining some reputable affiliates and promoting them on your blog. This can be done either editing your templates or recommending it in one of your posts, or even by placing a link at the end of your post. A good affiliate to join is LunarPages which is a web hosting company. Everyone who is serious about making money needs somewhere to host their site/blog and LunarPages is pretty good. They will pay $65 for anyone who purchases a package after clicking on your link.

For more affiliates you could join, check this site. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should not have to pay to join an affiliate.


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How To Make A Monthly Income With Your Blog

I read somewhere that those blogs that hit the top do so because the blogger provides the reader something that they desire, and they do it for free. It could be many things including interesting articles, competitions, tips and tricks of the trade, but whatever it is, it is of value to the person visiting the blog.

Unfortunately, bloggers like myself do not have the means to run competitions or give away prizes and such, and so we have to rely on the quality of our content or the passing on of valuable information to our readers. This may included blogging techniques or tips and tricks, and on occasions it can even be a way for increasing their blogging or webmaster revenue, which is what this post is all about.

I have just come across a particular site that is going to guarantee me a monthly income. This site is definitely a must for bloggers and webmasters alike as long as they have their own domain, another reason for hosting your own site! They will pay you £5 (it’s an English Site) every month into your PayPal account. I’ve copied this from their Home Page:

All you have to do is implement 3 of our 468 x 60 banners on your web site. Your site can be or any size, with any amount of traffic, we don’t mind at all! As long as the banners are implemented on your site and retained, you’ll continue to receive PayPal payments! You can even have multiple sites.

I have incorporated these links on the pages that show me the least return, my ‘about’ page, site map and disclosure policy pages, so that I am now maximizing my total blog. Not only is this site free, they actually pay £10 just to get members. And there is more, yeah sounds like a commercial doesn’t it :jittery_tb: , and that is as a member you can recruit others and you will be paid £10 for everyone that you recruit. Now that is pretty amazing.

If you would like to join, and you would be mad not to, simply head on over to Freebies4webmasters right now. I have incorporated their banners into 6 of my blogs so I am guaranteed £30 a month. That’s $US55 or in my case $64 Aussie dollars every month.

Edit: I’m no longer a member as they’ve seem to have stopped paying after the first couple of months.

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