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Quality Comments Does Bring Results

If you go back through some of my posts, specifically Do You Want More People Commenting On Your Blog?, you will notice that I put a lot of value on the importance of quality comments and how they can build up a growing community.

There is also another reason for inviting comments because there may well be many occasions when comments can add so much more to the value of the original post. No matter how much time we put into a post we are only human and we are bound to miss things out or perhaps not even explain certain aspects of the post properly. Comments help to rectify this by allowing us to expand on the original post as well answering questions from our readers. There may even be times when a comment sparks a light bulb situation that leads to an entirely new post.

There was one particular reply that I gave that actually gave another blogger an idea for a post that he titled Readers Appreciation No.1, and the bonus for me is that he also linked back to my post to show his appreciation. Now I have been to Yan’s thou shall blog on several occasions and I know that he is no slouch when it comes to blogging and so I consider the link back high praise indeed.

So we in essence have just learned another important blogging lesson and that is to give credit where credit is due as sharing a bit of ‘link luv’ helps to build up the blogging community.


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The Legend Of Dastardly Darryl’s Big Stainless Steel Balls

This is just a post I put together to have a bit of fun. It’s just to show that blogging can be used as a medium to enjoy oneself.

In a time not so long ago, when Rundle Mall first became South Australia’s central shopping district, there lived in the nearby suburb of Elizabeth a typical Aussie couple, Dastardly Darryl and Big Bertha. Just like any other couple who have been married for some years, they had settled into a routine where the male works his butt off, and the female spends all his money.

It wasn’t always like that as things were very different before the birth of Rundle Mall. Big Bertha used to be just like any other woman that stayed home, loyally making sure that the house was clean, the bed was warm and her husband content. Things changed once Rundle Mall came to life. Big Bertha and all the other women discovered shopping. They became so drunk with their lust for specials that man’s idyllic life came to an abrupt end.

There wasn’t a man alive that could control them anymore. Yet the men remembering a time when men were men wanted to approach Dastardly Darryl who was the toughest of them all. The men got together and after much discussion, and a lot of beer drinking, a large group of them converged on Darryl’s doorstep with a case of Johnny Walker, for they heard that Johnny Walker gave you balls.

Unfortunately, the case of scotch only made him drunk beyond belief, and while staggering in a drunken stupor, he stumbled and fell. As luck would have it, he fell right over a small Bunyip, a magical creature, pinning him with his massive carcass. This particular Bunyip was not like the Bunyips of Aboriginal lore as he was able to grant just one wish! But only if Darryl would free him.

Darryl remembering the days before Rundle Mall, when men had control and women lived under a glass ceiling, realised that the most significant difference in those bygone days was men had the balls to deal with these situations.

With that in mind, Dastardly Darryl wished that he had balls, but not just any old balls he wanted the biggest balls of all. He wanted big stainless steel balls, balls that would clang as he walked striking fear into all the shopaholic women! Big reflective, shining stainless steel balls so that those who would dare gaze upon them would see what they had become and yearn for the days when men supported them. Balls so bloody big that even Big Bertha’s mutton chop hands could not crush them.

The Bunyip granted him his wish! Dastardly Darryl approached Rundle Mall after many hours of travelling. His terrifying demeanour and the clanging of his balls striking fear in all women, all except Big Bertha, her crazed shopping mind too far gone to see reason. They faced each other at opposite sides of the mall under an overcast sky filled with lightning and thunder. It was high noon as they approached each other, Darryl’s big balls banging together with a noise louder than the roar of thunder. They met in the centre of the Mall when Big Bertha Grabs his balls and squeezes with such force, but to no avail as Dastardly Darryl merely chortles with mirth.

This is too much for Big Bertha, who opens her mouth and lets forth a long, terrifying screech pitched so high that it shattered his eardrums. The ensuing vibrations from the scream caused the balls to vibrate so much they fell right off Darryl, and he collapsed. As the fell, Big Bertha saw her reflection in them and as her jaw dropped she decided that she definitely needed to fix her mascara and then remembered that David Jones had a sale on.

To this day the Rundle Mall Balls are on display, and many swear that they have seen Big Bertha madly shopping in some of the stores.

The moral of this story is it takes more than big balls to keep a woman away from those opening specials.

rundle mall balls

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I was Number One On Problogger

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Yes I was number one, but not the way you think. Ages ago I read a post on Garry Conn Dot Com on how you could get a whole heap of traffic to your blog from leaving just one comment. The idea is that if you are the very first person to comment on a blog, and if that comment was meaningful and related to the original post you would be bound to get a whole lot of visitors from people reading the post.

The other day I was able to put the theory to the test because I actually was the first person to comment on Problogger’s 12 Tips To SNAP Readers Out of Passivity with Calls to Action! I couldn’t believe my luck, and in my rush to to beat everybody else, the comment probably wasn’t as good as it could of been. But heck, I didn’t want someone else to beat me to the punch now did I?

The result was that comment actually did send a whole heap of traffic to this blog and some of the visitors actually left comments. The lesson to learn from this is not to be afraid to be the first to leave a comment as the benefit to you in the long run is well worth the effort.


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