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Are You Sitting On The Blogging Fence?

I just want to encourage those potential bloggers who are sitting out there on the sidelines wondering whether they should enter the Blogging world. I reckon the thing that is holding you back is that you’re just not too sure what you can blog about. Considering that the web is so big and that there are a whole lot of people out there ready to absorb information I reckon it is safe to say that you could blog about almost anything at all.

Take for an example an Aussie blog called Karen Cheng’s Snippets of Life, a blog that has been in existence since around 2000. Karen is thought by many to have reached power blogger status and was even featured on Channel Ten’s News along with ProBlogger Darren Rowse. You are all probably thinking that she is another blogging guru, full of tips, tricks and ways of making a fortune via your blogs. You couldn’t be more wrong.

She actually just talks about her life in general, her kids, cooking, fashion, shopping and even goes so far as posting about her dealings with the fertility clinic. Certainly not a blog that you would think would amass a world wide audience now is it, at least not one full of blokes.? Yet she has done it and so there is no reason why one of you couldn’t do the same.

There is one thing that I notice that was highly unusual about Karen’s blog and that is the total lack of comments, as she has comments turned off. Imagine that. :bigsurprise_ee:


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Google Sucks And How Inspiration Can Help Your Blog

Inspiration can come in many forms, sometimes it can be because of positive things that happen to you and on other occasions it can be because of something more on the negative side. Take this little poem for example. It will probably never make it into a book of poems and that does not bother me at all because I had fun writing it. It all came about on that dreadful day not so long ago when Google decided to strip my PR4 blogs of their ranking and reduce them to PR0. I was not impressed, ergo the birth of this poem.

Google’s like a woman
As fickle as can be
Use all The SEO you can
She’ll crush you like a flea

You read all the SEO tactics
You apply it to your blog
Then those Google pricks
Give your Rankings a flog

Women like to change the rules
And Google is just the same
She acts as if all bloggers are fools
For trying to play the game

On minute your feeling happy
Your PR is pretty good
Then you’re feeling crappy
And you wish you understood

Yeah, Google is no lady
The way she treats her fans
Her actions kind of shady
Ruining many bloggers plans

We all don’t rort the system
Yet she treats us all the same
Yeah, we’re not all like them
Spammers should wear the blame

Bloggers have to live too
Paid posts are just a job
Oh Google if you only knew
You’re acting like a slob

We can’t use rel-nofollow
As then we won’t get paid
Your rules are hard to swallow
Us bloggers all feel so betrayed

Well I say stuff you whore
I removed your stupid toolbar
Though my rankings may not soar
My content you cannot mar

Hell, who am I kidding
Please give my PR back
Your Praises I will sing
Just cut me some slack!

So, I suggest that as a blogger you should look at everything that may happen in your life as a possible blog post. All you need do is to be creative and turn it into something that if nothing else you can have a bit of fun with. Perhaps it will please others enough to leave a comment, perhaps not, as long as you got enjoyment out of doing then that is all that matters.


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Are You Maintaining Your Blog’s Profitability?

Maintaining your blog’s profitability is essential if you are serious about making money and all it involves is a little bit of time and effort. I have just learned this the hard way. I have the PrestoGifto WordPress Plugin installed on two of my blogs and having installed and set them up I forgot about them in the hope that they would make me a bit of money. For those of you who are not familiar with this plugin, it sort of turns your blog into a virtual shop by giving your ‘customers’ access to all the products on offer by CafePress. I have just activated it on this blog and I have called my newest store WassupShop.

Anyway, I decided to go and check out my stats for my other stores and to my surprise I noticed that they had generated over 5000 clicks. I thought Wow, that must have made me some cash only to find that it hadn’t actually generated any income at all. Why? Because I hadn’t included my Commission Junction ID and it needs the CJ ID to keep track of actual sales. If I had maintained my stores properly I would have picked up on this a long time ago and would probably have some cash waiting for me so that I could have bought myself a Father’s Day gift.

So I urge all bloggers to keep an eye on their affiliates, banners or whatever else they are promoting on their blogs. All this means is to check to see which ones are working and which ones are not. There is no point displaying a banner that is not generating any interest as you are tying up space that could well be producing you an income. Try a different banner or even a different product. If you do this on a regular basis then you can rest assured in the knowledge that your blog is running as profitable as possible.

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