Is Disqus Costing You Comments?

Let's face it, if you want more people commenting on your blog it sometimes takes more than a good post to get it out of them. AS s a blogger you want to make it as easy as possible for people to comment on your blog. Even though there are so many spam comments floating around many bloggers have decided not to use captchas, moderating comments manually, because they don't want to present hurdles to their commentators. I remember awhile back when Mitch wrote a post having a go at Disqus and other third party commenting systems, and then not so long ago reading a post comparing Commentluv with Disqus, although I don't think you could call commentluv a commenting system, where the blogger is trying to work out which one to go for. Personally I don't like blogs using Disqus and it's gotten so that I now finding myself scrolling down to see whether the blogger is using Disqus and if they are I don't even bother reading the post. The only time I will comment on a Disqus blog these days is if I'm reciprocating a comment left on this blog. I just don't see the advantage to the commentator for having it installed and if it's not making life easier for them then as far as I'm concerned it's a waste of CPU. Still, that's just my opinion but I am really interested in what others have to say on the matter and so I've decided to run a…

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Huddle Allowing People To Collaborate Online

I love the English language because some words have so many meanings it can confuse the crap out of anyone trying to learn English. There are words that sound the same but mean something entirely different. One example that comes to mind are the words threw and through. There are also many words that can have several meanings, one that comes to mind is huddle. A huddle can be a person who draws themselves into a crouch or it can be a group of people that crowd closely together. In sports a huddle is when the coach or captain of the team gathers them all together for a pep talk or to discuss strategy. I've chosen a nice image to illustrate this type of huddle. The reason I chose this picture should be quite evident to those who know me. :devil_tb: But I didn't get you here just to look at a lovely huddle of nice butts. No sirree, I got you here to introduce you to an online huddle, one that many of you will find quite useful. This particular Huddle is an online site that gives you "simple, secure online work spaces containing powerful project and collaboration tools. Huddle is hosted, there’s no software to download and it’s free to get started." Yep, you can do it all online with not a thing to download to your computer. Huddle will allow you to; Manage your projects Share and store files online Create and edit documents online Allow you to have…

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Taking The Time To Think Before Clicking Submit

I think there is a time in everyone's lives when you regret having said something. This could be because you were angry or because you were so caught up in the excitement of the moment that you let something slip out that was better left unsaid. While this is true in the real world it should never happen in the online world because when online you have the time to step back from any given situation before writing a post, commenting on another bloggers post or even when replying to a comment left on your blog. The repercussions of not doing this can be seen on my In Defence Of A Bloggers Right To Review A Product where the blogger concerned did a lot of damage to his reputation, so much so that many people said they would never deal with him again. I would like for you to take a moment from your busy schedule to watch this video as  it highlights the point I am trying to make. This video clip shows how not taking the time to think before speaking can lead to some very dire consequences. Cool huh? So let that be a warning to you as you float around the blogosphere, think twice, or even three times before clicking on the submit button, because once you've done that it very hard to take it back.   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010

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