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There IS Life After Google Adsense!

Not long after writing a post warning people about how Google could disable  Adsense on their blog Mitch wrote a post on how Google did the very same thing to him. Looking through the comments on my post I noticed you could almost sort them out into three groups.

  • Those who nodded their head agreeing with me that I was hard done by.
  • Those who shared their own experience with Google
  • And those who thought people get what they deserve if they don’t read Google’s TOS.

Getting back to Mitch, those who know him also know he’s not one to drop the F bomb or use any other profanity.¬† Heck, he’s so straight laced it boggles the mind as to what he could have written about that would have pissed Google off. Well, he wrote about cleavage and he posted some very nice photos, which he got with Google’s aid, to highlight his post.

Still, this post is not about how unfair Google can be, it’s about other ways of monetizing your blog in case Google unfairly yanks their ads from your blog. I think I will leave that particular post for my Load Of Bullshit blog. :devil_tb:

  • Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser: Even though I joined these guys years ago I had pretty much forgotten about them. Once Google disabled my account on my BS blog I started looking through some of my old affiliates. Imagine my surprise when I found some money in my Bidvertiser account! Their ads look a lot like Googles and they even have image ads.
  • Chitika: Unlike Google these guys want their publishers to perform. As this post shows they even took the time to email me in their efforts to improve my earnings, which as we all know would improve theirs.¬† At time Chitika even outperformed Google! Chitika is especially great for those who don’t want their normal readers to be bothered with ads as Chitika has one particular ad that only show up to US visitors who come to your blog via a search engine, showing them ads related to the search term they used.

There are other options but I can’t vouch for those I haven’t tried. One thing to remember is that people don’t click on Google ads because they’re Googles and so they are just as likely to click on a Chitika or Bidvertiser ad as long as it’s offering   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 20100

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Of Australia Zoo, Steve Irwin & A Magical Experience

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, and you really should subscribe if you haven’t already :wink_ee: , you would know that I’ve just come back from holiday. For all those who have been busting at the seems to know where I went you can rest easy because I’m about to tell you. We, the family and I went to sunny Queensland and stayed at Surfers Paradise. Truth be told there wasn’t all that much sun over there at the time, although the daughter did find enough to get burnt one day, but it was a hell of a lot warmer than what the folks were getting at home.

Anyway, while there we decided we would visit Australia Zoo but first we had to make a stop in Brisbane because Nadia, my daughter, wanted to buy some jewelery at Tiffany. She ended up buying a Tiffany & Co. Ring to match her bracelet and a necklace. She also managed to score Tiffany earrings for a Christmas present.

Meanwhile Frank, my son, and I whiled away the time by doing more manly things like walking down the mall perving on all the sheilas of which there was a plentiful supply.

Once the shopping was out the way we drove to Australia Zoo in Beerwah Queensland. While originally a reptile park started by Rob his father, Steve turned it into the wildlife park it is today. Ever since his death in September of 2006 I’ve always wanted to see what he managed to create and I was ecstatic to finally walk through the gates.

Irwin FamilyOne of the first things we saw was this lifelike statue of Steve, Terri, Bindi and his son Bob. The sight of it actually got Anna, the wife, a little teary eyed as she thought of how his family must have felt losing their husband and father. I have to admit that I felt a little sad at the thought myself, a feeling that presented itself on more than one occasion as we walked around this remarkable Zoo.

We walked past a ‘photo wall’ which was filled with hundreds of photos of TerriSteve Irwin and his many accomplishments. I managed to take this shot of one of those photos which was pretty difficult because of the reflections on the plastic that was covering them. It’s of his wife Terri who Steve met while performing at the park in 1991. Apparently it was love at first sight and they married in 1992. It was obvious that the two were very close as Terri was involved in many of Steve’s adventures. She obviously knows more about the man than anyone else and her book Steve & Me may well please many Crocodile Hunter fans.

crocosoriumTalking about crocodiles, we just had to take be a part of the show at the The Crocoseum and while it was thrilling to be a part of the show it was a little sad to know that Steve would never thrill the crowds again.

The show involved more than just showing the crowds how the crocs attack, it was also about educating them as to how they live in the wild. We were also treated to charming staff that walked amongst the crowd whilst holding snakes as well as a cool display of colorful birds as they flew around the stadium.

feeding elephantAs we walked around we were amazed at the quality of the Australian Zoo. All the staff were so friendly and the grounds were spotless. Our next stop was to visit the elephants as Nadia has always had a thing for elephant trinkets. We managed to get there during their feeding time where these gracious Asian Elephants, Siam, Sabu and Bimbo were fed by the enthralled crowd. That’s Nadia feeding one and Frank waiting patiently in line behind her for his turn. It must have been quite an experience as they lined up for another go.

koalasNaturally if you’re in Australia you can’t leave without checking out the koalas. I snapped this shot of mother and daughter as the baby koala was reaching around her mother in her efforts to snatch a nice tasty eucalyptus leaf or two.

The koala walk itself was very entertaining as there were heaps of them and you could get very close to them. There was even one that you are allowed to pet, and who wouldn’t want a photo of themselves petting a cute Koala?

tigerWhile I was loving the walk amongst the Koalas I was kind of thankful that there was a glass wall separating my family and this stunning Tiger. I’ve always loved cats but I just can’t see myself petting this regal specimen. Still he didn’t seem to bother his two handlers that were quite happy to do more than just stroke his fur.

All in all it was a great day and the only drawback was that we didn’t get there earlier because there was so much more to see. lizardI got to admit though that one of the highlights of our time at Australia Zoo was while walking past the wombat enclosure. While I was trying to get a good shot of these slow moving marsupials Nadia’s startled scream got my attention, and I was wondering what could have frightened her. I knew we had left the tiger behind, the emus, she hates those, were nowhere near. So what could it be? It was just this small lizard. Sorry Nadia if Frank and I teased you a little over that. :lol_ee:

I reckon if we ever go back we will make a day of it so we definitely won’t be stopping along the way to do any shopping at Tiffany, that’s for sure.

I would like to finish off the post with a little poem to honor Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.

Memories of the Wildlife Warrior!

Steve Irwin, Known near and far
Steve Irwin, conservation star
He was an Aussie like no other
He was a real crocodile lover

Steve Irwin, Wildlife Warrior
Steve Irwin, Aussie Ambassador
He was an Aussie, real true blue
Loved his country like me and you

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter
Steve Irwin, the loving father
Bindi and Bob, the kids he adored
Terri his wife, he loved all the more

Steve Irwin, animals his passion
Steve Irwin, always ready for action
He was a real Aussie type bloke
Would use a snake as a practical joke

Steve Irwin, would jump a wild croc
Steve Irwin really loved to shock
People loved to watch him perform
His action sometimes raising a storm

Steve Irwin, his father’s best mate
Steve Irwin, he never knew his fate
He died doing what he loved
The world has lost their beloved

Steve Irwin, forever in our hearts
Steve Irwin, your memory shall never depart
CRIKEY, your shout to all who were near
A good Aussie bloke, a man with no fear.

steve irwin

This is a photo I took of a mural of the great man that I found at the park.

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I’m Back And It’s Good To Be Home

In case you’ve been wondering why it’s been so quiet around here it’s because I’ve been on holiday for the past week. I decided to devote the whole week to my family and so blogging and everything else has taken a back seat.

The holiday is over now though, and while I may share some of my experiences, and the best of the hundreds of photos I took in future posts, I have other things that may take me away from my blogging duties.

Some of those duties involve catching up on stuff that have built up while I was gone but more has to do with things coming to a head in my business life over the coming weeks. So while I may still get a post out now and again and I will try my utmost to reply to comments left on this blog I’m afraid that until things settle down I’m not sure that I’ll be able to reciprocate those comments, as stipulated in this post.

That’s it for now, so just remember, while things may be a little quiet here for awhile, I’ll still be around to keep and eye on you guys.

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