Where Would You Be Without Ink For Your Printer?

How many times to you have to go through something before you learn from your mistakes? You would like to think that once would be enough but I reckon it's pretty safe to say that most people don't actually learn unless it happens more than once. OK, that may not be entirely true, they've probably learned a lesson but they fail to act upon it and it's probably because of sheer laziness. I run a wholesale business and unless I bill my customers I know I won't get paid for the stuff I've sold. Part of that billing process is printing the actual accounts and I can still remember vividly one weekend when my printer ink cartridges ran out and I wasn't able to print them on time. Not a major drama as it just meant that I would have to get them out to the customers later on in the week but it did mean that I had to wait that little bit longer before getting paid. The thing was I didn't do anything about it until the time when my daughters assignment had to be handed in the next day and again I ran out of ink. You would not believe the amount of paper and ink these university students chew up, which is why I had to source some cheap ink cartridges. Man, the drama I went through that night was unbelievable. That was when I finally decided that I would always keep spares on hand, inkjet cartridges for…

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Giving MyLikes The Thumbs Up

Seeing how it's been a little over a month since my post on mylikes I thought it was about time I did an update.  The post that introduced my readers to a way to monetize Twitter was titled How The Things I Like Can Make Me Money, explained how it all worked.that post included a widget that could be used in your sidebar thereby allowing more exposure to your 'likes' which would in turn increase your potential for earning money. Even though I haven't made proper use of the widget by placing it in the sidebar I still managed to earn $12 in the short time I've been using mylikes, and I haven't even been tweeting my 'likes' every day. Those that I have tweeted, a grand total of 24, means that I was earning about 50 cents a tweet. Considering I've only got about 500 followers I reckon that's pretty good. I know that some people will not join because they are afraid that their followers may see these 'sponsored' tweets as a form of spam, and to those people I assure you as long as you only tweet products or services that you feel could be of value to your followers I don't think you will have a problem. Something else you should consider is that you can only tweet a mylikes offer once a day and if you're someone who tweets a lot I doubt very much that anyone will hold one tweet against you. That plus the fact…

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Stand By Me And We Will Become Better Bloggers

I got a link in my email today that lead me to a site where I was able to listen to the old song Stand By Me by Ben E. King. I've always liked this song but this time when I listened to it I was blown away as it involved the participation of musicians from around the world, adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe. I immediately tweeted the song to give it more exposure and so that my followers could listen to what I believe is an inspirational song. Problem is that I know not everyone who follows you on Twitter will always click on a link and so I thought it best to post it on this blog, along with a little poem I threw together for the occasion. As long as the Net exists People will move about Bloggers will come and bloggers will leave But I will always be around As long as you stand by me If I get put down on If I was to get abused If the A Listers should mock me It won't matter, it won't mean a thing Just as long as you stand by me It's so hard if you stand all alone There's only so much one person can do If only we can learn to stand by one another, you'll see That we are no longer alone So please won't you stand by me. Even though the title of the blog is stand by…

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