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Getting Close To The Surfers Paradise Meter Maids

Not all that long ago the family and I went to Queensland for a vacation, first one for a long time, and I did a post about our day at Australia Zoo. As I promised in that post I would be posting of other things that we did and saw while in Queensland, or more importantly, the Gold Coast.

As one would expect when walking down any beach-side resort the one thing you will see plenty of is pretty women and the Gold Coast was no exception. Naturally you all know how I feel about pretty women but it’s pretty damn hard getting a photo next to one when you’re dragging your wife behind you. Sure I could have sneaked one when she and Nadia were off gallivanting in any of the multitude of stores, but I didn’t feel right about doing that.  What to do, what to do?

It was while Frank and I were walking down Surfers Paradise that we spotted this simply gorgeous Meter Maid. Her name was Pernilla, she was a beautiful blond and how could Anna deny me this fine memento of Surfers Paradise? Obviously she couldn’t, especially when I brought Frank into the picture. So, while Frank and I posed next to this beautiful piece of womanhood, Nadia snapped several photos.


As you can see from the photo, there is no way you could wipe the grin from my face. Strangely, even though I’ve seen this photo more than once it’s the first time I noticed Frank had his arm around her. Way to go Frank. :thumbup_tb:

In case you were wondering, there was a time in the 60’s when the local council decided to introduce parking meters along the Gold Coast. Naturally there were those who thought this would drive tourists away and so some bright spark thought of Meter Maids. These were pretty women who would put coins into expired parking meters so that people wouldn’t get a ticket.  As you would imagine it was a great hit and Meter Maids are, lucky for Frank and I, patrolling the streets of Surfer’s Paradise.

These gals even have their own website, Surfers Paradise Metermaids, complete with photos and a short history. It seems though, because of the advent of the new ticket dispensing machines, that these beautiful women can no longer fulfill their purpose. Luckily for us the fact that they’re such a tourist attraction guarantees their survival.

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Adding Videos Or Photos That Add Value To Your Post

Honestly, I sometimes just don’t understand why some people do the things they do when writing a post. Have you ever read a post that has a video tacked on the end that was completely unrelated to the post itself? You will usually find that it is of a humorous nature and the blogger just stuck it there in the hope the reader would find it entertaining. So what if he did, if it didn’t add any value to the post then as far as I’m concerned it was a waste of time and precious bandwidth.

Photos aren’t such a problem but you do come across a post or two where it seems the photo’s only attribute was that it was a nice photo.

Personally I try to write around a photo or a video because I feel it adds so much more value to the post. The way I do it is if I find a kick ass video I write my post around it and in that way it has to be relevant to the post in general. The post Have You Ever Thought It Should Have Been Me is a good example of how a video can complement the post. Do this correctly and you’ll find that readers will appreciate your posts a whole lot more and once they realize that the video adds value to the post there is more chance they will actually watch it.

Another mistake I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do is that they will post a video and that’s it? SEO wise that would have to be the greatest mistake ever because it doesn’t give the search engines anything to go on. What you need to do is to tell people what the video is about. Sum it up for them giving your opinion on it or something and if you can use SEO rich keywords, all the better.

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Three Things The Probloggers Have That We Don’t

Have you ever wondered why you’re lagging behind the pro bloggers of this world? What is it that they have that you haven’t?  I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot and I’ve decided it all boils down to three main factors.


Yep, credibility is a big part of it, and I’m not just talking about the ones that boast about their income or have a photo of a huge check posted on their blog. These guys are successful because people believe in what they say. This didn’t happen overnight either, it took a lot of time and hard work.

Over time as their popularity increased so did their credibility because other people were spreading the word via their blogs and as the word got out more people believed. It’s no wonder then that so many people were willing to buy the products that these ‘gurus’ were selling.


One of the things that you need to make money, whether it’s a store in the real world or a site in the online world, is traffic. The more people you get in the door the more chances of making a sale. The question is how do they get all this traffic? I would hazard a guess that a lot of it is from those same bloggers that are promoting them via all their posts.

Every time someone writes about them a new link is created and every time a link is created Google pricks up his pointy ears, takes notice and sends more traffic to them because he thinks that people wouldn’t point to them if there wasn’t something of interest there.


They say content is king and they would be right because without good content their popularity would be short lived. These guys must know what they are talking about because if they didn’t they would have been found out long before now.

One must wonder though if they’re making as much now as they used to. You would have to admit that there’s a lot more competition out there now than when they first started. Shit, every Tom Dick and Harry has a blog about making money and more are starting up every day. Most of them don’t have the credibility and so they post crap or rehash what they’ve read with false statistics trying to prove to others that they know what they’re talking about, when in fact they don’t.

So where does that leave the rest of us? All I can say is that I believe it’s going to be harder for us than it was for the original pro bloggers because we have so much more competition than they had to go up against in the beginning. We can still succeed though, we just have to do things better than them.

I reckon a lot of these guys are getting complacent and they aren’t spending the time on their blogs that they used to. They don’t give their commentators the respect they deserve by replying to their comments. They’re getting more and more guest bloggers to provide material that they used to provide themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with guest bloggers, but they shouldn’t be providing more content than the host blogger.

We have to write factual posts that do not lead people astray. We don’t want to be promoting something that we would not use ourselves. We need to provide interesting material on a constant basis if we want people to keep returning. This last point is a must. I know that as a fact because of late the amount of posts I’ve been writing has decreased which has lead to a downturn in traffic and consequently a decrease in my earnings.

So, keep your spirits up, keep your content flowing and keep your readers and commentators happy by interacting with them. Above all make sure that you’re enjoying what you’re doing because if your not enjoying it, then what’s the bloody point.

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