MarketingThere are a lot of ways that you can market a commodity in the real world, a lot of them are free, just like this ad I found on a traffic light in the middle of Sydney. Quite ingenious really as it captures an audience who are forced to wait for the lights to change, and it also happens to be free.

There are other ways to use such cost effective marketing such as placing ads on public notice boards. I’ve sold quite a few items using this method. When it comes to marketing a product online it is a whole different story. While there are sites that allow you to promote your blog for free, such as Cool Blog Links, not many are rated as number one on Google.

So, if you’re like me, a poor blogger who wants to market his blog on the Internet and hasn’t the funds to start a marketing campaign, your probably wondering what other avenues you may have. After a bit of thought I realized there is one particular marketing avenue that works just as well on the Internet as it does in the real world. Word Of Mouth! As long as you consistently produce quality content you will have more chance that others will spread the word.

‘Word of mouth’ on the Internet can be helped by making it easy for your readers to submit your post to such sites as Digg, Stumble, Delicious or by using the Twittley button that Re-Tweets your post. One thing to remember is that you are your blog’s most important asset and your content is the tool by which you build your credentials on the Internet.

We still have the problem of how to market your blog, and the easiest most cost effective way is to use that talent of yours by leaving the best comments imaginable on other peoples blogs. Apart from leaving a link to your blog, and post if the blog uses commentluv, a good well structured comment is more likely to lure people to your blog, as they follow the scent of intelligence left by the bait you left behind.

I used to be an avid PayPerPost fan for quite awhile but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The reason for my loss of enthusiasm for PPP is due to all the changes that has happened of late, the worst being the amount being offered for taking on a task offered by their many advertisers. In the ‘good old days’ the minimum you could earn was $5 for a post ranging from 50-200 words. If your blogging had a half decent PR you could earn hundreds of dollars for a post. On my PR3 blog I used to get paid up to $50 for a post. Now you’re lucky to get a couple of bucks and the offer can be as low as 50 cents for a hundred word post.

PayPerPostPerhaps the reason for the people at PPP starting up a new version, PayPerPost v4.0, is due to a lot of members feeling the same as I do, they want to be paid a fair amount for their work. Being a brand new site I suppose it’s bound to have some bugs in it, but once the bugs are ironed out it could well be a lot better than the original one.

There are some major differences, probably the most important one to most bloggers is that the general rule is that all links are required to be no-follow. There may be some advertisers that want do-follow links, but then it is up to the individual bloggers as to whether or not they take the opportunity.

Another major difference is that bloggers can set the prices. Prices are set when submitting a blog so you can choose how much per link and per word you wish to get paid for each post. As an example, if you were to set parameters of 5c per word and $5 per link, a 200 word post would earn you $15.

Apparently blogs from the original PPP account were to be easily transferred to the new version, but as I’ve discovered, this is one of the bugs I mentioned earlier. Honestly this is really a pain in the ass because it won’t allow me to enter them manually as it says they already exists. Perhaps I should have just opened a new account?

So, if you are one of those bloggers who wouldn’t mind getting paid for doing a review you may want to give PayPerPost v4.0 a try.

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Check it out guys, I have just installed the Twittley WordPress Plugin, which is sitting on the top left at the moment but I may be moving it around some, just to keep thinks interesting. You may be wondering how I came across this unique find and the answer is quite simple. I found while doing my rounds of blog hopping.

You may or may not have heard of  Extreme Johns Blog, and there is one thing I can assure you, you ain’t going to find any crap there, although John’s about section states;

Hey, I’m Extreme John I post crap on Blogging, Business, Twitter, Rants, MMA, and my life.

But that’s just John. The post that caught my eye was called Bloggers No Twittley Button? Big Mistake! Once I read his post I could see his point of view and I wasted no time in installing the Twittley WordPress Plugin.

I’m not going to rehash all the reason why you should do the same because there’s no point when John has already done a great job of it himself. There is one point that I would like to make and that is Twittley is so much better than Digg because it’s so much easier to submit an article if you are already a member of Twitter as you don’t have to enter all that crap to get it to accept the article. One click of the button ant it get’s Re Tweeted.

That alone isn’t what sold it to me though. It’s the potential behind every time that button is clicked. If you Digg a post only a limited amount of people get to see it, unless you get heaps of Diggs. With Twittley every click is seen by each and every follower of the person who clicked it. Now, that is really cool.

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