How Good Parenting Got me To No.1 In Helium

A little while back I posted Helium Helping Writers Fulfill Their Dreams and I  think it’s time for a little update. In that post I discussed how Helium was a great site that would help people improve their writing skills and I thought that being the case it would be of interest to a lot of bloggers.

I also mentioned that your articles will be rated by other Helium members, and I think that may have put people off, which is a real shame. One important fact you should know about rating articles is that no-one knows who the article belongs to making it probably one of the most honest appraisal schemes around.

Just the other day I noticed that one of my articles slipped from a 5 out of 10 rating to a 10 out of 18. I wasn’t at all impressed with the sudden drop and so I had a look at some of the articles above me and I decided that I could do better. That is one of the good things about Helium, you are allowed to edit your articles, within reason, to provide a much improved one. Anyway, I edited the article and resubmitted it and low and behold the next time I looked it was rated No.1! Sweet! Here is the revised article.


When offering advice on parenting, one of the first things people want to know is whether or not you have the necessary credentials to offer said advice. Unlike some who have taken courses on the subject but have never raised a child themselves, I can say that I have helped raise two children, a 21 year old male and an 18 year old female, and it’s this experience that I would like to share with you.

I admit I have made my mistakes, but I believe that have learned by them. You may well find some books written by so called experts that may contradict what I am about to say, but I don’t care, it worked for me, it will hopefully work for you and at the very least, it give you some ideas.

The Bundle Of Joy Arrives!

The birth of your first child is truly a miracle, and I like to think of every newborn as a fresh piece of clay, one whose future shape will depend largely on how you work it on the wheel of life. It’s a scary thought for many a new parent, and so it should be because the way we bring up that child not only shapes his or her life, but those who come in contact with the resulting adult. The first few years are very important as every child will need the gentlest of touches and all the loving care and nurturing you can give. The more time you devote in the early days the greater the bond and truer the form it will take.

There will be many times when the baby will cry and scream, but no good will come of it if you rant and rave back as the baby doesn’t understand a word your saying and the emotions you convey will only scare the child exasperating the problem. You first have to find out whats wrong. Is it overly moist, or are there other lumps present in the clay? If so, then a diaper change is in order. Is it too dry and cracking it may be that a temperature check is called for, as something may be amiss. Not taking on the right shape or is the size of your work of art not what it should be? Then perhaps some food is the answer. If all seems to be in order then then perhaps all that is needed is a bit of loving attention.

One important point to make for all first time parents is that you are not alone. There are many people out there who can help you so do not be afraid to ask for that help.

A Toddler Emerges.

So you’ve given it all the loving attention that you think is required and you place it in the kiln, after a while you take him/her out and you now have a little toddler running around getting into all sorts of mischief. Patience is definitely a virtue now. The child will be looking for all sorts of attention; the trick is to reward good behavior and to ignore or give a firm NO to bad behavior. This can be tricky sometimes because if ignoring does not get the reaction he’s looking for he will recommit the crime.

Remember as frustrating as it can be anger on your part is not the answer unless its controlled anger.

The first is a useless emotion that has clouded your thought process leading to improper action on your part. Controlled Anger occurs when you can step back for a moment take a couple of breaths, count to ten and access the situation. Perhaps no anger at all is needed and you merely have to take the child aside and explain the consequences of what he is doing.

Controlled Anger is to be used sparingly and in dire situations and done on the spot. No point saying “wait till your dad gets home” as this is totally useless because children have a short attention span at that age and they will have forgotten what they’ve done and won’t know what they are being told off for. The action required may be raising the voice or a smack. Once again sparingly because those parents who do this at the drop of the hat, smacking their child every time it makes a mistake will cause the child to become immune to this sort of teaching practice.

The Teen Years

OMG! What have I got myself in for, is the reaction of many parents, once their child has reached the dreaded teens. If you have taught the child in the early years, when you were able to shape and mold them, the teen years can be a whole lot easier. If you have waited until now to instruct a child you will have a hard time ahead of you. All I can say good luck, just remember, whatever the pain and sacrifice you have to go through, it will all be worth it.

In case you want to see the article in all it’s glory it’s as easy as clicking on this Link. Another good reason to follow the link is because it will finally reveal my true identity, but as far as all my blogging mates are concerned I will always remain as Sire. BTW, after rereading the article I found some minor errors, man I hate it when I do that. :wallbash_tb:

Surprisingly enough no-one has taken me up on the offer so I have still 50 invites that I can use to invite others to join Heliam. If you’re intrested simply use my contact page to send me your first name, last name, and email address so that I can send you the proper invitation. I can assure you the utmost privacy and that I will never, ever abuse the information you have entrusted to me.

Sire’s So Stupid

I’ve mentioned a few times how I am a member of several community blog sites and of those was one of the most popular. As popular as it was it didn’t managed to survive which is why I am always telling the serious blogger how they should have a blog on their own domain.

Anyway, I had quite a good time on writingup, and as it turns out I was a bit of a mischievous flirt. I wrote a poem there that I called, Sire’s So Stupid, and as I recall it got quite a few comments, as did Ode To His Women, that I have posted on one of my other blogs. Perhaps some of you used to be members of the now defunct writingup, and if so you may well remember some of the bloggers in the following poem, or even in Ode To His Women.


Yeah! You heard right. Sire is Stupid!
Who else but Sire feigns to play Cupid?
The only thing he did that was sane
Was the Ode To His Women, that is plain
As for the rest, lets put it to the test
And see how his stupidity reigns the best

Forever does he try, to look up sassys skirt
For he has heard her arse is so pert.
Then you all know how its spookys pants
And his attempt to get into them put all in a trance
Thank God for Diva Jamaicana’s sobriety
She tries to make Sire acceptable to society
And Bornsandy, without you Sire would be lost
If not for you Sire from WU would be tossed

Sire’s so stupid, his quotes are crude
But Inquest is there to change the mood
Sire’s so stupid he always posts of money
Yet Skouba’s there to remind him it ain’t funny
Sire’s so f’n stupid he always gets sucked in
To such challenges as Quantamamas stupid postin’

Sire’s so stupid, he talks of himself in the third person
Sire’s so stupid he will never learn his lesson
Sire’s so stupid, though he will fail this test!
Sire’s so bloody stupid he will still think himself the best!

As much as I would love to tell you guys how you should keep up with the latest web designs and on the importance of CSS for maintaining those good web designs, you all know that there is no way I could pull off such a post. Heck, if I knew that much about CSS and PHP I wouldn’t need to rely on a theme such as FlexSqueeze that does almost everything for me. Naturally, if you’re going to display any sort of theme, CSS or otherwise, you need to find a web hosting solution.

Still, being as how it is so important I was lucky enough to have been offered a guest post by Mary Ward who just happens to be a freelance author who writes about design job topics, such as how to choose among web design colleges, artist career tips, and more. Yeah, I know I’m waffling again, here’s the article.

As a web designer, you need to constantly find inspiration in order to be successful and to create work that is appealing and comprehensive. As with any other expression of art, it can sometimes be a task just to stay focused and find inspiration in everyday life. One aspect that is especially important to be focused with is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Within the industry of web design, CSS is a key building block to help you draw traffic to your website and ultimately get a higher page rank. Therefore learning the ins and outs and finding inspiration through CSS galleries is of the utmost importance as you move forward with your web design career. As a web designer, you really want to look to the CSS galleries as not only a source of inspiration, but also a way to keep up with new trends, practices, and creative ideas. The very best web designer must keep up with CSS galleries so that they are constantly fresh and using the trends to sharpen their own designs.

7 CSS Galleries You Should Know

Here we look at the top 7 beautiful CSS galleries that can help you to find inspiration and ultimately make you a better web designer.

1. CSS Vault – CSS Vault uses some rather stringent criteria for the CSS designs that are exhibited, which means it can be one of the best resources for the web designer looking for inspiration. As only the best of the best are exhibited in the CSS gallery on this site after going through an extensive review, you know that what you are seeing is at the top of the pack and can serve as inspiration and even education.
2. CSS Creme – CSS Crème offers a one-stop shop to web designers when it comes to CSS designs and so much more. Promoting the best sites out there is the main focus of this site and it allows web designers to not only post theirs for others to see, but allows you to view many other CSS designs out there. It can serve as an excellent inspirational site, as well as a starting point for other applications and technologies.
3. CSS Based – CSS Based helps to provide web designers from everywhere the most well designed CSS-based websites out there. Not only can you find the inspirational CSS designs that you are looking for, but you can also find some excellent resources that can help you to troubleshoot and network with other web designers in the industry.
4. The Best Designs – The Best Designs isn’t new to the scene and therefore they have tweaked the site and know what it takes to offer the very best in CSS designs. The site is created for the designer and therefore its goal is to exhibit only the top CSS designs which are updated constantly. This serves well for the designer that wants to keep current and stay with the trends as they grow and change.
5. CSS Zen Garden – CSS Zen Garden takes a different approach which results in the web designer finding an almost surreal and inspirational place. This site’s main function is to provide a full demonstration of what can be accomplished through CSS design. Therefore it shows the best CSS designs possible with the intent of inspiring the designer in their journey.
6. CSS Elite – The beautiful thing about CSS Elite is that it offers a broad range of CSS designs and helps to break them down by category. Rather than scouring the web for various types of CSS designs that will suit your given need, the site does this for you and offers a comprehensive view of each type and category.
7. Style Gala – Style Gala serves as an online inspiration site for designers when it comes to CSS designs. It focuses on the very essence of CSS which is to separate content from presentation and provides a wide array of designs that a designer can work off for inspiration. For the designer looking for beautiful and functional designs, this is the place to visit.

The key to success as a web designer is not only to create beautiful work but to keep it fresh and new and just like any other creative process we can all get stuck from time to time. The CSS galleries above are among the most beautiful out there, offering some excellent designs and demonstrating new practices within the industry.

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