Updating The Update On Snap Dollars

It all began with my Making Money With Snap Dollars post where I reviewed the SnapDollars site telling everyone what a great way it was to make money. Then I did the Update On Snap Dollars post in which I described my disappointment because I wasn’t making money as fast as I thought I should be.That post elicited the following comment;

Hi! Sean from SnapDollars here.

Yes, you will not get rich just reading our paid emails… but it also only takes a second to click an email :-)

The people earning the most money with us are the ones completing offers. example, we pay you $50 to make a $20 deposit at a casino and try it out. That is $30 profit for you and very little work!



To which I replied;

Hey Sean, thanks so much for putting your case forward. I must admit that I only skimmed some of your offers. Perhaps I did you guys an injustice by not giving it a decent go.

Tell you what I will do. I’ll take a bit more time evaluating Snap Dollars and do another

update at a later date.

That was on July 31st and true to my word I am posting this update. That very night I logged onto SnapDollars and checked out some of the offers available. Snap OffersClicking on the image will show you the full size. Anyway, needless to say I went for the Bingo Liner option, so just for you, my readers I bit the bullet and forked out the necessary twenty bucks. I then waited for about a week and when there was no extra income in my account I contacted support. They had me post a confirmation of my email from Bingo Liner and then WHAM, next time I looked I saw the following. Snap IncomeAs you can see, the total now in my account is $65.59, $5.oo of which I got simply from joining SnapDollars, 59c from reading emails and the $60 from taking up that offer. Considering it cost be $20 to join, that means I made a cool $40 profit in a little over a week.

In conclusion I must apologize to Sean for doubting SnapDollars, because as it turns out you can actually make money from joining, you just have to take the time to suss out some of the offers. Now all that’s left for me to do is to suss out what other offers I can join that will help line my pockets.

What Bloggers Do

What is it a blogger does
Why is the internet a buzz
There are bloggers everywhere
So many topics will they share

Whatever subject interests you
From SEO to Timbuktu
A blog exists that a blogger wrote
And some may even offer a quote

There are many blogger that intrigue
Not everyone is in the same league
Yet I would share with all who’s here
All the bloggers I hold dear

There’s Kristi of Kikolani
Who’s author is really quite bonnie
The popularity of her Fetching Friday posts
Many wish that they could host

Extreme John, now he’s the man
He blogs like no-one else can
If someone said there’s a better limo ride
I’m here to tell you they damn well lied

Doug’s all about making money online
The tips he offers make his blog shine
Not all about money; there are tips as well
Many a reader on more comments did dwell

Misc Bytes only recently discovered
Yet many a gem have I uncovered
None more easier to swallow
Than when she became DoFollow

Ching Ya, Oh what a delight
Although the move was quite a fright
She decided to give Blogger the flick
The WordPress Platform she did pick

Then there’s Mitch, who’s all about sharing
Who’s posts can at times be daring
Like when he’s interviewing Diane Walker
Who’s known as an Internet Marketer

Deniel Merritt, he’s cool he’s hip
This blog is not one he’ll flip
There’s just one thing he’s to be wary
Girlfriends photo skills will make him merry

Diverse thou all these bloggers be
One thing in common you will see
Helping others when the need arises
Even though they’ll win no prizes

Helping others, both old and new
Is just what bloggers love to do
So join the group, be one of us
Don’t hesitate, don’t be a wuss

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Why I Am Not Such A Social Person

As a blogger I tend to spend more time commenting on other peoples blogs than I do writing posts on my own blogs. Knowing this to be the case I was quite surprised when I received the following comment from Brian of BlogEngage fame;

You’ve only voted for 23 articles that weren’t yours! If you write an article please include in it why your not so social. I really expected more from you sire but nothing came from it. Every time I see you you’re always saying I’ll get involved soon etc… but here we are the same place we left off.

Karma Score of 6.00 is really poor for a being a members so long.


You can see his comment and my reply on Doug’s How To Get More Comments post. Of course Brian’s comment is 100% accurate, except perhaps that statement about saying I’ll always get involved soon but never do, as I’m pretty sure I’ve only said that once in relation to BlogEngage, but then I could be wrong.

The truth is that in real life I don’t actually like socializing but I do put myself out there, more for my family than anything else. The same can also be said about my Internet life. I am a member of Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Friendfeed, Twitter and some others, I think you get the drift. Even though I am a member of those sites I am not overly active in any of them, even though I keep reading that they are all essential in blog promotion.

The one place where I do love to mix is as a commentator on other blogs. Commenting is possibly the one avenue where I feel comfortable when socializing, and I don’t see myself changing that anytime soon.

So, why am I such an anti-social person? I don’t really know, I’ve always been this way and I don’t care enough to blow a wad of money on a shrink to have him, or her, give me their educated guess as to the fact.

So, Brian, if I have a karma of 6 on BlogEngage consider yourself lucky my friend because that is more likely than not higher than any other site including my real life.

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