A Step By Step Guide Of Hosting Your WordPress Blog

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on Why I Don’t Comment On Blogger Blogs and it turned out to be quite popular. I know that sooner or later a blogger may decide to make the wise move of hosting their 0wn blog, and I thought that perhaps one of the reasons holding them back is the assumption that it’s pretty difficult to do so. This post, a step by step guide of setting up your own WordPress blog is for those bloggers.

Once you’ve downloaded the the latest WordPress files and you have unzipped the files. you will need to a FTP client to upload those files to your new domain and I recommend FileZilla. The next step explains how to configure FileZilla so that it will connect to your host in readiness for the upload to your domain.

Open Filezilla and Click File (top left hand corner of page), and then Site Manger. Now Click on ‘New Site’ and it will have opened up a set of tabs, the current one being the ‘General Tab’.

Hostname: Enter yourdomain.com If your domain is myblogrocks.com then that is what you would enter. Leave Port blank.

In Server Type choose FTP File Transfer Protocal which should be default.

Logon Type is normal

Username: Enter your cpanel username here.

Password: Enter your cpanel password here. Your host should have sent you this information via email.

Now click on the ‘Transfer Settings’ tab and in transfer mode select active.

That should be it, now click connect, and if all is OK you should have logged into your account. It should like something like this image

OK, now just before we upload the WordPress files we need to start up a database for your new blog.

1: Log into your Host’s CPanel

2. Click on the MySQL® Databases icon

3. Find the area where it asks for New Database: and enter your database name, I suggest the name of your blog, and then click Create Database. Then click ‘Go back’

4. Now you need to create a Username for your database so place your username in the box and next add your password then click create user. Then click back. Make a note of your password.

5. Now to add that user to your database. You do this in the Add Users To Your Databases: section by pointing the user you have just created to your new database. Remember to click ‘All’ for privileges and then click the ‘Add user to database’ tab. Ok, That should be it.

If you haven’t already done so, unzip your WordPress files and then open the wp-config-sample.php and fill in the following details.

define(’DB_NAME’, ‘putyourdbnamehere’); // The name of the database you just created
define(’DB_USER’, ‘usernamehere’); // The username you just created
define(’DB_PASSWORD’, ‘yourpasswordhere’); // …and password
define(’DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’); // You won’t need to change this

Once you have done this save the file as wp-config.php and then you are ready to upload the files.

If your blog has the same name as your domain simply upload everything inside the wordpress directory (not the directory itself) to the public_html of your domain. This may take awhile depending on your transfer speed. Once completed start your browser and point it to yourdomain.com/wp-admin/install.php and the self install will start. Everything being OK, you will have your new blog up in minutes.


I hope I got everything. If I missed anything out I’m sure that someone will point it out.

If you haven’t picked a host yet, I’ve only just moved this blog to BlueHost and I am more than impressed with their service and a little something else I’ve discovered that I think deserves a post of it’s own

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WassupBlog Alive And Kicking After Transfering To BlueHost

First off I would like to send a special thank you to everyone who either Tweeted or emailed me voicing their concern over WassupBlog being suspended. As I explained to them it all happened one morning whilst checking to see whether there were any updates to the comments section that I discovered my account had been suspended. :bigsurprise_ee: It wasn’t long after that I realized that everything hosted on that site was also suspended, so the host virtually cut me off.

I immediately sent an email and soon after received a reply that WassupBlog was using too much CPU. OK I said, if that’s the case why suspend my other blogs. He then reinstated everything but this one. I then proceeded to look for another host to move my prized blog to. I decided on BlueHost. Seeing as how I’ve been promoting it on my header for so long I thought it only fair that I should put it through it’s paces.

I migrated the blog over, making sure that I backed up all the databases and everything seemed to go without a hitch until I tried to access the admin pane. Nothing! I mean after trying to log in all I got was a blank page. :jittery_tb:

Googling was of no use so I finally decided to bit the bullet and call the help desk. Out comes my trusty iPod Touch, and with the help of the Skype application I rang the tech guys. I got hold of Lane who tried for over an hour to get everything working, and I went through different stages of euphoria and depression as I saw parts of my blog working and then not working. In the end Lane said he could do all he could do and that perhaps it was a WordPress issue. I thanked him and went to bed, as it was in the early hours of the morning, but only after using FileZilla to FTP the latest WP files overwriting the existing ones, in the hope that it may replace a corrupt file that eventuated because of the migration.

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $6.95

Upon waking I went straight to the computer only to find nothing had changed, :wallbash_tb: so it wasn’t a corrupt file issue. Then began a trial and error campaign in search of whatever was causing the problem.
To cut a long story short, the WP-Super Cache plugin, upon activation, creates two files, advanced-cache.php and wp-cache-config.php. When I renamed these files everything worked, and when I restored them it didn’t, and so I deleted the damn things. :guns_tb:

This deactivated the plugin, and so with some trepidation I reactivated it and kept my fingers crossed. :thumbup_tb: You bloody beauty, it worked. :clap_tb: Reactivating the plugin recreated those two files so I can only assume the ones I deleted were corrupt or something. Anyway, the blog’s up and running again and I can finally start to relax a little.

I have to admit it was a pleasant experience getting some technical help, even though he wasn’t able to do anything it was pretty cool that he spent so much time trying to resolve my issue. I have a feeling WassupBlog is going to enjoy it’s new host.

Obama’s Health Care Plan Not At All Popular

In Australia we’ve had a healthcare system, Medicare, since 1984 and while there are times when the waiting lines are longer than desired, no-one is denied treatment. Whether or not you can afford the treatment does not make a shred of difference when admitted to a public hospital.

The only bone of contention is that those who opt for private cover also have to pay the medical levy, although the government has been offering rebates to encourage more people onto private health in order to relieve the pressure on the public system.

Being an Aussie I’m not at all sure how the health system works in the States, but I was surprised to see the following video.


I was pretty amazed to see that Obama’s plan to introduce a health care system was met with such opposition. What the heck do we pay taxes for if not to be provided with certain services, and I really believe that a government funded health care should be one of those services. I reckon that being able to receive medical treatment should be the right of every citizen, and they certainly should not be denied that right just because they can’t afford it. Sorry, but that’s barbaric.


Anyway, like I said, I’m an Aussie and I’m not at all sure how things are run over there in the States. Perhaps the stuff I see over here where people die because hospitals will not admit them because of lack of medical cover is totally false, I don’t know, but I’m sure that someone out there will be glad to fill me in on the actual facts.

Just to have a quick idea of how people felt about this I thought I would set up a quick poll. It just requires a yes or no answer, but perhaps you would like to substantiate your answer by leaving a comment.

Do You Approve Of Obama's Health Care Plan

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To get a larger response it would be great if you could retweet this by clicking on the button below. :wink_ee:


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