How To Turn Off The Internet On The iPhone

No way, he tells me, I’ve only ever used the Wi-Fi while at home so there’s no way this bill should be that high. Well it is, and it’s all because the iPhone has a tendency to connect to the Internet, even when Wi-Fi is present.

In my search for a way to turn this stupid feature off I found that he is not alone in getting a huge phone bill. Anyway, even though this problem has been around since 2007, Apple in all it’s wisdom hasn’t included a setting to turn it off. Sounds a little fishy wouldn’t you say?

Still, they have made it possible to download a utility to help you solve this situation, but it was way over my head, and I couldn’t find any instructions on how to make the thing do what I wanted it to do.

Hours later after a lot of Googling I came across an extremely simple solution. It will require you to type into your iPhone’s Safari, the following url; Yeah, I know, it means connecting to the Internet, but it will be for the last time.

Unfortunately this link no longer works. Probably because the new iPhones do have a setting to turn off the internet.

Click on the “Continue” tab. From there you simply choose the “Disable Data (Fake APN)” setting and choose “Install”. It’s pretty simple from there on. Now you will only be able to connect to the Internet via the Wi-Fi.

If you ever want to have the facility to connect to Internet, simply go to ‘Settings’ and remove ‘Fake APN’ from Profile.

For those of you that really want to help others who may be having this problem, the quickest and most efficient way, other than to verbally tell family and friends, would be to Stumble, Digg, Tweet or by using the many other forms of social interactive sites.

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Yep, Halloween is just around the corner, and Google has chosen this hallowed time to play around with everybody’s PR. Some would have gone up, some down, and those that Google considers unsavory have probably had it stripped from them.

Personally, this blog has done fairly well as it went from PR3 to PR4. Not bad considering that I haven’t really been trying to improve on my ranking at all.

Being the last days of Halloween and all, and seeing how this post’s been mainly about Google, I put a little poem together to commemorate the occasion.

Googlebots, the terror of the Net
Striking fear into Webmasters and yet
Webmasters and bloggers, all of like mind
In using keywords for Googlebot to find

Keywords, the spider food these poor sods use
Hoping the Spiderbots will follow and not abuse
With luck they hope to obtain position number one
For anything else would certainly be no fun

They will try anything to obtain a Page Rank
From spamming bloggers and going to the bank
To pay for links on high ranking sites
But if Google found out, it would simply bite

For the venom of the Google Bomb is well known
Because if you piss Google off your PR is blown
So, how does Google know if you’ve been bad or good?
It’s those bloody Googlebots spidering the web for food


Those damn Googlebots, they have no heart or soul
They don’t give a shit if your blog falls down a hole
Do what you can to better your position
Especially if improving your PR is your ambition

Personally I don’t give a crap
I’m not falling for that trap
I’m more for enjoying my blogging
And that’s best without a Google flogging

So, I hope you enjoyed that, and perhaps you could leave a comment as to how Google has ranked your blog with this last update.

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$20 Million Dollar Halloween Superdraw

The last week or so I’ve been getting emails reminding me of the $20 Million Super Draw. There is nothing unusual about this apart from the fact that they have been advertising it as some sort of Halloween lottery draw as it is drawn on 31st of October. Perhaps Halloween is bigger in Australia than I’ve given it credit for.

Regardless of that I’m going to have a go at this weeks, partly because it’s worth 20 Million Dollars and partly because I may need the cash to pay for my BMW repairs.

Seeing as how they were advertising it as a Halloween special, I thought that perhaps they had some ‘Halloween Banners” celebrating the fact. After checking out their site I could only find their run of the mill Superdraw banners.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, this is a reputable, fully licensed and accredited Australian lottery site site, who aren’t too fussed whose money they take. They’re even running a special where their giving away 2 free games with your first purchase.

Keeping with the Halloween theme I’ve found two videos that I thought you would like. The first is of a skeleton that has a misbehaving penis.


This next one is a Halloween prank gone wrong.

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