WassupBlog’s Ultimate Blogging Contest

OK, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and have a shot at running a blogging contest. It seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry blogger is running one these days so I figured I may as well give it a go.

I reckon that there are two things that make a contest appealing to people. One is that it’s free and easy to enter and the other that it’s relatively easy. Correction, there is a third and very important factor, the prize has to catch the contestants interest.

Let’s start with the prizes.

  • First Prize: $20 and I will place a 125×125 banner in my sidebar, in the Wassup Ads section. As you can see that is a premium spot, especially considering this is a PR3 blog.
  • Second Prize: $10 and a spot for their 125×125 banner
  • Third Price: $5 and they also get to display their 125×125 banner.

So in essence I am paying you to display your banner, now that’s something that doesn’t happen every day.


Now for the rules.

  1. You need to join my Cool Blog Links site. It’s absolutely free to join and all that is required is that you place a small code on your blog. Once in place it will display the following smal icon as well as enable the site to keep track of certain statistics. Having the icon also allows people to vote for your blog.  The top ten also have their ranking displayed within the Icon and I occasionally do posts rewarding the top 10 members with a bit of link luv!
  2. You need to join my Blogger’s Forum and have at least 5 quality posts up your sleeve. I think, being bloggers who comment regularly on other blogs you all know what is required of you there. If there are any categories you would like me to add just leave me a comment.
  3. You need to do a post promoting this contest.
  4. This one is necessary as I need some way to gauge the top three participants. I reckon the easiest way is to  use the Top Commentator plugin. So the top three commentators at the end of September who have met all the conditions will be rewarded the prizes.

The contest starts now so that gives everyone time to meet the conditions, but as my top commentator plugin resets every month, that part of it starts on the 1st of September. Naturally I will not be counting any ‘nice posts’ and other non quality comments which will be deleted so as to not be counted at all. I also reserve the right to refuse any banners or sites that I feel are not appropriate  for displaying on this blog.

That’s it. Let the contest begin.

Edit: :wallbash_tb: Contest ends on the 30th of September :doh_tb:

Thanks Christine for pointing that out. :wub_tb:

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I’ve been blogging for several years now and I discovered relatively early in the game that having the right domain name had terrific SEO benefits. Nicolas’ post Domain Name Issues explains many of the issues involved with choosing the right domain name.

My problem was that knowing the SEO benefits of choosing the right domain name I still chose domains because I liked the sound of it rather than for any SEO reasons. I mean really, how many people would actually use the search term Wassup, or Blogsire? My Load Of Bullshit blog was really a fluke as I never imagined how many people would actually use the word bullshit when searching the net.

With my last two blogs I thought it was about time I did things right and so I purchase domains that reflected what I was intending to market, Top Software Online for tackling the shareware software market, and Top Sexual Aids for targeting the sexual health market. The latter is not quite a month old and it is already doing fairly well in the SERPs or search engine results pages,  and it is entirely to do with the domain name.


This is extremely fortunate for me becuase I do not feel comfortable using the url when commenting on other blogs :blush_tb: If anyone has any ideas how to market this blog I would love to hear from you.

Speaking of purchasing the right domain name, Doug is actually selling MrBlogging.com! What a brilliant domain for a blog all about blogging, not only is keyword rich, it’s easy to remember and looks damn good to boot. Not to mention you won’t be embarrassed to leave your url when commenting. :wink_ee:

MyDomain.com $3.99 .INFO Sale

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Updating The Update On Snap Dollars

It all began with my Making Money With Snap Dollars post where I reviewed the SnapDollars site telling everyone what a great way it was to make money. Then I did the Update On Snap Dollars post in which I described my disappointment because I wasn’t making money as fast as I thought I should be.That post elicited the following comment;

Hi! Sean from SnapDollars here.

Yes, you will not get rich just reading our paid emails… but it also only takes a second to click an email :-)

The people earning the most money with us are the ones completing offers. example, we pay you $50 to make a $20 deposit at a casino and try it out. That is $30 profit for you and very little work!



To which I replied;

Hey Sean, thanks so much for putting your case forward. I must admit that I only skimmed some of your offers. Perhaps I did you guys an injustice by not giving it a decent go.

Tell you what I will do. I’ll take a bit more time evaluating Snap Dollars and do another

update at a later date.

That was on July 31st and true to my word I am posting this update. That very night I logged onto SnapDollars and checked out some of the offers available. Snap OffersClicking on the image will show you the full size. Anyway, needless to say I went for the Bingo Liner option, so just for you, my readers I bit the bullet and forked out the necessary twenty bucks. I then waited for about a week and when there was no extra income in my account I contacted support. They had me post a confirmation of my email from Bingo Liner and then WHAM, next time I looked I saw the following. Snap IncomeAs you can see, the total now in my account is $65.59, $5.oo of which I got simply from joining SnapDollars, 59c from reading emails and the $60 from taking up that offer. Considering it cost be $20 to join, that means I made a cool $40 profit in a little over a week.

In conclusion I must apologize to Sean for doubting SnapDollars, because as it turns out you can actually make money from joining, you just have to take the time to suss out some of the offers. Now all that’s left for me to do is to suss out what other offers I can join that will help line my pockets.

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