Sometimes It just Doesn’t Pay Being Jack

It’s not often that I post a video on this blog, but I couldn’t help myself when I came across this one. This ad has only just started being aired on TV this past couple of days and I was quite surprised when one of the survey companies I’m a member of actually paid me money to view it.

The ad was produced by the ANZ bank and is obviously aimed at the small business owner. Normally you tend to cringe at commercials because so much of them are just crap, but this one is really quite entertaining.

Pretty cool huh. PureProfile, the survey company that sent me the link, is pretty well the only survey company that actually pays me a nominal amount even if I get screened out from a survey. As for this particular ad, they paid me 15cents to watch it, and the funny thing is that I would have watched it for free. :wink_ee:

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Blog Me This You Blogging Fools

OK my blogging mates, I think it’s time that I tempt fate by writing another of my poems, and seeing as how What Bloggers Do was so popular I thought that I would use this one to pass on a little link love, that and a very important message! In case you didn’t get it, if you haven’t got the ‘Subscribe To Comments‘ plugin I seriously suggest you put it on the ‘To Do’ list. OK, enough with the commentary, it’s time to read the poetry.

Blog me this you blogging fool
Are you using the right blogging tools
Subscribe To Comments you need for sure
This plugin should be part of your plugin core

Why this plugin I hear you ask?
For your commenter’s it’s less of a task
To remind them when someone replies
They will love it, I tell you no lies

There’s many a blogger wise and true
Who’ve made this plugin part of their crew
They know that those who left a comment
Would love to know of added content

There’s many a blog I will read
And Leaving a comment is part of my creed
But unless I’m reminded of what I’ve left
That post of further comments will be bereft

There are many blogs I love to read
And of these blogs I must concede
They see me more than the rest
Because in this plugin they did invest

TycoonBlogger, he’s no fool
Using this plugin makes him cool
He loves to hand out blogging tips
And this ones about adding a video clip.

Stratos I’ve know for quite awhile
There’s more than one post that I’ve found worthwhile
If you can’t find a plugin to get the job done
Stratos is the man that can make you one

Embracing Home, I have only just found
Her blog is based on very firm ground
More than just letting God’s light shining
Learn also how to lose weight while dining

Bunny Got Blog is not about bunnies
Nor is it about how to make money
Oriented around business you will find it hot
But careful you must be or she’ll kick your bots

Not been to iblogZone, well your missing out
This blogging man has without a doubt
Many a post that does more than instruct you
He even posts on how to increase Adsense revenue

More in common than the plugin they use
These bloggers on this blog to comment they choose
If you wish to feature in a poem one day
Perhaps more than reading you should have your say

If this poem you did enjoy
Then I’d love if you did employ
To give it a stumble, tweet or a digg
Or perhaps another of your social gigs :wink_ee:


Have The Gremlins Invaded Twitter?

I’m not what you would call an avid Twitter fan, but I do use it occasionally. The one thing that I don’t like about Twitter is the nonsensical Tweets left by a lot of users. This is the main reason why I am very particular about those I choose to follow. I also make it a habit of checking to make sure that those I am following are also returning the favor.

Lately I’ve noticed a very strange abnormality, and I will go into that shortly. I normally use Friend Or Follow to keep track of those who decide to stop following me, but I decided to use another service just to make sure that the results were the same. That other service, Tweepular, is a bit slower but more entertaining. :smile1_ee:

Anyway, the abnormality I was noticing was that I was following people I had never heard of? By this I mean that I never chose to follow them, and if this is the case how is it possible that I’m following them against my wishes? Is this a scam of sorts that someone has concocted to boost up their follower numbers? If so, it’s bullshit and now that I know I will be keeping tabs on them and deleting them on a more regular basis.

So, has anyone else noticed this, or am I just losing the plot?

EDIT: Sheryl Loch, one of my favorite bloggers put me onto this post she did at the Internet Marketers Guild, of which I am a member. It’s about finding who has access to your Twitter Account, and how to divest them of this control.

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