The Journey To Bloggersville

I woke up to the sounds of the bubbling creek singing in my ears. I looked over at Jandoram who was sleeping peacefully and decided to let him sleep a little longer while I prepared breakfast.

Fortunately there was lots of wood for a fire around our camping ground, and the presence of some wild apple trees made the gathering of some fruit quite easy. After starting the fire I took out some slithers of salted kangaroo meat a plopped them into the pan greased with pig fat. While that was sizzling noisily I deftly sliced some of the apples and threw them in with the roo meat, keeping the rest for later.

Just before breakfast was ready I started to whistle loudly, hoping that the tune “When the Saints Come Marching In” would wake Jandoram. To my reckoning, waking up to my lousy whistling was a whole lot better than being slapped around the face, something my dad was prone to do.

To my surprise he got up instantly, most likely hoping I would stop my infernal whistling. I stopped long enough to tell him to wash up at the creek, and then continued whistling aimlessly out of tune as he set off. I was just spooning my concoction into the plates as Jandoram sat down, all the while toweling his face dry. It was pleasant watching him shoving the food greedily into his face, and I thought to myself how nice it would be to have some company for a change.

After breakfast I showed him how to wash up and pack our bags so that they were evenly balanced which would make traveling that much easier. We then set of for Bloggersville, at town some 14 days away. We walked almost in silence as he was probably still brooding over what happened with the other day when I beat his stepfather senseless. I decided to get the ball rolling by kicking a lump of dried turd.

“Did you know that there are men, famous trackers, who could look at this bit of animal dung, and after examining it they would be able to tell you lots of information about the animal that left it. Things like the type of animal, how long it’s been sitting there and even the sort of food the animal ate. But in the end no matter what they are able to tell you about it, it’s still just a lump of shit.”

Jandoram walks silently by my side for awhile and then says, “Why are you telling me this Sire? Is it important in some way?”

“OK, let’s look at this in another way. There is many a man who does nothing more than boast of his great achievements; This could be the men he’s killed, the women he’s taken to bed or even the money he’s allegedly made. But when it all comes down to it, he’s usually just full of shit. The true hero does not need to shout his accomplishments for all to hear. He normally does not want his escapades to be known as it will draw unwanted attention to him.”

“But what has this to do with that lump of shit we left behind” says the exasperated young boy.

“Nothing much”, I replied, “just that one lump of shit is pretty much the same as the other. You know Jamdoram, not every story has to have a meaning, sometimes they’re good to just pass the time of day.” As I burst out laughing, thinking that after 600 odd years I would have stopped laughing at my own stupid jokes,  he threw me a puzzled look and then said, “Where are we going Sire?”

“Why, to Bloggersville of course.”

“Really? I didn’t think I would ever get to go to Bloggersville. What will we find there?”

“Ah yes, Bloggersville is filled with many wonders and delightful people.  Why, I remember hearing a story of a woman who resides there, I believe her name is Louise, who has in her possession the magical and much coveted Lottie Moon Cook Book, the recipes of which has brought some of the strongest of men to their knees as they begged to savor some of the delicacies it’s produced.  Then there is Holly who just happens to be the most ethical person in Bloggersville. Few will dare to cross her path while throwing ethics to the wind, as it has often been told that Holly can flay the skin off anyone who came within twenty feet of her limber tongue. Why there is not a word in existence that Holly can not put to good use when castigating those who get on her wrong side.

Then there is Heather the fumbling one who once put a magical potion in a cupboard that almost blew four homes into oblivion. Now let’s not forget Anne, formerly of Buttsville, who has devoted her life to finding a toilet seat that is warm to sit on. There are rumors that once she solves this problem she will devise one that lowers automatically once it has been raise.”

“But Sire, surely Bloggersville is not filled with women. Are there no men of valor there?”

“Surley Jandoram, but did no-one ever tell you that behind every great man there is a great woman? One should never discount the importance of a woman when it comes to shaping the world. But you ask of the men of Bloggersville. Let me see…..ah yes! There is the very hardy Jim,whom  many have said has traveled far and wide just to see how far in the known universe a blog will reach. Of course there is Zorlone who is well known for his wondrous cures as the city’s doctor, but I have heard that he would rather be a bard and poet, and that he frequents the bars telling far fetched stories of alien worlds where there exists the mystical Avatar.

But enough talking, lunch draws near and we need to catch some food.

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Merry Christmas To All

Hey guys, it’s Christmas morning here in Australia, and the kids, 21 year old son and an almost 18 year old daughter :laugh_tb: are still in bed.

I shouldn’t even be on right now and I reckon the wife would have a few words if she found out :guns_tb: :flush_tb: :help_tb: :lol_ee: but I just had to pop in to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas, and I hope that everyone has a blogging good year.

Oh, it wouldn’t be the same if I din’t leave an ad in the post for someone to click on, and I know no-one will but that the heck. :king_tb:

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I reckon that there’s probably quite a few bloggers out there who use in-context text links, such as Infolinks or Kontera, on their blogs as a means of earning extra income. I bet that the majority of them have never given a second thought to the links appearing on the comments left on the posts other than to rub their hands together in glee at the added potential for making a few extra cents.

I know, because I was one of them, until I read Holly’s post on Ethics In Blogging. You see it’s all good and dandy when it appears on your post, but you may be overstepping ethical boundaries when those links appear on someone else’s content, and that’s exactly what comments are, the property of the commentator, who may not want certain text in their comment linked to certain sites.

That alone was something I had to ponder, but then that same day I got hot with another of Holly’s posts that set some serious alarm bells ringing. In her post, In-Context Links? No Comment!, she dropped a huge bombshell. Although she would still read Infolink infected blogs she would no longer comment on them! She also showed several screen grabs of comments that she left on MY blog! Shit, Shit SHIT! I worked so hard to get Holly here and now I was going to lose her because of some double underlined links.

What to do, what to do? Do I throw away the couple of bucks a month I make just so I don’t lose any of my commentators, and by now you all know how important you guys are to me? What a conundrum. Hang on a second. Didn’t someone once say that for every problem there is a solution. All I had to do was turn Infolinks off in the comment section.

How To Turn Infolinks Off In Your Comments

I initially bought the FlexSqueeze theme because it required almost no input from me to make changes in the way my blog looked. This required some sort of manipulation of one of the core theme files in order for it to work, and so it was with some trepidation that I set about solving the problem.

The obvious file that needed editing was comments.php, and the obvious code was , which was supplied by Infolinks guys. The thing was where the heck did I put the damn thing. After looking at the file for awhile I was no nearer working out the answer so I decided to use the old Aussie ‘She’ll be right mate’ attitude and hope for the best.

I pasted right at the beginning of the file, saved it and prayed that my blog didn’t blow up in my face when accessing the comments. Why I didn’t use my test blog is beyond me.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it bloody worked. :clap_tb: So, if you’re like me and want to do the right thing, unless you are using the FlexSqueeze theme, don’t forget to say a little prayer before saving the file. :innocent1_tb:

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