July Stats Up Thanks To Commission Junction

As the months keep rolling on by it seems that at least one thing remains consistant on WassupBlog and that is the monthly statistics report. This month’s stats are a bit better than usual because Commission Junction netted me a nice little commission from one of the advertisers I’m affiliated to.

Please take note that I haven’t done anything different this month from any other month that would affect the stats at all. As you can see from the results the main difference is because of the performance of Commission Junction which is the second time they netted me $100 from one sale. Now if only the rest of the affiliates would pull their finger out I could be making some serious cash. :laugh_tb:


  • Adsense: $29.80
  • Voxsant: $0.20
  • Kontera: $0.37
  • Clix Galore: $0.16
  • Chitika: $2.75
  • Infolinks: $1.80
  • Advertisers: $4
  • Commission Junction: $100.00
  • E-Junkie: $21
  • Jumbo Affiliates: $15.72
  • RegNow $9.13
  • Paid Posts $110.50

TOTAL: $295.43

That’s not too shabby at all I reckon. With a bit of luck next month might be a little better if my latest blog Top Sexual Aids takes off, but then again it may take more than a month before it actually starts to earn some money

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Noel Biderman Vs Top Sexual Aids

I once did a post called Shame On Noel Biderman For Promoting Adultery in which I game my opinion on his shameless site that promotes extra marital sex.  That post was on the first page of Google for quite awhile and it now sits on page 5 at 42 but if you Google Noel Biderman is bullshit it’s sits at no.1, and you’d be surprised how many people use that search term. Anyway, the man himself actually left a comment.

I think you need to face reality – people cheat – and they did so long before the advent of ashleymadison. As for your drug dealer analogy – the most abused substance out there is alcohol, which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people each year – so, per your thesis, we should revisit a state of prohibition and pursue violent retribution to those executives who produce and distribute alcoholic “drinks”. Nice. I think it is your own pedestrian BS that needs some exposing…

I thought the comment itself was pretty lame and I still can’t see the fact that people cheat is a good reason for someone to start up a site that actually promotes extra marital sex, a site that may actually lead a person to cheat who otherwise may never had done so without having that seed implanted into their mind. OH, and if anyone can explain to me what he meant by ‘pedestrian BS’ I would be eternally grateful.

Upon visiting the subject again I hit upon an idea for a new blog. Shocked huh? You’d figure that 8 blogs would be enough, and blog #9 is actually going to be a niche blog, something that I thought I would never do. I’ve always been against niche blogs because I felt I would find it too constricting but it never occurred to me that I could start up a blog about sex or to be more precise sexual aids, and so Top Sexual Aids was born.

I thought that perhaps one of the reasons that people look elsewhere for sex other than with their partner was because sex had lost that old spark. If a couple could reignite that spark using certain sexual aids such as sex toys, erotic massage oils or something else from the wide range of products on the market, then maybe that urge to stray would disappear.

Naturally I am using FlexSqueeze as the blog’s theme as it allowed me to give it that unique professional look. The domain name being what it is means that the blog is already #1 on Google for the search term ‘top sexual aids’ which will leave me free to concentrate on some other popular search terms, if I ever get to it. I don’t expect to do too many posts on it, I’m way too busy, but I reckon this is another blog I can have fun with.

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Best Defence Against Swine Flu Is Flu Defence?

Although I’ve posted a version of this post on my Load Of BS blog I’m doing another one on this blog to make sure that I get maximum exposure. The reason behind these posts is to find out whether or not any of my readers have ever  tried Flu Defence, one of the many products offered by one of my affiliates.  Before I go on I would like you to read part of a description from their website.

Flu defence is the first 100% natural general-purpose flu remedy that attacks the virus and boosts the immune system, with no known side effects. Now you can easily Prevent flu and support your bodies natural defences during acute symptoms. The fine of herbal extracts in Flu Defence, will not only boost your immune system, but will also neutralize various viruses. Studies show the ingredients in Flu Defense act a powerful immune booster, that exhibits strong antiviral action against influenza A & B, birdflu, herpes, swine flu and even HIV.

I found particularly interesting their claim that it “exhibits strong antiviral action against influenza A 7 B, swine flu and even HIV”. Note, it doesn’t say it will cure HIV, only that it acts as a defense against the virus!

I’ve never really liked taking prescription drugs and ever since my healthy vegetarian days I have preferred taking herbal remedies, therefore the fact that it is a herbal product really appeals to me. The main ingredients include Elderberry extract, Echinacea extract, Vitamin C and Zinc Oxide. I know how the herbal market has a huge following because many swear by it medicinal attributes and I’m pretty sure I’ve even heard of pharmaceutical companies using herbal extracts in their medication.

These guys must be pretty sure of their product because they offer the following guarantee.

Yes we do. We are so confident with the effectiveness of Flu defence we offer you 60 days to try this product, and in the unlikely event you get the Flu or feel this product isn’t working for you, you may return it for a full refund.

They’ve also got a lot of testimonials, but I would much prefer hearing from any of my readers who have tried the product, so if you’ve tried it I would love for you to leave a comment as to what you thought of it.

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