A Poem For Halloween The Night Of Frights

Halloween is all about kids dressing up like ghosts, witches, Frankenstein and anything else that may be related to scaring people and then going about the trick or treat routine. This is where kids would knock on doors begging for a treat and generally people would give them a sweet or something for their efforts. A lot of folk even decorate their homes for Halloween to give it a scary look.

Luckily for me the FlexSqueeze theme makes it really easy for me to give this blog that special Halloween feel, and when Halloween is all over I can switch back to my regular theme with a click of the mouse.

Keeping in line with the Halloween theme I thought I would post a poem about a scary night when you’re home alone. It may well fall on the night of Halloween itself, when all the trick or treating is done and it’s time to watch a spooky movie. I have to admit though that this time I just had to end the poem with a bit of a twist.

Home Alone On Halloween

Home alone on a dark windy night
Gonna watch horror movies to get a fright
Stick a movie in the DVD player
Got some chips and a dip for flavour

Turned the lights out and settled down
Sitting on the lounge in my night gown
The movie’s scary I’m crouching low
When’s the scary part coming, I don’t know

A screeching sound scares me out of my mind
I jump right up leaving my skin behind
Its only a moment before my skin comes back
Hitting my body with a blood curdling crack
I go into the kitchen for the carving knife
I need a weapon in case I meet some strife
I creep into the lounge, the movie still playing
When suddenly there’s some screeching baying

All of a sudden my heart’s in my throat
I can’t breathe I’m starting to choke
With some effort I push it down
I must find out what’s making that sound

I creep into the master bedroom
It’s dark and scary, will I meet my doom
A sound of water from the bathroom I hear
Is there a ghoulish fiend lurking near

The screeching starts, I can not bear it
I must stop it before my mind it splits
I raise the knife its blade a gleaming
I must stop that damn awful screaming

I open the door just a crack
To see the fiend I must attack
My jaw drops, eyes open wide in shock
My wife is back she beat the clock

That awful sound was her singing
That grating sound my ears a ringing
A horror movie that I had found
Would be much better if it used that sound.

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Wassup With Halloween And Making Money

The beauty about comments and commentluv is that it can lead you to some very interesting blog articles, and if you’re not one to reciprocate comments, or at least check out who is leaving comments on your blog you’re possibly missing out on some really great reads.

Just the other day Trey of Swollen Thumb Entertainment left a comment on one of my posts that linked to his Treat Your Blog Like A Living Thing post and I’m here to tell you it is one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time, entertaining as well as informative. Just in case you are missing the point, I am suggesting that you go and have a read :wink_ee:

Scary Crow Adult CostumeThat post galvanized me into changing the look of the blog to coincide with the up and coming Halloween festive season. Luckily for me, FlexSqueeze, this blogs theme, makes it extremely easy to change the look and feel of a blog, as I demonstrated in my Flexsqueeze & The Total Screen Recorder post. I simply installed a new header, changed the overall color of the theme including some lovely blood red links etc. to give it what I believe to be a nice Halloween feel.

I’ve even changed a couple of banners in the ‘feature’ section of the header to offer the readers a great selection of Halloween costumes and paraphernalia. For those of you who have been following my earning stats over the last few months, you may well have noticed an increase ever since changing to the Flexsqueeze theme, and it’s my opinion that it’s directly related to that ‘feature’ section of the blog. We all know that when it comes to making money on a blog, sales is largely dependent on your ad placement, and I’ve found that area to be the best performer for my blogs.

Don’t be surprised if over the coming weeks some form of horrible, scary header appears as it’s all to do with getting in the spirit of Halloween.


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BlueHost, CPU Throttling And Dedicated Server Packages

It’s been close to three weeks since moving WassupBlog to BlueHost, and so far I am very happy with the move. The original reason for the move was because my last host suspended my account because my CPU usage was above the allowed amount for shared hosting.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened to me, as my post Of Web Hosts And Blogger Friends describes how LunarPages handled the very same situation. The problem seems to be with the shared hosting package that most bloggers, including myself, go for, as it is by far the cheapest way to host your blog.

I think it is safe to say that most of the time a shared hosting environment is all that the average blogger will ever need, and they may never have their blog suspended or banned by their host because of excessive CPU usage. Then again, you never know when one of your posts may go viral, or when you may cross the line by adding one too many plugins, or by installing a poorly written script, any one of which may cause your CPU usage to spike to such an extent that causes your blog’s suspension.

You may want to check with your host to see what their policy is in regards to this situation. I’ve found that this blog’s host, BlueHost, has a very unique way of handling this problem. They have incorporated what is known as CPU Throttling, so instead of your site going offline due to excessive CPU isage, it merely slows down to lower the amount of CPU being used. As you can appreciate, it’s a whole lot better to use this method to deal with the occasional spike in CPU, causing your blog to slow down for awhile, rather than having it shut down altogether.

This is all great stuff, but there may come a day when your blog outgrows your shared hosting package, and you will need to move over to a dedicated server, which is a single web server within a network of computers, dedicated solely to one customer. Once hosted on a dedicated server you no longer need to worry about other sites causing your site to slow down.

The reason that most people do not go this route is because of the added cost. I have had look around and managed to come up with several low costing packages that may suit the small business blogger who want go straight to the better package rather than go through the stress and hardship of moving over when things pick up.

  • ServerPronto: At $32.95 per month it is one of the cheapest dedicated server packages around.
  • 1&1 internet Hosting: Also offer dedicated server hosting for less. Apparently you even get your own box? Check out the following special. Click here for 50% off First 6 months of already low priced server plans.
  • LunarPages: I have several blogs hosted with Lunar pages, and they also offer dedicated server hosting which will set you back $99 per month.
  • At the moment I am quite content with the way things are going with my shared host packages, but there may well come a day when I outgrow them, and when that day comes I reckon I will will be considering on of the above packages.

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