Update On Stolen Blog Content

Just a quick recap on my post, Has Your Blog Content Been Stolen. My first option was to leave a comment on each post demanding that the posts were removed. After several days not only were the comments never approved, the wanker even had the audacity to pilfer more articles. I decided to take it further.

I contacted netfirms, the site that hosted the blog telling them of my dilemma and they quickly replied that they needed more information, which was quite understandable as they want to make sure my claim is legitimate. I sent out the email with the required information and within 24hrs I received the following.


Thank you for your email. We had already undertaken an investigation on the content of this website as being copied without consent from several other bloggers, have have just recently placed the domain name on RegistrarLock status – effectively suspending the domain name.

We appreciate your patience and your assistance in this matter.

Netfirms Abuse Department

Thanks Chris and the Netfirms Abuse Department for your action in regards to this serious matter.

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A Blogger’s Opinion Is Highly Valued

This is very true, if it wasn’t so why are advertisers, unless you have a Blogger blog, willing to outlay so much money to have bloggers review their sites, products or services. It’s because they know that a lot of people listen to what many bloggers have to say.

They listen because bloggers are people, just like themselves, who have acquired a certain amount of knowledge through life and online experiences. This being the case I would like to ask you, my valued readers and supporters for your opinion as to why my site Cool Blog Links has only got 14 members since it’s conception over a year ago.

I know that I haven’t been promoting it at all, but seeing as how it gets a fair few hits from the various search engines I would have thought that some of those may have been persuaded to join. You would think that if you did a search for cool blog etc. and the link turns up on the first page that perhaps that alone would be incentive enough to join?

Cool Blog Links is a site for bloggers to list their blogs. It has many categories from Affiliate to SEO. If your category is not listed it can easily be added. All that’s required is that members paste a code on their blog which would display this image The top ten blogs have their ranking displayed on the trophy cup. The code is necessary because it allows the site to keep track of page views etc and also allows people to vote for their blog.

Anyway, for those interested, if you could maybe have a look at it and give me your honest opinion as to why you wouldn’t make use of this free service, one which provides another backlink to your blog from a PR2 site?

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Final Stats For 2009 December Was A Surprise

Isn’t it funny that although we are into the new year, one of my first posts is about something that happened last year. It is in fact the statistics for December 2009. I’m actually quite surprised by them because I thought, seeing as how it was leading up to Christmas and all, that they would be quite low.

As you can see Adsense was up a fraction and although I would like it to be a lot higher I’m pretty stoked with anything that comes my way considering I don’t bother all that much with SEO and keywords etc.

Voxsant went up to two cents which is 100% increase :lol_tb: and before anyone goes telling me it’s not worth keeping I use them for the content they provide rather than the monetary value.

  • Adsense: $36.84
  • Voxsant: $0.02
  • Clix Galore: $0.42
  • Chitika: $0.71
  • Infolinks: $1.05
  • Advertisers: $70
  • Commission Junction: $0.0
  • E-Junkie: $39.00
  • Jumbo Affiliates: $39.83
  • RegNow: $0.00
  • Paid Posts: $90.00
  • Commission Monster: $14.11
  • Amazon Associates: $0.00
  • CashBurners: $0.00

TOTAL: $291.98

Looking through those I notice that E-Junkie is pretty consistent and that Jumbo Affiliates performed rather well, probably because of all the jackpots this month. Even though Amazon didn’t make any sales it generated a lot more clicks because of ad placements and I reckon they may perform better this year.

I also did a lot better with advertisers, so perhaps they’re starting to realize the benefits of advertising on WassupBlog. Paid posts were also up and that’s cool considering the few I took were the pick of the bunch as I knocked back over $200 worth of tasks.

So, that’s probably the last stats report that I’ll be doing as I don’t expect to be doing these posts this year.

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