Why I Will Never Be A ProBlogger

I’ve just been over to The InfoPreneur where I read his post, My Promise To You. In this post he’s outlined how he intends to conduct himself as a blogger, a lot of which I am in total agreement, many of which I’ve either posted about or left a comment on another blog.

His post got me to thinking about probloggers. To me a problogger is someone who has attained independence via his blog, enabling him to leave his day job so as to concentrate on his blogging full time. He is now a Professional Blogger. When thinking of probloggers I usually tend to think of a person who’s earning a six figure income, mainly because that’s what most of them tell you.

This six figure income is what attracts many people to the blogging in the first place. The thing is that all that money does not come from blogging alone. Many of these probloggers have over time built up huge mailing list which they use to sell products to their subscribers. I know this to be true because I subscribed to a few and then unsubscribed when all I got was solicitations to buy something that they were pushing.

So, why will I never achieve ProBlogger status?

No Email Lists

I have no, nor intend to ever acquire an email list for the sole purpose of peddling a product on my unsuspecting subscribers. I’m sick and tired of subscribing to a news letter or for some free eBook only to be hounded at a later date by useless spam emails trying to sell me something. I will not force on to someone else something that I find personally distasteful.

No Interaction With Commentators

I keep hearing from these guys that the reason they don’t interact with people who comment on their blogs is because they either don’t have the time or because there is no money in it. They believe there is more value in another content rich post than there is in interacting with commentators.

Personally I love that interaction, and if becoming a problogger means I have to lose that then I have no interest in becoming one.

So it looks like you guys are stuck with an Aussie blogger who doesn’t give a shit about reaching problogger status if that means that I have to compromise my standards in my effort to get there.

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What Is This World Coming To When It Comes To Morals

I did a post on my Load Of Bullshit blog some time ago called Shame on Noel Biderman For Promoting Adultery which was about my personal opinion of this blokes idea of promoting adultery as a being good for business. Perhaps I’m a puritan but I just feel that this sort of thing is pretty sick.

It continues to get a fair bit of traffic and even had a visit from Noel himself when he attempted to justify his immoral actions. There was a time when adultery was pretty well frowned on, and perhaps rightly so as it effects could be far reaching, and for what, a bit of personal gratification?

Le supplice des adultères by Jules Arsene Garnier
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I’m sure that in those days the retribution for trying to promote the act would have been just as harsh as it was committing it. I’m also pretty sure you wouldn’t have seen any posters or town criers around the place asking people to forget their responsibility to their families just so they could get have a little fun.

As can be seen from this video, good old Mr. Biderman is still out there pedaling his wares. This married man is hell bent on wrecking the marriages of others, and his excuse? They’re going to do it anyway so why shouldn’t he make some money out of it?

As that video shows he’s a little upset because his some of his ads have been pulled from display. Is that so shocking Noel, that some people have morals? And really, you pompous ass, to compare your ads to ones promoting alcohol and male erectile dysfunction?

Anyway, I suppose he has the right to promote his immoral business and we should let him because it’s a free world and people are going to do it anyway. But where will it end? What if someone decides to have ads promoting sex with minors. Sure it’s illegal now, but so was adultery, and who knows what the future holds for us. Perhaps it’s just around the corner when this vile act will be accepted as long as the child is consenting. Perhaps it will be one of Noel’s descendants that will be running those ads.

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Update On Stolen Blog Content

Just a quick recap on my post, Has Your Blog Content Been Stolen. My first option was to leave a comment on each post demanding that the posts were removed. After several days not only were the comments never approved, the wanker even had the audacity to pilfer more articles. I decided to take it further.

I contacted netfirms, the site that hosted the blog telling them of my dilemma and they quickly replied that they needed more information, which was quite understandable as they want to make sure my claim is legitimate. I sent out the email with the required information and within 24hrs I received the following.


Thank you for your email. We had already undertaken an investigation on the content of this website as being copied without consent from several other bloggers, have have just recently placed the domain name on RegistrarLock status – effectively suspending the domain name.

We appreciate your patience and your assistance in this matter.

Netfirms Abuse Department

Thanks Chris and the Netfirms Abuse Department for your action in regards to this serious matter.

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