The Myth That DoFollow Leaches Your PR

I’ve been a blogger for quite some time now and I’ve read a lot of posts from other bloggers in regards to why your blog should keep the nofollow attribute in the comments section. The main one being that if you were to change your blog to a dofollow blog it would harm your Page Rank (PR).

The main reason given for this is that Google, the great instigator of PR, would only approve of relevant links and therefore all irrelevant links should have the nofollow attribute attached to it so as not to waste Google’s minions, the SpiderBots, time by following useless links.

The myth is that in order to stop people using links in comments Google would leach PR from the hosting site. This naturally scared the pants off some bloggers who immediately ran around in a mindless panic making their blogs nofollow and checking individual links in their posts to see whether or not they should also be made nofollow.


I am happy to say that I am not one of those bloggers who panicked, and my blog has remained, and will always remain, a dofollow blog. Why? Because I want to reward those who take the time to leave constructive comments on my blog.

What’s that? What of Google and my PR? Well, honestly I have always stated that PR was never really important to me, although I will try to make good use of it while I have it.

As to the myth that dofollow leaches your PR, all I can say is that I went from a PR3 to a PR4 and that either means that the myth is false or I’m such a fantastic blogger that even with all the PR juice that is leaked from this blog through my highly valued comments, I still managed to raise my Page Ranking.

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Giving Link Luv To Cool Blog Links Top 10 Members

Rewarding Top 10 Members Of Cool Blog Links was a post I did way back in March of this year, and was all about rewarding the top 10 members of Cool Blog Links, my free directory of Cool Blogs. I promised then that I would do an update listing the current top ten members and I reckon that this has been a long time coming.

Things have changed over time, some members dropping off and new ones signing up. I reckon for many, the most important change is that Cool Blog Links has a PR1 which isn’t all that bad seeing that I haven’t done any promotion at all.

Before listing the top 10 I would like to invite others to join, as it still ranks #1 for the search term Cool Blog Links. Not to mention that those who list in the top 10 will get featured in the next update, and when you consider that this is a PR4 blog, getting a mention will mean a very important one way link to your blog.

OK, now for the top 10 members.

  1. So You Want To Be A Banquet Manager:  Previously #4 it’s risen to the #1 spot. It’s really a pretty interesting blog about all the things that can happen in a banquet manager’s job. The latest post The Dreaded Wedding Breakfast just goes to show how interesting this job can be.
  2. Gratis Lagu: I’m afraid I can’t tell you too much about this blog because it’s not in English. I think it’s in Indonesian, but at least the latest post, Digital Karaoke Amplifier VS Mixer Karaoke Amplifier, has an English heading.
  3. What A Load Of Bullshit: One of my blogs, has risen from #5 to #3. This blog continues to surprise me as it continues to do well in the SERPs as well as being a good earner.
  4. Work From Home Business Blog: Peter Lees blog is down from #3, but knowing Peter I expect him to creep up again. His latest post, Blog Income and Stats – October 2009, shows how well he is doing.
  5. WassupBlog: Yep, I’ve risen from #7 :clap_tb:
  6. I’m Just Sharing: This is Mitch’s blog, and as usual Mitch and I are continuously fighting to be ahead of the other. It seems that for now I’m in the lead. Mitch’s last post, Do Images Increase Readership?, is about a test he’s doing as to whether or not images in a post will actually increase readership to a blog.
  7. Expressive World: IS one of the newer members and has already aspired to the top 10 list. Ana, the blogger, is all to do with writing about ‘the gateway to her inner awareness and expressions, her last post AW November Blog Chain 2009: The Art of expressing what is, about a writer’s forum NaNo and Ana’s Writing Survival List.
  8. Scenic Adelaide: Another of  my blogs, has remained static, as in it hasn’t moved since the last post. Like my Load Of Bullshit blog, it does pretty well in the SERPS, as most of the traffic is search engine related.
  9. Top Sexual Aids: Considering that this is one of my newest blogs I’m surprised it’s in the top 10 at all. Damn, who am I kidding, it’s not all that hard when you only have 14 members. :lol_ee:
  10. Photos 2 Blog: Well, you look at that, another one of my blogs…..that’s two photo blogs in the top 10 that belong to me.

So, that means I have 5 blogs in the top 10, and while I don’t mind being there I wish I had more members to contend with. So what about it guys, why not join and give me some competition. It’s free and perhaps you could be part of the next update.

While it’s free to join, you will require to post a snippet of code on your blog. I have mine in the right side bar. The code will display a small icon which will allow your readers to vote for your blog. Also the top ten blogs will have their ranking displayed in the icon.

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The Child Of God

Yep, it’s poetry time again. This one is a little different and has absolutely nothing to do with blogging. I am and always have been a firm believer in God and Jesus but am not one to force it down peoples throat. I could never understand those religious zealots who continually try to force their ideals on others and have always felt that they are doing more harm than good.

Too bad that they don’t behave as Jesus did while he was amongst us. The only time that I can remember when he was angry was in Matthew 21:12

And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

Other than that, He would go about preaching, and those who would listen did. There was no brow beating and the disciples certainly weren’t in the habit of whipping people into submission.

Anyway, I digress and certainly don’t want to start Bible bashing. Without further ado, I present to you

The Child Of God

El Greco's Jesus Carrying the Cross, 1580.

Image via Wikipedia

I am a child of God
I am saved for I believe
For those who judge me
Judge not lest thou be judged
For with what judgement ye judge
Ye shall be judged
Fools, know thee that only He judges
For there is no mote in God’s eye
Only He sees clearly to judge

There are many who profess to be saved
They are the haughty fools
Those who judge others
Not knowing their own lives
They raise their placards
Full of hateful slogans
Rather than bring others to God
Their actions turn them away
Better to offer another path
For those finding themselves in strife

Ours is not to force these to believe
But to lead the way in the hope
Those who follow may be saved
Those who do not may not be ready
Their time may not be ripe
And none on earth can judge them
Many are those who believe
Who visit the House of the Lord
They tithe and profess their love of Jesus
On the pedestal that they place themselves
They see not the plight of the needy
That of those less fortunate
When they do stumble upon the homeless
Living in their poverty and filth
They draw back in disgust and horror
And no helping hand is offered

Hypocrites, they are like the Pharisees
And yet even I cannot judge
Not knowing how I would I react
Were I to meet those in need
Even non-believers may offer a helping hand
Yet many live in the fear of salvation
They ban religion from state schools
And crosses are removed from gravesites
On the pretence of offence
Many wrongful acts are committed
And innocents on both sides suffer
Atrocities occur in the name of religion
Yet none by the will of God
Mankind is the root of all evil
For heretics who preach violence
Have a personal agenda
Inflicting pain and death
On infidels and innocent alike
All in the name of God
A God who does not need man
To fight for his righteousness

From birth until death we decide
Upon the path we shall take
Though He is a merciful God
He has left us to our own devices
But we are not alone
The Spirit talks to those who listen
But many fail to follow
For the path is too hard
Though the prize is worth the hardship
Many will be lost to the glory and vices
Offered by Satan and his followers
Some call it a conscience
But whatever the name
The choice we make is our own.

So, why a poem with obvious religious overtones? I can safely say it was all Eren’s fault. I’ve been a regular reader of her blog Embracing Home, although I haven’t commented nearly enough. Still, there is plenty of time for that. Anyway, it was her last post titled How to cure and heal severe anxiety. I enjoyed that post and found it very thought provoking, and it sort of inspired me to post this poem.

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