Some people ask me why I persist with writing poetry on my blog, especially as they don’t elicit a whole lot of comments. I tell them its because I like using poems as a form of expression and that I love to share them with people. Even if one person happens to like what I wrote then I think it was worth the effort.

I wrote this after a personal experience I had in what seems to be eons ago. Some of you may not agree with my experience, unless that is you are a hot blooded Aussie male, who more than likely experienced exactly the same thing I did. And so, without further ado, My Passionate Encounter!

I got her home late one night
Picked her up at a bar, without a fight
I have wanted her, for so long
I could not wait for the last song.

Up the stairs we went, the door I locked
I held her close, I was so hot.
With a struggle I removed her top
I gazed upon her form, I could not stop

In desperation I tore off her wrap
You could almost hear the dripping tap
Perspiration covered her naked form
The beads of sweat visible now the wrap was torn

My feverish mouth claimed her own
The sensation so great my mind was blown
It was not long before she was spent
In frustration against the wall she went

Though short, for it did not last long
I knew I did nothing wrong
For as she lay there, once held dear
She truly was one heck of bottled beer

:drunk_tb: I hope you enjoyed that? It was actually and old joke or something that I turned into a poem because I couldn’t remember the joke itself enough to tell it as it should be.

Is your blog or website is important to your business success? Is your presence in the top pages of the search engines seriously lacking? If this sounds like you then I suggest you should seriously consider getting the right tools to boost your presence in the search engines. I’ve been in business for close on thirty years and I have found that having the right tools can not only make your task easier, it can also increase sales and profitability. I see no reason why the same principle wouldn’t apply online.

While it is very unusual that a company will let you trial something in the real world, there are sites on the Internet that will let you download demo versions of their programs. One that I have been using for awhile is the Link Popularity Check! Whilst this tool is basically to help you compare your site against your competitors I’ve found another use for it. I use it to find what links are pointing to a particular blog and then leave comments on the same blog to build up the links pointing to mine. It stands to reason that if those links are already being accessed by Google then my links should also be picked up.

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These guys even have an eBook that shows how to optimize your Google AdWords allowing you to pay less while making more money! Now that is what I call optimization. So sure are they that the eBook will do everything that they say it will they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

I hope that you will actually click on those links as each one will take you to a page that will describe the software in a whole lot more detail. There is no obligation to buy any of the products so there is absolutely no pressure. Last I can remember, as it was awhile since I downloaded the software, you don’t even have to supply any contact information so you needn’t worry about spam emails. If this has changed I am sure someone will leave a comment. I do not make anything from a simple click, but if you do decide to buy from them, all monies will go to my retirement fund. :wink_ee:

Blogger Invents Revolutionary Penile Extension

I’ve been working on a secret project for quite some time now, because frankly I was getting sick and tired of my current job, and let’s face it while the money from my blogging has gone up some it’s definitely not enough to allow me to leave my job.

I’ve known for a long time now that if I could just find the right product and market it properly I could make a bloody fortune. The trouble is finding the right product to market. After a fair bit of research I decided to focus on making the best penile extension. Let’s face it there are men all over the world who are not happy with their penis size, and some that were are having erection problems and are for whatever reason do not want to go the Viagra route.

I couldn’t believe that no-one had found a legitimate way to extend the size of a man’s penis! To cut a long story short I managed to get a group of experienced people together and we managed to develop a product that has the benefit of being able to give a woman the ultimate sexual experience. We decided to call it the Penis Extender Deluxe.

Honestly, after extensive trials we can honestly say that men can now forget about the VPXL Super Pill and all the other scam medical bullshit whose only effect is increasing the hole in a man’s pocket. The Penis Extender Deluxe is made to order via our home page. All you have to do is supply the required information, such as current penis length and girth during erection, and the required length you want and our team of experts will make your new monster penis to your required specifications.

The Penis Extender Deluxe also comes with other added benefits, the most popular being greater staying power. This is achieved by a special chemical that is permeated within the holding membrane. The extension portion is so lifelike that there isn’t a woman alive that can tell where the real one ends and the extension begins.

For an extra $150 we can even incorporate a vibrating head that increases the sexual experience for both partners. Before it’s release we had to get some subjects to give it a go, something that wasn’t all that hard to do, and this is what they had to say about this revolutionary product.

I must admit I didn’t believe it but I gave it a go anyway and it is simply the best product ever. My partner agrees it is the best thing I ever did.

I was getting tired of my partners performance in bed so I thought I would give the Penis Extender a go, and man what a difference it made. He even lasted way longer than ever before. As a penis enhancement product I can highly recommend this product.

You too can be a satisfied customer with the Penis Extender Deluxe

So don’t worry my blogging friends, now that I am going to be a millionaire I won’t forget my blogging mates, just leave me your details and I will send you your very own, Aussie tested, tried and true, you beaut, best ever penis extension system.

Now all I have to do is find me a web hosting package so I can set up my squeeze page and push this baby.


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