There wouldn’t be too many bloggers writing today who didn’t have a rudimentary idea of how to promote their blog on the web. These ideas all fit into a nice little package called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Some of these ideas bloggers use may include;

  1. Commenting on other blogs, especially do-follow blogs
  2. Submitting the blog to RSS, blog and other directories
  3. Signature links in emails
  4. Being generous with your link luv
  5. Using Social Media such as Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon etc.
  6. Submitting Free articles
  7. Being an active member in Forums using the blog link as a signature
  8. Using the right keyword and phrases
  9. Making sure that a google sitemap is active ensuring the blog is fully indexed
  10. Supplying good content, because all of the above is useless if a blog’s content is not good enough to capture the readers interest so that they come back for more.

There are many other ways but I’ve only mentioned some of the free methods available to bloggers for the promotion of their blogs.

I would like to talk a little bit more about submitting your blog to article directories. This is pretty well an untapped resource for many bloggers. These directories are not just a resource where you can Find Free content, as submitting your own articles, complete with a link to your blog, is a great way of blog promotion, especially if you’re supplying great content. Apart from the SEO advantages, people reading the articles are very likely to visit your blog just to see what other great content you have available.

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Your Chance At Achieving SEO Mastery

In May of this year I did a post called Wassup Blogs You Beaut Huge Link Love Fest and amongst all the links I shared was a very prominent blogger who goes by the name of Nicolas Prudhon. Those of you who have read his blog SEO Help by Nicolas Prudhon know first hand what a wealth of information the man loves to share with his readers.

Naturally I am always exited when I come across an opportunity that may offer my readers some sort of boon, whether it be another way of making money, improving their day by offering some light entertainment, or as the case is in this post, to tell them about a competition that will win them a position in his Advanced SEO Mastery Program. If you’re not familiar with Nicolas’ work you should read his guest post How SEO Helped Me Retire Rich Early as it is quite informative.


The rules are quite simple, and you can read all about how easy it is to enter the contest by going to his Advanced SEO Mastery Contest post. Entering the contest and following the rules will show Nicolas how dedicated you are to blogging and will take you that extra step in helping you to fulfill your blogging dream.

It’s not often that a chance like this will come your way, and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. So don’t procrastinate, do yourself a favor and go and see how easy it really is to enter the contest, and perhaps you will be the one to have SEO Mastery finally in your grasp. Just remember to tell him that Sire sent you. :smile2_ee:

July Stats Up Thanks To Commission Junction

As the months keep rolling on by it seems that at least one thing remains consistant on WassupBlog and that is the monthly statistics report. This month’s stats are a bit better than usual because Commission Junction netted me a nice little commission from one of the advertisers I’m affiliated to.

Please take note that I haven’t done anything different this month from any other month that would affect the stats at all. As you can see from the results the main difference is because of the performance of Commission Junction which is the second time they netted me $100 from one sale. Now if only the rest of the affiliates would pull their finger out I could be making some serious cash. :laugh_tb:


  • Adsense: $29.80
  • Voxsant: $0.20
  • Kontera: $0.37
  • Clix Galore: $0.16
  • Chitika: $2.75
  • Infolinks: $1.80
  • Advertisers: $4
  • Commission Junction: $100.00
  • E-Junkie: $21
  • Jumbo Affiliates: $15.72
  • RegNow $9.13
  • Paid Posts $110.50

TOTAL: $295.43

That’s not too shabby at all I reckon. With a bit of luck next month might be a little better if my latest blog Top Sexual Aids takes off, but then again it may take more than a month before it actually starts to earn some money

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