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Do You Want Increased Income? Chango Could Be The Answer


I did a post last month that I called There IS Life After Google Adsense!
where I spoke about how Google disabled my account on my BS blog and how I was trialling BidVertiser. Today I want to talk to you about Chango SearchSpots , another site that shows adsense type ads.

I’m actually running Chango ads on this blog at the moment but you probably won’t have noticed unless you’ve come here via a search engine. That’s one of the positive points that I like about this mob, especially if you have a blog that you don’t want to fill with ads. Using Chango means that your regular readers won’t be bothered with these ads but you have the potential to make money on those others that come via the search engines, especially as the ads are keyword generated!

OK, that can be a major positive for some people, but there is one thing that is very important for you to know. Chango only targets people from the USA and Canada! That means that the ads will not show to anyone outside of these two countries. Some of you may actually consider that to be a major positive as well, especially if most of your traffic comes from those two countries!

Once you’ve installed these ads you can actually test them, remember you won’t see them unless sent by a search engine, by writing a string of words in your browser window immediately following the url. The image you see below is the result of typing ?keywords=blogging for money at the end of the url.


If your from the States or Canada you may want to try changing the keywords to see what results you get. Unfortunately being from Australia it doesn’t work for me. This screen shot was actually taken by Brian, one of Chango’s very professional employees who’s been most helpful to me.

That alone is another great positive, these guys know about customer service, something that is lacking in Google.

Any way, although these ads work well alongside Google you may not want to run another set of ads on your site. If this is the case then you can set it up so that it runs in the same spot that you’re currently running adsense. The way this works is that when setting up the ad you choose to show an alternative ad. If you choose that ad to be Google then that’s the ad that will show, unless someone comes via a search engine and then Chango will pop up in it’s place.

Another benefit of being a Chango SearchSpots publisher is they have a referral program which can add to you passive income as you will earn 10% for 15 months on all referrals. You will notice that while the ads are not displaying, in my header and at the end of my posts, you will see a link in it’s place, Search Retargeting by Chango, and I’ve heard that there are future plans where people who join after clicking on this link will join your team. Note, this is not the case at the moment.

Another point that may interest you is Chango is a venture-backed company that is partnered with Yahoo! This means they have a large suppository of ads to choose from, enabling them to match a whole lot of keywords.

Seeing as how I’ve only just trialling them you can expect a followup post where I will tell you how they are actually performing.

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The Magical Garden And The Huge Boob Bush


Disney Animation buildingOnce upon a time, in a land not so very far away, there was a magical garden tended by Sire. Sire’s expertise in the  garden was such that people used to say his green thumb extended right to his shoulder. The garden belonged to the king of the land who, much to his misfortune, married Googleless, the wicked, but buxom, witch.

Like all wicked witches Googleless was vain and her particular vanity extended to her well endowed breasts, which she maintained firm and sag free with her wicked magic. Every night as she sat topless combing her long jet black hair, she would croon to her magic mirror;

Magic Mirror on the wall

Who has the best titties of the all?

And the magic mirror would reply;

Oh Googleles, Queen so fair

Your titties are the best, beyond compare.

To which the witch queen would cackle with delight.

Now, Sire, once a royal knight of old, never liked the king’s choice of a bride, but what could he do for he was a king after all and wanton to have his way. The queen didn’t much like Sire either, most likely because of his closeness to the king, and so she made things difficult for him. Sire however, put up with her crap as he figured that the 4 weeks holiday with the 17.5% loading was well worth the irritation. Besides, he much rather tend the magical garden that joust or fight fire breathing dragons.

One day it got so bad that Sire thought it was time for payback. Knowing of her boob fixation he used all his skills to shape one of the bushes in the garden into the most luscious, titillating breasts that he could ever have imagined.

That night as the wicked witch queen sat brushing her hair, her full breasts staring at her in the mirror;

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who has the best titties of them all?

To which the mirror replied;

Oh Googleless, Queen so fair

There are better titties than your luscious pair.

Googleless stopped mid stroke, her jaw dropped and the blood drained from her face, but only for a moment, for before you could say Google Slap, her face went red with rage and she let out a tirade of abuse that scorched the gold flakes from the mirror’s frame.

Once she calmed down she compelled the mirror to reveal whose breasts could possible be better than her own. So it was that she learned of Sire’s magical bush. “A bush,” she screams. How can a bush be better than these tits of mine, which are real and silicon free. (Reckon she must have forgotten about the magic she’s been using the vain bitch)

It was then that the mirror showed her Sire’s marvelous creation, and when she saw that they were truly better than her own she had a heart attack and died.

Upon her death a dark veil was lifted from that not so far off land, yet none but Sire knew the part that the boob bush had to play. All that people knew of the bush was that it was truly beautiful and that anyone who rubbed the leafy nipple would find good fortune. No doubt a myth that was started by the mischievous Sire.

Well, I sure hope you liked that short story, but you know it wasn’t completely fictitious. The boob bush did actually exist in my garden and I did actually tell my neighbors that I rubbed it everyday for luck. They loved it and thought the bush was a scream. Not so much the wife though. She wasn’t too impressed about having a boob with a huge nipple in her front garden. After constant nagging I decided, for the sake of some peace and quiet, that I would change the shape of the bush until it looked like the photo below.


You don’t see the boob? Use your imagination guys to remove the wart on the nipple. :tongue_laugh_ee:

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Testing Market Samurai’s Keyword Research Tool


There has been a particular product that I’ve seen a lot of reviews about all over the net, and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if you’ve seen them as well. I’m talking about Market Samurai and yes that is an affiliate link that will allow you to download a free copy so you can test it for yourself.

So, even though I’ve been hearing for ages about how all ‘these first-time internet marketing “newbies” who have been using this TOP SECRET Market Samurai software to easily capture front-page rankings, traffic and sales in their first few weeks online’, why have I waited until now to purchase the software?

Well you see things are finally starting to change around here. By the end of next week I will be out of work, after being self employed for some thirty odd years. While I’m not going into details, let’s just say that the payout figure was nowhere near what I needed to retire, and while I will be taking some time off for a long deserved rest I will need to find another source of income, and I figured why not blogging?

You guys all know how, although I’ve always known about the importance of keyword research I’ve never really applied it because I believed it would spoil my blogging experience. Well what if Market Samurai can do all the hard work for me, then I would have the best of both worlds.

You may be wondering why I purchased it rather than just trialling it for seven days. Well for one thing I’m still working and I knew I didn’t have time to run it through it’s paces and the other thing is that I didn’t want to miss out on the 35% savings for getting in early. If I let the trial expire I would have paid $149 instead of $97. The other reason is that to be an affiliate you have to own the software first, and I figured why take the chance of lost sales just for the sake of a few lousy bucks.

In case you haven’t heard of Market Samurai, it’s a keyword research tool that promises the following.

  • TOP RANKINGS in Search Engines
  • Finds the most PROFITABLE KEYWORDS
  • It will show you what it will take to DOMINATE YOUR COMPETITORS…

And believe me the Internet being the size that it is there’s a whole lot of competition out there so it’s a good idea to get the edge on them whenever you can. If you’re interested in future updates you may want to subscribe to the blog. Better still why not take the free trial and join me in the journey to what I hope will be financial freedom.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

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