Making The Move From Cable To Satellite TV

As an Aussie I like to check other countries every now and again to see how some of the services we get here stack up with those being offered overseas. Today I wanted to give cable TV a go. I get Foxtel over here and I pay $101 per month for a package that includes one foreign station, (RAI International), sports channels and a couple of movie channels and stuff. The reason I pay for Foxtel is that a lot of the time the free to air channel sucks and there is nothing worthwhile to watch. The other reason is I like to watch my sports live and hate those delayed telecasts.

This morning after a brief search I came across a Direct TV, an American service which had a really cool price comparison feature. I actually picked a package which was far superior to mine and found I could get it for under $60 a month. Man I figured that was pretty good. The only problem I found was that I couldn’t find if their Direct TV Service offered RAI International, although they did state that “DIRECTV offers more then 40 Spanish-language channels, and a variety of programming from around the world” and so it could well include RAI. I could call the number on the site to find out for sure but thought that would be pointless seeing as how us Aussies have to miss out on the good deals again.

So, are any of you guys using Direct TV System? If so, how did it compare with cable and did you use the comparison feature on the website? Also what inspired you to make the move, was it the Digital TV factor, the price, service or something completely different.

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Save Even More Money With eBay

I’ve made hundreds of dollars on eBay, and all without selling a single thing. No, I am not trying to sell you anything that will promise you how to make a fortune, but I am going to reveal how I made all that cash, and it’s not going to cost you a thing.

The truth of the matter is that I have saved hundreds of dollars by buying products on eBay, and every dollar I saved means I have more money in my pocket, and in essence it is money earned. Here are some simple eBay tricks for safe online shopping.

  • You only shop for things that you need, because if you’re going to buy things just because they’re cheap you may as well throw your money away.
  • Only buy from those showing a feedback percentage of 98% positive or better. If others are happy with their service then you probably will be too.
  • Check to see that their delivery charges are not exorbitant. Some sellers offer cheap goods but slug you with a high postal charge. If you think their postage is over the top then look elsewhere.
  • Don’t just look at the item and the price. Check out the seller by clicking on their link to find out how long  he’s been operating and what sort of feedback score he’s got.
  • Is the product new? Watch out, many people buy something thinking it’s new when it wasn’t and it’s their own fault because they didn’t the product information carefully.

Follow these tips and you will have a pleasant eBay experience. If you’re not an eBay member, now is a good time to join as they are having their first ever Super Sale! No fooling, they are actually having their first ever Super Sale and you’ll find the latest brands and greatest deals from gadgets to gold, home-wares to handbags. They tell me that quantities are limited, so it’s best to get in early and grab a bargain before someone beats you to it. Remember, every dollar saved is an extra dollar in your pocket.

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Using CJU’s Rotating Banner Function

I don’t know how many of you are members of Commission Junction, and I was just wondering if you knew that they offered rotating banners for their members to use on their blogs or websites? At first I thought that they did not offer this feature and I thought the worse of them for it.

For those of you who do not know what rotating banners are, its a cool feature that enables you to display a different banner every time your page is refreshed. I’ve include a rotating banner below for you to test;

Go ahead, refresh the page to see what I mean. Having a rotating banner in a post is probably not the best place to put it as it’s unlikely people will refresh your page just so they can see the banners change. If you have a busy blog though with many commentators there may be an advantage to display different ads upon each visit.

The other benefit of rotating banners is you do not have to worry about advertisers terminating their account and then having to remember where you pasted the code as this is done automatically.

Just follow these steps to set up your own rotating banner.

  1. Click on the ‘Get Links’ tab
  2. Now click on the ‘SmatZone Settings’. From this page you construct the SmartZones for any of your sites. You can even have different SmartZones for the same site, so you can have one for comments, one for your sidebar and even one for your header or footer and can name each zone accordingly.
  3. When constructing your zones you get to pick the type, whether it’s a banner, link or product, as well as the size. I usually go for the ‘Banner, Free’ one as it allows me to have all different sizes of banners. I use these specifically in the sidebar so that it will display different sized ads with every page view giving the blog a different look each time.
  4. Once you have constructed your SmartZones, the next step is to find the ads to display as part of your rotating banners. First you select your advertiser, and then the ad, or ads, of your choice by ticking the box next to the ad. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, once youve made your selections of the ads you want to display, select the SmartZone you want the ad to appear in and then click the ‘Add to SmarZone tab and it will take you to your SmartZone setting page showing you all the ads you have selected. Once satisfied, click the Get SmartZone Code tab and paste the code into your blog, wherever you wish the banners to appear.


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