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My YouTube Bonza Intro

My YouTube Bonza Intro video had its debut today. They say that your first video on YouTube should be one that introduces you to the YouTube world. For me, it was my 99th. Video. After all these years on YouTube, I finally produced my YouTube Bonza intro video! Because it was such an important video, I put a lot of work into it to ensure it was one of my best videos.

Introducing My YouTube Bonza Intro Video

YouTube bonza introI decided to call it My YouTube Bonza intro because I wanted my channel to be something easily remembered. And what could be easier than My Bonza Channel? That and it reflects my Aussie heritage as well.

In all my videos I always try to ensure that I have excellent lighting to produce the best quality video possible. Like I said in the video above I make sure I film in HD so that even if viewers watch it in the fullscreen mode, they always have a good experience.

I wanted to do something spectacular with my YouTube Bonza intro video, so I ordered a green screen. This was the first time I’ve ever used a green screen, and I’m so happy I did so.

Although I’m not expecting this video to get all that many views I’m going to make sure every view boosts the exposure of my blogs. That’s partly done by having screenshots of some of my blogs featured in the video and also by including links to them in the Introduction.

As I said in the video, I try to make them entertaining, and this one is no exception. You’ll notice in the video that some of my Aussie humour makes several appearances. Some are pretty obvious and one in particular not so obvious.

What do you think of my video? If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up. Oh yeah, if you’re a YouTuber, don’t forget to subscribe:drunk_tb: This post will explain why.


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Making Money Online My Adventure

I’ve decided to write a post on making money online after visiting my mate Mitch’s blog where I read his latest post, Make Money Blogging? I Have No Idea… Maybe…! I left a comment there telling Mitch how my income has remained relatively stable over the last couple of years. I was hoping to increase that this year but unfortunately, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) rule is going to stuff that up for me.

Making Money Online How To Give It A Boost

The thing with making money online is that for the most part, it tends to fluctuate. Fortunately, my income as a lottery affiliate is pretty stable. What I need to do to increase that is to promote those sites to boost my lottery membership. I thought to myself, what better way to do that to use YouTube to help my two lottery sites, Buy Online Lottery and Get Online Lottery.

A while back I wrote similar posts on both those blogs about the luckiest lottery site. One was the luckiest Online Lottery Agent and the other proving the legitimacy of a particular online lottery site. For both terms, I am on the first page of Google. I’m hoping that with time more people will use those terms for their search.

This is where YouTube can help. Yesterday I published my latest YouTube video, The Luckiest Online Lottery Site.

Like all my videos I’ve recorded it in HD so even if they watch it in the full-screen mode they will have a good experience. I’m also experimenting with specific effects to make the video more appealing and entertaining. What do you think of it?

If you’ve been following my Channel you would have noticed I’ve been publishing videos on a more regular basis.

I aim to achieve the new goals set by YouTube so they will reenable monetisation on my channel. As you can see from the image below, I’m not that far off.

Making Money Online My Adventure

I was earning about $400 a year from YouTube, and I’m hoping to double that once I’m off and running again.

I’m also started to post more regularly on my Adsense enabled blogs to boost their traffic and thereby my earnings.

I’m not one to give up when the rules are changed. That always happens in life I’m one to change the way I operate to meet those changes.

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to my Channel I will return the favour and subscribe to yours.


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Funny Irish Jokes Friday Funnies #302

You all know I love funny Irish jokes, right? I also know I’m not the only one who likes funny Irish jokes. That’s why funny Irish jokes occur so often on this blog, to appease my avid readers. Two of my more favourite funny Irish jokes include Sexy Sal’s Blonde Joke & Irish Humor FF #62, way back in 2013 and more recently Irish Jokes That Make You Laugh Friday Funnies #279!

Today’s funny Irish jokes takes place in a Dublin surgery. (Just so you know, Grammarly tells me that I should drop the ‘s’ in takes but you guys all know that’s for SEO purposes right?)

Funny Irish Jokes That Makes You Laugh

A doctor in Dublin wanted to get off work and go fishing, so he approached his assistant

“Murphy, I am going fishing tomorrow and don’t want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic and take care of all me patients”.

“Yes, sir!” answers Murphy.

The doctor goes fishing and returns the following day and asks: “So, Murphy, how was your day?”

Murphy told him that he took care of three patients. “The first one had a headache, so he did, so I gave him Paracetamol.”

“Bravo Murphy lad, and the second one?” asks the doctor.

“The second one had indigestion, and I gave him Gaviscon, so I did sir,” says Murphy.

“Bravo, bravo! You’re good at this and what about the third one?” asks the doctor.

“Sir, I was sitting here, and suddenly the door flies open, and a gorgeous young woman bursts in, so she does. Like a bolt outta the blue, she tears off her clothes, taking off everything including her bra and her knickers and lies down on the table, spreading her legs and shouts:

‘HELP ME for the love of St Patrick! For five years I have not seen a man!’

“Tunderin’ lard Jesus Murphy, what did you do?” asks the doctor.

“I put drops in her eyes.”

Naturally, I can’t complete a Funny Fridays post without my customary The Creator creation.  :smoke_tb:

funny Irish jokes

Finally, I have a Funny Irish jokes video for you as well.

For those of you who don’t know YouTube have changed the rules for small YouTubers such as myself. You can read about that here. I need more subscribers to help me meet their new target. You can help by subscribing to my channel. let me know in the comments that you’ve done so and I will subscribe to your channel.

I know it’s a Friday Funnies post, but I’m posting it today, Thursday, because I have some stuff to do tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to work for a living.  :tongue_laugh_ee:

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Famous Einstein Quote Friday Funnies #301

Apparently, there has been a famous Einstein quote that’s been floating around the net for some years now. I got it in the email today, and I found it quite amusing. Which is why it’s made it into this weeks Friday Funnies.

It all has to do with how the mobile phone is destroying society and has several images to support the fact. First, you’re presented with the photos and then finally you’re given the famous Einstein quote!

Preceding The Famous Einstein Quote

Famous Einstein Quote

Newlyweds planning their honeymoon.

Famous Einstein Quote

A day at the beach.

Famous Einstein Quote

Having dinner with your mates. What ripping conversation!

Famous Einstein Quote

Out on an intimate date.

Famous Einstein Quote

Having a conversation with your best mate.

Famous Einstein Quote

Visiting the museum.

Famous Einstein Quote

I know that Albert Einstein was one super smart bloke, but I had my doubts as to whether or not he came up with this quote. So, did Albert Einstein come up with the quote, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots?” Apparently not as can be attested by this website.

Now, I can’t just leave you without giving you what I believe to be a hilarious joke.

Woman Farts In BMW Dealership

Jenna walks into a BMW dealership. She browses around, spots the Top-of-the-line Beemer and walks over to inspect it. As she bends over to feel the beautiful leather upholstery, she mistakenly farts out loud.

Feeling very embarrassed, she looks around nervously to see if anyone has noticed her little accident and prays that a salesman doesn’t pop up right now.

As Jenna turns around, her worst nightmare comes to pass in the form of a salesman standing right behind her. Cool like Johnny Depp and displaying complete professionalism, the salesman greets the lady with, “Good day, Madame. How may I help you today?”

Feeling very uncomfortable, but hoping that the salesman may just not have been there at the time of her accident, Jenna asks, “Sir, what is the price of this lovely car?”

The salesman answers, “Madam if you farted just touching it, you are going to absolutely shit yourself when I tell you the price.”

If you’re looking for more laughs you should check out these really funny Little Johnny jokes.


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