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There’s More To Helium Than Meets the Eye


I’ve been a member of Helium for some time now and although I’ve already written a couple of posts on them, check the related posts at the end of this one if you’re interested, I thought I should add something new in this one.

I suppose in a way you could call it an update, but it’s not like they’ve changed something that warranted an update, it’s just that this has just popped in my head and I decided to write about it. In case you’re not sure what Helium is, here’s an excerpt from their about page.

Helium is the face of the publishing revolution!

Helium is also a knowledge co-operative where our writers are also our editors who read and rate every article on the site.

At Helium, we believe that everyone can contribute what they know to share with millions of readers around the globe.

At Helium, we believe readers want a choice of viewpoints – not just one opinion on any subject.

At Helium, we believe publishers need an easier, more efficient way to get the content they need.

At Helium, great writing rises to the top. And great writing reaps great rewards.

  • Helium’s best writers earn cash through:
  • Upfront Payments for contributed work
  • Daily revenue share
  • Writing contests
  • Our best writers are recognized through:
  • Citizen Journalism Awards
  • Published articles through Marketplace
  • Professional journalism organizations

Not a bad ‘about’ page if I do say so myself. Although I don’t struggle looking for topics to write on my blogs I’ve still found that Helium has always provided me some inspiration when I visit there, which I do every couple of days so that I can vote on their articles. Voting on articles earns you ‘rating stars’ and these are necessary for earning an income on their site. While rating these articles you can see what others have written and more often than not they may inspire you to write on the same topic, meanwhile giving you fodder for another post.

Just today I had to vote on some poetry under the heading ‘If I Ruled The World”. That link will take you to my poem on Helium so you can see how it stacks up against the other poems on the same topic. It’s now rated 15 out of 27 but I’m hoping it will improve as time goes on.

If I ruled the world
things would change
So many rules would be unfurled
Some may consider them strange

Do gooders would think twice
Before speaking their mind
Giving ridiculous advice
Advice that should be declined

There would be no money spent on war
There are so many better uses
Ones far better than opening the door
To fighting rape and other abuses

Politicians would be treated the same
As the people they feign to rule
If they can’t handle the game
Then they are nothing but fools

Racism will cease to exist
Everyone will be treated the same
Those whose hatred will persist
Will be looked upon with shame

Ostracized by the world united
Forced to live on their own
Waiting until realization is ignited
And they no longer have to be alone

No longer will people fight for profit
While watching others starve
As they learn the wisdom of the Prophet
It’s better to give than an empire carve

Honestly I reckon you could do worse than by joining Helium and if you’re in anyway interested just let me know in the comment section and I’ll send you a personal invitation. If you do decide to join here’s a couple of tips for you.

  1. Use Keywords: This is just as important as using it in your blog posts. Not only will it help others to find it via the search engines it also helps those using Helium’s own search facility, and the more exposure you get the more potential for increasing your income. I failed to do this at the beginning and it’s probably the main reason why I’m not earning as much as I could be.
  2. Proof Read Before Posting: This is also important as once posted you can’t edit it unless you have a leapfrog or two up your sleeve. I’ve read many a post where people haven’t proof read their article and this has always worked against them when I rate their article.

That should give you a good head start so that if you do join you will be way ahead of newbies who haven’t had anyone to counsel them on the ways of Helium.

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DoFollow NoFollow War Compared To The Toilet Seat Saga


What’s that, you don’t know what the toilet seat saga is referring to? :doh_tb: What planet are you from, Venus or perhaps it’s Mars. :laugh_tb: Well, for as long as I can remember there have been arguments between men and women as to which is the natural position for the toilet seat, is it up or is it down?

Most women will say that it’s down, not surprising as that saves them the hassle of putting it down if it’s currently in the up position. Men on the other hand don’t particularly care, if it’s down those who love their wives lift it up rather than having to rely on their aim. If they remember they will place it in the down position but normally they just wander off in search of another beer. This could result in having to put up with their wife screaming at them because they failed to check before sitting down. Honestly ladies, you just have to be more observant. :devil_tb:

You’re probably wandering what all this had to do with dofollow and nofollow? It only just came to me today during a conversation with Mitch via the comments on my post about the Ttoilet seats natural poitionop 5 Reasons That People Aren’t Advertising On Your Blog. Most people who do not want to piss Google off do not do paid ads and if they do they insist on using the nofollow attribute. Even the guys who developed WordPress built it into the code so that all links showed up as nofollow in the comment section.

To me the question is what is the natural attribute on a link, is it dofollow or is it nofollow? Unlike the toilet seat saga I believe that there is a definitive answer and that is it’s obviously  DOFOLLOW? Think about it, whenever you link to a site it is automatically a DOFOLLOW link, you have to physically add the NOFOLLOW attribute to make it do something that is unnatural to it’s true being.

So, who do we blame all this confusion about what form of link one should be using? Ultimately it’s all Google’s fault, Google and the other search engines. Originally it was touted as being the savior for all the comment spam that was hitting the blogs but I personally feel it goes deeper than that. Later on we’re told that it was interfering with Google’s algorithms and how they wanted to represent a ‘purer’ search results to their users. One can only wander if that’s the absolute truth or if there is an anterior motive?

So when you are deciding which path to take when choosing between the two types of link think about the link itself and how it must feel when you force it to do something it’s not designed to do.

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Top 5 Reasons Why No-One Is Advertising On Your Blog


I know that not every blogger wants to monetize their blog, but I believe there are far more who do. And why shouldn’t they, there’s nothing wrong with making a little money while doing the thing you love. Those who do decide to monetize their blogs normally just place Google Adsense or Chango ads on their blog and they then sit back while waiting for that elusive click.

Others will set up a spot on the sidebar with an ‘Advertise Here’ heading but all you see are empty spaces. They sit there scratching their heads while crying rivers of tears over their keyboards because no-one’s buying any ads. Well cry no more guys because I’m here to tell you the top 5 reasons why no-one is advertising on your blogs.

  • Your Blog hasn’t been around long enough!
  • Honestly, if you’ve just started your blog you really shouldn’t monetize it straight away. Your best bet is to build up a good readership first and only then worry about selling advertising space. Don’t be disheartened if things start off slow at first because if you’re willing to put in a lot of hard work into it then it won’t be long before you can build up a respectable readership.Take Patricia of, her first post, About Me: All Things Lavender, was posted on March 27th! Yet in only a few short months she has built up a large readership and the amount of comments she gets could leave some probloggers shaking their heads in disbelief.
  • You Don’t Have A Contact Page!
  • Come on people, it’s not rocket science you know. An advertiser can’t contact you if there’s nothing on your blog that allows him to do so. There are may plugins that will allow you to do this. Personally I use Mike’s Fast Secure Contact Form.
  • You’re Not Selling Yourself
  • Most people who may want to advertise on your blog will need a reason to do so. You need to sell your blog to them. I constructed a special page that I called Advertise Here just so I can encourage advertisers to drop some of their hard earned cash into my waiting wallet.This is your virtual sales page, where you will list all the reasons why someone should advertise on your blog. You may want to mention your PR and Alexa rating. You could even stress that you are a consistent poster and how this had led to a large readership. This page should be so good that they can’t help themselves but to contact you for an advertising spot. Oh, one last thing, you’ll also want to mention what it will cost them for an ad..
  • Your Not Automated
  • Let’s face it, we live a busy world where time is money. There are times when an advertiser doesn’t want to go through all the hassle of contacting the blogger and discussing prices. Some will want an automated system that will let then place an ad automatically.This is where OIOpubliasher comes in. This plugin is a professional ad manager that will save you and the advertiser time, and I can vouch that it works. I have some advertisers that subscribe to a monthly rate and some that pay for months at a time. The best thing is that I don’t have to keep track of when they expire because it’s all done automatically! You can get $10 off this month if you use the following coupon XMASGIFT-WASSUP.
  • Leaving Empty Ad Spaces!
  • At the beginning of the post I mentioned those blogs that have all those empty ad spots waiting to be filled. Now why would someone outlay good money on your blog when he can see as plain as day that no-one else is willing to? Your solution is simple, fill those spots up with affiliate ads, heck you may even make a sale or two from them. If anything just leave one spot with an advertise here link as a juice bait..

Naturally there are other things like increasing traffic to your blog as traffic is a great sweetener for any advertiser. One of the reasons for me purchasing Market Samurai is so that I can build traffic to my niche sites.

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