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How To Make Money Off A Popular Post


As you well know I love to share money making ideas on this blog. Unfortunately coming across good ones is pretty rare and so I post a lot of other interesting and entertaining articles to keep all you guys interested so that you keep coming back for more. Unfortunately there may be some, because of their busy lives, who miss out on important articles every now and again and if you don’t want that happening to you I recommend you subscribe to my list. You’ll find a link and a subscription form over in my sidebar to your right.

This post may not be for all bloggers as there may be some who have no interest is using their blog for making money. However, for those of you who love blogging and who don’t have a problem in using your blog for increasing your earning potential, then I urge you to read on.

What I’m going to present to you in this post is something way beyond adsense. It doesn’t even have anything to do with affiliate marketing. All you need is either a blog or a website that has information on it that is so useful that people will pay you to get access to it. You’ve probably seen that plugin which displays something like, “If you like this post why don’t you buy me a beer?”, only no-one ever buys you one.


Enter MediaPass! Have you ever wondered why hundreds of websites like ESPN, NY Times, The Economist and The Star Tribune are beginning to charge for select content ? It’s because their paid subscription pages far out-yield their free pages. MediaPass allows you to have recurring paid subscriptions and do so with the same level of sophistication as the major players who are spending millions to build a subscription platform in-house, only it won’t cost you a cent to join.

I’m trying it on this one particular post that explains to people how to fix their iTouch when Safari won’t connect to the Internet. It’s called My iPod Touch Safari Won’t Work. You can see from the amount of comments on this post that the instructions work and everyone is happy to leave a comment telling me so. A few even actually bought me a beer. Why not charge them a small fee to gain access to the post that will solve their problem?

I’ve only just installed the code on that post the other day and I’ve made my first sale. I’ve only charged $5 for the information and out of that I received $3.25, so they’ve taken 35% commission for handling the transaction. That’s fine with me because without them I would never have made the sale in the first place. Add to the mix that they accept most credit cards and PayPal and you should see the potential for earning extra income.

Just remember a couple of  very important points for this to work.

  1. The post you place it on must offer content that people will be willing to pay for! If you consider my example  I am offering a solution for a problem that has been proven to work.
  2. The post you choose must get a fair amount of visitors. I’ve known for a long time that post does very well in the SERPS but until recently I couldn’t work out how to cash in on it. I did think of writing an ebook, but honestly there just isn’t enough information on that post to warrant that.

If you can fulfill those couple of points you should be able to put a few extra bucks into your pocket as well.

If you don’t want to miss out on other thought provoking articles then you really should subscribe to my List.

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To Moderate Or Not To Moderate, That Is The Question


As far as I’m concerned the answer is obvious, there is absolutely no reason today for anyone to moderate their comments. Sure, once long ago it was necessary because there was no real way to combat all the spam that was out there. That’s not the case today because there are plugins that will deal with just about everything that the spammers, those low life miscreants, will throw at you.

I actually use two plugins. The first is the GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin, better known as GASP! The guy that put this plugin together is the very same guy who developed commentluv, the one plugin that almost everyone loves. If you’re still using those annoying captchas I seriously suggest you switch to GASP. I was shocked at how much of  the spam I was getting was from spambots.

The other plugin I use in conjunction with GASP is Akismet as it catches all the human spammers. Using the two together frees up my time, time better spent doing other things like commenting on other blogs.Knowing all this I can’t imagine why so many bloggers waste their precious time moderating their comments. Get with it you guys, STOP MODERATING YOUR COMMENTS!

Still not satisfied? I mean it’s your blog right, and if you want to moderate them you should be allowed to? Why should you listen to me anyway, who am I to tell you how to run your blog.? Your problem is that I am not a lone voice on this matter. Just the other day I was reading one of Mitch’s post where he was talking about decluttering his online life. Mitch went so far as to say he would no longer subscribe to blogs who moderate comments!

I’m sure if I did a search I would find many more examples of people who are pissed off at their comments going into moderation. I know I am. I take a lot of pride in my comments. I take the time to read the post, to think about what I’m going to say and the the writing of the comment itself, only to find that it goes into moderation or it disappears altogether and I think to myself, ‘What the frack is that all about’?

If there was one other plugin I would say is essential if you want a successful blog it would have to be a subscribe to comment plugin. There’s a lot of them around, just pick one that only notifies the commentator when someone replies to his actual comment. This is important as some plugins send an email every time someone leaves a comment and this can be quite annoying, especially if you have a busy blog.

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Reviewing Two More Auto-Responders MailChimp Still Wins


Ever since I wrote my post on Why I Chose MailChimp Over Aweber I’ve had several people ask me about what other auto-responders I had tried out. Before I get into that there is something you need to know about me. I hate to shop around, I feel its just a waste of time. If I find a product or service that I like I just go out and buy it. This surprised the heck out of my wife but she’s used to it by now. It’s like when we needed a new car,  I knew how much I wanted to spend so when I found a car that was within the budget I bought it.

In the case of auto-responders I wanted one that was free and so I was pleased as punch when I found MailChimp. The only reason I looked any further was because Ben brought to my attention how they wouldn’t allow affiliate links to be used in campaigns. Read the above post to find out how you can use affiliate links with MailChimp as long as it’s done properly and in a non spamming way. Once I had found that I could use affiliate links the search stopped, but just I thought it best to post my results of the other two I had tried out.

List Wire

List Wire is the brainchild of Gary Ambrose. This auto-responder is completely free, forever, no matter how big your list grows. A word of warning though, the sales pitch starts from the moment you land on the home page where you will see a rather entertaining video where Gary uses a sales pitch to promote Listwire as well as trying to sell you some of his other products. Nothing wrong with that as that’s what online marketers do.

So, knowing full well I would be signing up for a list that would more likely than not fill my inbox with offers, which it does on a daily basis, note to self to unsubscribe, I signed up. After using MailChimp I found Listwire to be cumbersome and that it lacked the features I was used to. I’m a person that likes things to be easy to use and my personal opinion is that Listwire lacked that. Perhaps if I stuck it out it would have become clearer but I wasn’t prepared to do that when I already had one that was so easy to use.

Auto-Responder And Mailing List Manager

One other option I had thought about was to have my own auto-responder. I was sure that somewhere out there I would be able to find a way of having my own auto-responder thereby having complete control and never having to pay anyone for having a list. I came across the Auto-Responder and Mailing List Manager. That link will take you to their home page where you can either try the free unrestricted Lite version or opt to buy the Pro Version for around $74 for one domain. Needless to say I opted for the Lite version.

I downloaded AMLM, unzipped the file and uploaded it to a directory on my Wassupblog domain. The installation instructions are quite simple but there were some technical problems with the installation. I found the solutions to the problems quite easily in the forums, and apparently it only occurs with the Lite version. One would have thought though that they would have resolved those issues even with the Lite version as it makes the whole product somewhat suspect.

Anyway, I got it to work and all and all it is pretty simple to use. You can send plain text as well as html but unlike MailChimp that has professional templates ready for you to use you have to design your own. You can produce your own subscription box of which this is a sample. Take note that although this box is fully operational I will not be using this as a list were you to accidentally sign up. If you want to join my growing list you’ll find the real form in my sidebar over there on your right.

Name: *

Email: *
Country: *

While it does all the basic stuff you would want from an auto-responder it lacks some of the features, which even at such a short time, I’ve become accustomed to with MailChimp. Having said that you may still want to trial the free version, who knows, you may find it adequate for your needs.

Edit: I just tried to unsubscribe from Gary Ambrose’s list and got the following message.

WARNING! You are canceling your List Wire account!

Please read this short message before you continue!

If you remove yourself from this list you will also be permanently, and irreversibly canceling your List Wire account, and any sub-accounts you have under the username, sire!

If you choose to continue the unsubscribe process, you will no longer have access to any of your lists, sub-lists, prospects, messages, and any other data stored with List Wire.

Unsubscribing will also cause all of your subscription forms, squeeze frames, followup messages, and tracking links to stop working immediately.

To keep your List Wire account, and continue using our services, you must remain on this list and continue receiving our promotional messages. Simply close this page, and take no further action.

If you are absolutely sure that you wish to continue with the unsubscribe process, knowing that you will be canceling your List Wire account, and permanently losing access to all List Wire services and data, you can remove yourself from this list by clicking link below.

Needless to say I went and unsubscribed. Lucky for me there was nothing for me to lose. I just thought you should know in case you were thinking of using Listwire.

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