Release The Child In You And Become A Better Blogger

I remember when I was a kid all those years ago and my parents took my sister with them on a holiday to Italy and after a few short months when they returned she spoke perfect Italian. She couldn’t speak English, although she understood it, and whenever we asked something she always replied in Italian. Unfortunately it didn’t take that long before she picked up English again and as she did so her grasp on Italian dropped off.

Those of you who are parents have most likely noticed how children soak things up like a sponge. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they haven’t acquired all the barriers that adults use that prevent them from moving forward. When we get confronted with a new language, rather than trying to learn it we would rather get them to learn ours; it’s so much easier that way isn’t it? It’s sort of like a wall we put up that prevents us from learning.

The other thing that holds us back is negativity. We don’t attempt things because we’re scared that we will fail. Too bad really considering that it’s those failures that teach us important lessons and by not allowing ourselves to fail we remain ignorant in life. Not so the little ones, they just do it, and if they fall down they get up and try again.

I reckon we should be able to apply this to our blogs. We should become more childlike. Rather than sitting back worrying if what we’ve written is good enough, post it and fix it latter if need be. How many drafts have you got just sitting there waiting for the time when you think it’s good enough for the world to see? They may never see it unless you act now and take the chance.

We must open our minds and allow the world to seep in, only then will we find those topics that have been evading us. If you’re really stuck, don’t just sit there worrying about it. Go out for a walk, admire your surroundings and relax. Let the blog recede into the outer recess of your mind letting the rest of the world filter in, and sooner or later you will notice the glimmer of ideas forming. Kids don’t worry about things nearly so much as adults do.

It’s unfortunate that they lose their innocence and sponge-like qualities as they grow older. Perhaps those who have made it in this world of ours have maintained some of those qualities and are able to see and grasp ideas and work them into something that they can use, where the rest of us see them as stumbling blocks.

Just so you know this post was inspired by the following video. This little girl is truly remarkable.

What do you think? Would there be advantages to having childlike qualities, and if so what can you add to the mix?

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Where Bloggers Meet, A Forum For Bloggers

I’ve actually surprised myself, not a week after completing my first Squidoo Lens, I’ve just completed lens number two, Why You Should Join Forums. The reason for the second lens was to promote my forum Where Bloggers Meet. This forum used to be attached to the Wassup domain, but I felt that it was important enough to warrant it’s very own domain.

It took me most of a day to get it up and running properly as I had to overcome several problems, the greatest one being that it wouldn’t let anyone join. It probably would have been better to upgrade it before I moved the forum rather than later. Don’t you just love upgrades? :wallbash_tb:

Anyway, she’s up and running and looking for new members. If you haven’t joined yet, now is a great time to get into it. Why should you join?

For those of you who are wanting to get a better PR, a forum may be one step in your journey to improve your ranking. It is fairly easy obtaining a reciprocal link (where you exchange your link with another site) and a lot harder to achieve a one-way link (where another website links with yours without requiring a reciprocal link). Most SEO experts agree that Google holds one-way links as highly important and will usually give a site with lots of one-way links a higher PR. The reasoning behind this is that if a lot of sites are linking to one particular site then that site must be pretty important and hence warrants a higher PR.

How do you get these prized and highly sought after links? One such way is by joining forums. Of course the best forums to join would be the ones with a high PR as well as those with a high member base. Once you have joined the forum the first thing you have to do is to adjust your signature, which is found in your profile. That signature will contain the link to your blog and every time you leave a post on a forum that link will be attached to the bottom of it.

Before joining any forum, just like when blog commenting, one must maintain the proper Forum Etiquette, especially when joining mine :guns_tb: :king_tb:

Forum Etiquette

The first thing to remember once you have joined is that you are in someone else’s domain, his or her “virtual home” so do not abuse the privilege. Most forums have rules, please read and follow them at all times. As far as posting goes you may take note of the following guidelines.

  • Make your questions (and responses) as clear and intelligible as possible. Watch your spelling and punctuation and refrain from using “online chat” lingo and abbreviations as these tend to look less professional and may confuse many users not used to the net or if their primary language is not English
  • Your post should have a relevant subject, as this is the first thing someone will see. “Runtime Error 429 ActiveX component can’t create object” will attract more viewers than”Please Help” title.
  • Don’t post in a forum where you don’t have something constructive to say, this is not polite and is a waste of their time as well as your own.
  • Don’t just go posting without first giving a lot of thought to what you about to say. Remember your posting is a door way to your site. If you write a lot of garbage no one is going to visit your site. You may gain a better PR but you have just thrown away a huge potential customer base. If you post something intelligent or are able to solve someone’s problem you will be amazed how many visitors this will send your way
  • Remember to be polite at all times.

Forums are especially important and can send the most traffic if it matches your niche, if you have one, providing that your interaction on the forum shows that you’re someone who know what he’s talking about.

So, now that you know what’s required of you as far as etiquette goes, why not go out there and start joining some forums, especially mine. :laugh_tb:

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Moneybackco Now Offering Coupon Codes

A couple of months back I did a post on Moneybackco and how the company was all about saving people money. Well it seems that someone from over there came across that post and asked me if I could tell you guys about some special deals they have on offer.

It seems that apart from the normal cash saving avenues, re my last post, they’ve also got coupon codes available. For those of you not familiar with coupon codes, or promotion codes as they are sometimes referred to, it’s usually a ticket or docket of some sort that you can exchange for a greater discount on a particular product. When buying online it’s normally a code that you can enter to get a better discount than you normally would.

Moneybackco has several pages of promotion codes covering a wide range of products. I’ve had a quick look and I noticed that while it’s usually 20-30% of there was one on the first page that offered a savings of some $400 off! That’s quite impressive. I clicked through to see where it would take me and I landed on Dell’s home page. I’m not sure how the discount is applied to the product, as it’s only available on selected Vostro systems.  I assume that once you land on the selected page you would have to search for those products that the coupon applies to.

Still, I can see where coupon or promotion codes, whatever you want to call them, can offer the discerning customer even greater savings and seeing as how the economic climate is still pretty crappy, I reckon any potential savings can be considered money in the pocket.

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