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Do You Want To Outrank The Probloggers


Step right up folks , don’t be shy because what you hear here today could put you in front of the big boys in blogging. That’s right folks I am going to reveal to you something today that will make you stand above the rest. You may not make as much money as the problogers of this world, you may not even get as many visitors or comments on your blogs, but what you will learn today will  put you on a different pedestal way above the best of them!

What’s that young sir, how much will this information cost you? Well now, that depends how fast you act on it. Act now and it is absolutely free, but wait too long and you may well have to pay for it. Just read my post on How To Make Money Off A Popular Post. You! The ranga with the big tits and low cut blouse. No need to roll your eyes young lady. Your good looks and big boobs will only get you so far and no further, and if you want to make something of yourself you would do well to listen to what I have to say, and if you really want to learn something you should see me in my rooms directly after this blog post. :devil_tb:

That’s it folks, gather around, you do not want to miss a word of what I have to say. First off I want to show you a graph.


This graph represents the Alexa Rank of WassupBlog up against 4 very well known bloggers, what some may call A Listers. I won’t say their name out loud because we don’t want them to hear what I am about to tell you, because if they did they have the following to blow us out of the water. Rather than naming them I will refer to them by their initials. As you can see D.R. is way on the top, as he should be being and Aussie and all. J.S. is second, J.C. is third and D. Ris. fourth just above yours truly. D Ris. actually once commented on this blog saying that it reminded him of a Christmas tree :smoke_tb:

Well you see folks, there is a part of Alexa that very few people utilize and that is the Review section. If you were to compare this blog against those same bloggers it would come in third. D.R. is first with 6 reviews, J.C. second with 6, WassupBlog third with 3 and D. Ris and J.S. lagging behind with no reviews at all. So you see with a little help from you guys I could be outranking the best of them, review wise that is.

All you have to do is go to Alexa and Review this blog, leave a comment saying you did so and then I in return will do the same for you. You don’t have to write any BS either, your honest opinion is all that is required. Constructive criticism is always appreciated especially if it will help to improve this blog.

What’s that young man, what’s in it for you? Well it probably won’t put any money in your pocket, I reckon that’s pretty unlikely. However, if anyone, say a potential advertiser perhaps, was to check out your Alexa Review and they saw you had a whole heap of them they may want to advertise on your site. Someone who wasn’t sure about who you are and what you’re selling may see it and perhaps it’s all that is needed to convince them to be a paying customer, so indirectly it could well put some money in the old wallet after all. All you need do is write your own post asking your readers to review your site.

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart Blogger


I reckon there are two things that set WordPress apart from other blogging platforms, the amount of quality themes available and the plugins. There are so many plugins out there that you can do almost anything you want with your blog. I don’t know about you guys but while visiting other blogs I’ve often wondered what plugins they were using, That being the case there may even be some of you who are wondering about the ones I use.

The obvious ones are commentluv, dofollow and keyword luv plugins, but for the purpose of this post I won’t be including them as I figure most bloggers are familiar with them. I think it more appropriate that I write about the ones that work behind the scenes, the ones you don’t see, or even the ones that you may see but don’t know what plugin is making it work.

you & me, me & you

  1. Quick Cache: Over the years I’ve tried several caching plugins and I settled on this one because apart from doing the job well it is the easiest caching plugin I’ve come across. It even has a ‘clear cache’ icon that can be accessed from every page of the dashboard.
  2. FT Signature Manager: This plugin’s actually designed so the blogger can place a signature at the end of the post. I on the other hand saw another use for it, one that’s proven to be quite profitabe. I’ve used it to advertise the Flexsqueeze theme, yep, that’s the one you’ll see at the bottom of thisand every post.
  3. Insights: This plugin is a real time saver as it can search the net for information, pictures and videos etc. for your blog posts. It will even search your own blog.
  4. LMB^Box Comments Quicktags:  This plugin inserts a quicktag toolbar above the comment form. The toolbar alllows the commentator to insert smilies, links, quotes and other funtions into the comment. What I love the most about it is that it has a large selection of smilies. You will have to modify your comments.php for this plugin to work.
  5. Max Banner Ads: I did a post on this plugin called Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner Ads.
  6. Microkid’s Related Post: This plugin allows you to select posts that are related to the one you’re currently working on and places them at the end of the post. Great for interlinking your posts and for giving your reader a selection of related posts.
  7. WordPress Database Backup: This plugin is absolutely essential, especially if you’re a slack blogger like me who never backups their blog. With this plugin it’s all done automatically. I have mine set up so that it sends me the backup via email on a daily basis.
  8. Stats: I love this plugin. It supplies all the stats I need. At the top of the page it gives you a line graph of views per day. It will also show you the top posts and pages for today and yesterday, as well as referrers for the last two days. The best thing is that it also shows what links people have been clicking on, and all on the same page.
  9. OIOpubliasher: This is another essential plugin that I use on all my popular blogs. It allows advertises to automatically pay for adspace on your blog. It’s one of the few plugins that I’ve paid for, and it’s paid for itself many times over.
  10. SEO Smart Links:  I use this plugin to link keywords and phrases with affiliates that I am promoting. You could even use it to link to individual posts in your blog that’s been specifically written to promote an affiliate. You can have it set up so that it only works with your posts or you can include your comments as well.

Naturally I use a lot more plugins but I consider these to be a more essential than the others, yeah, even the smilies, I can’t live without those. If you had to pick just one of these plugins which one would you choose and why?

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Of Links Lists And Other Blogging Matters


A while back I did a post on how Not Clicking On A Link can cost you and I’m not just talking about money as you may be missing out on golden opportunities as well. Basically I was trying to work out why certain people were not clicking on some links that were presented in a post. I figured the best way was to have a poll and the first part of this post is to discuss the results.

It wasn’t the most popular of polls as only 23 people took the time to vote, yet even so there was a trend.

  • Not enough time and will come back later (35%, 8 Votes)
  • I ain’t afraid of no links! (35%, 8 Votes)
  • The credibility of the author (13%, 3 Votes)
  • Scared of being sucked in by a scam (13%, 3 Votes)
  • It’s just too hard (4%, 1 Votes)
  • Fear of failure (0%, 0 Votes)

It seems that most people didn’t have the time, they’re just blog hopping and leaving a comment. Perhaps they liked the idea and made a mental note to come back later, unfortunately I reckon most of them would just forget about it. Lost opportunities.

I ain’t afraid of no links, scored equal top and these are the people who will click on a link if they thought they saw something interesting. These are the adventurous types, like yours truly :wink_ee: who realize that you have to sample all that life has to offer you in order to be able to sift the good from the bad.

The credibility of the author, only scored 3 votes. This did surprise me as I thought it would be on the top of the list. Heck even I wouldn’t click on a link if I thought the authors credibility sucked. Although I love to sample life I don’t like wasting my time. :guns_tb:

The other two points didn’t really matter as I just stuck them in to make the poll bigger. That was a mistake and from now on future polls will only include relative points. There were a lot of interesting comments so you may want to have a look to see what people actually said.

My next poll is all to do with Lists. In my post Why The List Hater Has His Very Own List I told everyone how I succumbed to the list building idea. I also said how I would not spam them and that I would only email my subscribers when I posted a new article on this blog. The thing is I’ve noticed over time that less people were opening my emails and it got me to thinking, was I sending out too many campaigns?

Unlike other List builders I am concerned about my subscribers and wherever possible I want to make them happy and if that means sending out less emails then I am quite happy to do that. I don’t want to be like those internet marketers whose only concern is to suck people into buying some crap and in order to do that they’ll continue to send out emails, sometimes on a daily basis. Their only intent is that people succumb to their Call To Action!

Real life call to actions (1)

So, the question for this poll is ‘How Often Would You Prefer To Receive A Newsletter?’

How Often Would You Prefer To Receive A Newsletter

View Results

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This isn’t just for my list subscribers either, it’s for everyone to get involved. You may even want to promote this post by doing all the normal tweeting and stumbling things so that perhaps some of those email marketers out there get an idea of how often you really want to receive their newsletters.  Naturally there are three calls to action to this post, one is to answer the poll, the second to leave a comment and the third would be to subscribe to my list by using the subscription form over there on the right. :thumbup_tb:

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