I am very fortunate to have two Heathers in my life, I’ll call them Heather I and Heather II. Naturally Heather I was the first, a most delectable woman who has a wonderful blog called Happymaking, her last post Fiction Or Bust, all about her aspirations of writing her first novel. This post is partly due to her as she once commented on one of my posts;

Sire, it was wonderful to read more about you. I love finding out what makes people tick, why they do the things they do. Especially people I know.

Then there is Heather II. I must be totally honest here in admitting that at first I thought that Heather II was Heather I, I just thought that she had changed her avatar. :doh_tb: Being the dumb ox that I am it took me quite awhile before I realized that I wasn’t talking to Heather I at all and that another totally new, and much younger Heather II had come into my life. Nothing like a change of pace, wouldn’t you say? :devil_tb:

But I digress. You see, whilst leaving a comment oh Heather II’s blog The 3D Student I mentioned how I failed art and had a self portrait that I once painted, and she said how she would like to see it. She also graciously included me in a meme called Sunshine Awards and as I don’t partake in them I’m hoping that this link will suffice.

So you see, this post aims to please both Heather I and heather II, Heather I because she will learn a little more about me and Heather II because she will finally get to see some of my artwork.

One thing you must all know is that I am not the same person that I was when I was much younger. I was always trying to find the path of least resistance. During PE when we were supposed to run a mile around the school, Malcolm, my best friend, and I found a short cut so that we could walk most of the way.

Actually thinking of Malcolm I remember a time when our PE teacher, Bazza, got Malcolm to swim out to the center of the pool and I was supposed to swim out and saved him.I tried to tell Bazza that I couldn’t swim but he made me go out anyway and as it turned out I started drowning and my mate saved me instead. Stupid dumb Bazza, you should have seen the look on his face.

But once again I digress. You see, to save time I used to borrow ideas from other sources, usually novels, for my school artwork. That one of the skull you see above was adapted from a John Wyndham novel, and happens to be my favorite piece.

This next one had pretty well the same background but the subject matter, as you can see was a city in flask. I reckon I must of thought that was what the world was heading for, and it was way before global warming and probably had more to do with Russians and nukes.

This background for this next painting was pinched from another novel, yeah I know I was a bad boy, but you have to remember that at that particular time I had shit for brains. Anyway, it was supposed to depict the fight of good over evil.

One of the artists that I admired was Wassily Kadinski, a Russian painter, and this next one was a painting that I tried painting in his style. Nope, this time it was part of the Art course as we had to do something in the style of a famous artist.

Next we have a painting of the Stonehenge, don’t know how this one came about but it did.

That was pretty well it for school. Some years later I decided to do another painting and seeing as how I liked Wassily Kadinski so much I decided to do another one using his style, only this time I used oil paint as a medium.

That same year, 1984, I decided to do my final painting, a self portrait and  once again in oil. I found working in oil was a whole lot better than acrylic.

And so my dear Heather I, Heather II and readers, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more of what lies behind Sire the blogger.

Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity

OK, I didn’t expect to be writing an update on my People Search money making opportunity so soon but I find it necessary because there appears to be some confusion.

What triggered it off was this comment left by Holly, who happens to be a very talented writer, and if you haven’t been over to her It’s All A Matter Of Perspective blog yet you should head on over there first chance you get. Her post Dog’s Cats And Slippery Cats’ is a real killer .

Anyway Holly left this comment.

Okay, I quit after the first confirmation. Now I have to create a free account at something called “Reunion.com”? And another confirmation? That raises all kinds of red flags for me – that’s where I quit.

When you decide to join the AcmePeopleSearch team you will be taken to a page that has the following three boxes on the top of the page. You can click on the image for a full size shot.

You will notice that there are three steps and that all three are ticked. This shows that I have completed all three of them and I therefore have access to the majority of the income streams. When you first see this page it will be devoid of ticks. As stated in their forum;

1.  Step 1 – Build Your Search Engine. This first step is absolutely free and is FREE FOREVER for you to earn commissions. This is where you would affiliatize your APS Engine with the first five (5) of the income streams, namely Clickbank, HDP, MyLife, CJ, Adsense. You must signup as an affiliate of these programs (Note that MyLife is not accepting new affiliate signups). You must enter your affiliate IDs from those programs during the course of your Step 1 completion.

Upon completion of Step 1 and beginning at step 1, the people search engine that you built  would have a Display Rate of 100%. This means that you will earn 100% of affiliate commissions from the first 5 income streams. As people search niche engine is huge getting 30% of all the searches done in the internet, you will be able to make a very good income by promoting your newly created Acme People Search (APS) Engine. However, the limitation is that you wouldn’t be able to promote it via Pay Per Click advertising until you brand or host it with your own web hosting (Step 2).

Now you will notice that the free version gives you access to five affiliate streams, Clickbank, HDP, MyLife, CJ and Adsense. Unless you join these affiliates you miss out on those income streams. The one that scared Holly off was MyLife, another aspect of people search and seeing as how people coming to your search engine can be considered targeted traffic, is more likely to convert earning you money.

When you get to step 2, that’s when it starts costing money, remember step 1 is free, and that $10 per month is simply the hosting fee needed to host your site. They use Global Domains which I find to be really cool and they have their own affiliate program. I completed step 2 because, just as it’s best to host your own WordPress blog, I know there would be many advantages to hosting your own people search engine.

Why did I complete step 3? Because I wanted to see the full potential and because they offered a 30 day free trial. The forum describes this step thus.

3. Step 3 – Unlock Residual Income. To make the most out of your APS business, you should unlock GDI, Hostgator, GVO and Referral Income Streams by subscribing either by Paypal or Trialpay. First 30 days is absolutely a free trial. When these income streams are unlock, you’ll be able to promote your APS business to your prospects or potential market. Note however that you should also be an affiliate of these programs and to enter your affiliate IDs in your back office (Add/Edit) in order to make money or residual income from them. When you have brought-in step-3 referrals to your APS business and they have clicked on GDI, Hostgator, GVO income streams’ link (where your affiliate links are integrated) and they have subscribed, you make money. When they have done the same and so by their referrals, you make more money, especially GDI and GVO which let you earn residual income with their tier or multi-level program. But Hostgator offers an awesome one-time huge commission potentially from your step 2 referrals only when they subscribed HG hosting.

If you’re interested you can read the full Beginners Guide at the actual forum.

The following image just shows my earnings so far. As you can see there are none from referrals but there is $125 sitting there and that was the money deposited by Tissa but which I won’t have access to until I get another $75, and he’s virtually promised me that within the month, and he’s even helping me along my adverting my engine on Google.

Honestly, so far I am impressed. It is early days yet and I will keep you updated. You may find this video interesting where he’s willing to prove to you that his system works. You may even find this link of interest, but I think I will leave it there for now as I don’t want to overload you with information.

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This blog is not all about making money. In my post, The Honest Truth About Making Money, I outlined exactly what I believed you can expect from blogging for money. What I have discovered is that you can utilize the Internet to add to your blogging income stream.

I’ve showed you how you can use Twitter to put money into your PayPal account. My Final Update On Snap Dollars also showed you proof, via a photo of the check I received, how it can be used to bring in a little extra cash. The Honest Truth About The SFI Affiliate showed how although I failed to make it work I believed it was more to do with me being an Aussie than a failure in the program itself.If you wish to view all my money related posts you just need to click on the Making Money Category which has over 50 posts in it.

While most of these schemes only add a little money in your wallet, if you combine enough of them it can add up to quite a bit at the end of the year. One thing that all these money making schemes have in common is that they are all FREE!  After being burned once I made a pact to myself that it will not happen again.

In the Twitter post mentioned above I told you how I was trialling a new scheme. That trial has almost ended and I hope to do a post soon. In one of the comments I’ve had with Dennis I mentioned how I have come upon a brand new one and he asked me to shoot him an email which I’ve done. The particular money making opportunity is a little more involved than most and so rather than wait until it’s culmination I thought I would share it with you guys as I go through it on a step by step basis.

When I signed up I didn’t even have access to this ‘Presell Page‘ where Tissa Godavitarne provides a lot of proof, including his IRS Form 1099, to substantiate his claims. He also provides his office address on Herndon Valley so people can call in personally to see him.  If any of you guys live near there perhaps you can call in to validate that it does actually exist. It’s a little hard from Australia.

As of yet I have not signed up for the GVO portion of the plan as that costs money but I am seriously considering it. The whole plan revolves around the ACME People Search Engine and while they have a free version I’ve opted to take it further so that I could have one hosted on my own domain, and I called it Sires People Search, as I believe like owning your own blog domain it will have it’s own distinct advantages.

If I was to use the free version Sires People Search would give me access to 5 income streams including ClickBank, Adsense, HD Publishing, MyLife and Commission Junction. So basically when people log onto my search engine, which unlike other sites that charge them, is free for them use, those other links that appear on the page are linked to the above affiliates. As the traffic that come to this site are targeted traffic they are more likely to convert.

I opted for the paid version, just under a $1 a day which gives me access to another four income streams,  just to see if it actually does increase my income stream. Naturally I will tell you the results in the next update.

I hope you will subscribe so as to be kept up to date with this, my latest money making project, as I don’t want you to miss out 0n any of the updates.

Honestly I wish there was a search for people option available in Australia as it would have come in really handy the last couple of months. One of my customers defaulted on a $2000 account and I had to resort to debt collecting agency to find where he was so I could take him to court. If we had a service similar to this I could have bypassed all that added expense.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Although I am new at this they have a very active forum that I can utilize to try and find any answers. Also, do not be scared to click on the links as they will make things a lot clearer. I noticed by the stats that no-one as even clicked on the search engine? Honestly, it won’t bit and if you don’t check it out how can you possibly know what I am referring to.

Just remember that there is no compulsion for you to buy anything at all.

I know there are some out there who may be a little confused about the whole thing and perhaps this complete Beginners Guide will provide some useful information.

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