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I had hoped that my post introducing my new forum Where Bloggers Meet, would entice some of my readers to join, but unfortunately most people did not take up the offer. To those of you who did join I thank you, to those others I wish to point out some important points as to why you should join.

This Forum Is DoFollow

Yep, after checking both the signature links and links left within the posts I am satisfied that the forum is a DoFollow forum which, as you know, is very important if you’re interested in building the amount of links to your blog.

More Than Just A Forum

I  want it’s members to get something more than just important and useful information. I also want them to be able to use it to increase the value of their blogs, and the way to do this is to be able to use it to construct posts that are keyword rich that point to any particular post.

This is pretty well unheard of in forums but like I said I want to be different, and so if you’re into getting free backlinks then this forum is for you.

Just as an example I’d like you to look at Using Emails As A Source For Blog Topics, a post I did that linked to three of my posts as well as another of my blogs. As you can see the post provides relevant information and the links within the post are provided as examples that highlight points in the post. This builds the value of the forum as well as providing important backlinks to the author.

I will be monitoring all posts to ensure that people do not take advantage of my generosity by posting spammy articles that provide no value to the forum. I will not be accepting any affiliate links! If you want to link to a post that is promoting an affiliate, that is fine as long as that post provides value to the forum.

Providing value is essential as this will build the popularity of the forum as well as it’s importance in Google’s eyes.

What the forum need is a membership where it’s members help to build the forum so that all it’s member benefit. As I can’t build the membership all on my own I ask all members to help in a membership drive. Perhaps you know of someone who would like to join or, even better, you could write a post about it asking your readers if they would like to join a growing community.

One thing I would like you to keep in mind is that I only want members who are willing to contribute. I know how busy everybody is so all I’m asking is at least one post per fortnight. I will be deleting anyone that joins but does not contribute as it would not be fair to those who are.

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Perception Is Important To Your Blogging Career

I feel this to be a very accurate statement and it’s because of that I try to maintain an online presence where I am known for my honesty and integrity. Everything that you do online is being judged by others and may very well give them a false perception of who you really are. You want to make sure that perception of you is as accurate as possible because if it isn’t it could hurting your online career, whether it’s blogging or affiliate marketing.

The problem is magnified because of all the social sites the majority of us are members of. Let’s just take Twitter as an example. How many times have you chosen to follow someone and their very first tweet was one where they tried to sell you something? I know I get it quite a lot, and there are times when I’ve even stopped following them. They may have been a really down to earth person but that tweet led me to perceive that all they were interested in was trying to sell me something.

Let’s study the following picture for a minute.

These women all have one thing in common. Now I know when I first saw this photo I thought that every one of them was on the verge of having a mind blowing orgasm, and I was starting to get a little excited, when it turns out that the photo was taken just as they were about to sneeze.

The thing is that if I was to write something on this photo about what was turning all these women on, you can just imagine my embarrassment when someone pointed out what actually was going on.

The question is how to improve peoples perception of you.

  1. Don’t bullshit: This one is the most important rule that you should follow. You may get away with it for a little while but once you get caught out your credibility will be shot and it’s almost impossible to get it back, unless your Tiger Woods that is.
  2. Only promote things you believe in: Honestly, if you don’t believe in a product don’t go promoting it. By far the product I’ve had most success with is FlexSqueeze and that’s only because people can see how much I love it because of the emotion I display when I’m talking about it.
  3. Don’t say it’s so when you don’t know it truly is: Some people will read the hype on a particular affiliate and they then do a post telling everybody how fantastic it is, without even trying it! If that affiliate turns out to be shit then their perception of you and everything you say from now on turns to shit with it.
  4. Be COOL!: This applies to everything you do online, from interacting with those commenting on your blog to every other interaction you have with others online. If they’re abusive to you, show them your the better person by not retaliating. State your case in a diplomatic way and if they’re not willing to listen drop it! You win more points by letting it go than by losing your cool.
  5. Be Honest!: Different from #1 in that this is referring to those who have the tendency to steal content from others claiming it as their own. It’s only a matter of time before you get caught and when you do your name will be mud from now own. Better to do your own unique post linking to the one that supplied the idea for the post.
  6. Be Humble!: I have to admit I’m getting a little tired of those posts where bloggers claim to know everything about affiliate marketing and other stuff when it’s obvious they don’t . They may fool the newbies but everyone else can see them for what they really are, jerks!
  7. Accept Criticism!: Learn to listen to others when they criticize something about your post, your blog or about something you said. Don’t get on the defensive, it’s quite possible they know what they are talking about. Better to thank them for their opinion and to voice your reasons as to why you think they may be wrong without going on the attack.
  8. Your Input!:

I know that there are lot’s of other ways that we can give people a false perception of who we really are, but I want to leave that open so that you can voice your opinion.



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Where Do You Stand On Climate Change

Climate change would have to be one of the most important issues of the times but is it really happening or are the climate skeptics right in saying it’s all bullshit? You kind of have to ask yourself why anyone would push climate change if it wasn’t entirely true. Either it’s true or they’re getting something out of pushing a lie, or the very least distorting the truth.

I know that the Labor Party have been pushing climate change for awhile now, in fact Rudd tried everything he could to put pressure on the Coalition to pass the Government’s emissions trading legislation. Legislation that would have cost Australians millions, possibly more than we could afford. What was farcical was that he was willing to sign off on the whole thing before any other country had committed themselves to it. It became obvious to many that all he was really interested in was getting a feather in his cap, one where he could parade to other world leaders how he was able to convince Australians to sign up before anyone else. Lucky we didn’t because no-one else did. The whole Copenhagen thing was a washout.

So, why would scientists manipulate data to make climate change seem more than it really is? Would it be because they didn’t want to be seen as wrong? Perhaps there was a monetary gain for them. I reckon a lot of them would be working for the government to provide them the data they need to propagate their policies. It’s apparent now that had we signed those papers the Government would be collecting a lot more taxes, taxes that probably wouldn’t have helped the environment one little bit.

Do You Believe In Climate Change?

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