What Is The True Power Of The Blog?

Those of you who may have been following me for awhile may well remember my post, Blog No Evil, The Forth Wise Monkey, where I talked about how one should always blog with integrity and how it shouldn’t be used to attack another person just for the sake of getting noticed.

I also mentioned how there is a certain power behind the written word. In this post I want to talk about the True Power Of The Blog, which really consists of more than one attribute.

The Power Of Expression

I think this is important for many bloggers, that they are able to do something online that they are unable to do in the real world. I think this is one of the very reasons why I like blogging so much as it has allowed me to actually get my thoughts out into the open rather than keeping them bottled up inside.  I’ve also found that’s some of this power as translated into the real world which is particularly cool.

The Power To Improve Your Writing Skills

I’ve noticed over the years that the way I write these days far surpasses that of when I first started blogging. I’ve also noticed that there are a lot of non English speaking bloggers who are using their blogs to help improve their English and this is another facet of a blog’s power.

The Power To Promote And Advertise

While many are struggling to make any money it’s only a matter of time before they find the right affiliate to promote, one that will bring in some cash. But this power goes beyond that of just earning a few extra bucks. Blogs can be used to promote, or to support or to raise money for a worthy cause , such as Eleanor’s Give A Brick Blog.  I promised Eleanor I would make a donation every time I made a good sale and I intend to keep my word.

The Power To Teach

I reckon this is an important one and goes beyond those blogs that merely pass on their blogging tips and tricks. Just as one example I reckon you should look at Keith Davis’ blog which is all about Easy Public Speaking. Keith has many posts that will help you become a better speaker, and if you think you will never need to make use of his skills you’re probably still single. The thing is it can help you in all walks of life, especially your professional one. I especially like his post Practice, Practice, Practice.

These are but a few examples of the Power Of The Blog. There would be many more and I’m sure that a person’s different perspective on the topic would give many more examples of how a blog has the ability to to empower the blogger.

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The Honest Truth About ACME People Search Engine

I want to be different from those people who join an affiliate and then promote the heck out of it, even if they haven’t tried it, just so that they can make a few extra bucks. I definitely wouldn’t promote a product that I didn’t believe in.  I specially would not want to promote a product as being a real money spinner if I didn’t find it to be so.

Seeing as how it’s been a month now since my post called How The People Search Craze Could Put Money In Your Pocket,  I thought it fitting to do an update on how things are progressing. First things first though, I reckon I should tell people my findings of some of the promises that were made.

  • FREE Advertising of Your Search Engine for 24 Hours After You Complete Three Easy Steps

I will take Tissa’s word for this, but what I can say is that 24 hours of advertising netted me one hit, and no sale, which is not surprising as most people would tell you that only a small percentage of people clicking a link actually purchase a product. I wouldn’t join AcmePeopleSearch just because of that promise, there has to be more substance to a program than simple promising 24 hours of free advertising.

  • A Guaranteed Bonus of $125.00 AFTER You Earn $75 (Your Incentive to LEARN how to Earn)

That promise is 100% true, as can be seen from the image posted in my Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity post. You will notice the $125 sitting there waiting for me to earn the other $75 so that I can collect the lot. Nothing wrong with dangling a bit of a carrot as far as I can see.

  • Personal Support from Tissa Godavitarne and a Community of Successful and Helpful Users

Also true as I’ve always got quick and helpful replies when posting in the forum, although I haven’t tried contacting Tissa directly.

  • Free 30 day when completing step 3!

That one is true too as completing that step simply subscribes via PayPal but doesn’t actually become active until 30 days after joining, thereby ensuring you thirty days of free access. I opted out of the subscription just before it was due as I thought I would wait until the system makes enough money to pay it’s own way. Read the post Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity to see the benefits of completing step 3.

So, now for the crunch, how much did I make in the first month? Not a bloody dime, but then I didn’t expect it to come rolling in after only a month. I can see it’s going to take some time and so I will continue to explore ways of marketing it. Things like my Squidoo Lens, my Squeeze or Landing page, Traffic Exchanges and any other avenues for promoting it that I come across.

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In Defence Of A Bloggers Right To Review A Product

Ever since my famous post Why I No Longer Link To The Likes Of ProBlogger And John Chow, I haven’t had all that much to do with the so called ‘A Listers’, but unfortunately I was brought face to face with one of them who, like Darth Vader, seems to have joined the dark side.

I was reading Lis Sowerbutt’s a review of Brian Clark’s Scribe SEO, and for those of you who know Lis you know she is a no nonsense blogger. She doesn’t hold back when she has an opinion and this review was no different. She was up front and told it just as she saw it.

Unfortunately Brian Clark, the author of the plugin, that you have to pay through the nose for, took umbrage at Lis’s review and rather than being diplomatic about it and discussing the issues that Lis, his customer, had with the plugin in the hope of getting them resolved, he went straight for the jugular. He ended his first comment to Lis by saying;

Also, I read your meta description of this post, and it says the opposite of your on-page conclusion regarding “scam.” I’d advise you change that, or our next conversation will be about libel.

This was in reference to her meta description, which can be read at the top of the browser, that stated ‘Scribe SEO – Review Of Scribe SEO – is it a scam?‘ Notice she didn’t say it was a scam, she was merely asking the question, and she was obviously targeting certain keywords. Anyway, I found this article listing the top 10 definitions of libel and as far as I could tell Lis’s post  doesn’t fit any of them, not by a long shot.

Brian’s left several comments in that post and the bulk of them says little for his character. But this post is not an attack at Brian at all. I wanted people to see how his reaction to a bad review has caused him more harm than good.

I’ve been involved in the retail industry for some 35 years and no matter what part I played in it, whether as a salesman or as a business owner, the one consistent thing I’ve learned is that the customer is always right. There has been many a time when I’ve known them to be 100% in the wrong but I’ve never made a point of it. I would try to point them in the right direction, but if they insisted I let them have their way. They are the customer and they’re the ones that butter my bread.

I was taught right at the beginning that if you gave a customer a good experience they may tell one or two others about it, but you give them a bad experience and they would make sure the whole world knew about it. Brian’s actions in the comment section of that post was about as bad as it could get. More than once he called Lis a liar when she did nothing but give her honest opinion.

Heaven forbid it had anything to do with the shortcomings of the plugin itself. Heck, he even went so far as to say;

SEO experts like Rae Hoffman, Michael Gray and Stephan Spencer have reviewed the Scribe technology, and they give a thumbs up. Much more credible sources than you given the topic.

as if throwing around the names of some bigwigs would lend credence to his argument. I reckon his biggest failing is that he doesn’t recognize hie own customer base. The plugin isn’t aimed at the SEO experts who know what they’re doing, it’s aimed at SEO newbies who have no idea how it works and perhaps if they failed to get the settings right it would give a false result.

I know of many occasions when, as a hi-fi TV/ Video salesman I got more than one call from an irate customer who accused my of selling them some dodgy equipment. Rather than going off the deep end I paid them a personal visit and found that the fault was because they didn’t install it properly. Rather than berate them I showed them where the problem lay and assured them it was a common mistake, even though it wasn’t, and left behind a satisfied customer. You know, most of them turned out to be repeat customers who always asked for me and being as how commissions was a big part of my salary, that was a good thing.

Another thing I’ve learned about business is that a very important factor is PR and I’m not talking about Page Rank, I’m talking about Public Relations, and while Brian may know a lot about Page Rank, his actions in that post shows he knows stuff all about Public Relations.

I would like to make one last point and that is one about public perception. I discussed this in my post Perception Is Important To Your Blogging Career! As a person who has previously had no knowledge of Brian, my judgment of his character can only be made from the way he carried himself while commenting on Lis’s post. My perception of his character may be entirely wrong but that’s all I have to go on because that’s the only side he’s shown me. I can tell you one thing and that is because of this, possibly flawed, perception of his character, I would never purchase anything from this bloke.

I would really like to see what your feelings are in regards to the way he handled himself. Am I looking at this all wrong? Am I merely taking the honorable knights actions by defending a damsel in distress?

On the other hand, if you agree with me perhaps you’d like to spread the word by tweeting the post or by using one of the other social websites below. Either way I would really like to know what your thoughts are? Read the rest of this entry

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