CommentLuv Premium At A Premium Price

I’m sure you guys remember my last post on CommentLuv, CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream, how I outlined some of the things that made it so great and how it leaves the old commentluv plugin for dead. Well a lot of you expressed your interest in  getting the plugin and wanted to know when it would be available to the general public. Well that time is now and I’m here to tell you that Andy is releasing the unlimited developer license for only $40! What’s more he is only making it available for seven days and after that he is taking it off the market again to make even more unbelievable changes to it.

What does this mean for you? It means that not only do you get it for a fantastic price, having a developer license means you can install it on as many blogs as you own. After the seven day trial period ends you will pay more and you will have to buy a separate one for every blog you own. If you have as many blogs as I do that will cost you quite a bit. Now, I’m not going to rave on about how good CommentLuv is or about how unbelievable this deal really is. Nope, the man to do that is Andy Bailey himself.

CommentLuv Premium Developers License Available Now For A Very Low Price


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Knowing Your Traffic Source Can Help Your Blog

A few days back my mate Mitch did a post called Guest Posts, Comments Or Interviews; Which Drives More Traffic To Your Site where he examines where most of his traffic comes from, other than the search engines. It turns out that the site that generates most of the traffic happens to be this one. While some of it would have to be attributed to the amount of comments he leaves on this blog I would say his titles also have a lot to do with it. Although Mitch would say he doesn’t incorporate the best of titles I am sure that even if that it the case they still stir the reader enough for them to click on the CommentLuv link. This just goes to show how important a CommentLuv blog is for getting you that extra traffic.

Anyway, that post got me to thinking about where all my traffic was coming from, and that is saying something as I normally don’t bother all that much with statistics.

Where My Traffic Comes From

Well, as one would expect most of my traffic comes from Google, second on the list coming from direct traffic. Surprisingly my third greatest traffic source was Zaparena, a site that I’ve done several posts on and in case you’re interested I will link to those posts in the related posts section at the end of this post, sending me 238 visitors.

The next half dozen or so came from blog sites that list me as a dofollow blog. Although they seem to bring in a fair few visitors I would love to do a study to see how many of their comments actually get deleted as spam. I’m sure that the traffic I get from Zaparena is of a higher quality as it is more targeted than those blogs who are more interested in getting a link back to their site than anything else. Read the rest of this entry

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Taking The Time To Increase Your Blog’s Speed

I spent most of yesterday working on the insides of this blog. You could almost call it spring cleaning, being spring and all. :lol_ee: The reason behind it all was that I wanted to speed this baby up a little as it was starting to drag its sorry little ass and we can’t have that now can we?

I’ve read around the traps that the loading speed of any given website is very important because search engines such as Google will penalize slow moving sites. Truth be told though there is something so much more important than the search engines and that’s your visitors. If your site takes too long to load you’re going to piss your visitors off and they’re going to leave without ever seeing what it is you have to offer. So anyway, here’s what I did to improve the loading speed of this blog.

Making Your Blog Load Faster

You really make this a regular part of your blog maintenance, because even though you’ve done it before chances are that over time you’ve gotten slack or added things to your blog that ultimately slowed it down. I reckon that making it part of your spring cleaning routine would be a great idea. The last time I did it was when I wrote about Speeding Up Your Blog To Keep Your Readers Happy sometimes last may. You may want to check that sucker out just to see what I did to make things go faster. That was then and this is now so here’s some of the stuff I did yesterday to improve my readers experience. Read the rest of this entry

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