Kondoot, The Next Big Thing Since FaceBook

I bet there aren’t too many of you guys out there who have heard of Kondoot and if you haven’t don’t feel bad because it hasn’t been live all that long, about May 2011. Having said that the guys at Kondoot have been developing it for about 18 months and although it’s still in the early stages I can see them cementing a foot hold in the social networking market providing people like what they are offering.

The guys behind Kondoot are a couple of Aussies, Mark Cracknell and Nathan Hoad who just happens to have his own blog, nathanhoad.net. I’ve actually been chatting with Ben Hoad, Nathan’s brother and one of the founders and developers of Kondoot, via their live feed which proved to be very interesting.

Naturally people will compare Kondoot to FaceBook because there are certain similarities, apart from them both being developed by a Mark  :wink: The biggest difference that sets them apart is that Kondoot is a social network based on live broadcast feed which means once a member you can sit in front of your computer and broadcast yourself to the world or just to friends and family.

Kondoot The Good The Bad & The Ugly

One of the things I asked Ben is what Kondoot stood for, I mean you have to admit it sounds looks kind of goofy. “It’s derived from Conduit, basically the idea of being the best way to connect two points” Yep, that makes total sense. We chatted about other things but I’m not about to bore you with all the details. What I will say is that it’s early days for Kondoot and there are a lot of things on the drawing board, things that will make Kondoot a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the social network market.

As a blogger I always look for things that I can use to market one of my blogs. Like FaceBook once you become a member you can set up pages to promote your blog or business. I set one up to promote my Lotto site and as you can see from my page it’s really pretty basic because there’s not all that much that you can do with it at the moment, something that Ben says they are working on.

There are a couple of positives about setting up a page on Kondoot, apart from being able to promote your business. You can see the first one by studying the image below. As you can see I can post comments using either my original login name or my page persona. The other is I can also choose from the two when deciding to do a video broadcast. If you’re lucky enough to have employees working for you then you can also give them admin privileges so they are able to make changes to your page.

Probably the biggest thing about Kondoot, as well as being their biggest money spinner,joining a kondoot event is their unique broadcasting platform which allows people to charge others to view their broadcasts. Remember, this is live so bands and musicians could virtually sell tickets, via PayPal, to their fans so they can attend concerts from the comfort of their home.  :thumbup_ee:

Another great way to utilise this would be for those of you who wanted to charge people to view a particular webcast. All you need to know is when you want to view it, how much you want to charge, set up the event using kondoots event page and then to get the word out to your prospective viewers. Naturally they will need to join but that won’t be a problem as joining Kondoot is free. As all broadcasts have a group chat feature you can answer any questions people may during the broadcast.

OK, that’s it for now! I’m sure you will have questions and if I can’t answer them I’ll just ask one of the guys from Kondoot. Who knows it may even be Ben who as you can see from the image below has a Space Invaders picture on the wall. What you may not know is that it’s made from post it notes.  :smile:


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The Difference Between A Good Blog And A Bad Blog

As bloggers we all have one thing in common, we want people to come and read our posts. More than that we want them to enjoy it so much that they will leave a comment. Ah, who am I kidding? Reading and commenting is no where near enough. We also want them to promote the post using whatever social media their affiliated to and if we’re selling something we would also love for them to buy whatever we’re selling. At the very least we would love for Google to display the right ads, ones that would pique our visitors interest enough to click on one of them, Am I right?

Of course I’m right :smoke_tb:

What Makes For A Good Blog Post

This is a very important subject because it could mean the difference between a busy blog or one with no visitors. Sort of like sitting on a park bench all by yourself watching everybody rushing by on their way to the next blog.
empty blog

  • Your Audience: Before writing a post you need to work out who your general audience is and write accordingly. A potentially good post can turn bad if you wander off the topic and then fail to grab their attention again
  • Use The Right Keywords: By this I mean the keywords you choose have to be related to the subject you are writing about. There’s no point in using keywords such as money, sex, boobs or porn stars if your post is about a WordPress theme you’re trying to promote. Do that and the only thing that’ll happen is you’ll increase your bounce rate.While keywords play an important part in your post being noticed by the search engines its also possible that the Adsense ads displayed on your blog are related to those same keywords
  • Avoid Bad Grammar:This can be a real killer. You may have gotten people to your blog by using the right keywords and you’ve piqued their interest by having a captivating title but that’s all going to wasted if your post is full of bad grammar. Honestly taking the time to check your spelling, punctuation and utilising paragraphs and such is well worth the effort.
  • Avoid Confrontation: No matter what you do sooner or later you’re going to write a post where people will disagree with you. The worst thing you can do is to take those people on. Remain calm even if that means stepping away and having a cup of coffee or something. Once you’ve calmed down you can reply to them in a professional manner.I’ve seen many a good post where the bloggers credibility has been shot to hell all because the blogger lost it when someone criticised something he said or the product he was promoting.
  • Be Professional: The way you behave on your blog affects the way people relate to you so no matter what your post is about you should always keep in mind how that post will affect the way people see you. By this I mean rather than attacking a person via a post because you disagree with something they’ve said or done just leave them out of it and write about the subject in general, why you disagree with it and how you would have handled it.
  • Separate Business From Personal:The one thing I like about my blog is that it allows me to write about almost anything. If you have a business blog then your posts should relate to your business. You certainly don’t want to write about your personal opinions on your business blog because doing so can piss off some potential customers. If you have a lot of personal opinions then the best thing to do is to start a personal blog and rant away.
  • Interact With Your Commentator: I’m sure that a lot of people notice that many of the pro bloggers of this world rarely take the time to interact in the comment section giving them the impression that this is the norm. Honestly, if you’re just starting out the best thing you can do is show your readers / potential customers you care by interacting with them in the comment section.
  • Be Completely Honest: Never promote a product unless you know it’s all that it says it is. Forget about the commission because if you sell something that you’re not happy with it’s going to bite you in the arse. You’ll kill whatever credibility you’ve built up over the years and those poor people who got sucked in by your post will tell all their friends what an arse you are.
  • Be A Person, Not A Salesman: People don’t like being sold to but they do like to know the positives and negatives of a product. That’s why you’re more likely to get sales when you’re writing about a product you use and obviously love than one where the only thing you’re interested in is the commission fee.Bellagio Foyer

Of course there are a lot of other factors like the theme you use, having too many ads (guilty :lol_ee: ), your posting frequency and even the font you’re using. Face it, if your font makes it hard for others to read they’re not likely to come back for seconds now are they? Getting it right is all the difference between that empty park bench and a foyer full of people talking about that awesome blog they’ve just left.

Naturally these are my personal opinions and alone they don’t hold much weight. What I want is your opinion. Do you agree with what I’ve said or not? If you do which factors to you believe to be important and if not why not. You may even want to add your own views as to what differentiates a good blog from a bad one.

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It looks like Andy Bailey has been at it again. For those of you who are new to blogging Andy Bailey is the wonder behind the Commentluv plugin, a plugin that is so popular hundreds of thousands of bloggers use it. Something else you may not know is that Andy recently released the CommentLuv Premium version. Being a premium version Andy has filled it with heaps of extras to make it worth the price.

I’m not going to go through all of the plugin’s attributes because I’ve already listed them in my post CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream. What’s that, how can it add to your revenue stream? Quite simple really as it is a lot easier to sell something to your reader if they see that you’re actually using the product yourself.

CommentLuv Now Improving Your Comments

The thing with Andy is that he is never satisfied with the end product and he is always tinkering with it to make it better. When developing the premium version of the plugin he wanted to ensure that it rewarded the blogger as well as the commentator. With his latest update Andy’s revamped the GASP portion of the plugin.

For those of you who don’t know GASP helps reduce your comment spam as it virtually kills off all robot spam. With this latest update it

now also helps to reduce the human spam. Here is the plugin’s extra feature;

You had some more options added to GASP to allow more advanced heuristics. You can now specify the minimum amount of words

required in a comment and the minimum time a user has to be on the page before leaving a comment. You can also set GASP to warn the user why their comment is not being accepted. You will also have to enter your username and password again to activate this new version (for security reasons). You can also show icons next to the last blog post link if the user clicked any of the social enticement buttons. See the changelog to see details (on the main page sidebar) (this message will be expire after 60 seconds)

Phew, lucky I managed to copy all that before it self destructed :lol_ee:

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who do not use plugin because they’re afraid that it will attract too many spam comments to their blog as people try to get that extra link back to their sites. Well, that may be true for the original plugin, it’s definitely not true for the premium version, especially not now.

Think about it! What is the most common spam comment you get? It’s the nice post or some other generic comment that is quick and easy to leave and adds nothing of value to your post. I can now set the plugin so that they now have to sit and think about what they’re writing if they want their comment to be accepted.

The other common mistake that spammers make is not reading your post. They now have to spend a predetermined time on the post before their comment is accepted. Heck, if they have to do that they may as well read the post :wink_ee:

Of course there will be many who won’t want to take that extra time or put in the extra effort to leave a good comment and so they will just move on to the next blog, hopefully not a CommentLuv Premium blog :tongue2_tb: , but so what? You don’t want those sorts of comments and by moving on they’re just saving you the time of having to delete it or worse still, stressing over whether or not you should delete it.

So, there you have it, CommentLuv Premium can now improve the type of comments you get. :thumbup_tb:


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