Why I Bought The Ajax Edit Comment Plugin

G’day guys! welcome back to WassupBlog. This post is all about introducing you to the paid version of Ajax Edit Comments. Many of you have probably come across this plugin in your travels and I’m sure you appreciate how it allows you the opportunity to correct your comment once you’ve published it. Depending on how the blogger has set it you may be able to change your email, url or even delete the comment completely as long as you do it within the time constraints set by the blogger.

Other features that are built into it include a spell check as well as the facility to increase the comment box so that you’re not typing in a constrained space, if you so wish. What I love about this plugin is that like CommentLuv Premium it also has certain features that reward the blogger. Although I’m going to list those features that sold me on this plugin I’ve also put together a quick video so that you can see some of them in action.

Ajax Edit Comment Features

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Increasing The Amount Of Comments You Get

When I first started WassupBlog all those years ago I had decided to do things differently from my other blogs because I wanted Wassup to be a blog that I enjoyed above all the rest. To do that I needed to increase the amount of participation on the blog itself, because although I’m a bit on the quiet side in real life I make up for it in the blogging world.

When it comes to writing posts and conversing with my commentators it’s like I’m in another world, a world in which I can come out of my shell and be the persona that I always wanted to be. The guy that hold his own when out socialising instead of being the guy standing uncomfortably alone in the crowd.

Joining The DoFollow Movement

To do that I needed to lift the amount of action in the comment section of my posts. I did some research and came across what was called the dofollow movement and those who were a part of it displayed a little icon on their site to show others they were a part of that particular movement. Being a little naive at the time I thought it meant that the those bloggers participating in this group would follow the commentators back to their blog and leave a comment in return. Read the rest of this entry

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Buying Eyeglasses Online Can Save You Heaps

Through the GlassI have worn glasses for some 34 years but in reality I’ve probably needed them for over 40 years, so why didn’t I get them earlier? Because glasses in those days were damn ugly and I didn’t wanted to be taunted by my peers by being called four eyes and other derogatory names. I remember memorizing the letters in the eye chart ensuring that I would get enough right so as to not have to wear glasses.

I always made sure that I sat at the very front of the class just to make sure that I could read the blackboard. It was until I went to teachers college and I found I could not get close enough to see the board that I decided to get my first eyeglasses and even then they were not the best but necessity finally overcame vanity.

Over the years eyeglasses have become a lot more fashionable but for the main they have remained fairly expensive unless you wanted to buy those cheap ugly ones that are so bad you wouldn’t even wear them on Halloween. Most of the expense come about when you buy brand name eyeglasses which can cost you an absolute fortune. I remember that the glasses I purchased before the one I am wearing now cost me close to $700! This time around I bought prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses for under $500. That is a huge savings. Then I find out that you can go online to sites such as Zenni Optical for way, way less than that.

Apparently these guys can offer eyeglasses at such a low price because rather than offer branded names or other expensive brands is because they only sell their own manufactured brand ZENNI Eyeglasses. Now I’m sure that these guys realize people want to look great whilst wearing eyeglasses and to achieve that end they would have a large range of styles for their customers to choose from. I hope those guys don’t mind but I linked to this image just to show you one of many designs they have on offer. What really shocked me was that they were under $10 and that I could click on a button and it see what it would look like on an online image.

Anyway, all I’m saying is that if you’re in the market for eyeglasses you may want to go online to see hat’s on offer and see exactly how much you can save. Take note though that as these are prescription eyeglasses you will need to have your prescription handy to ensure you get the right ones.

As I have never purchased eyeglasses online before I would really be interested to hear from anyone who has.

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