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Live For Today And Pay For It Tomorrow

I know of a lot of people who have the attitude that one should live life as if it was your last day. This seems to be so for many of the young of today and I think it could be a great mistake for the majority of them. My father’s opinion was the exact opposite, that a person should work his butt off whilst he was young and strong making sure that he set himself up for retirement. I can see now how my father had the right attitude as he is living quite comfortably while a lot of others his age are struggling to make ends meet. Fortunately for me he passed on his values to his children. We were taught to make the best of our youth in regards to work and finances. We would never buy something we could not afford and would never throw money…

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I’m 50 Today And I Want A Corvette!

That isn’t as crazy as it sounds as I have just joined the $100,000,000 Challenge and the first prize is a brand spanking new Corvette. That isn’t the best of it though as the Corvette is just the sweetener to inspire those who enter the challenge to strive for the best results possible. It is the hope that all contestants will learn through taking the challenge how to become self sufficient. The brainchild behind this competition is none other than Russell Brunson who is well known for his DotComSecrets. Here is a guy who has made his fortune and is willing to give away his secrets. All he asks for in return is a small donation that goes straight to charity. You can donate as little as $1 and you get to choose from one of hist three popular books, including DotComSecrets! Man, if I could use his system to…

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Is Chitika Better Than Google Adsense?

The answer to this question will probably differ from blogger to blogger and so I can only divulge my actual experience over the last couple of months. If you recall my previous post, Chitika Has Proven That Their Ads Truly Work, where I was giving my opinion on Chitika as an extra avenue for monetizing you blog, I only had a months worth of data to go on. What surprised me was that in the first month they actually matched the revenue that I earned from Google! After checking my earnings over the last month I noticed that Google went down by 50% but Chitika went up by 50%! Without divulging the actual amounts let me give you an example of the breakdown. Month 1                     Month 2 Google                             $10                            $5 Chitika                             $10                            $15 This shows that Chitika has actually outperformed Google and that my actual earnings had…

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WassupBlogs New PageRank Is Now PR2

Now isn’t that a pleasn’t surprise, to wake up the other day and notice that I have received a PR2 in such a short time. The thing is that while this blog’s PR went up a couple of my other ones went down, especially my What a Load Of Bullshit blog, that went for PR3 to PR0? It sort of left me wondering as to how Google comes up with their rankings and also as to why they may downgrade a blog or website. They say that every cloud has a silver lining, and the silver lining for the downgrade was that it allowed me to come up with Ten Reasons Why Google Took My PR! Man I just love having a go at Google.[eminimall] Sharing is Cool

How To Deal With Rude And Obnoxious Commentators

Image by hugovk via Flickr It’s unfortunate, but every now and again we, as bloggers, will have some moron visit our blog that may take exception to what we wrote and then think that he has the right to abuse the crap out of us. There are some bloggers who may retaliate in kind but I think that this is the wrong approach as it merely brings us down to their level. Take for example this particular post, that I did on one of my other blogs. It was obvious that this bloke was a racist pig and that I could have easily have retaliated, but if I did I would have merely added fuel to the fire. There was no way I was going to sway his opinions and it would have been a wast of time trying. If anything I reckon that being diplomatic about it actually infuriated…

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Running Out Of Topics To Write About?

I don’t care how good a blogger, is I reckon that every now and again he or she is bound to come to a point that they have run out of ideas to write about. So what do you do when this happens? So you just sit there staring at the screen twiddling your thumbs or do you just write any piece of crap because you want to maintain your post quota? The thing is that because there is always something going on in the world today it doesn’t take much to find an interesting topic to blog about. I use the Voxant News Room because they always have an interesting tidbit available. Take this satirical video where Candidate Sarah Palin calls Hillary Clinton asking for her support. It’s funny and it is bound to raise some comment. Considering what a hot topic American Politics is at the moment you…

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Sire, The Wandering Bard

Keeping with the blogging for fun idea, I’ve decided to start another category which I have simply called Short Stories, and I mean really short. In a way I want to test my creativity and hopefully it will attract a bit of a following. Prologue It’s October 25 2598 and it’s my 600th birthday. I am not sure exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the way I became an immortal. Perhaps it had something to do with the depletion of the ozone layer in the late 1900’s, or maybe it was due to the radiation after the holocaust of 2020. The fact remains that I am alive when I should have died long ago. There was a time when I was one of many immortals but our numbers have depleted over the years. It seems that mankind did not like the fact that we would never grow old, or…

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Flowers Are Natures Reward For Taking A Walk

Time for an interlude so that we can all relax for a little while. Simply put on some soothing music in the background and sit back with a lovely cup of coffee, or a cold beer for the blokes, and let the lovely colors of these petite flowers soothe and relax you. Yeah I know guys that you would much prefer some hot and naked women lounging is front of you, but let’s face it I’m trying to relax, not arouse you. So pull your heads in and do as your told. Sell photos on photrade | By Sire I came across these one morning as I went for a nice stroll. Sometimes it’s nice to simple take a break to smell some flowers, or at least take a photo of them. [eminimall] Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2015Sharing is Cool

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