Do Not Miss The CommentLuv Gravy Train

Have you ever heard the old saying the early bird gets the worm? Well that also applies to a lot of business ventures, especially when it comes to online ventures. The people who make the most money are the ones who get in early because they have the biggest market to sell to. Those who sit of the fence deciding to enter the market when most of the sales are done and dusted usually find that the sales just aren’t there and they are left wondering what the hype was all about.

What I am describing is happening right now with the CommentLuv Premium 7 Day sale. I introduced my readers to this great opportunity when I wrote the CommentLuv Premium At A Premium Price post. I want to use this post to explain why purchasing the Premium CommentLuv plugin is a good business decision.

5 Reasons For Buying CommentLuv Premium

  • Price: For the next 5 days you can purchase it for only $40. Once it goes back on sale it could cost from $97 – $197!!! Read the rest of this entry
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PosterBrain For Your Custom Photo Printing

Sunset At GlenelgYou just have to love this digital age of ours, it makes life so much more interesting and opens up so many opportunities that we didn’t have before. OK, maybe we did have those opportunities but it wasn’t so easily available as it is today. Take for example photo developing. In the old days we used to snap a whole lot of photos not even sure until after we got them developed if they turned out or not. Today we take them with our digital cameras and we can see instantly how they’re going to turn out.

Now many of us will print those photos at home not realizing that most of the time they will fade with age because our equipment is no where as sophisticated as the professionals. Then of course there may come a time when we want custom posters,  perhaps of a landscape that we particularly love or even of that special holiday snapshot that we want to blow up and place on a feature wall.

These days all you have to do is upload your photo of choice to an online poster printing site and wait for them to complete your job. There are probably a lot of sites that can do this for you but I’m sure that not all of them display their custom poster printing jobs online for their potential customers to see. I’m not even sure if they all offer an overnight poster printing service or a 100% guarantee that they will print the poster to your satisfaction or refund your money.

I have to completely honest with you, I haven’t tried PosterBrain yet but when the time comes and I need some posters done I’ll be sure to give them a try.

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CommentLuv Premium At A Premium Price

I’m sure you guys remember my last post on CommentLuv, CommentLuv Premium Adding To Revenue Stream, how I outlined some of the things that made it so great and how it leaves the old commentluv plugin for dead. Well a lot of you expressed your interest in  getting the plugin and wanted to know when it would be available to the general public. Well that time is now and I’m here to tell you that Andy is releasing the unlimited developer license for only $40! What’s more he is only making it available for seven days and after that he is taking it off the market again to make even more unbelievable changes to it.

What does this mean for you? It means that not only do you get it for a fantastic price, having a developer license means you can install it on as many blogs as you own. After the seven day trial period ends you will pay more and you will have to buy a separate one for every blog you own. If you have as many blogs as I do that will cost you quite a bit. Now, I’m not going to rave on about how good CommentLuv is or about how unbelievable this deal really is. Nope, the man to do that is Andy Bailey himself.

CommentLuv Premium Developers License Available Now For A Very Low Price


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