Giving A Bit Of Love To My Cool Blog Links Members

It’s been quite some time since I did a post giving the top ten members of Cool Blog Links a little bit of link luv. Actually when looking back I was surprised to find out that the last post, Cool Blog Links Top 10 Coolest Blogs, was written on the 29th of May 2010. Weird that because I honestly thought it was only a few months ago. Just goes to show how time flies when you’re having fun :day_dreaming:

When I did that post the site had a whole 19 members and in just under two years it has grown to a whopping 20 members. Yeah, you can all stop laughing because even though the numbers are low the members are all proud to be a part of Cool Blog Links. Anyway, without further ado here are the current Top Ten Coolest Blogs.

Cool Blog Links Top Ten Blogs

  • Beach Theme Home Decor:  This blog claims that you can find all your Beach Theme Home Decor in one convenient place. You can select from Beach, Tropical, Hawaiian, Palm Tree, Lighthouse and Seashell Decor and lets not forget the Gecko Wall Art to bring the beach theme straight into your home. It’s obvious that the blogger behind this blog is a real beach lover and you can read all about Petra by visiting her about page. Read the rest of this entry
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Getting The Most From People Who Copy Your Content

I hadn’t planned to write a post today but after reading Adrienne’s post How To Get Others To Build Your Links I got so exited that unlike Adrienne who waited a month or so to compile her data I decided to write immediately so my blogging mates could get in on the action now rather than after I ran my own tests. Oh yes, there will be a followup post, that’s for sure.  :thumbup_ee:

Adrienne’s post was all about the service offered by Tynt, yeah amazing isn’t it, that’s not even an affiliate link :wink_ee: According to the people at Tynt they are ‘the world’s leading publisher toolset‘ and using them will ‘Improve your seo, keep users longer and measure your user engagement by leveraging the power of copy and paste.’ Let’s see what they have to say for themselves shall we?

Letting Copy And Paste Work For You

If the guys at Tynt have got their facts right we can then assume that there are way more

More Link Backs

people sharing our content than we ever realised! The problem is that when they copy and paste it into their emails to share it with their friends we’re not getting any benefit from it whatsoever! That is of course unless you use Tynt. Of course you guys know I wouldn’t recommend something unless I’ve used it personally, how I wish these guys had an affiliate membership I could join  :cry: , so you can assume that I’m using them right now. Actually you can even test it. Go ahead, try to copy and paste something from this post, or any other, and paste it into your email, don’t worry, I’ll wait for you to come back…….See, it actually works. It even works if you paste the content into a blog post or into a blog’s comment form. Can you see the potential for having this on your site?

Making Scraped Content Work For You

Do you remember that post I did on scum bags scraping my posts, you know, the one

Email links to your posts

called Has Your Blog Been Stolen? It was because of that post that I now protect them with Digiprove! Digiprove doesn’t stop them from being scraped but now when I find them I can easily prove the content is mine making it easier to coerce them to remove the post.

The problem with scraped posts is that unless someone tells you about it or you stumble upon one of your own posts on another blog you’ll probably never know about them. With Tynt you will have a link back to your post. Sure, if someone scrapes it manually they can remove the link but most times the scraping happens automatically because of a script they’re using and if that is the case they may never know of it so at least now you’ll get a link back which will probably help you to find the culprit.

However, that is only an added benefit that I personally feel you will get from using Tynt. Don’t forget all the other benefits, the main one being the link back to your post or site every time someone copies your content, whether it’s in their email, FaceBook Tweet or whatever.

I won’t know about the SEO benefits, extra traffic, measuring user engagement or any of

And so much more?

the other benefits the guys at Tynt promise until I do my own tests over time, but don’t wait until then. Install it now and conduct your own tests. Even if the only thing that is true about it is that every time someone copies part of your content to email to their friends you get a link back, that alone should be enough.

So, what say you, are you going to sign up for Tynt, which is free by the way? If not I would really love to hear your reasons why you won’t use their services.

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Hey guys, welcome to the second post in my weekly series of Fridays funnies. I’m actually really excited because the first post went really well and I want to personally thank everyone who left a comment or sent me that special email telling me how much they enjoyed it. I had a few saying how I should also do one on Monday being the start of the week so as to put people in the right frame of mind but for now I reckon I’ll just leave it for Fridays. Anyway, as a special treat for all my video fans I decided to produce a new video and have just uploaded it to YouTube, but before we get to that I want to share my joke with you. It’s a pretty long one but I assure you it’s well worth the read.


August 31 – Just got transferred with work from Leeds UK to our new home in Karratha, Western Australia. Now this is a town that knows how to live! Beautiful, sunny days and warm, balmy evenings. I watched the sunset from a deckchair by our pool yesterday. It was beautiful. I’ve finally found my new home. I love it here. Read the rest of this entry

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