How To Really Improve Your Bounce Rates

First off I want to give credit where credit is due and in this case it goes to a post my mate Mitch wrote called Too Many Tags And Categories? That particular post, one that I recommend you read, refers to a blog Mitch had read where the blogger claims to have reduced his bounce rate to 2% :bigsurprise_ee: :flush_tb: The thing about that bloggers post that caught Mitch’s attention was when the blogger mentioned that smaller tags and tag clouds were beneficial because it allowed the reader to focus on what the blog is really about. I’m assuming that having a huge amount of tags would confuse the reader causing him to leave without searching any further.

Will Tags Decrease Your Bounce Rate?

The question is whether or not having a tag cloud decreases your bounce rate? Personally I feel that they are next to useless and the space would be better used for something else. I know that I have one on my Buy Lottery Tickets Online site but that’s only because I like the way it behaves more than anything else. :tongue1_tb:

The only way to get a true result to that question is to run this poll. As you well know the more people that take part in any given poll the more accurate the result and so I urge you to get the word out.

Do You Click On Tag Clouds

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How To Improve Your Bounce Rate

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Life Is Short So Don’t Mess It Up

Life is so short. We are born, we live for a time and then, when our time is done, we die. There are those who make a name for themselves in that short time, who people remember, perhaps because of some incredible feat they performed, their contribution to mankind or even because of some atrocity they had committed. The vast majority however are only remembered by those few who’s lives they may have touched.

I belong to the latter. I know that once I have gone I will only be truly remembered by family and close friends. I came to that realisation many years ago and I am fine with that. Even though I will leave no lasting memory once I have been reduced to dust I have vowed that at the very least while I am upon this earth I will be the best that I can be. That mentality has always helped me in my business and is currently helping me in my new job.

In Blogging As In Life Always Give Your Best

From my first day on the job I gave my new bosses 110%. I always start a few minutes early and never leave before my time is due. I never take extra or longer breaks and always make sure that I do the job to the best of my Victoria Amazonicaability. My efforts have not gone unnoticed either. I have been rewarded with more hours and I am also being treated with respect by my co-workers. The reasons i’m this way is twofold. The first being its the way I was brought up and the second is because as a former employer I know what it is like to have staff that slack off and so I can’t possibly do the same to my employer.

This means a lot to me because even though I may not be remembered when my time here is done, at least while I am walking amongst the living there is no-one talking behind my back telling others what a slacker I am. If anything I am setting an example for others, even though they may not see it or make the effort to follow in my footsteps.

The same goes for my blog. I try to maintain a level of professionalism and honesty. I never abuse my readers or commentators and never belittle anyone in my posts. The same goes when commenting on another’s blog. I always try to conduct myself in the manner of a good guest. Where a guest would listen to the conversation I would read the post and as a good guest would contribute to the conversation I try to contribute by leaving a good comment. I would never misbehave by abusing my host or any of his other guests.

Who knows, when I finally bite the dust perhaps people won’t remember my name but they will remember something about me. You know, something like; “Do you remember that blogger, you know what’s his name? The one that had a way with words, had a great sense of humour and used some amazing photos in his post. I think he was an Aussie or something?” If that ever happens you just tell that person that my name is Sire :wink_ee:


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Pruning Your List To Get The Most Out Of It

I started my list in December 2010 and it took about 10 months to reach 50 subscribers. I wrote about that milestone in my post A New Milestone As My Mail List Hits 50 and that post tells of the new tactic I had started using to increase my list numbers. One that has been working so well that my numbers have since doubled.

You would think that would make me a pretty happy blogger round about now wouldn’t you? Well, I’m not and that is what this post is all about. I’m just not happy about having a list that is not performing to my expectations. Let’s face it, the whole idea of having a list is to get something from your subscribers. For most list owners it’s usually money related but all I want is that my subscribers actually open my emails to see what I’ve been up to. After all, that is why they joined isn’t it?

Having A Dedicated List Is Important

When people subscribe to a list it’s usually because the person building the list isList performance offering a freebie or something at a discounted rate. In my situation it’s because they want their link to appear on my List Page, as that is the incentive that I am offering.

The thing with lists is they’re of little use if the subscribers are not opening your emails. Lists being what they are, a lot of subscribers do not give their prime email address when joining. Instead they will use an address that is rarely used except when they use it to subscribe to a list or something. These people have no intention of opening your mail and so are pretty useless as subscribers.

I expected to get my fair share of these subscribers but the time has come to sift through my subscribers removing all the dead wood. After all, why should they receive the same reward, a link back to their site, as all my dedicated subscribesr who actually open and read my emails?

This post will serve as a warning to all my subscribers that one month from today I will be deleting all inactive members. That is all those subscribers who for whatever reason have not been opening my emails. Unfortunately for them they won’t know what the hell is going on because they won’t be opening the email linking to this post. I will also be linking to this post from my list’s signup form so that all future subscribers know their link will be removed unless they are active members.

MailChimp’s Star System

I’ve created a YouTube video to show you how easy it will be to sift through my subscribers separating the good loyal ones from those who probably only joined so they could get a free link to their website.

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