My Venture Into Becoming A YouTube Star

If you haven’t worked it out yet let me just tell you that I love jokes. I love them so much that when I hear a good one I just have to tell all my mates about it. You’ve obviously read a lot of them on this very blog and you’ve even watched me tell one ages ago. That particular one was a little crude but I loved telling it, especially to my female friends. In case you haven’t seen it you can view it, and see the comments of what people thought of it, by visiting my Sire’s ‘Ice Breaker’ Pick Up Line post.

That post is nearly three years old which means this next video has been a long time coming. Before we get to that I want to tell you that I plan to do a whole series of these videos. Why do you ask? That’s a fair question and basically it’s because I want to see if I can gain a YouTube following. I’ve already got a small following when it comes to blogging, something that continues to amaze me and I’m just wondering if I can do the same thing with YouTube.

Naturally if that turns out to be successful it will have a natural flow on effect that will build my online presence. To achieve that I’m planning a series of me telling different jokes. They say when blogging you should choose a subject that you’re passionate about and I see no reason why YouTube should be any different. I love telling jokes, I’ve learnt a fair few of them over the years and it seems only natural that I share them with people using YouTube as the medium.

The Old Man, The Ferrari And The Maserati

This particular joke goes way back to when I used to be in high school, that’s some thirty-five years ago. I’m hoping it is so old that many of you have forgotten and the rest of you haven’t heard of it. :smile2_ee:

Somethings you should know.

  • I did it in one take
  • I ad-libbed some of it because I did the whole thing on the fly, no preparation whatsoever as I wanted it to be as natural as possible.

OK, without further ado here is the video.

The thing with YouTube videos is that unless you promote them they will pretty well go unnoticed. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to go and promote every video that I do which is why I am going to rely on you, my loyal readers to help me. After you’ve watched the video I’d appreciate it if you would head on over there and give it the thumbs up. If you liked it you could even leave a comment.

I’ve always believed in the you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours philosophy so I’ll be more than happy to do the same for you’re video if you have one. Just leave a link to your video in the comments section of this post with your YouTube name, for verification purposes, and I’ll return the favour. Any other promotional methods you could use such as a tweet, google + or whatever would also be really appreciated. :thumbup_tb:


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Why I Love WP Zon Builder

The thing with blogging for money is that the best way to make money from a product is to actually buy it and then, providing that you really do actually like it, tell your readers about it. This is because readers can usually tell by your written content whether it’s just a sales pitch or coming right from the heart. I know this to be true because I make a fair bit of my income from promoting things that I love like the blogging theme I use and plugins such as CommentLuv Premium.

The problem is that not everyone can afford to buy every product that is available just to see whether or not its good enough to promote on their blog. That being the case bloggers resort to reading what others are saying about any given product and then write their own post telling others how great it is hoping that it will be good enough to get them a sale or two. Unfortunately it rarely works because most people will see it as pure sales copy and they generally move on. What people are looking for are honest reviews.

WP Zon Builder Provides Customer Reviews

That’s where WP Zon Builder comes in. Just take a look at this video I put together that shows you how easy it is to use. Read the rest of this entry

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Using Adbeans To Increase Your Online Income

You’re a blogger and you got into it to make money but it’s just not working for you is it? Adsense just isn’t generating all that much and affiliate marketing is starting to piss you off because even though you’re doing all the right things and sending traffic to their websites, and you know you are because you’re keeping track of all the clicks, but they just aren’t converting. You also know its possible to make money online because almost every blog you come across tells you it’s so and a lot of them are willing to tell you the secret on how to do it as long as you join their list. So you join and once again you feel ripped off.

I’m not like all those others who expects something from you. I’m also not about to try and convince you that I’m one of those successful bloggers who’s left his job and now makes a comfortable living online just to increase the likelihood that you will buy something from me. Nope, I’m just no that kind of guy.

You Can Make Money Blogging

The honest truth is while you can make money online not everyone will be lucky enough to make a fortune by blogging. Having said that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make enough to add a substantial amount to your current income, and who knows, if you’re one of the lucky ones maybe even enough to leave your job and work from home.

This blog offers many ways of adding to your online income, don’t worry I will link to some of them at the end of the post, and this post is going to add to them. It’s a form of a paid post but with a difference.

Introducing adbeans

I was contacted by one of the representatives from adbeans via my Scenic Adelaide blog. This is what he had to say.


We came across your site and really liked the content and layout.

At present we are looking to place links within content and at the bottom of your posts and would look to do this in two ways.

Option 1 – Manually place a link within your NEW article/post

1)      You will get sent a list of keywords from which you will choose to include within relevant posts on your site. Once you have done this the keyword will be removed from your Adbeans account and you will be credited the agreed amount. All ads will have to remain permanently and price offered is a one off fee.

Option 2 – Signature Links, Placing Links at the bottom of your OLD posts

2)       We place a contextually matched link with relevant surrounding text at the bottom of the post. This is paid at half the rate of placing and these ads are also permenant.
All ads will be related to the niche of your site and the fee offered is for a one off payment.

I sent back a reply saying I was interested but only if the links were related in some way to my blog and he assured me that all the links would be related to travel which would work well so I signed up. I held off on a post I had planned waiting for their links to appear on the site so I could choose one. It wasn’t too long before one appeared and I included it in my post about The Botanic Gardens. I wrote that post on November 1st and it appeared in my adbeans account on the 9th., a little over a week.. As you can see from the image below I was credited 16 GBP which is a little over $25 US. Once I reach 20 GBP I can transfer the money to my PayPal account which will be after my next post.

The image below shows you the next two keywords I can choose from and as you can see both are holiday related.

Once I write the post complete with the keyword related link I place the url to the post in the box that you see in the next image and click the submit button. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for them to place the money into my adbean account. What you also see in that picture is the next link and keyword that I’m going to place into the post I’m writing today.

Why It’s Not A Paid Post

I can almost see a lot of you thinking to yourself that it’s not for you because you just don’t do paid posts. Well, like I said at the beginning of the post that adbeans is not your typical paid post and here is why. You get to choose what your post is about. While your typical paid post may require that you recommend a product or service or to even base your post on it in some way, adbeans allows you to write your post in any way you like as long as you weave their link and keyword into it. If you haven’t read my first adbeans post perhaps you should so you can see exactly what I mean. Remember also that I had planned that post way before I placed their link into it and that link earned me $25US.

Since I started writing this post I completed another two posts on my Scenic Adelaide blog earning me another $50US and I’ve just noticed a moment ago that there is another link waiting for me, this one about car hire in Australia which is perfect for my blog.

I will be submitting my other blogs to them in the hope that they also will be accepted thereby increasing the amount I can earn. If you’re serious about making money with your blog then you should also consider joining adbeans and yes that is an affiliate link and you know I wouldn’t have joined as an affiliate if I didn’t believe in them as a legitimate way to get paid to post.

On their own the methods you will find in this blog to make money may not bring a whole lot individually but put them all together and over time I think you will find that incorporating them into you blog will be worth the effort. :smoke_tb:

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