Using Adbeans To Increase Your Online Income

You’re a blogger and you got into it to make money but it’s just not working for you is it? Adsense just isn’t generating all that much and affiliate marketing is starting to piss you off because even though you’re doing all the right things and sending traffic to their websites, and you know you are because you’re keeping track of all the clicks, but they just aren’t converting. You also know its possible to make money online because almost every blog you come across tells you it’s so and a lot of them are willing to tell you the secret on how to do it as long as you join their list. So you join and once again you feel ripped off.

I’m not like all those others who expects something from you. I’m also not about to try and convince you that I’m one of those successful bloggers who’s left his job and now makes a comfortable living online just to increase the likelihood that you will buy something from me. Nope, I’m just no that kind of guy.

You Can Make Money Blogging

The honest truth is while you can make money online not everyone will be lucky enough to make a fortune by blogging. Having said that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make enough to add a substantial amount to your current income, and who knows, if you’re one of the lucky ones maybe even enough to leave your job and work from home.

This blog offers many ways of adding to your online income, don’t worry I will link to some of them at the end of the post, and this post is going to add to them. It’s a form of a paid post but with a difference.

Introducing adbeans

I was contacted by one of the representatives from adbeans via my Scenic Adelaide blog. This is what he had to say.


We came across your site and really liked the content and layout.

At present we are looking to place links within content and at the bottom of your posts and would look to do this in two ways.

Option 1 – Manually place a link within your NEW article/post

1)      You will get sent a list of keywords from which you will choose to include within relevant posts on your site. Once you have done this the keyword will be removed from your Adbeans account and you will be credited the agreed amount. All ads will have to remain permanently and price offered is a one off fee.

Option 2 – Signature Links, Placing Links at the bottom of your OLD posts

2)       We place a contextually matched link with relevant surrounding text at the bottom of the post. This is paid at half the rate of placing and these ads are also permenant.
All ads will be related to the niche of your site and the fee offered is for a one off payment.

I sent back a reply saying I was interested but only if the links were related in some way to my blog and he assured me that all the links would be related to travel which would work well so I signed up. I held off on a post I had planned waiting for their links to appear on the site so I could choose one. It wasn’t too long before one appeared and I included it in my post about The Botanic Gardens. I wrote that post on November 1st and it appeared in my adbeans account on the 9th., a little over a week.. As you can see from the image below I was credited 16 GBP which is a little over $25 US. Once I reach 20 GBP I can transfer the money to my PayPal account which will be after my next post.

The image below shows you the next two keywords I can choose from and as you can see both are holiday related.

Once I write the post complete with the keyword related link I place the url to the post in the box that you see in the next image and click the submit button. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for them to place the money into my adbean account. What you also see in that picture is the next link and keyword that I’m going to place into the post I’m writing today.

Why It’s Not A Paid Post

I can almost see a lot of you thinking to yourself that it’s not for you because you just don’t do paid posts. Well, like I said at the beginning of the post that adbeans is not your typical paid post and here is why. You get to choose what your post is about. While your typical paid post may require that you recommend a product or service or to even base your post on it in some way, adbeans allows you to write your post in any way you like as long as you weave their link and keyword into it. If you haven’t read my first adbeans post perhaps you should so you can see exactly what I mean. Remember also that I had planned that post way before I placed their link into it and that link earned me $25US.

Since I started writing this post I completed another two posts on my Scenic Adelaide blog earning me another $50US and I’ve just noticed a moment ago that there is another link waiting for me, this one about car hire in Australia which is perfect for my blog.

I will be submitting my other blogs to them in the hope that they also will be accepted thereby increasing the amount I can earn. If you’re serious about making money with your blog then you should also consider joining adbeans and yes that is an affiliate link and you know I wouldn’t have joined as an affiliate if I didn’t believe in them as a legitimate way to get paid to post.

On their own the methods you will find in this blog to make money may not bring a whole lot individually but put them all together and over time I think you will find that incorporating them into you blog will be worth the effort. :smoke_tb:

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Making A Header For Your Blog Is Easy

It is so lucky for you guys that I’m a bloke and not a woman because if I was a woman I would be so pissed right about now. You know what its like when your special lady gets her hair done, buys a new dress or maybe some shoes and you fail to notice. First you may get the old silent treatment and then there may be the old banging of pots and pans and heaven forbid if in a moment of desperation you mention her monthly cycle  :furious_tb: Imagine the mood she would be in if a week went by and you still didn’t notice :guns_tb: Yep, its like I said, lucky for you guys that I’m a bloke because it’s been a week since I’ve changed the header and I’ve had heaps of comments, many of them from regulars too, and not one of you even noticed. Even if you did nobody bothered to mention it. Too bad really, because I had planned to give away $100 to the first person that noticed so at least I get to keep the cash :laugh_tb:

Designing A Header For Your Blog

Where possible I always try to design my own header because I know that doing so will make it unique and being unique helps tom make you stand out. I actually made two headers and I had to choose between the one you see now or this one.

The thing is that I’m not all that good at designing things from scratch so what Like to do is to take a photo of something and then editing it to suit my needs. The images that you see here are from the Bird Of Paradise plant that is growing in my garden. I took several shots of it and then used PhotoShop to crop it into what you see here.

I liked these images because although simple they are really very striking, it certainly is a lot different from the one I was using before. The beauty of doing it this way is that no artistic talent was necessary. The only thing you need is a camera, an interesting subject which can be absolutely anything and some software to crop it. Naturally if you know your way around PhotoShop you could really work wonders with it.

I think I may actually put a portfolio of headers together so that I could perhaps offer it for sale or even as a free gift somewhere along the line.

Some Photo Editing Tools You Can Use

There are a lot of editing tools that you can use, some of which I have included below. There are also websites like Flickr that offer online editing features that may do the trick. However you decide to do it you will get an immense sense of satisfaction every time you see your blog sporting your a header that you designed.

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Don’t Miss Out On The Next CommentLuv Premium Launch!

So, you missed the first release of CommentLuv Premium and you’re kicking yourself for it because it was such a sweet deal. To those of you who paid attention to my many posts promoting it and our now proud owners of what is a great plugin I congratulate you on your wise decision.

To the rest I am happy to report CommentLuv Premium is about to go into Launch mode very, very soon and you don’t want to miss out again! OK, it’s going to cost you that little bit more but there is still going to be massive savings for all those bloggers who have more than one blog because it’s only going to set you back $67 for the unlimited license! This will revert later to a single license meaning that you will have to pay $67 for each blog. Even if you only have one b log it’s best to get it now because you never know when you will want to start another one.

So, let’s have another look at all the reasons why you should be adding this plugin to your blogging arsenal.

What CommentLuv Premium Has To Offer

  • Advanced control of dofollow and 10 last posts
    It is going to allow you to set rules so instead of requiring people to register to get the goodies, you can set it to give it to anyone that has made X number of comments.
  • Unlock advanced features on EVERY CommentLuv blog
    Being premium means you don’t have to register anywhere, you get up to 15 last posts to choose from on EVERY blog that has CommentLuv. Now you all know how many people use CommentLuv so this is a really important feature.
  • Static Links
    If you have links that you would like to use again and again or pages that you’d like to include in your returned list of posts then you can with this feature! This is basically where you get the additional 5 extra links from. You get to choose 5 post or pages of your choice and they can be the ones that promote a particular affiliate or even link to your Sales or Squeeze pages.
  • Integrated anti-spam
    New and improved anti-spambot protection without the need for your readers to fill in a CAPTCHA or even check a checkbox! Also, trackback validation!
  • Stats for clicks on your links
    See what links of yours are getting clicked and where
  • Enhanced information panel
    Set your information on your own blog and your info panel updates on every single blog that has one of your links showing (including a list of other posts you have on your site)
  • Advanced instructions with video on the membership site
    Every section of the plugin has it’s own video to show you exactly what you need to do to set it up for your site.

Now, that’s not me making it all up either. That’s right from one of Andy’s pages, except for the ones highlighted in red which I’ve added to highlight some basic points.

CommentLuv Premium’s Great SEO Benefit

I can just hear all those SEO Gurus shaking their heads in disbelief saying that there is no SEO benefit in leaving comments on blog but we all know better don’t we? I can tell you without any doubt that commenting was the main reason why my Buy Online Lottery Tickets is on page one of Google!

How many of you have been disappointed when the post you most wanted to link to via CommentLuv was no longer available because it had gone beyond the 10 posts you’re allowed to link to? Well, as a premium member that is a thing of the past and it was what initially sold me on the premium plugin.

Once a member thought I saw another really important feature one that went unnoticed until I was playing around with CommentLuv Premiums settings.

The images you see over there on the right shows you what happens when someone hovers over the heart that’s at the very end of the CommentLuv link. The top one is from a comment I left that linked to this blog and the bottom on is from one linking to my Lottery blog. Clicking on them will give you a bigger image.

What you see is that unlike the regular CommentLuv you can now have your very own sales copy promoting your blog complete with links, Notice also that those extra five links that you’ve configured, you know the ones that point to your sales pages or those posts promoting your favourite affiliates, appear at the very bottom. It would be great if those links would appear to the search engines but unfortunately that’s not the case. Still, search engines don’t buy from you, people do and this is a great way to get you or your products out there.

Whatever you do don’t wait to the last minute because there is every chance you will forget and miss out once again. Head on over to the Andy’s CommentLuv page and enter your email address so that Andy can notify you when the CommentLuv Premium is available. Andy being who he is will also be offering those who register their intent a great free report.

See exactly what CommentLuv can do for you by watching Andy’s video and don’t forget to subscribe so that you won’t miss out.


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