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I thought it only fitting after talking about PR in my last post, Is There A Major Page Rank Around The Corner, that I do another update on how my Buy Lottery Tickets Online is doing. Before getting into it though I want everyone to know that although I write about PR a lot on this blog it’s not because I believe in PR or even that I hold it in high esteem, far from it. I do it because I know it generates a lot of interest thereby increasing my traffic as well as the comments on those posts.

Enough of PR, let’s talk about what is really important if you want a profitable site, SERPs or for those just getting into all this Search Engine Results Page. You are doing extremely well in the SERPs when your site appears on the first page of any given search engine for a particular search term.

SERPs For Buy Online Lotto Tickets Part 2

You may want to refer to the last post, Update On Buy Online Lottery Tickets to see exactly how my lottery site has progressed. Basically, in that post I wrote about my disappointment with Google because compared to the other search engines it was performing dismally. I’m happy to report that all my efforts have finally paid off and I am doing very well for my original search terms as well as other related search terms. Let’s have a look at exactly how well I’m doing shall we.

  • Buy Online Lotto Tickets: This is the search term that the lottery site was built on which is why I decided on the domain name. Read the rest of this entry
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Is There A Major Page Rank Around The Corner

I’ve noticed over the last few days that no matter what site I was visiting there was always something missing, the site’s Page Rank! The first time I noticed it I thought that perhaps the PR checker I was using had developed a fault. I downloaded another one and that wasn’t any better and so I thought that perhaps my MacBook Air, heaven forbid, was the culprit so I rushed over to my PC and checked it using the FireFox plugin and was relieved to see that wasn’t working. At least it wasn’t my MacBook Air’s fault :clap_tb:

So the next thing to do was to use one of the online sites to see if they are still showing the PR of sites and to my surprise they were. This would suggest that perhaps Google had changed the api used on different plugins rendering them useless and one just has to wonder why they would do that. Could it possibly be that they’re deciding to do another PR update soon? That may well be the case as they did one roughly this time last year which I wrote about in my post Googles Latest PR Update In Time For Halloween!SearchStatus

Speaking of Halloween, what a perfect time for Google to come up with something scary for their next update. The only other perfect time would be April Fools Day. :lol_ee: I wonder what devilish plan could they have up their sleeve? Perhaps they plan to do away with PR altogether, rendering plugins useless first and then doing away with it completely. Why do you ask? Who knows, perhaps that was the reason why they introduced the Google +1 button in the first place. They know that way too many people game their attempts to come up with an accurate and trustworthy way of ranking websites. So why not do away with it altogether?

Still, no-one really knows why Google does what it does, which is probably why there are so many books around about Google.

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Some Hints For The Beginning Blogger

When you first start blogging you feel like you are all alone in the blogosphere. You’ve written your first post, heck you may even have written half a dozen posts but nothing is happening. You know the posts exists because you can go online and see it there in front of you but you’re not sure if anyone is reading it because you’re not getting any comments.

So you start Googling and reading other blogs to see what it is you’re doing wrong. You install Google Analytic so that you can at least see if anyone is actually visiting your blog. Of course in the very early days not much is going to happen unless you get out there and make it happen.

Telling People You Exist

The best way to do this is to be active on other blogs by reading their ladybugposts and leaving great comments everywhere you go. It is very important that the comments you leave are filled with great content that add to the post because it’s these very comments that will show others you are going to be a force to be reckoned with. If your comments are better than all the other comments on any given post then you’re going to stand out from the rest and people will follow you back to your blog to find out more about you. Read the rest of this entry
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