Having Troubles Downloading Large Files

I’m writing this post in the likelihood that someone else is having the same problem that I came up against the other week. It all came about when I was trying to download a free graphics package as part of my freebies for purchasing Andy’s IM Graphics plugin. Speaking of which I’ve written a couple of posts praising it’s unique properties, one a review of the plugin and the other was a post about increasing sales which used it’s properties to place certain graphics with rich keywords embedded into them, great for getting the readers attention as well as for the search engines.

But I digress, this post is not about how great Andy’s plugin is, it’s about why I couldn’t download a file that was a little over 40 MB in size. Not a huge file by any means but for some reason it wouldn’t download.

Why I Can’t Download A Large File

Frustration for DummiesAs I usually do  with files that take longer than a few seconds I walked away from the computer so that I could do something else. When I came back to the computer and tried to open the file it told me it couldn’t because it was corrupt.  :ponder: I figured something just went wrong with the download so I deleted the file and tried again. Nope, same result. I emailed Andy telling him of the situation and after checking the file and getting someone else to download it he told me it was fine on his end and so the problem was caused by something on my end.  :wallbash_tb: I hate that.

OK, now I had the crappy task of trying to work out why it would download a simple file. The first thing I did was to make sure I had enough room on the hard drive. Yep, I had about 6 gigs left but just in case I deleted none essential files to free up more space and tried again. Nope, same problem!

I deleted that file and tried once again, but this time I sat in front of the monitor and watched the whole process. Like I said, it was only a little over 40 MB but for some reason it was going to take up to 20 minutes which I thought was a little slow. Anyway, after getting about half way through the download it finished the remaining 20 odd MB in a second. That was weird  :noway: Upon checking the file I wasn’t at all surprised to find out it also was corrupted. Because of the way it downloaded the last half of the file so quickly I checked the size of the file and discovered it was only about 20 MB which told me that it only downloaded half the file.

By now I was getting a little frustrated.  :hairout_tb: For the life of me I couldn’t understand what was causing the problem. It was late and I decided to go to bed, it was either that or I was going to drop kick the computer. I figured maybe it would work better once we all had a break.

I discovered the next morning that it still wasn’t working. But being the first thing in the morning and having a good nights sleep behind me I was able to think of trying something new. I don’t know why but I decided to change browsers from FireFox to Googles Chrome. The first thing I noticed while downloading the file was that Chrome was doing it in less than half the time and not only that but the download itself worked perfectly.  :thumbup_tb:

So, if you ever come across this problem, just try changing your browser to see if it makes any difference. Perhaps you’ve had this problem yourself and found another solution? If so I would love to hear about what you did to fix it.


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Friday Funnies At WassupBlog

They say that writing regularly on your blog is probably one of the best things you can do, which is why I try to post at least twice a week. There was a time when I used to post three times a week and then I cut back to two because of a lack of time. One thing I noticed after cutting back to two posts a week was that my Alexa ranking started to creep up. As most of you know Alexa basically monitors the amount of traffic to your site and so one can assume that more posts leads to more traffic, although I’m sure you can overdo it and too many posts could drive your readers away.

To test the theory I’ve decided to go back to three posts a week to see if it will improve my Alexa ranking. As I’m still pretty strapped for time and because I get a lot of funny emails I’ve decided to a series of posts called Friday Funnies, and yes I will be posting every Friday, which will probably the most regular thing in my life :tongue_laugh_ee:

Friday Funnies #1 One For The Women

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A Unique System For Selling Cars Online

Amazing Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster 63 AMGOne of the main advantages of having access to the Internet has always been the ability to search online for products and services. It also allows us to buy and sell things online whereas before we were limited to printed media or having to place ads on local bulletin board.

The obvious advantage of going online, whether to buy or sell products, is twofold. The first is that you instantly get access to a huge market and the second is its so easy get or find you product or service online. As an example lets look at selling your car online. In the old days of being restricted purely to news papers and such you were very limited to the amount of information in your ad because they would charge you per word and forget using a photo as that alone would cost you an arm and a leg. Sure you could place an ad on the local bulletin board that could include a photo and as much text as you like but then you’re limiting yourself to local passerby therefore limiting your market.

So in reality, even though it wasn’t all that cost effective, your best option used to be the various print media and they used to be great in their day but unfortunately do not have as wide a distribution as what’s available online.

So, let’s say you want to sell your car online the question is How to sell your car online? Naturally that would depend on what site you choose to sell your car. The one I’m using as an example in this post is an English company and I’m using them as their method of selling your car is rather unique. You start off by entering you car registration, if you don’t have one you simply give them a description of the car. Once they have your rego it enters their database and within moments you get an offer! I found that you can get an instant offer online for car pretty amazing

If you accept their offer they will transfer the money to your account and the car remains in your possession until you have received confirmation from you bank that the money has been deposited. Once you’re happy that the money is where you want it you just tell them where to pick up the car, whether at home or work and they will pick your car up for free.

I found that you could sell your car online, without even having to place an ad, pretty bloody amazing.

So, tell me, have you ever seen such a service before. Have you ever sold a car online and if so what was your experience. For my non English readers, does such an online service exist in your country. If you having anything to ad please feel free to leave a comment.

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