Of Links Lists And Other Blogging Matters

A while back I did a post on how Not Clicking On A Link can cost you and I’m not just talking about money as you may be missing out on golden opportunities as well. Basically I was trying to work out why certain people were not clicking on some links that were presented in a post. I figured the best way was to have a poll and the first part of this post is to discuss the results.

It wasn’t the most popular of polls as only 23 people took the time to vote, yet even so there was a trend.

  • Not enough time and will come back later (35%, 8 Votes)
  • I ain’t afraid of no links! (35%, 8 Votes)
  • The credibility of the author (13%, 3 Votes)
  • Scared of being sucked in by a scam (13%, 3 Votes)
  • It’s just too hard (4%, 1 Votes)
  • Fear of failure (0%, 0 Votes)

It seems that most people didn’t have the time, they’re just blog hopping and leaving a comment. Perhaps they liked the idea and made a mental note to come back later, unfortunately I reckon most of them would just forget about it. Lost opportunities.

I ain’t afraid of no links, scored equal top and these are the people who will click on a link if they thought they saw something interesting. These are the adventurous types, like yours truly :wink_ee: who realize that you have to sample all that life has to offer you in order to be able to sift the good from the bad.

The credibility of the author, only scored 3 votes. This did surprise me as I thought it would be on the top of the list. Heck even I wouldn’t click on a link if I thought the authors credibility sucked. Although I love to sample life I don’t like wasting my time. :guns_tb:

The other two points didn’t really matter as I just stuck them in to make the poll bigger. That was a mistake and from now on future polls will only include relative points. There were a lot of interesting comments so you may want to have a look to see what people actually said.

My next poll is all to do with Lists. In my post Why The List Hater Has His Very Own List I told everyone how I succumbed to the list building idea. I also said how I would not spam them and that I would only email my subscribers when I posted a new article on this blog. The thing is I’ve noticed over time that less people were opening my emails and it got me to thinking, was I sending out too many campaigns?

Unlike other List builders I am concerned about my subscribers and wherever possible I want to make them happy and if that means sending out less emails then I am quite happy to do that. I don’t want to be like those internet marketers whose only concern is to suck people into buying some crap and in order to do that they’ll continue to send out emails, sometimes on a daily basis. Their only intent is that people succumb to their Call To Action!

So, the question for this poll is ‘How Often Would You Prefer To Receive A Newsletter?’

How Often Would You Prefer To Receive A Newsletter

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This isn’t just for my list subscribers either, it’s for everyone to get involved. You may even want to promote this post by doing all the normal tweeting and stumbling things so that perhaps some of those email marketers out there get an idea of how often you really want to receive their newsletters.  Naturally there are three calls to action to this post, one is to answer the poll, the second to leave a comment and the third would be to subscribe to my list by using the subscription form over there on the right. :thumbup_tb:

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  1. I subscribed so I could stay up to date on new stuff on the blog and what your doing, not so I could be a week out of date!
    PS: I had to go look up fortnight just to be sure I remembered its definition correctly as we don’t use that term much.

    1. OK, so you prefer the email with every post, no worries Kimberly, it will be interesting to see how everyone else feels.

      Don’t they have fortnights over your way :tongue_wink_ee:

  2. I too voted for a notice each time you post – after all isn’t that why I signed up? The only time I get annoyed with this is if you’re posting twice a day: TOO MUCH! Even once a day blogs are too much for e-mail notices, I’ll just pop in every day, unless they’re offering some golden email-only goodies.

    I too have noticed that only 50-60% of my subscribers are opening their e-mails, yet some of these do end up leaving comments, so I’m guessing that they found their way to my latest post before they got to opening e-mails and the “goodies” I offer simply are not compelling enough to be worth looking to see what they are. Will have to work on that.

    1. That is so true Allan, so perhaps I’ll leave it the way it is. I mean I did say I would email after every post so those who have signed up know what they’re getting in to.

      I may have to check my opt in to make sure I’ve stipulated that in the form.

      I’m not sure that not everyone is opening up because of lack of goodies though. Some of my subscribers have yet to open an email so I’m assuming they are just way too busy.

  3. I’ve signed up to quite a lot of lists. Most of the time, I don’t click on the emails anymore because after all I’ve bookmarked most of the sites from which I enlisted with. So, with wassupblog for instance, I click on my bookmarks daily instead of the links on the email.

    The downside to this practice of mine is that I may not be able to see the ‘offers’ that the list owner may have wanted to show me (that he’s not showing on his posts).

    As to the above poll, I voted to be informed whenever a new post is published.

    1. Thanks for voting James. It’s nice to know that you click on your bookmarks daily and that I’m included in your list of blogs that you check up on. :thumbup_tb:

      Still, I reckon not everyone is as proficient as yourself and perhaps for those a friendly email reminder is in order. :wink_ee:

  4. I usally dont sign up for email lists beacause of some annoying mail for over selling web marketers.
    When I read your post I found out I should give your subscription a go.
    I prefer mails only when you have new posts, and I see you also state this on your subscription form for the newsletter.
    But what is really the benefit of a news letter compared to rss?

    1. Hi Bjorn, firstly let me thank you for joining my list, I really appreciate it and I can assure you the only time I you’ll get an email from me is when I write a new post.

      How is that different from subscribing to an RSS? Well I’d say the main advantage would be the fact that rather than having to check your rss reader all the time to see if there are any updates, which can be pretty time consuming if you’ve subscribed to a lot of blogs, you get a reminder via the email. A great advantage to this is you never miss out when a new post is there ready for you to read.
      Sire recently posted…A Collaboration Of Bloggers- The Synergy Of Blogging And BusinessMy Profile

  5. While I always appreciate the linkage, I’m, not sure if you’re grouping me here…

    1. Grouping you where Dennis?

      I linked to you because your post gave a good description of what CTA is all about.

      1. Phew OK thanks. “Their only intent” kinda rubbed me wrong. ;-)

        1. Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit.

          Will there be a part 2?

  6. I have to admit that lately I have been signing up for a lot of news letters and checking out a lot of links hoping to find what I need to help grow. I will say though that I am about to slow down because I have found so many great e-books I need to study.

    Patrick Simpson

  7. Hey Sire,

    Thanks for sharing the final results from your poll. I think I was one of those who voted “I ain’t afraid of no links!” I just voted on the poll in this post and it looks like it’s a tie between “Every time there’s a new post/opportunity” and “Once a week”. I hope this poll helps you determine if you start sending out less emails or not.

    1. I’m sure it will John, but when making my decision I’ll will obviously be listening to the opinions of my subscribers over non members as they’re the ones who will be affected by it. Thanks for voting mate.
      Sire recently posted…Are Your Goals For 2011 AchievableMy Profile

  8. Hey Sire,

    Okay, I voted and I went for the once a week. I say that only because as we all know, we are signed up for quite a few newsletter and I stick with particular ones because they do provide me with valuable information. As soon as they start doing nothing but promoting junk products, I’m outta there. I want quality, not particularly quantity…

    Plus, I subscribed to your RSS feed so I know when you have a new post. I will get better at checking that since from my last post, you know I’m working on that! :-)

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL!!! Enjoyed the post though. Will be curious to see what others think.

    Be back soon.


    1. Hey Adrienne,

      I hate those lists as well, I’m sure most people do but I wonder why so many marketers persist in doing it. Obviously it’s because they must get results and one has to wonder why people fall for it. I suppose it’s the same type of people that fall for all those internet scams.

      Whether your on my list or subscribed to my RSS I loves ya all. :thumbup_tb:
      Sire recently posted…Sometimes It’s Better To Just Not Give A ShitMy Profile

      1. Well, I have a list on my main blog and I give my readers tips and helpful information about how they can get more traffic to their site, other new traffic tips I pick up along the way and really helpful and valuable information that will assist them while on their online journey. I will only promote a product when I believe the product is worth promoting. Trust me when I say, there aren’t a lot of them. Now that’s really sad. But, my list continues to grow and I’ve had very few people opt out. So I guess they are good for certain things.

        Still love your blog my friend and you always provide such excellent information. For that, we all are very appreciative. Keep up the great work.


        1. It’s good to see there are some who use lists properly, but from my experience there aren’t many of those around. Kudos to you for doing it the right way.
          Sire recently posted…Of Links Lists And Other Blogging MattersMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    And now you see why I’m reluctant to sign up for lists. lol Actually, since I subscribe to most people’s blog feeds, I don’t need the email, which of course we already talked about before. But when I sign up for other stuff, which is rare, I gauge how often it comes. Newsletters are things I’ll sign up for, and once a week or longer isn’t so bad.
    Mitch recently posted…Securing Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Ah, but even the knowledge of who reads your emails and who doesn’t can be utilized because MailChimp lets you structure your campaign so that you can actually choose which members of your lists gets targeted. This can be very valuable for the astute internet marketer.

      For me though, I will just continue to send them to all my members and leave it up to them as to who reads them and who doesn’t.
      Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

  10. If its a website I enjoy reading I would much rather have an email to let me know about the latest post. I think If I only get one a month notifying me about the last several posts I am less likely to comment on them as I will feel like I’m spamming by replying to more than one at a time.
    khaled recently posted…How To Protect Your Jewellery Or Craft DesignsMy Profile

  11. Hey Sire,

    I choose once a week, mainly because if I see to many emails from a certain email address I tend to skip it automatically.

    But, of course I would appreciate and email when something big is going on (as in when the opportunity arises ). So I am kind of between weekly and daily.

    By the way I like your little footnote in your emails, funny :) (if you guys want to see it, you better subscribe!)
    Alex recently posted…Motociclete CurseMy Profile

    1. Yeah, that footnote does serve a purpose and me being me I had to have a little fun with it. Glad you like it Alex.

      I think it all has to do with quality. People won’t mind more regular emails as long as they provide some value, which I hope mine does. Those that just continually try to sell you something are probably more of an annoyance than anything else.
      Sire recently posted…Reviewing Two More Auto-Responders MailChimp Still WinsMy Profile

  12. Hello Sire,

    It’s been a long time, how are you doing?

    I voted for once a week but it actually depends.

    If you are using your newsletter just to announce latest blog posts then I wouldn’t be interested in being notified because that is what your feed does. I prefer to sign up my email to a site’s feed and get every latest posts than to do it through a newsletter. But if the site doesn’t offer a feed subscription link (which is rare) and offers a newsletter instead, I would prefer to receive notifications every time there is a latest post.

    But if the newsletter offers unique content (not part of site’s content) like the one I offer then I like it once a week or every forth night or even monthly. As often as the webmaster can offer it. For me to appreciate every day newsletter though it has to really offer value.

    1. Hi Karo,

      I’m fine I hope you’re doing well.

      As good as rss feeds my be I feel that not everyone monitors them as often as they could or should, I know I don’t. For those people subscribing to a list such as mine means they will never miss out on a post as they will always get notification via email.

      The email gives a brief description of what the post is about and then it will be up to them as to whether or not they choose to read it. It may actually save them time.

  13. I personally am not a fan of email lists. Most of the time if I sign up for something, it was for something right then and there, but that I no longer want or need in the future. After that point they become obnoxious.

    I understand the email thing, but feel it should only be used sparingly so as not to drive people away.

    1. That’s the difference between my list and others, I have nothing to sell. Those who subscribe to my list do so because they don’t want to miss out on my next post, especially as how some of them can contain crucial information that may help them to better their blogs, make more money of help them to fall off their seat from laughter. :tongue_laugh_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Rotating Banner Problem Resolved By Max Banner AdsMy Profile

  14. I like to receive newsletter every time when there is something to learn new, and before subscribing I like to know more about the author and of course about the blog. After considering these points I like to subscribe newsletter.

    1. All valid points Shailender.

  15. For me, emails from lists to which I subscribe just need to be managed so that they do not clutter up my personal email account. I think that by creating an email account or accounts dedicated to there kids of emails, you can manage your subscriptions with much less frustration.

    I also, for my gmail accounts, place my RSS reader on my homepage. In that way I can scan the feed for articles or posts that I am interested in reading without having to specifically go into the RSS reader

    Time is too valuable and creating these efficiencies can help you be more productive.

    1. There are some good tips there Gary, thanks for dropping by and leaving your words of wisdom.

    2. Agree with Gary! I sometimes don’t subscribe to the letters because I am afraid to clutter up my e-mail box. There are work letters, personal letters. And the idea with e-mail-for-fun (I mean for all newsletters that are interesting for you) is a good one.

  16. I am surprised by the result of your poll too. The credibility of the author is my number one. I have to admit though that I didn’t participate in your poll (sorry).

    Having subscribed to your RSS feed and also to other blogs I enjoy to read has given me the opportunity to read as they are posted.

    I liked Sarah’s comments. If I am bombarded by emails, I tend to remove myself from the list
    Brenda Freeman recently posted…Human SpiritMy Profile

    1. I know, weird isn’t it that more people didn’t pick credibility as a reason?

      As long as you subscribed to something of mine I have no reason to complain. :cheese1_ee:
      Sire recently posted…How To Make Money Off A Popular PostMy Profile

  17. I don’t just click on anything that merely catches my eye anymore because although the Internet business is ever-changing, I find I have less time than ever to investigate an apparently good post.

    Also, I rarely subscribe to lists these days because of the daily grind I face when I have to sit there and weed through 100 or so spammy emails just to get to a good one.

    1. I used to have that problem so I bough a spam email filter than now does all the hard work for me.

      As to clicking links, sure it takes a little time but so does anything else that is worthwhile doing and if I didn’t take that time I wouldn’t find the little nuggets buried with the trash.

  18. I understand the email list thing
    but to be honest i just ignore them once i have my freebie.
    especially the ones that come almost daily.

    so shallow and irratating

    once every couple of weeks is fine and then not always tring to flog me something

  19. Hi Sire,
    Sometimes I forget to check the RSS reader, so I like getting quick email when your post is up. We can choose to open the email or not depending on how the day is going, and it may simply remind me to check the RSS feed.

    Having said that, your post-it-note style is very easy on the eye, so it encourages me to open it.

    I thought you were taking a risk with the joke last week – it was fun – did you get drowned in return jokes ?
    Julia Hayes recently posted…Learn English On-LineMy Profile

    1. Hi Julia, I reckon I take a risk with most jokes that I tell, whether in real or online life. That’s what makes em interesting. :laugh_tb:

      I actually like that style as well, its simple and easy on the eye. I reckon I will keep it. :wink_ee:

  20. Hi Peter
    I’ve gone with every time there is a new post.
    Easy to do that via your RSS or email feed.

    Once I get the email, I nip over, have a read and leave a comment.

    Simple, quick, easy.
    Keith Davis recently posted…Chocolat…My Profile

    1. I know I can always rely on your response Keith as your amongst those who always open my emails. Luckily MailChimp keeps track of who does and doesn’t open them. I suppose that makes it possible to give those people a reward in a campaign designed just for them. Naturally I need to have something to offer them. Something for me to keep in mind.

  21. Hi Sire,

    Enter the age of the new email marketers. We’ve been so negatively trained by Internet marketers who just abuse their email list that we have become reluctant to subscribe to any list any more, because we know all too well what is going to happen – endless sales offers.

    Yet, even when people say they do email marketing differently, I think the only way to find out is to actually subscribe and see for oneself, then unsubscribe if they you don’t like their emails. Yet, I’m quite surprised to still being asked by people, how to make those emails stop coming because they do not know how to unsubscribe to a list.

    I feel there is a low subscription rate because of the above reasons, but I would encourage people to subscribe just for this reason: you’ll learn something from being on someone’s list – how they do their emailing. If they do it well that’s a priceless lesson.

    Finally, about the open rate, it’s quite normal to have just 7% open rate on list, and 10% is often considered a good rate. It’s quite unrealistic to expect anything higher than 50% open rate even from a hot list of people who knows you and like you, especially as the list grows bigger.

    Ben Wan
    Ben Wan recently posted…How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments PluginMy Profile

    1. You’re so right Ben. I think it’s up to us to show these old school bloggers how things should work in this new era we’re coming in to. Things like;

      • Having a list that isn’t all about making money off your subscribers.
      • Being responsive to your commentators by actually taking part in the conversation
      • Not hiding your unsubscribe link way at the bottom of the email where no-one sees it.

      I added that last one in because I was one of those that didn’t know I could unsubscribe. This is because even once you read the email there was just a big white space and I didn’t know there was an unsubscribe link down there.

      As to the open rate I reckon I must be doing pretty well then as my lowest was 35% and my highest 87%! Even the click through rate is pretty good ranging from 6-60%
      So all in all I reckon I should be pretty happy with those results. Thanks for making my day Ben. :drunk_tb:

  22. Hi Sire,
    I voted a once a week. I like to keep myself with the latest update but at the same time, I don’t like my email to be populated with a bunch of newsletters. So I think once a week is pretty reasonable.

  23. I voted for once a week because I think it is more convenient to get news in a round up style once a week.

  24. Hi Sire

    I voted for as soon as you post a new blog post, although I must admit some people blog too much in my opinion and then you are literally inundated which is a little off putting.

    I only have so much time allocated to visit blog posts, so I may not always be able to read all of them and then thats where blog content comes into play as it’s not always something that is relevant for me at that time.


    1. Hi Alex,

      luckily I only post 2-3 times a week so my subscribers in-box won’t be inundated with posts. Also the emails are brief describing the post’s content so they can decide whether or not it’s of interest to them. This last one also had a funny joke in it as well :laugh_tb:
      Sire recently posted…10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart BloggerMy Profile

  25. I voted once a week.
    Most of reader don’t want to receive too many mails.
    A weekly mail with a summary is the best solution

  26. There is only one newsletter that I open faithfully, every time it arrives in my inbox. This is Randy Ingermanson’s newsletter, and it only comes once a month. It’s action-packed full of relevant information, all categories are bite-sized, and he rarely, rarely, RARELY makes any sales recommendations! He lets you know where you can find his products if he happens to mention them, but that’s it! Just his once-a-month newsletter. It’s beautiful. I wish more people had a format like his!


    1. Exactly! I don’t see why so many email marketers have to send out so many campaigns.

  27. Twitter:
    Personally, I prefer to receive an update whenever there is a new post. I only sign up for newsletter that truly interest me, and I like being up-to-date with the ones I do sign up for.

  28. I tend to follow a link if it looks like it’s going to give me more info on a particular subject of interest, but there’s lots of links that are obviously trying to sell you something without necessarily adding anything to your knowledge. I like digressions but they have to stimulate my interest, and not the feeling of “yet another sales pitch.”

    1. There are times when I do a post and the post’s intention is to get people to click on a link. People may well say I am trying to sell them something, however most of the time that link goes to a free product or service that has potential for earning them money so by not clicking on it they are missing out.
      Sire recently posted…10 Essential WordPress Plugins For The Smart BloggerMy Profile

  29. I can say from my own experience that I tend to visit blogs to “hang out with” the author (part of why I dislike blogs with a high ratio of guest posts) and I will hover over a link and see if its an internal link or if I’m going to have to go play on someone elses blog. When you link me to other posts of yours I’m usually all over you… err… wait… all over the link, yeah thats it… but I dont give so much fondling.. err ummm… I mean attention to other places I may be being directed unless I’m on the hunt for a solution. There’s only so many hours in the day and I can either spend them hanging out on friends blogs, or clicking through link lists… my friends win all the time!

    1. Nothing with being all over me, err, I mean the links, unless they link to other interesting spots that is :devil_tb:

      Love your comment Kimberly.
      Sire recently posted…Do You Want To Earn Money WritingMy Profile

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