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Of Gary Vaynerchuk And His Belief That You Can Cash In On Your Passion

You know, I love blogging! I love blogging not only because it allows me to share the things that I believe in. Not because I can roam the Internet to read and learn from what other people believe in. No, what I love most about blogging is that it allows me to interact with those people who are willing to interact with me.

That is so important, and yet the comments on some my previous posts revealed to me that not everybody believed in the importance of that interaction. Some said that it was impossible to do, that there just wasn’t enough time and that I was being unrealistic. Well you know, even though every fibre in my body was screaming BULLSHIT, I tried to be very diplomatic about it all and my comments, as they usually are because that’s the type of person I am, were very reserved.

Well, one of the comments left on this post by Scott Web showed me that there are actually some big boys who believed as I do. He mentioned a name I’ve never heard of before, Gary Vaynerchuk, and his comment led me to believe that Gary and I were on the same page on certain things.

I had to find out whether or not this was an accurate assumption, and so I Googled his name and I came to his blog and I discovered the guy knew exactly what I was on about.

I highly recommend that you watch the following video, from beginning to end. It’s a long video, and Gary drops the F bomb, as well as other expletives, on more than one occasion, but it is an inspiring as well an instructive video. I assure you that it will change the way you tackle your business, your blog and life in general.

I know that after watching this video it strengthened my resolve to continue on pushing the importance of interacting with my readers. I’ve also added his blog to my list of blogs to follow. You will find it on my blogroll shortly.

I’m also very interested to learn more the man and his beliefs and I figure my best chance of doing this is to purchase his book Crush It.

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  1. I am so happy you went and looked him up! I thought you might have been aware of Gary but I’ve found the people that arn’t are blown away when they tap in. He’s a real guy, shouting what he believes in and yes, he discusses a lot of the stuff you do here.

    It’s amazing to connect with him because is the living example to do what you love and don’t stop but remember that customer service and the thank you economy are something you should never forget. That’s where the “big boys” get lost I think. Gary finds smart and amazing ways to keep in touch. Brilliant infact – ie auto responder emails to video links that apologize for the auto responder and random ustream live conversations whenever he has time.

    It’s hard to scale yourself in such a manner once you’re very popular but atleast he’s making the effort. He will go steps further than commenting or linking – get this – he was making phone calls in one of his live ustream sessions!

    You’re totally on to it here and don’t stop interacting with readers – it’s the most important thing to do and it can be as simple as a – THNX text message.
    .-= Scott Webb´s last blog ..Photography Business Cards – Moo Cards Edition =-.

    1. Scott, I have to thank you for leaving that comment, because if it wasn’t for that comment, who knows how much more time would have gone by before I discovered this remarkable bloke.

      As for the big boys, it’s like I’ve always said, their loss is our gain.

      1. I got to watching the video the other morning. I didn’t have time before and didn’t realize the keynote/interview was so recent. Anyone passing over this video should stop and watch. It will make you howl – wait til he talks about the age of the internet.
        .-= Scott Webb´s last blog ..Annual Review 2009: Lessons in Life =-.

  2. Great video and that guy is a hoot. He definitely has it right though, with customer service being key. It’s just to easy these days to spread the bad word about your business.

    1. What the guy is Matt, is down to Earth. He speaks to people like he’s on their level, and that’s really refreshing.

      1. No doubt Gary is down to earth and refreshing. I just keep picturing in my head Gary sitting in a board meeting with one of the Fortune 500 companies he consults for saying F this and F that to all the suits. To funny!

        1. Yeah, it would keep everyones attention, that for sure.

  3. Gary Vaynerchuk is a freakin’ machine. He’s the one who said if you’re serious about success, then you need to “bleed from the eyeballs”. He sacrificed so much sleep in the initial years to build up his blog. Very interesting guy.
    .-= Gordie´s last blog ..How To Slice And Dice Your Way To Success. =-.

    1. Yeah, he’s really cool. I think I will have to find time to get my daily Gary fix, from here on end.

  4. I don’t know much about that dude other then he is a GIANT wine NYC and chicks for some reason dig the little dude LOL :) Seriously though before I go take a look outside this blog, I just wanted to say YES it’s shocking sometimes that people that get PROPS especially Goof celebrities here in America have the excuse on why they can’t won’t or can’t be bothered with us regular folk and YES I was mad at Chris Brogan yesterday when I told him on Facebook that he looked cool on DR PHIL and of course no response because for this second we are still on the outside but that is going to change and when it does people will love you even more because they will know your NOT full of shit like so many lame ass people that people suck up to for money or other fake ass reasons. 2010 is IT
    I really do appreciate a person who has these thoughts on their heart and mind because it’s real and not like the ZOMBIES out there thanks man. I actually added that link to my post before coming. Thanks Peace
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..What’s your word cloud ? =-.

    1. Well John, that’s a whole lot more than I knew of him. Then again, I do live on the other side of the world.

  5. yeah i have heard about Gary and checked his plugins.. he is the man with great passion towards technology.. even though the video is lengthy it is informative..
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..Download WordPress 2.9 Release Candidate 1 =-.

    1. As far as I know Rajesh Gary hasn’t got any plugins?

  6. you are awesome,as i watch this vid i m feeling the heat and charm of being good to people,no matter what.thnx
    sorry but have to wait till the the vid is finished
    .-= shoaib´s last blog ..Windows 7 Tip-Change logon Background Image =-.

    1. No, I am not awesome at all, the man in the video is the awesome one.

      1. now your reply has some more awesomeness in it……i guess being just jolly and having practical approach towards what you do makes you like that…….thnx,

  7. All I can say is WOW! The points this guy makes are so simple yet so many don’t get it!

    It really goes back to other posts you have made about the interaction of your “customers”, which, if you are a blogger are your readers. In my case it is my customers as well that purchase my products along with my readers. I hope I never get to the point where I don’t think it is important to pay attention to those that purchase my products or read my blog.

    Imagine that, people EXPECT you to interact with them, why else are they here reading your blog.
    .-= Keith@FenceMaterials´s last blog ..New Fence Products =-.

    1. Is it that they don’t get it Keith, or that they don’t want to get it because it’s all too hard or adds to their overall expense?

      1. If you want my “honest” opinion….. I think their heads get so big they can’t hold the weight of it up and it constantly bangs on the keyboard!

        Once a blogger reaches this so-called “A-List” and is making 6 figures from blogging, he/she forgets how it is they got there! I can promise you that creating content people want to read is at the top of the list, but interacting with the readers is probably 2nd or 3rd, and it suddenly gets lost in the bank deposits!

        I am not sure this is affecting their readership or not, but I think it will.
        .-= Keith@FenceMaterials´s last blog ..New Fence Products =-.

        1. Perhaps it will, but the problem is their readership is so big, they wouldn’t notice it.

  8. Hi.
    Never knew anything about gary before. thanks for this information, will be trying to learn from this succesful blogger.
    He is so confident about himself.
    .-= lunaticg´s last blog ..Coin Picture Grading for Newbies =-.

    1. The sharing of information is what blogging is all about.

  9. Do get his book. Its a good one. A quick read, too.
    .-= David Risley´s last blog ..4 Bloggers Doing It Right =-.

    1. I was actually planning on getting it for myself as a Christmas present. What did you think of the video David?

      1. Been too busy today to sit and watch it. But, I’ve seen Gary speak before. He is certainly engaging and just leaks passion every time he opens his mouth.

  10. That was an amazing video! I am going to definitely get more info on him. He is right, we need to stop wasting time and start living the life we actually want. Thanks for sharing this.
    .-= Anne@AnneOnLife´s last blog ..Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow ~ Please =-.

    1. Wasn’t it just? I honestly don’t watch this sort of video all the way through, but this one had me mesmerized.

    1. Yeah, well like I said before, I wish I had seen if sooner. You could have told me you know :laugh_tb:

        1. Sorry, I must have been thinking of my wife, the way she acts sometimes I’m sure she assumes I can read her mind.

          Yeah, I prefer the hard copy.

  11. I’d never even heard of him, Sire! There are so many pretender “SEO Experts” out there vying for our attentions in the Twitter and Blogospheres saying the very same things, things that are ineffective for most, that they’ve almost collectively rendered themselves and the true and helpful experts white noise at best, clown-suit wearing used car salesmen at worst.

    I watched part of the video, but don’t have time to watch it all today. I will keep an eye out for Gary Vaynerchuk as, per your recommendation, I’ve allowed him into my field of selective perception. Let’s see what comes! Thanks!
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Places not to put your Diet Coke =-.

    1. This guy seems really down to earth Heather, and not at all like one of those guys who says buy my book and I will show you how I made my millions.

  12. Twitter:
    Okay, I have to admit that I went into this not expecting much, especially after I saw this scruffy guy coming out on stage using bad language. But I’ll give him his props; he had some good stuff to say.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Mailwasher =-.

    1. Yeah, not half bad for a Yank, and you could take it a whole lot easier on me in those chess games Mitch :doh_tb: :nono_tb: :laugh_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        No, I can’t do that! :tongue2_tb:

        As for this guy, you heard him say he was originally from Belarus, right? So, he’s a newly confirmed American, but not really from America; so there! :innocent1_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Traffic And Buyers =-.

        1. Still a Yank mate. Heck, he’s been around you guys for so long, how could he be anything else but. :tongue_wink_ee:

          1. Twitter:
            Yeah, he’s an American with a French company name; I’m reserving judgment. lol
            .-= Mitch´s last blog ..How Much Do I Write? =-.

            1. Of course, he’s trying to sell wine! Who’s going to buy wine made in America? :devil_tb: Now if he was an Aussie, well we all know how good our wine is. :lol_ee:

  13. Hey Sire,
    I knew of Gary from TV shows like David Letterman & Ellen before I had ever saw him online.

    Like he said when ask why did he write a book when he is online? He said because people read.

    I happen to be someone that may do better reading his book rather than watching him.
    I love his message but, can’t hardly stand to listen to him speak.

    So Sire, what are you doing that you love?
    .-= Sheryl Loch´s last blog ..Make Your WordPress Compatible with iPhone iTouch =-.

    1. Talking to people like you Sheryl.

      To me everyday I get up is a gift. I am able to support a family that loves me. I can gaze constantly on the wonders that God has given us.

      What else is there?

  14. Sire man, I’m actually a little surprised you never heard of him before, but glad you’ve found him now.

    What’s the most ironic part to me? Gary is a big boy that other big boys look up to, and yet most still don’t “get it”.

    I’ve been meaning to buy the book, is that an affiliate link for you? If so, I’ll buy it here, if not I can buy it anywhere later. :)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..UPDATED – Pick My New Domain Names With A chance To Win $10! =-.

    1. Yep, it sure is. As to not having heard of Gary before, I reckon it doesn’t help being on the other side of the world, and I don’t think he’s done any seminars in Australia.

      1. Pfft. That “other side of the world” malarkey don’t fly when talkin’ about the net my boy. ;)

        Perhaps he hasn’t been there live, but his vids are EVERYWHERE lol, and so is people talkin’ about him. :)
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..The $10 Winner And More Good News….. =-.

        1. Then I must be visiting the wrong sites, not unusual considering the size of the place. At least someone was kind enough to point me in the right direction.

  15. Wondering if I’m the only one who has never heard of “Gary Vaynerchuk.” lol I’ll have to check out his blog & see what everyone is raving about.

    Sire, he’s on Twitter. Are you following him there?
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Body jewelry- Bejeweled Plugs for your Willie =-.

    1. Not yet Rose. Thanks for reminding me.

  16. It is absolutely vital to interact with your audience. The world of business is all about interacting which in turn develops trust which is the foundation of any successful business partnership.

    1. That’s so true and there would be a lot less sales being made for any company who was not interacting with their customers in one form or another.

  17. Twitter:
    Wow that was a awesome video, I especially liked the part when he was talking about how affordable it is to start a online business, but the reality is it is still hard work.

    I believe that people by the thousands come online and don’t really understand just how much work goes into creating a solid online business. My brother often says to me that I don’t know what it is like to work in the real world.. I just laugh because he has no idea how many hours I actually put into creating an income on the internet.

    When I first got involved online, I didn’t realize the importance of interacting with your customers once I started to I seen a major shift in the success of my business..
    .-= Larry Rivera´s last blog ..Internet Network Marketing in A Bad Economy Part 1 =-.

    1. Hey Larry, it is hard work and I know what you’re saying in regards to the way the family treat your online life. My family used to treat my online life the same way until I showed them that I could actually make from it. Not much, but it all adds up.

      Thanks for your input.

  18. Amazing video! I watched til it ended and I think it’s not enough. He’s really true with his words although its rough.

    I like how he gave a rant on answering those emails trying to respond to everyone. Social interaction really is one of the recipe of success.

    Thanks for that Video SIRE!
    .-= Jp Manching @ Beginners Blogging Guide´s last blog ..No Commentator? Then be the Commentator =-.

    1. It’s good to see that some of the big boys actually get it.

  19. I think his vulgar language is not very professional but he has a lot of interesting things to say. I found the video very scatterbrained and all over the place. From wine to business, I feel like he needed to be more direct and organized in his presentation.

    1. Yes, he does use swear words, but you can see that it’s the way he usually speaks, and I didn’t find it at all vulgar.

  20. Hey Sire!
    Great Video that really makes me think. The part that struck me is that Gary says something about how people get home from work and there is this time that they have at night. Some people will sit and play video games, some will sit in front of the TV. But if you want to achieve if you want something more use the time to build a buisness. I myself have heard people complain about this and that like they want more, but some don’t apply themselves. Well if you want something you have to go for it. Don’t get me wrong it is hard and it does take time, but instead of drooling in front of the TV complaining about this and that apply yourself.

    What I also liked is when Gary said, basically, that everyone is different. Like you don’t have to be over the top like him to succeed. JUST BE YOURSELF!

    It has taken me sometime to find my writing style for my blog and really I am still working and learning everyday, but if there is something I am really striving for is to just be who I am. I want people to believe in me and if I am true to my readers I believe they will come back. I think people can see if you are fake. They read right through it. We are all different. We are all unique. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Just be true to yourself and your readers.

    I guess I got a little bit excited….I apologize for the long comment:)


    1. Are you kidding Jim, I love long comments, it shows people have something to say. I also agree that you should be yourself as this will help you to stand apart from all those people who just copy others hoping to get something in return.

      As to all those people who just sit at home watching TV and stuff and complaining about how they don’t seem to get ahead, if they don’t get out of their debilitating comfort zone, they will be stuck there forever and a day.

    2. Jim,
      That’s exactly the part that I found motivating. To hear him speak with such energy and passion about putting in the effort, makes me want to get working on my key tasks.
      .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Inspirational Video =-.

  21. Wow, that is motivational. His high energy is something that I admire.

    Dennis wrote:
    >Gary is a big boy that other big boys look up to, and yet most still don’t “get it”.

    Yea that is what Sire has been trying to tell us in his last several posts. . . OK I’ll start listening Sire :innocent1_tb:
    .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Today’s Quote =-.

    1. Ned, I know you’ve bee listening from the start mate, you’ve always come across as and intelligent bloke, and definitely not one to miss those important points.

  22. I knew about Gary a while ago. He’s a very smart cookie. Some internet marketing teachers use him as an example of what we should do in the online world. That’s how I found out about him. But I truly haven’t delved into what he teaches. I haven’t finished watching the whole video. Will definitely do that.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Sweet Romantic Letter to the Love of My Life =-.

    1. Not a problem Eren. That’s the beauty about blog posts, they don’t normally disappears so you can usually come back to finish off what you didn’t have time for before.

  23. Hey Sire,

    I think you picked the best of Gary to post here. I have been going to his blog and it seems everything for the last two months is about Gary; . . . “ME, ME, Me, My book is great, My book is great” – with no real content. Frankly makes me a lot less interested in his book. He doesn’t even talk much about what is in his book.

    I am hoping as I go back further there will be better content.
    .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Today’s Quote =-.

    1. Thanks for the update Ned. I’ve been too busy to look any deeper yet, but I have bookmarked it for when I have more time. Reckon we’ll see if I get the same opinion as you.

      1. >but I have bookmarked it

        How do you think I get there? I come here and click your blogroll link. :thumbup_tb:
        .-= Ned Carey@Baltimore Investing´s last blog ..Today’s Quote =-.

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