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Obama’s Health Care Plan Not At All Popular

In Australia we’ve had a healthcare system, Medicare, since 1984 and while there are times when the waiting lines are longer than desired, no-one is denied treatment. Whether or not you can afford the treatment does not make a shred of difference when admitted to a public hospital.

The only bone of contention is that those who opt for private cover also have to pay the medical levy, although the government has been offering rebates to encourage more people onto private health in order to relieve the pressure on the public system.

Being an Aussie I’m not at all sure how the health system works in the States, but I was surprised to see the following video.


I was pretty amazed to see that Obama’s plan to introduce a health care system was met with such opposition. What the heck do we pay taxes for if not to be provided with certain services, and I really believe that a government funded health care should be one of those services. I reckon that being able to receive medical treatment should be the right of every citizen, and they certainly should not be denied that right just because they can’t afford it. Sorry, but that’s barbaric.


Anyway, like I said, I’m an Aussie and I’m not at all sure how things are run over there in the States. Perhaps the stuff I see over here where people die because hospitals will not admit them because of lack of medical cover is totally false, I don’t know, but I’m sure that someone out there will be glad to fill me in on the actual facts.

Just to have a quick idea of how people felt about this I thought I would set up a quick poll. It just requires a yes or no answer, but perhaps you would like to substantiate your answer by leaving a comment.

Do You Approve Of Obama's Health Care Plan

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  1. Twitter:
    Hi Sire,

    This is a country of 300 million people. Just because a couple thousand folk, who only get their “news” from the likes of Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh decide to march at the Capital does not at all represent how the majority of Americans feel.

    These people are merely loud (and quite often obnoxious: )

    … which is why they get so much attention

    Most rational people realize that something has to be done about health care. In fact, I’d be willing to wager even that a fairly high percentage of those protests today are either uninsured, or at least under insured. However, most of them can’t get past the fact that our current President “has a good tan” … so what’s right or wrong doesn’t matter.

    I swear, there are days when I’m honestly embarrassed for some of my fellow country men.

    Oh well, such is life,
    .-= Todd@ Hawaii Adventures´s last blog ..Save Money At Aloha Stadium Flea Market =-.

  2. I checked out that link Todd, and all I can say is you sure have good selection of weirdos in that demonstration. Some of those posters are way over the top and unbelievable. You’d have to be a moron to believe it. Perhaps if they weren’t so far fetched they would have more of a chance of getting people to follow their cause, even though I reckon they’re barking up the wrong tree.

  3. I totally don’t understand why people would be against this. There are far too many people that was not treated or treated then faced a really big medical bill. I think these dumba** people need to really ask themselves why they don’t want this.

    I am all for the health care plan.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Projects Update 9/12/09 =-.

    1. I Know! I thought finally they were coming out of the dark ages as far as the health care system was concerned, but these demonstrators are are determined to claw their way deeper into the mire using any BS reason imaginable as scare tactics in their effort to convince the rest of the populace.

      1. That happens. the reality of the situation is as I see it is 48 million people in the US do not have healthcare insurance coverage. Some dont bother, that is true, but millions of others cannot afford it; it is these people I believe President Obama is trying to help. Bill Clinton also tried during his time as president.

        Aussie has its scheme and NZ its public health system, and there is nobody turned away for any reason.

  4. It seems that the US doesn’t want to be like the rest of the world. In the UK I pay may National Insurance and taxes and am guaranteed medical care regardless of my income. Yes, the waiting lists for some things are long, but I will be seen and treated. For less important things, or if I want to jump the queue, I have private insurance through work.

    What having national health means is that I don’t have to think “get car fixed or go see a doctor”, I can do both.
    .-= ray@cult tv series´s last blog ..Older WordPress Versions Are Insecure =-.

    1. Honestly Ray, I reckon we are the lucky ones, and even so there are many of our respective citizens that don’t know how lucky they have it.

      I can understand the trepidations of many Americans taking on something new. Many of them are focusing on the fact that it may mean more taxes. Others probably feel that it’s unfair that their taxes will be used to pay for the healthcare of someone who can’t afford it. But when it all comes down to the it, that’s what taxes are for. To provide services for the masses.

      I can also understand why the companies that provide health services in the States are against it. I reckon it’s because they’re scared that it’s going to affect their bottom line, and you know it probably will. Is that a good thing? Well that all depends on whether or not they have been overcharging the American public.

      1. The companies will see their bottom line improve over time. Right now, someone on a low wage will avoid seeing a doctor until they are extremely ill. This means that they get less and less productive and go off sick for a couple of weeks. This is bad. In our countries, we see the doctor at the earlier time, get a bottle of pills and return to work – maybe take a day off if we feel a bit tired :) But we’re productive, healthy and, more importantly, earning money for the company.

        In terms of taxes, we all pay for each other. I rarely, if ever, need the police, fire, ambulance or coast guard services. But they are there and paid for if I do need them.
        .-= ray@cult tv series´s last blog ..Older WordPress Versions Are Insecure =-.

        1. My sentiments exactly Ray. There’s no point bitching about who pays for what because in the long run we all pay for something we don’t use and if we all didn’t pay taxes the country would go down the tube.

  5. I totally agree with whats being said; the NHS here while in a financial blackhole nearing £10 billion deficit in a few years at its bottom line does more good for the UK then not. I have known Americans who have stayed i’ll deteriorated etc etc because insurance cannot pay out or they don’t have any.

    The welfare system while costing a lot benefits the people of the nation a lot more.
    .-= Donace´s last blog ..Free Blog Commenter =-.

    1. I reckon that properly run a healthcare system shouldn’t cause a drain on the economy. Trouble is most governments don’t know how to run things.

  6. WE have had a welfare state and public health since 1938. Our ACC started in 1974. Its a state accident insurance-like scheme that covers everybody in the country, even ‘Sire’ on holiday.Private insurance covers those non-emergency things, or paying for new hips you dont want to wait for on the waiting list. Great schemes here.

    1. Cool, I may take you up on that, so the next time I need a hip replacement I will have a convenient accident while holidaying in NZ. :tongue_wink_ee:

      1. Yes, but you will have to stay in NZ for the few years it will take until your hip is a necessary operation. Now there is a difference between an accident and good old wear and tear. Say, if you have a knee cartilage problem you could get that done through ACC at a private hospital like Boulcott here in Lower Hutt. A hip usually deteriates slowly over a few years.

        Read my post at: THE KIWI RIVERMAN POST and leave a comment there.



        1. Blimey Peter, let’s not get too bossy there mate :wink_ee: :grin1_ee:

  7. I’m against Obama’s plan, and it’s not because I’m a conservative… because I’m not one. I don’t even watch Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. As a matter of fact, those two make me sick to my stomach, and I happen to be from the same city that Rush is from!

    The reason that I am against this plan is because it mandates that every single U.S. citizen have health insurance. Obama makes it sound like everyone will be able to get it, but the truth is that he’s going to FORCE us to get it, or face something like a $950 fine. Guess what? As it is, I can not afford health insurance, as much as I’d like to. What happens if his financial plan fails, (Which most likely it will, seeing as how happy he is to spend his way out of trouble) If the numbers don’t add up, then 280 Million U.S. citizens will be mandated to buy health insurance at WHATEVER cost that this future government ran industry decides.

    Like I said, I’m not conservative, but I’m not a liberal either, and I can see the tactics that both side use in this asinine debate. The liberals try to paint the conservatives as loony or overly stubborn so that people won’t listen to what they’re saying. And the conservatives try to paint the liberals as spendaholics who want to create death panels and have government run everything.

    Simply put, I view government mandated health insurance as a tax on living. It’s one thing to require drivers to buy insurance, because you CHOOSE to drive or not. However, you should not be forced to buy health insurance, it should be a choice. The U.S.A.’s founding fathers waged a revolution just because their tea was being taxed unjustly. Imagine what they would say if they knew that U.S. citizens would one day be taxed for living?
    .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..A Better Approach To Leaving Comments =-.

    1. Hey Trey, I didn’t know that he was trying to force everyone to have health insurance. That would be wrong as a lot of people may not be able to afford it. What we do here is that everyone pays a percentage of their wage which goes towards the nations healthcare and in that way everyone is covered. I thought his plan was along the same lines.

      1. I’m confident that the mandated insurance part will pass, because the local media is ignoring that part completely. Nobody seems to care about that part, which is probably why you weren’t aware of it, Sire. Just to clarify, I believe that health care needs to be fixed, because there’s so many examples of people getting screwed over for not having it. These are the examples that people use in support of a government ran health care, and when someone doesn’t agree with certain parts of the bill, then they are demonized and said to be unsympathetic to the suffering.

        Just to put things into perspective, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a political issue in this country get as heated as this one. The United States may be on the brink of another civil war.
        .-= Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment´s last blog ..A Better Approach To Leaving Comments =-.

        1. Another civil war would be the pits,and I’m sure you guys are smart enough not to let it get that far.

        2. I thought he was mandating that insurance companies could no longer drop people or refuse to insure them because of pre-existing illnesses and that the government would foot the bill for the uninsured. So yes, you will be “forced” to have insurance but you won’t directly foot the bill (except through your taxes).
          .-= ray@cult tv series´s last blog ..Older WordPress Versions Are Insecure =-.

  8. Trey had some great points. A few others are lessons learned from the economic crisis we are in right now, and the “Bail Out” of the financial institutions and automakers. We gave billions to bail out failed businesses, then they quietly rewarded upper management with huge bonuses while the rest of the country is trying to figure out how to keep their houses from falling into foreclosure. Unemployment is up across the board, and the answer from major industries is to reduce costs by 10-15 % and letting employees go. Salaries are the major portion of expenditures, so term a portion of your workforce and it should all even out right? How about the ones that lose their jobs, and don’t have anywhere else to go. Their bills don’t just go away.

    Do we have confidence in this government? I would say not. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t make the problem go away. The other point a lot of politicians are facing is the race to produce the program, not thinking the thing through. We had a law eliminating people from using cell phones while driving before one eliminating texting while driving. Should have included both in the original law, but the race to solve one problem quickly caused the loss of many lives. Slow down, thing it through and come up with a great plan, not just the first plan.

    That is just my thought on the issue. Have a great day.
    .-= Mark Smith´s last blog ..Making Money Online Subscription Contest – Win Professionally Designed Logos or a Character Mascot =-.

    1. Our government has done the same thing that most governments were doing in that in their rush to formulate a stimulus package they did it so poorly that they gave money away to people that couldn’t possibly stimulate our economy. By this I mean people who were dead, in prison, overseas or even to pets.

      I understand why your government gave money to try and keep those companies afloat. Sure a lot of people lost their jobs, and that is a tragedy, but imagine how many more would be unemployed if those same companies closed down.

      What the government should have done is to ensure that all those guys who received those huge packages after receiving the bailout, paid them back.

  9. Sire why didn’t you use a Hiburrito Poll :S?

    I don’t live in the US but I am American and I completely agree with Trey. Why should the government force the American people for Health Insurance?
    .-= Asswass´s last blog ..Triple Monday WOP: How Long Blogging, How many Comments, How many Posts =-.

    1. Personally Asswass, I don’t see a problem with a healthcare system as long as it’s structured similarly to ours. Those on Medicare are not forced to have health insurance but are still covered by the national scheme. Those who want a better health care plan can join one of the many private companies and the Government is currently subsidizing the cost of those doing so.

      I’m not using that poll system because I’ve never heard of it, and what’s wrong with the one I am using?

  10. Twitter:
    Overall Sire, there’s a lot of misinformation about the health care plan that the government may or may not pass. I wrote about a part of it on my finance blog. What is a new proposal, which I have to agree with Trey in being against, is this fine against individuals and families that decide not to participate in the insurance plan. I’m wondering where the heck that one came from; no way I could ever support anything like that.

    Having said that, I’m of mixed feelings about an overall health plan for America. I am liberal, which means I really want everyone to have insurance coverage. I’m also a health care finance consultant, and I know there’s no way any plan, especially the one that was proposed, will be implemented without increasing the deficit.

    Australia, England, and other companies have proven that private insurance companies will still exist, and of course the government plan is only for individuals and small businesses, so large companies would still have to pay for insurance for their employees.

    By the way, you are correct about the Australian plan covering everyone, but I have a another chess friend in England who had to wait 8 months for a heart operation that, over here, he’d have had in a week. That’s the type of thing many of us here are worried about.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Internal Server Errors And Plugins =-.

    1. Well you see Mitch, unlike the States most of our companies do not pay health insurance for employees, they just contribute to their super. Perhaps forcing companies to pay for health insurance is putting too much financial pressure on them and so they do not employ as many as they could were they not forced to pay it.

      As to the analogy of the heart transplant, that is what private cover is for. Also if it was life threatening they would have been admitted immediately.

      So,is Obama’s plan to force everyone to have private cover, threatening to fine them if they don’t? If so I agree that would not be fair.

      1. Twitter:
        Well, we have to be fair; it’s not his plan, it’s the plan of the Senate. Even the House of Representatives have a different plan than this one. The 8 points of President Obama’s plan included the provision that the deficit not increase; that’s all he really asked for. So, what these folks have come up with is theirs, and not something he cake up with.

        And we probably judge life threatening a little differently than you do. Anything involving the heart, at least for me, is pretty serious. lol
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Cuban Cars =-.

        1. Same here Mitch, as far as the heart goes, but even with the heart there are different stages of seriousness.

  11. I have really gotten to the point where I can’t even consume the political stuff anymore, it seems like every blog I visit has something about something going on with Obama or the White House.

    Beer time!
    .-= Extreme John@Extreme John Blogs and Business´s last blog ..3 Ways to Increase Your Alexa Ranking =-.

    1. And I just had to add my blog to the list huh John? Sorry mate :tongue_wink_ee:

  12. oh ya !! I am with you.everything, obviously.
    and they are going by the UK and Canadian health examples which are not the greatest in the world, paying attention to what France does would be better as well as other EUropean countries.what is going on in the USA is insane on just about all levels, health is just one of them. because i am allergic to the ONE anesthesia they offer, i am forced to undergo biopsies with NO anesthesia, thanks to my HMO’s policy of ”take it or leave it”. try having a bone and marrow biopsy with no anesthesia as you are hacked at for 2 hours, or a neck tissue biopsy done as your flesh is cored out, again with no anesthetic! barbaric.
    we need health insurance for all Americans and legal residents, not illegal aliens, we need HMOs like mine taken to task, not just fined, they don’t care about fines if they are making billions of $ in profit; maybe even shut them down.but first the Govt intends to kill most of us off with the Swine flu vaccine in October, more potent than the vaccines that permanently damaged Gulf War Vets…. Land of the Free, yeah right. Thank you.
    .-= Teenage girls´s last blog ..Trendy clothes for trendy teenage girls =-.

    1. Man, a biopsy without anesthesia? That is barbaric. I suppose that means one really has to read carefully any policy before signing and HMO policies to make sure they are covered adequately.

      Also I delinked your url because you did not follow the comment policy. :down_tb:

  13. I certainly think something needs to be done about the US healthcare system. At the moment the wealthy are able to recieve much better healthcare than those who are less well off, and that’s just wrong.

    I find it quite amusing that Obama’s plans have been compared to both the Nazi’s and Communism by certain parts of America. I don’t really know how it can be both.

  14. It’s all scare tactics really. There is no real logic to it. The problem is that some people will follow because of all the hysteria involved.

  15. I think that the problem in the States is that this question is being exploited for political battles of the worst kind. The reason is probably the great power of the insurance companies. I hope Obama won’t give up like Clinton had to. If he does, he’s really not much better that his predecessor.

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