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My Favourite Posts And Why I Liked Them

Even without doing any blog hopping I can just imagine all the blogs out there that are doing posts on new years resolution or about how you should be doing your business plans for the coming year. Not me! :smoke_tb:  Nope, I don’t do new years resolutions and I’ve never willingly done a business plan. Sure they’re a good idea to keep people focused and to help them with building a strategy to follow but they have never interested me.

I’m not even going to do a post about how things transpired last year because I covered that in my last post, A Recap Of 2011 And Best Wishes For 2012. Instead I want to write a post that may reveal a little about myself as well as giving my readers a chance to promote their favourite post.

My Favourite All Time Posts

I reckon that pretty well gives you an idea what this post will be about. I’m hoping that in sharing my favourite all time posts you may get an inkling of what sort of things appeal to me and in knowing that perhaps a little of what makes me tick.

OK, I reckon you’ve had enough of the posts that I like and you’re champing at the bit waiting to find out exactly how you get to promote your blog? Well, it’s quite simple really, all you have to do is to leave a comment linking to your favourite post while telling us why  it is that you love that post so much. Leaving just a link without a reasonable explanation will get your comment deleted so put a bit of thought into it. Remember that leaving a good comment will have more chance of getting others to read that post.

Oh, and you may want to tell me which of my posts, if any, you liked and why? :wink_ee:

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Peter Pelliccia

I'm an Aussie blogger who loves to blog and share everything that I've learned on my blogging journey, including blogging tips and ways to blog for money. I am also trying to make my way on YouTube. You can follow my progress by subscribing to My Bonzer Channel.

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  1. Hi Peter
    You’ve given us plenty of variety this year and reading your posts, or watching your videos, has been both enjoyable and informative.
    Love the way you experiment and then share your findings with the rest of us.

    Also appreciate your visiting my site and leaving great comments.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have for us in 2012.

    Your blogging pal – Keith
    Keith Davis recently posted…Genesis “Minimum” Theme… for Maximum ImpactMy Profile

    1. Thanks Keith. I want to do a lot more videos this year and I’m hoping to maintain my blogging regimen hoping to keep you guys on your toes.

  2. Hi Sire, I liked To Blog or not to Blog. :smile1_ee: But there were quite a few I hadn’t read.

    1. Hi Roz,

      I figured that there were posts within that list that not everyone had read and so I had other reasons other than SEO for listing them here. To Blog or not to Blog is one of my favourites.

      1. I am very new to blogging, like a newborn baby. I went back and read your post To Blog or not to Blog and I loved it. I love how talented people can take words and breathe life into them. Not just flat letters on a page or screen but making the letters dance together. I have two main reasons why I choose to blog.

        1. I love to help people. I hope that my blog helps me and my readers

        2. I love to write.

        When I read good blogs it makes me want to continue. I am a procrastinator because I am so highly critical of myself that I never seem to succeed for fear of failure.
        Thank you for the inspiration, I look forward to more.

        1. Welcome to WassupBlog Alison.

          You are already well on your way to becoming a good blogger Alison. You’ve started your blog and you’ve left a exceptional comment on this post. Now all you have to do is to continue along this path. Make sure you regularly update your blog with good posts and keep leaving those great comments on all the blogs you visit. If you can visit at least 10 blogs per day leaving good comments it won’t be long before people get to know who you are.

          Keep up the good work. :thumbup_tb:

  3. Hiiiii Happy New Year, I absolutely loved the post about there is no way in hell that a man can please a woman. Well this is absolutely true, come on if men knew how to please women, they would give up the chase and challenge. But yeah I do agree with you, it’s pretty hard to be a men.

    1. Hey Daniel, Happy New Year to you too, and being a bloke I’m not surprised you like that particular post :lol_ee:

  4. Hello, happy new year from a new blog reader!

    First of all, i want to wish you the best. Secondly, i would like to make a suggestion: Maybe you should sticky this post.

    I am new to the blog and this post contained all your best blog posts, so it made them all easy to find without looking around forever. Hope you agree.

    – Andy

    1. Hey Andy,

      They’re not necessarily my best posts just my favourites and as such I don’t think I will make it sticky. You did actually read the post and followed some of the links didn’t you, because if you did I don’t think you would have made that suggestion?

  5. I always enjoy your posts, Peter,even if I’m not always regular. We post for different reasons and you have more followers than I,but it doesn’t really matter. However, my ‘The Green Planet blog’ is becoming more important to me, and obviously to some others. It has been a vehicle for me to express my concern for green matters, without becoming obsessed. God luck in your chosen field for 2012, Peter,


    Peter Petterson(NZ)

    1. Same to you Peter, and although that link has nothing to do with the post I’ll leave it because it means so much to you :winkle:

      All the best for 2012 mate and I hope it all works out well for you.

  6. Twitter:
    Hi Sire, this is a great time to reflect back on past accomplishments. It’s actually perfect timing for me, for a couple of reasons. I was tagged in a 7 Links Challenge last week so I’ve been thinking about which posts I’ll use. And then, today, I spent HOURS editing every single post I have on Hot Blog Tips for our new theme. It was brutal but I did get to revisit each one. Luckily the blog is very young and there were only 59 posts to deal with.

    As I went over each one, there was only one post that I actually re-read because I actually wanted to read it again. That was probably because I didn’t write most of post, it was by a mutual friend. It’s my Interview with Mitch Mitchell. It was one of my more enjoyable posts.

    BTW, I was looking for the post from your first video. I don’t remember the joke you told but it was nice to see after all these years. Happy New Sire :)

    1. Hey Brian,

      Happy New Year mate. I’m not sure though why you had to edit all your posts just because you had changed your theme?

      As for my first video, would it be Sire’s ‘Ice Breaker’ Pick Up Line? :smoke_tb:

      1. Twitter:
        I had all the images showing using the “featured image” option which this new theme doesn’t use. While I was at it I changed all the meta info from All In One SEO to the SEO by Yoast plugin. Now I can finally remove the plugin completely. I also updated a bunch of posts with new links, updates and edits. It took the entire day.

        Can you imagine doing something like that with a blog as big as yours? You’d still be working on it when the next New Year rolled around. lol

        1. At least you got it done mate. Now you can get back to the fun part of blogging :wink_ee:

          Can you imagine doing something like that with a blog as big as yours? You’d still be working on it when the next New Year rolled around. lol

          Can’t see it happening, I like my theme way to much to ever change it.

  7. You have a pretty nice list. But I’m more interested on the first one, the PR update. I’m doing online marketing for some time now and PR really concerns me a lot, since I’m running an online business. Even though you’ve interview an imaginary person, it seems real to me.

    1. Personally I’m not all that fussed with PR, SERPs are more my thing.

  8. Missed some very interesting posts, I particularly like the Scientific Revelation one and the blond bombshell ones. I think i met her when I was a kid.
    khaled recently posted…How to Make Swarovski Crystal ConverseMy Profile

    1. Yeah, reckon we’ve all met her at one time or another :wink_ee:

  9. My favourite post is “There Is No Way In Hell A Man Can Please A Woman!”. I’d like to add this: “Woman was God’s second mistake.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

    1. I disagree because that would imply that man was God’s first mistake. Besides, God does not make mistakes. :smoke_tb:

      1. You’re right! :)) My bad. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder why some people are bisexuals. I mean… I understand gay people, I understand straight people, but why bi?

        1. Don’t ask me I have no idea.

  10. very good posts liked the To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question:—will read others also

    1. That seems to be a favourite manoj, perhaps because it’s different from the normal run of the mill post?

  11. I enjoyed catching up with your best blog posts of 2011, may you make many more throughout 2012!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Chris.

  12. Hi Sire

    Choosing a favourite of yours is hard cos I appreciate your Aussie humour so most of them come up trumps for me. Also, I like how you treat all who visit with respect and consideration.

    As one of my first commenters on my own blog, I tried to emulate what you do with visiting the blogs of my commenters and leaving a thoughtful comment.

    As I’ve been busy building a new website and revamping my lavender blog the past months, haven’t been blog hopping and/or commenting in ages.

    It’s so good to be back. Now for a favourite on my own site … have to say my latest as it talks about the changes I have made and also my new site. But I truly enjoy writing every one of them and look forward to writing many more.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Hey Patricia,

      it’s good to know that I have some good qualities that people are picking up on. It’s not hard really, all I do is treat others the way I like to be treated. I like it when people leave good comments on my site and I just try to do the same.

      Glad you like the blog too, that’s really grouse. :thumbup_tb:

  13. I have to say that I liked the “There Is No Way In Hell A Man Can Please A Woman!” post the best. There definitely is a double standard and let’s face it, it’s one that will always be there.

    1. At least as long as women exist Matt :lol_ee:

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