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More On Watches Are They More Than Just A Time Piece

Invicta Watch MacroI did a post a little while back called When Only A Precision Watch Will Do where I told you guys why I love my watches and how I tend to go for the ones full of gadgets, like my remote control one. Yep, I actually have a watch that doubles as a TV remote. I can turn my TV on and off, change channels as well as adjusting the volume. Is that cool or what? :thumbup_tb:

Some of the comments on that post were from people who said they didn’t need a watch because they much preferred their mobile phones, something I had mentioned in the post. The thing is a watch is more than just the technology behind it, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a digital one or one of those trendy analogue one like those Invicta ​Watches​.

As a time piece it’s a hell of a lot easier to glance at the watch on your wrist than it is to dig one out of your pocket or to fish it out of your handbag, especially a handbag because most of them are so full of junk it’s amazing you women can find anything in them. :ponder:

I know a lot of people whose watch holds a special meaning for them because they were given it as a gift, they inherited from a relative or someone the person who gave it to them is is someone special. What about you? Can you do without a watch even if you have a mobile phone? I know I can’t. If you can’t do without your watch why is that so? Is it because of the tech inside of it? Perhaps it’s because of the person who gave it to you? Then again it may have special meaning to you because you received it as a gift? What makes your watch especially endearing to you?

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  1. Although this is a good post to read. Having TV operating options in your watch is sound very crazy. I haven’t heard about this before. I like to know something more about this.

    1. It’s been around for awhile Will. This is actually my second one

  2. Regarding wrist watches, it’s not just for knowing the time but also a fashion statement. A corporate attire with a matching silver wrist watch is a really good combination.

    1. Yep, silver is good, and so is gold but for some it can more about the style than whether it’s silver or gold.

  3. It’s a nice gadget with new technology. Now watches are using notonly for checking the time. They are coming with more advanced features of gaming, chatting, browsing and with more tech. At present, people like us are selecting the watches as treating that they are not only the time piece.

    1. I actually have two watches, one is a dress watch and the other one is my gadget one.

  4. Actually I use my mobile phone to know the time. As it is the most easy in this days. I don’t use any hand watch.

    1. Oh, I don’t know. I bet you I can see the time on my watch way before you can fish your mobile out.

    1. Why on earth would you carry three mobile phones with you? :doh_tb:

  5. We’re starting to be a hypocrite when we said that we don’t need watches. Yeah, it’s just a watch but they added some twists so it can be more attractive to consumers. And that’s true, any things, like a watch, that were given by love ones you must take care of it more than anything else no matter what.

    1. The truth is we don’t need them as much as we used to, but even if that is true because of the advent of mobile phones it’s still so nice to have one on your wrist.

      1. In others words, we must use wrist watches because we need to and not because we want to. We know that mobile phones have lots of purposes but try not forget the true traditional way of using the watches.

  6. I can’t leave the house without a watch! I do agree with you, it’s more convenient to look at a time with your watch rather than your phone.

    1. And they say that women aren’t as smart as men :wink_ee:

  7. Good (and unexpected!) post. I hold watches very dear to my heart. Well, not all watches, but those that ‘innovate’ or were essentially the first to the block. Take Rolex for instance, they practically invented the magnification bubble over the date window. May not seem like a big deal but look at how many companies followed suit! Looks like they’re trying to get a taste of the Rolex mark-up though ;)

    1. Really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for divulging that bit of information.

  8. I need to wear my watch before I leave my house. Without it I feel lost and disoriented. I have the latest mobile and have a laptop too but I still need my watch. I find it very convenient. I don’t really have a specific favorite watch. I have four watches and wear which ever I feel like wearing at that time or which ever I can find first.

    1. Hey Paul, just another three and you will have one for every day of the week. :laugh_tb:

  9. Well I have a watch that my dad had given me when I graduated. I have been wearing the same watch for more then 15 years. No matter what happens I wear that watch. I know it is not the latest one but it has great sentimental value. Whenever I see it I remember my dads face and how proud he was with my accomplishment. It is something I will always cherish. It is irreplaceable.

    1. Nothing wrong with keeping one because of sentimental value Thomas and it’s great that you have something that reminds you of your father.

  10. I wear a watch that’s over 50 years old & it’s gone through the unfashionable stage to the chic again, keeps perfect time (I don’t tho), and I love it!
    I carry one phone and often wish I didn’t have to, too much of a distraction with all the tempting apps one “has to have”. Never think of looking at the time on it though.
    If I ever have time to sit and watch TV I’ll just have to buy a watch with remote control, and no doubt spend more time playing with that than watching the telly! Just wish I had one that would write for me!
    Thanks for all your very readable articles.

    1. Hell yeah, a watch that would write for you? Now that would really be something :wink_ee:

  11. U know what, Sire, I have a chinese friend and he’s unhappy to receive a wristwatch I gave him as a birthday gift. In chinese, the watches do have special meaning as you mentioned in the article. It denotes the end of life somehow. If that gift were a clock that will be even worse. I hope he understand I totally had no idea it would be a bad-luck thing in their culture. From then on, I’ve learned a lesson to choose gift.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that. Just goes to show how you can always learn something new from a comment. Thanks for that Montre

    1. Man, one phone is bad enough, I’d hate to have to carry three of them

  12. Watches nowadays can serve for multiple purposes, but the one that I find more interesting is that a watch can relate to your personality and/or social status. For example someone with a gold Rolex tends to receive more respect than someone with a rubber made one.
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    1. Yep, that and if your like me then the gadgetry factor plays a large part.

  13. Well the best part of any watch is its features as they enhance the looks and give another trait to the personality.

    1. Good point Saira

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