More Funny Jokes Friday Funnies #176

Man I love Fridays, especially when I have the weekend off!  :party: Another reason I love Fridays is because I get to share with you guys another Friday Funnies post. For todays Friday Funnies, Friday Funnies #176, I have even more funny jokes for you!

More Funny Jokes To Make You Laugh

I know you guys want more funny jokes because Friday Funnies have turned out to be the most popular category on this blog! For the first of the ‘more funny jokes’ we’re going to visit two very horny dwarfs. I’ve featured a dwarf jokes before, Seven Dwarfs Meet The Pope, but that was referring to the famous Snow White’s seven dwarfs. This one is entirely different.

Two dwarfs go into a bar, where they pick up two ‘working girls’ and take them to their separate hotel rooms for an hour of pleasure.

The first dwarf, however, is unable to get an erection. His depression is made worse by the fact that, from the next room, he hears his friend shouting out cries of, “Here I come again! ONE, TWO, THREE …. UGH! ”

” Here I come again! ONE, TWO, THREE… UGH!”

“Here I come again! ONE, TWO, THREE … UGH!”

This goes on for the whole hour and is driving him absolutely nuts. It’s not helping any with his erection problem either.

Later back at the bar, the second dwarf asks the first, “How did it go? ”

The first mutters, “It was embarrassing. I just couldn’t get an erection. ”

The second dwarf shook his head. “You think that’s embarrassing? I couldn’t get on the bed. ”

more funny jokes

Sexual harassment happens in the workplace all the time. But this next case is very interesting, Is it sexual harassment or merely a matter of perspective.

A man walks up to a woman in his office and coyly tells her that her hair smells nice.

This upsets the woman immensely and the woman immediately goes into her supervisor’s office! She tells him she wants to file a sexual harassment suit and explains why.

The supervisor is puzzled by this and says, “What’s wrong with the co-worker telling you your hair smells nice?”

The woman replies, “He’s a midget.”

And so ends another Friday Funnies. Don’t forget to share it with your social media friends to brighten their day!

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