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Moneybackco Has Potential Cashback Deals

There was a time many moons ago, when I belonged to an organization who’s main aim was to save their clients money. The way it used to work was I would call them on the land line, as there wasn’t any Internet in those days, and tell them what I was in the market to buy. Let’s say for argument sake that it was a TV set. They would then do all the leg work contacting the suppliers until they found me the TV I’d asked for, but at the best price available. From memory, there was a $50 per annum fee, but the savings made this more than worthwhile.

The reason I’m bringing this up it that I’ve come across and online version. It’s called moneybackco and from all intents and purposes it’s main aim is to save people money. The main difference is that rather than doing all the leg work for you, they provide you with a whole heap of merchants that are offering you, the potential buyer, savings by giving you ‘moneyback’ on your purchase.

So, in essence, apart from saving on the purchase you also earn some cash for your trouble, and these cashback deals will certainly come in quite handy.Money which is paid yo you monthly either by direct deposit or into your PayPal account.

Although free to join there is an annual fee of $10, which I suppose is a pittance if the potential to earn as you buy is as good as they say. There’s also a discount coupon section that offers some pretty cool  savings.

I haven’t joined yet, but I am considering it, and I thought I would run it past my loyal readers to get their valued opinion.

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  1. Although free to join there is an annual fee of $10…

    How does that make sense? lol

    I’ll check it out though. ;)
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Whoopsy Commentluv Is Busted! You Have Permission To Leave ONE Link. =-.

    1. I wondered about that myself Dennis, and I reckon as a paying member you probably get access to more features. Not at all uncommon these days.

      1. Makes sense, sure; I thought maybe you were testing us. ;)
        .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Whoopsy Commentluv Is Busted! You Have Permission To Leave ONE Link. =-.

  2. Twitter:
    I see things like this all the time. It’s almost like wholesale clubs, where you can join but there’s a yearly fee. You only save money on things if you use it often enough, because they never seem to be just down the street.

    I’ve seen some other things online like this also. Someone actually subscribed me to something like it without my asking, but there’s no fee so I’m not fussing all that much about it. The way I figure it, though, the discounts I see are kind of the same discounts I get if I bought those same things through my own affiliate program, ala Commission Junction, as I’ve saved some pretty good money on things through them.

    So, if I’m going that route, I’m buying from me! :-) :drunk_tb:
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..What’s Up With Broken Link Checker? =-.

    1. I actually do the same thing Mitch, but as not everyone has access to affiliates this may be down their alley. Of course it all depends on what savings can be made, and considering it’s only 10 bucks to join there may be some who would want to give it a shot.

      1. Twitter:
        True,… or they can ask us if we can supply them a link so they can buy from us. I like that better. :smoke_tb:
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..2009’s Top Inventions =-.

        1. What, you reckon all those ads and links we’re posting isn’t enough :innocent1_tb:

          1. Twitter:
            Actually, based on our sales, no. Seems we need to do an extra step somewhere along the line to encourage folks.
            .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Rocky And Bullwinkle Turn 50 =-.

            1. OK, I have my Aussie charm and you have your American bravado, maybe if we combine our assets we can get some conversions. :grin1_ee:

    1. Sounds like a plan, and I had to stop the snow storm because it slowed the blog down. :annoyed_tb:

  3. Do these kinds of stuff really work? I mean, at first you get persuaded to join because they see it’s free. But then eventually you don’t get to use it to the fullest because you have to upgrade this and do that. I hope you’d enlighten me more on this issue. thanks!

    1. Don’t worry Harvey, as soon as I learn any more about it I’ll be sure to do an update.

  4. Hi Sire,

    Isn’t it interesting indeed to see how the “savings” and “discount” industry has changed the past few decades. The company you mention in your article (which would do all the leg work to find the best deal for you) is an example of how things worked in the past. Today, all this is carried out online and some companies, like moneybackco and Groupon, are banking it hard.

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