Mobile Speed Is Important

Last week I did a post on The Need For Mobile Speed. Over the weekend I used the points in that post to increase the mobile speed of three more of my blogs. Those blogs were my Buy Online Lotto Tickets, Get Online Lottery and A Loving Memorial. While it was easier having a template to follow I found that different sites have different hurdles to jump. I persevered all the same because mobile speed is important!

Why Mobile Speed Is Important

As I mentioned in my previous post my latest need for mobile speed was brought on by my good mate Mitch’s post. You’ll find links to his exceptional posts about his search for improving mobile speed in my previous post. Mobile speed is important to me because I need to keep Google happy in order to get a good listing in their search engines.

Having to please Google now makes me laugh with the knowledge of previous posts such as Google Sucks and Does Google Control Your Blog. There are a whole lot of other posts where I have a go at Google but this one is about why mobile speed is important not about Google’s many failings.

mobile speed is important to googlemobile-speed-important to customers

As you can see, the results were not as good as my easy Sports Betting blog but it was the best I could do. I’m more than happy that everything was in the green.

Apart from keeping Google happy mobile speed is important if you’re at all interested in making money online. This is because, and Google knows this, more and more people are accessing the internet via their smart phones. I think you will find this article on mobile marketing statistics very interesting. If a site is too sluggish people these days won’t wait to let it load. They’re going to look elsewhere and those sites that haven’t bothered with mobile speed miss out. Better for the rest of us right?  :drunk_tb:

Hosting Is Important For Mobile Speed

importance-of-mobile-speed importance-of-mobile-speed2

Once again, while there is a vast improvement, its still not as good as my sports site. I played around with settings for ages and then it hit me. They’re hosted on a shared hosting site whereas my sports betting blog is hosted with Inmotion hosting, a VPS host!

One of the problems I was having with these two blogs was that the leverage caching wasn’t working. This is something that my caching plugin handle so well previously. After a lot of wall banging  :wallbash_tb: I contacted support and they were kind enough to edit my .htaccess file. Thanks to all the guys at Greengeeks.

Mobile Speed Is Affected By Plugins

You may not know this but too many plugins or the wrong plugins can really affect your speed. Some plugins are so poorly designed that having them activated can slow down your blog to a virtual crawl. On the other hand, some plugins, like caching plugins, are essential for mobile speed. Another plugin I found that improved the mobile speed of some of my blogs is Widget Options. This plugin allowed me to select which widgets showed up when the blog was accessed by a mobile user. You can even select whether they showed up on the home page for desktop users. This way you also speed up your home page.


make your blog faster

As you can see the results for my Loving Memorial blog was exceptional. While this blog was also hosted on Greengeeks it has the least amount of plugins installed which simply proves my last point.

Did I mention the importance of themes at all? I should have because the theme you’re using may be what is slowing you down.


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    1. Twitter:
      Hey Mitch, you don’t actually need it on IJS because that blog doesn’t reveal any widgets.

      I’m not sure if it’s a feature of this theme but I have a widget for mobiles only. Placing something in there turns off all the other widgets. Unfortunately that didn’t work on some blogs and so I found this plugin.

      It’s also good for desktops and you can disable widgets that slow down your home page. The become active when they visit posts and such.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven Friday Funnies #132My Profile

        1. Twitter:
          I’m working on the theory that Google is more concerned about the Home Page. Once they get there and they start looking around if the speed drops a little they won’t be too concerned.

          I know that’s how I roll anyway lol

        2. Twitter:
          Ok. Damn, I thought I would test it out but it logged me and posted just the one word. LOL

          Will have to try another browser.

  1. Twitter:
    Hi Peter,

    I would say that it is an awesome post and you have given a visual treat to my eyes with the mobile speed score of your site.

    Yes, speed becomes the ranking factor of Google and thus we need to do the speed optimization to perform well on search engines.

    I use P3 profiler plugin to catch the plugin culprits that makes my site load slow.

    Good to know about WidetOptions, I’ll check its complete details.

    It’s great that this site hosted on GreenGeeks hosting, I would like to get it.

    Thanks for contributing this useful blog post that reveals the significance of sites’ mobile speed.
    Mathew recently posted…WP Engine Review – Fastest WordPress HostingMy Profile

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Mathew,

      I use the free version of WidgetOptions. The paid version has even more options including a timing one. This means you can actually pick which days you want the plugin to work. That’s pretty amazing.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Lost Words Of Our YouthMy Profile

  2. Yes, After the recent update of Google Core now Mobile Speed more Important to get rank on Google at top. Mobile Speed is also one of the most factor that is being used.

    Great Post with the Great Content.

    1. Twitter:
      And yet some people are ignoring the importance, some through ignorance, others because it’s all too hard.

      Personally I think the effort is worth it.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Lost Words Of Our YouthMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for writing the post about the significance of having the mobile-friendly, fast loading website. Yes, it has become the ranking factor of Google and it is not an option anymore for the website owners.

    Thanks for showing the speed of your sites, it inspires me to optimize my blog for speed and load lightning fast.

    I have seen that few of my blogging friends are using the GreenGeeks hosting and good to know that you are also using the same server service.

    See you soon!
    Nirmala recently posted…Which Is The Best Monitor For Photo Editing?My Profile

  4. Very informative post and wonderful written. For better page speed, hosting plays a crucial role. WordPress is best CMS for a blog and Bluehost India hosting very friendly for wordpress platform. This article gives all the insights on how important and how to improve page speed. thanks for sharing.

    1. Twitter:
      Hey Mukesh, I used to host this blog with Bluehost but I outgrew it and had to move it to a VPS hosting account. I’m pretty sure it was the right move :smoke_tb:
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Lost Words Of Our YouthMy Profile

  5. Hi Peter,

    I have always tried to speed up my mobile site, and often the main reason for slowness will be plugins. Since I cannot live without plugins, I always ignore it. Thanks for such a great tip on the widget.

    1. Twitter:
      Hi Vamsi,

      I like my plugins as well but it’s a good idea to see if another plugin will do the same job whilst not being such a power hog.
      Peter Pelliccia recently posted…Lotto AffiliateMy Profile

  6. Hi Peter,
    Site Speed has become an integral part of user experience nowadays. I agree with your point that if site is loading slowly then users won’t wait they will switch to other sites which is not a good sign for your blog in terms of SEO also.
    Thanks for sharing site speed data of your websites. Its quite fascinating to watch these scores.
    Shailesh recently posted…Command Prompt Tricks: 10 CMD Tricks And Hacks You Might Not NowMy Profile

  7. Hi Peter,
    This is very informative post about site speed. I read somewhere that Google give preference to fast loading websites over slow websites. And you shown good factors that affect our site speed. Thanks Peter :)

    1. Twitter:
      Yep, that’s more than just a rumor too as it comes directly from Google. Which just goes to show how important site speeds really is.

  8. Twitter:
    Really good read Peter! Initially we were not focusing on the mobile performance as much as desktop version website. But, gradually we saw that we are getting more than 20% of the web traffic from mobile and visitors are bouncing! We were loosing lot of business from mobile visitors. Now a days we believe in “Mobile First” when it comes to website optimistion.

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