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Mistakes Bloggers Make

I’ve been a blogger for some time now and I reckon over the years I’ve made a few mistakes. It’s not all bad though because I’ve learned from those mistakes. I’ve also seen certain mistakes made by other bloggers and it came to me that I’d write a post about some of the mistakes bloggers make. After all, learning by ones mistakes and the mistakes others make is a good thing right?

Anyway, by discussing these mistakes, some that newbies may make, some made by bloggers who are not so new, I’m hoping that I can prevent others from making the same mistakes. So, in no particular order, here are some of the mistakes bloggers make.

Top Five Mistakes Bloggers Make

mistakes bloggers make

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Creating Backlinks Too Early

Although this may not be a common mistake it’s one I’ve come across a fair few times. I’m sure some of you may have witnessed it as well. It’s where a blogger starts a brand new blog and then goes about creating backlinks to it before even adding any content. They normally do this by leaving comments on Commentluv blogs.

What a waste of time. I’m sure Google doesn’t appreciate links back to a blog with no content and I’m also sure it pisses off those who have decided to follow the commentator back to their blog. It’s always best to create some content first before starting on a backlink campaign.

Ignoring Commentators

These are those bloggers who prefer not to engage with their commentators. Sure they may respond to one or two but for the most part they tend to keep out of the loop. This is a common trait amongst the A listers and they only get away with it because of their reputation.

I find this mystifying when you consider the rising importance of social media where people love to share their thoughts and likes. Sort of makes you wonder why they chose a blogging platform in the first place doesn’t it?

 Free Blogging Platforms

Free blogging platforms are fine for those bloggers who have no intention to start an online business and merely want to share their thoughts with others. On the other hand if you’re looking at making money online your best bet is to host your own blog. This gives you more control as well as show other you mean business.

Besides, how can you expect to sell hosting packages, professional blogging themes, like the FlexSqueeze theme, professional plugin themes or even expect others to take you serious when you’re not prepared to invest in your own business?

 Ignoring SEO

This is a mistake I committed for many years, but then until recently I only blogged for fun. Whatever money I made was just icing on the cake. The reason I was so against SEO was because it spoilt my blogging experience and like I said, for me blogging was all about fun.

That was why I bought Market Samurai. I figured if MS would help take the drudgery out of SEO, finding the right keywords and stuff, then it wouldn’t overly detract from my blogging experience, which brings me to  the next point.

Investing In Your Blog

From day one I had invested in my blog by opting out of using those free blogs like Blogger and But that wasn’t enough and it was  until years later, when I purchased the FlexSqueeze theme, that I started to make some money. Promoting this theme was one of my biggest  money spinners because people could see it in action and could see how much I loved it.

It was then that it dawned on me, as a blogger, that I could promote other blogging tools as a money making venture. After all, there are new bloggers entering the fray every day and they’re going to need those tools to fulfil their money making dreams. Of course by tools I mean those WordPress plugins that I promote as well as certain software like Market Samurai and the Logo Creator that make our blogging life easier. And the best place to get and promote most of those blogging tools is the JVZoo site.

OK, I reckon that’s enough mistakes bloggers make for now. The post is already longer than I intended. Perhaps you would like to share one of the mistakes you’ve made so that we can all learn from it.

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  1. Twitter:
    Very good points, here, Sire.

    If you are marketing for fun or profit, keep an eye on your target. What are you going to do with this blog? This will answer a lot of your questions as you go along.

  2. I agree that one of the best things to do is invest in your own blog and get a theme you are comfortable with. Flexsqueeze is great value for money and easy to use.
    Two others I have tried and like are Thesis and Genesis – both great, but find one you are comfortable with and learn it inside out.
    Thanks for highlighting the 5 mistakes. Couldn’t agree more.

    1. Actually, Thesis was the first professional theme I bought and I have to tell you, I was really disappointed. Which is a good thing really because otherwise I wouldn’t have found this theme.
      Sire recently posted…Quality Blog Headers Update My Profile

  3. Solid base here, everyone who wants to start new blog, should follow these steps.

    But the most important is content, with good content many small issues will go away, such as getting traffic and more subscribers, if you have good content user after reading it will share, email to a friend and subscribe.

    But if the content is bad, then no matter how much you invest, how good you are at seo, you will be looking mostly for new traffic rather than returning traffic to your blog

  4. Hey!
    The first mistake is common, good you’ve noticed it!
    The second one is also very important! I’ve noticed that you comment almost every single comment you got (that probably takes a lot of time!). I appreciate it! For me personally it means I need to write more meaningful comments for you to share my point of view or argue it.
    You are a great blogger! Keep it going that way!

  5. Twitter:
    Good stuff as always Sire. The only one I can say I haven’t done is the last one. I took a free theme and modified it to fit my needs and I’m happy enough with it. Yes, you do get to promote it & get paid for it and maybe one day that’ll be something I want to do but for now I’ll get by.

    And, like a couple of the other folks said, content, good content, great content, consistent content… did I mention content? ;-)
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Insulin, Injections And BloggingMy Profile

    1. Good content is always important. If you don’t supply good content you may as well give it all away.

      So far all but two of the plugins I’ve been promoting have paid for themselves and are now making me money. The good thing about the plugins is that they usually have a good margin, usually around 50%. That’s so much better than most affiliates pay.
      Sire recently posted…Language Important For Reaching International AudiencesMy Profile

  6. Another great post Sire. Learn lot from it. Great to see that, you have replied every comment on your blog posts. This is the mistake, I have been making for last few months.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted…Advantages of Rooting Android DeviceMy Profile

    1. I look at them, commentators, being guests to my blog and just like I wouldn’t ignore guests in my home I won’t ignore them.
      Sire recently posted…Googles Attitude Towards PublishersMy Profile

  7. A mistake that I would like to share about is that I did not plan well for a reliable website backup and restore service. It was a nightmare for me when the service didnt work and I had to redo the blog from scratch !

  8. Great article. It really is amazing how many people ignore comments from people that have taken time to read their work. Appreciate all the thought you have put into these nuggets.

    1. Thanks Joe. I’ve been on this bandwagon for ages and I bring it up every once in awhile in the hope that each time I do I manage to convert a few more people.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sal’s Blonde Joke & Irish Humor FF #62My Profile

  9. Hey Sire u reminded me of ignoring comments on my site…but now i will not repeat the mistake and allow as many comments as i can …Investing in blog is a good idea.

  10. Hi
    I liked the “ignore the commentators part” it is true, if you can establish a relationship with people commenting on your blog, you are building an audience, but only few bloggers can do that.

  11. I’d def. agree with those tips. Content can be really hard to think of, especially with a blank web page staring at you!…but too many website owners go out to get backlinks early on without putting the effort into the content. I do think too many people are taken in by the quickness of platforms like blogger, when a site would be much more beneficial.

    Keep up the great work :)

    1. Actually Anthony, like I mentioned in the post the best option is to host your own blog.

      Still, whichever blog you go for you should always wait until you build some content before starting a backlink strategy.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sals Blonde Joke Friday Funnies #66My Profile

  12. This is a nice article , i just have one doubt , i want to change the theme of my blog , can it affect my search rankings anyhow ?

    1. A theme can hurt your results if it’s poorly designed. This could be because of load times and poor coding. That’s why I recommend a professional theme that has good reviews by actual users and not just affiliates trying to make a buck.

      I know there are themes that say they’re better SEO wise but I prefer one that has the features I require and like and use a plugin for my SEO.
      Sire recently posted…Sexy Sals Blonde Joke Friday Funnies #66My Profile

  13. Catchy headline + being yourself in your content + proper use of keywords + Useful links and info = content that goes beyond not just normal but awesome!

  14. Twitter:
    Choosing free Blogging platforms is the common mistake most of the bloggers do. They will realize their mistake only after the development of their blog. Moreover, neglecting the loyal commentators of our blog is also a big mistake most of the bloggers commit.

  15. Great post for those who commit mistake day by day and do not learn from it. Even,I as a blogger do commit mistakes of SEO. You need to be a master of Keywords to make your article indexed in every search engine.
    People do commit mistakes but these mistakes must be taken as a source of experience to attain faim in life.

  16. I do agree with most of the points you have mentioned here, but i am not fully convinced about your 1st point (Building backlinks before posting any contents . because i have seen a young blogger who has been interviewed for making his blog popular in just three months and one of the reason for his success was that he had almost 10 backlinks to his website, with zero content. Though all the backlinks were do-follow gained through guest blogging…

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