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Membership Drive For Where Bloggers Meet

I had hoped that my post introducing my new forum Where Bloggers Meet, would entice some of my readers to join, but unfortunately most people did not take up the offer. To those of you who did join I thank you, to those others I wish to point out some important points as to why you should join.

This Forum Is DoFollow

Yep, after checking both the signature links and links left within the posts I am satisfied that the forum is a DoFollow forum which, as you know, is very important if you’re interested in building the amount of links to your blog.

More Than Just A Forum

I  want it’s members to get something more than just important and useful information. I also want them to be able to use it to increase the value of their blogs, and the way to do this is to be able to use it to construct posts that are keyword rich that point to any particular post.

This is pretty well unheard of in forums but like I said I want to be different, and so if you’re into getting free backlinks then this forum is for you.

Just as an example I’d like you to look at Using Emails As A Source For Blog Topics, a post I did that linked to three of my posts as well as another of my blogs. As you can see the post provides relevant information and the links within the post are provided as examples that highlight points in the post. This builds the value of the forum as well as providing important backlinks to the author.

I will be monitoring all posts to ensure that people do not take advantage of my generosity by posting spammy articles that provide no value to the forum. I will not be accepting any affiliate links! If you want to link to a post that is promoting an affiliate, that is fine as long as that post provides value to the forum.

Providing value is essential as this will build the popularity of the forum as well as it’s importance in Google’s eyes.

What the forum need is a membership where it’s members help to build the forum so that all it’s member benefit. As I can’t build the membership all on my own I ask all members to help in a membership drive. Perhaps you know of someone who would like to join or, even better, you could write a post about it asking your readers if they would like to join a growing community.

One thing I would like you to keep in mind is that I only want members who are willing to contribute. I know how busy everybody is so all I’m asking is at least one post per fortnight. I will be deleting anyone that joins but does not contribute as it would not be fair to those who are.

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  1. I think you have something with a lot of potential Sire, but unfortunately I haven’t even got the time to visit the Problogger forum which I am paying for, so I really can’t make an effort with your forum. But I hope a lot of people do take up your offer!
    .-= Tom@SEO Article Writers´s last blog ..SEO Article Writers Test – The articles are in… =-.

    1. No worries Tom, like I said I know how busy you guys are, but if things ever change mate and you get some spare time, you know where to go. :wink_ee:
      .-= Sire´s last blog ..Moneybackco Now Offering Coupon Codes =-.

  2. I was going to join Sire but wasn’t sure if it was for bloggers who are monetized or for anyone.
    Suppose I could have just asked,ha,ha..

    1. As long as you’re a blogger I don’t think it matters, unless your blog is one of those unsavory ones, like promoting porn or something.

  3. I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts. THUMB UP

  4. I think we are seeing a comeback of forums. I am hearing a lot more of the “big boys” talking about them at conferences….

    One thing that you have with a good forum is a place to ask questions. If you have a problem & it will take more than 140 characters to answer then a forum is a great place to post it. You can also get a few different views on it.

    You also have another place to post links (within reason of adding helpful info to the community).

    Sometimes I find that answering questions on forums gains me followers/customers. I have a chance to help them & show them a bit of knowledge. Most times I never even mention what I sell…they see it in my profile or sig line.

    I bet people will start forums before long…but, we will already be ahead of the game. A spamless forum will be worth gold!
    .-= Sheryl´s last blog ..Web Site building list =-.

    1. You may well be right Sheryl, and the fact that forums have always played an important part on the Internet means that when it does come back those with a presence will certainly have a head start on the rest.

  5. Blogevolve’s community is in danger of disbanding because of the splogging which is totally out of hand.

    What can you offer the regulars there? Pop down to BE and post an invitation if you think it would be acceptable.
    .-= peter petterson´s last blog ..The Mossad is not Murder INC… =-.

    1. What is splogging?

      1. Blog Evolve is a community blog which apparently had been taken over by sploggers, which is the name given to bloggers who create blogs for no other reason than to promote their sites or just for blatant advertising.
        .-= Sire´s last blog ..Release The Child In You And Become A Better Blogger =-.

  6. Hi Sire,

    I think that your forum is a good thing and one that I’d love to take advantage of.

    Right now though I don’t think that I can promise to post there at least once per week. Like your first commentor I don’t even visit regularly the forum for which I pay.

    I hope that your forum does so well in the near future that I won’t be able to stay away from it.

    If you’d consider a modification to the one post per week requirement I would certainly want to post occasionally.

    But I don’t know how that could be done without undermining your goal of having people participate on a regular basis.

    Perhaps you could allow something like guest posting.

    Anyway, I wish you all the success with the forum and I’ll occasionally visit it to see how it’s progressing.

    .-= Vance@Make Money Blogging´s last blog ..MAKE MONEY BLOGGING, A New Daniel Scocco’s Ebook Review =-.

    1. Really? I thought once a week wasn’t too much to ask. Not like you have to write an essay or anything? :wink_ee:

      What if I made it once a fortnight, would that suit you better?

      1. Once every two weeks (every fortnight as you say) would suit me better.

        That rule in my opinion should be allowed to be broken tree to four times a year though.

        The reason being that people have to travel once or twice a year and also take vacations.

        I for one rarely if ever take a computer with me on those occasions.

        If you can allow for that I think I’d go for it.
        .-= Vance@Life Story Videos´s last blog ..Why Should Your Life Story Matter? Show Up To Harm Or Help ? =-.

        1. Consider it done Vance, once a fortnight it with time allowed for holidays and such. It’s like they say mate, there’s no harm in asking and in this case I was able to fulfill the request.

          Perhaps you could pass the word around :cheese1_ee:

  7. Just joined. I think, I shall be having lots of time after month end and thus can surf more, write more, ask questions in forums more. That is, if I finally decide to go full time blogging instead of finding another job.

    I think I shall spend time on forums henceforth because notwithstanding the blogging experience (almost a year) under my belt, I still have more questions than answers.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Crossroad Ahead: Which Way Now? =-.

  8. Forums are great when you need an answer for something that needs a bit more explanation. It is also good for connecting and communication.
    The reason why not as many joined your forum as you anticipated may be because bloggers use their blogs to communicate and answer things within blog posts and have less need for a forum. Or maybe it’s just the lack of time like in my case. I’m just guessing. Anyhow I wish you good luck with your project.
    .-= Marko´s last blog ..How Do You Start Your Day? =-.

    1. That may be true Marko which is partly why I have offered more of an incentive. Also forums offer a greater advantage over the normal blog, and that is the capacity to reach a larger audience.

  9. I can’t promise to post a post o the forum each day just like you can’t promise to post at my forum every day. Therefore I guess I won’t be joining, but good luck.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Easter Toy Gift Ideas =-.

    1. Originally it was one a week but I adjusted that to one post a fortnight Rose.

  10. Man I really wish I had the time to get involved on the forum or any of the blogging community forums that are out there, the sad reality is that I have two forums of my own and I barely check them once a week. It stinks too because forums are really an excellent learning tool, hopefully after season you will see me coming through Sire because I know I wouldn’t mind getting involved, time permitting.
    .-= Extreme John @Blogging CEOS´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of Extreme John Episode 7 [video] =-.

  11. I think my membership is inactive for now, probably because I haven’t logged in for awhile. Sorry for that due to my overwhelming schedule, trying my best though. :-) Should I apply for un-freeze or.. ? Please advise.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How To Receive Notification for New Responses in Facebook Discussion Board =-.

    1. You’re still active Ching Ya, just log in as normal. Glad to have you as a member.

  12. I think your idea is good, but there are lot of loopholes with it. Firstly, how can you ban Spammers, but allow people to post affiliate links? What guarantee do they provide of being related, or even adding value to the blog?
    Also it is important to consider the factor of relatedness. Are you sure it will not be haphazard if so many blogs are sheltered under one single place?

    1. Firstly it’s not a blog it is a forum for bloggers. Secondly the forum incorporates the most advanced computer ever, able to delete all spam posts, the human brain, that is my brain.

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