Benefits Of Fine Arts Charities

Fine arts programs face hard times in coming years as schools and public organizations abandon them in favor of more technologically-based programs. Many educational organizations these days feel as if laptops and mobile devices are more important to a child’s future than art, music, and creativity. The answer to this dilemma has been charitable organizations such as street pianos in NY projects which bring musical instruments to the streets of New York City in a lively, artistic display that reinvigorates interest in the spirit fine arts inspire.

Pianos on street corners

Many disadvantaged neighborhoods are enjoying the benefits of having pianos and other musical instruments on display during warm seasons. People who pass by can sit down to share their talents with passersby or they can simply admire the art that goes into creating the display. It reminds people that these things are still important to the world. They might not have the same use as a new mobile device, but they inspire the kind of talent and imagination that makes the world a more beautiful place.

Music brings hope

The sad fact is that some children can’t afford musical instruments. Without exposure to music, they might never be inspired to fight back against the odds and learn how to play the piano, guitar, or clarinet. For these children, charitable fine arts programs introduce a love of music to children who might otherwise have been left out of the pack or never seen an instrument they will go on to master. Many children don’t know what interests them until they see it. Thanks to these street pianos, children are seeing the instruments that may one day inspire them to create something the world truly needs right now: hope.

Givers reap the rewards too

When people donate to charitable programs that introduce children and teens to fine arts, they make the world a more beautiful place. They are able to walk through those neighborhoods and see the sense of joy they’ve brought to members of a community that truly need the kind of inspiration only fine arts can provide. The outdoor decor of some of these street piano displays not only invigorate the neighborhood but they fill it with the sights and sounds of people who are working to build something better for themselves and the rest of the world.

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