If there is a site on the Internet that claims it can make you some money, and it’s free to join I reckon it’s safe to say that I’ll will give it a try. I must admit though that I approach all these sites with a fair bit of skepticism, after all, if it sounds too good to be true it’s probably is right? Anyway, I figure if it’s free to try I’ll give it a shot.

This particular site is called SnapDollars and they reckon they can make me tons of money. Well, that remains to be seen. They reckon that they will pay me five bucks just for joining and I can vouch that the money is sitting there in my account, but I can’t get to it until I reach the magical $40 limit

They will also pay me five bucks for every person that signs on under me, and so if you click on the above link, and join, I will be $5 richer. Once a member you will get your own link to post on your blog or website so that you can also earn $5 for every sign-up. If you don’t have a blog then I’m sure you have some friends who could do with the extra cash. Of course the sooner I can reach $40 the sooner I can post as to whether or not they actually pay out.

They will also pay members to read email advertisements, complete offers and surveys, to try free stuff, play games, shop online and more! Apparently you can earn unlimited extra cash and request a payout at any time.  So, help me to check the legitimacy of SnapDollars.

For those of you who are interested get my latest opinion by reading my Update On Snap Dollars!

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