Making Google Happy

Let’s face it, making Google happy is something we all aspire to. Not because we like Google, most people don’t because it’s so hard to keep Google happy, but because it’s necessary if we want to be able to display Adsense on our sites. It’s also necessary if we want a good PR and a decent result in their search engine.

The problem making Google happy is such a damn chore. Ask any SEO expert. As soon as they think they have it down pat Google changes their algorithm and throws a spanner in the works. What was accepted one day is taboo the next.

SEO aside more and more web master / bloggers are getting the old Google slap or having their Adsense account terminated without any warning whatsoever. Man, it’s so hard to work Google out that I wrote a post about them called Google Sucks & How Inspiration Can Help Your Blog. If I remember correctly I compared Google to a fickle woman. And no offense to all the woman out there, sometimes I feel like Google has that bad time every month, or however long it takes for them to come up with another update, where they just love to stir things up. Yep they do it just to piss everybody off so they can sit back and laugh at all the mayhem they have created.

So, why this new rant over Google all of a sudden? It’s because of the email they sent me the other day which had the following heading; Google AdSense: You have 3 working days to make changes to your site. WTF  :wallbash_tb:   :hairout_tb: As to the email content.


This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.

Issue ID#: 22133607


Example page where violation occurred:

Action required: Please make changes to your site within 72 hours.

Current account status: Active

I couldn’t understand why they picked on that particular post. I had this warning once before so I always make sure every post is compliant before publishing it. If anything looks like it may offend the big G I always disable the Adsense ads on that post. So why pick on this one. For the life of me I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Go ahead, have a look and see if you can see what upset them so much. If you can please leave a comment explaining it to me. Heck, leave a comment anyway telling us your views on Googles actions of late.

Here’s more of the email.

Violation explanation

AD CONTENT OVERLAP: As stated in our program policies, publishers are not permitted to alter the behavior of Google ads in any way. This includes placing ads so that they cover any part of the site content or parts of a webpage to cover any portion of the ads.

Google ads may not be placed on adult or mature content. This includes fetish content as well as sites that promote, sell or discuss sexual_aids. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • sexual_fixations or practices that may be considered unconventional
  • sexual_aids or enhancement tools such as vibrators, dildos, lubes, sex games, inflatable toys
  • penis and breast enlargement tools

For more information about keeping your content family-safe, please review our program guidelines and these tips from the policy team.

I know there was no content overlap so that wasn’t the issue. The only thing left is the blogs content. I read it over and over and I couldn’t find anything offensive in it. Still, who am I to argue with the Google. I wasn’t going to delete the post so I removed Adsense from it.

I’ve actually done a lot of posts about Google, the last one being their attitude towards publishers, almost as many as my love for leaving good comments. The thing is we sort of need Google, and Google knows it, so we tend to tow the line. Even so there’s nothing that says we can’t rant about them right? Heck, there was one stage where I want to purchase the domain, but it was already taken. Guess who owns it? Check out the image below.

making google happy

Created with help from the Logo Creator

Yep, Google owns it and they have since 1999! You reckon they had a pretty good idea of how people would end up feeling about them? :tongue_laugh_ee:

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