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Making A Sale Is All About The Right Review

As bloggers there are many of us who would love to make a living from it but unfortunately most of us aren’t doing too well at it. I would say that the first thing a blogger does to monetize their blog would be sticking Adsense ads on it somewhere in the vain hope that someone will click on it. There’s nothing wrong with Adsense ads as they can generate some income but unless you have a huge amount of traffic all you’re going to get is a bit of pocket money.

The other way to blog for money would be through promoting affiliates or by selling your products online. The problem is most of us don’t have products to sell and so we have to rely on selling other peoples products either as an affiliate or by joining sites such as Amazon.

The Importance Of Honest Reviews

Where most people go wrong is the placement of links or banners on their blogs in places such as the sidebars, footer header or within the post itself. They’re hoping that if they supply good content they’ll generate enough traffic and hopefully someone will be interested enough in their ad placements to click on a link. Unfortunately this isn’t exactly what you would call targeted traffic and while some may actually click on a link or banner they rarely result in a sale and unfortunately no sale means no cash in your pocket.

The trick to making a sale is giving your customers what they want. That means while sticking something unrelated at the end of the post may make you feel good, in that you’ve done something to create income, but it’s pretty well useless. You may get lucky if its related in some way to your post but not by much.

What you should be doing is writing a review about a product that you actually use and love elaborating on the positive aspects as well as any negatives you may have come across. Having said that the problem with reviews is that they don’t always work and the reasons for that are;

  • A lack of trust: People don’t know who you are and therefore don’t trust you enough to take your word for it. This is the number one reason why new bloggers find it so hard to earn any sort of income when they first start off. Those that give up say that blogging for money isn’t possible while those who persevere and who over time have built a presence slowly start to see that blogging for money can actually be a reality.
  • Not Having enough products to sell: So, let’s say you’ve stuck it out and people now trust you enough to take you at your word when recommending a product or service. The problem you now have, unless you have a lot of money behind you, is the inability to physically purchase all the products you wish to review.

The Best Review Is A Customers Review

There’s also the problem that even though you have over time built a presence and a modicum of trust with your readers people will continue to hesitate when it comes to completing a sale because of the perception that your review is skewed in that you have an ulterior motive for writing it. You can’t really blame them either because there are so many reviews out there from people who have never tried the product and have written a whole lot of crap just to make the sale.

This isn’t true of reviews written by actual customers who have nothing at all to gain from writing it. When you think about it, time being what it is, there’s only two reasons why someone will take the time to write a review. They either really love a product or they really hate it. Reading the reviews on any given product gives you a feel for how good that product really is. This is one of the reasons why I purchased WP Zon Builder and wrote the post Why I Love WP Zon Builder.

Yesterday I was looking at my Sexual Aids blog and I noticed that one particular post was getting a lot of attention, as were the links on that post. The problem was it wasn’t generating much in the way of sales and it was after much thought that I come to the conclusion which resulted in this post. Naturally I decided to do something about it which was to point all the links to Amazon rather than to the site I had been using as an affiliate.

Naturally to facilitate this I used WP Zon Builder which made the transition a breeze. As you can see from the post The Ten Most Popular Vibrators, each of the vibrators in question now has a link to Amazon, an image of the product as well as a link to the customer reviews. I’ve also stipulated in the post that people should take the time to read the reviews to see whether or not it’s the one best suited to them. Whether they click on the review or the product link doesn’t matter as either way my affiliate link is embedded into both links.

The question now is am I right in making all the above assumptions? What say you, is there value in what I have portrayed above or do you see fault in it somewhere. Either way I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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  1. Twitter:
    I’m with you Sire, which is why I rarely write reviews posts because I want to use the product as well. As you know I just wrote one because my wife has it and I’ve got to use it and hold it and liked it enough to review it. And since CommentLuv seems to hate me again tonight I’m adding the link to it here:

    I wonder why ComLuv hates me on your blog lately; sniff! :worried:

    1. Do you get an error message or anything Mitch?

      1. Twitter:
        Nope, it just goes back and forth and never stops, never loads… like right now. And then I responded to your post with just the first sentence and the sucker said I didn’t write enough words; ugh! :cry: :guns_tb:

        1. That will teach you for trying to leave an inadequate comment :laugh_tb:

          Have you tried using a different browser?

          1. Twitter:
            Well, now that you asked I didn’t try a different browser. I’m doing that now, I’m on Chrome, and I still have the same thing happening to me. Guess I’m just not meant to get love here. :-(

    1. That’s a good point Tony and its one of the reasons I’m using Amazon.

  2. Reading this has coincided with me already thinking that I need to increase the reviews I get for my book on my site. Thanks for confirming what I had already started thinking about.

    1. Anytime Matt. :thumbup_tb:

  3. I think that people should really see the product review because they base their decision from that person’s review.

    1. I’m sure that a good product review may be just the thing to make up a person’s mind as to whether or not they should buy the product.

  4. Reading this article spawned a thought in my mind, and I’m dwelling on it as I compose this comment.

    Isn’t it unfortunate that we’ve acquired, as a community of internet marketers, the reputation of a snake? I think of the term internet marketer and I think of the long limbless reptile.

    It’s a terrible shame that if the Average Joe thinks of us – whatever we call ourselves: the blogger; or the entreprenuer – they think of, in essence, a tricky person.

    Can we not adopt a shared goal of being considered an honest and reputable community? It would make lives easier for all of us.

    The public would trust us with reviews, and thus they would be more inclined to buy products or services based on our opinions. They would make wiser purchasing decisions, and we wouldn’t have try and manufacturer reviews that don’t convey our own opinion.

    Thank you for publishing this article, wassupblog. You do a good job at what you do, and I wish success to whoever follows the advice given in this article.

    1. The problem Paul, as I see it, is that people have that impression because there are so many dishonest marketers out there. People who will bend the truth or outright lie just to get the sale.

  5. Testing a different blog to see if anything shows up here; well, it took a long time, popping up just as I was about to say it wasn’t working at all. How strange; guess I’ll have to ask Andy about it.
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Why Is “Search” Good For You?My Profile

    1. He’d be the one to ask Mitch.

  6. Yes, its true that there are many websites which give only good reviews to sell a product. But people are becoming very smart now and they won’t get into any trap. You can get proper sales only by writing honest review of the products. well said.

    1. The problem is that most people won’t know you and therefore they will be wary of buying from you which is why the Amazon reviews are such a good idea. It’s also why other online companies provide the facility for customers to leave a review, because they know it will increase their sales.

  7. I agree that honest reviews are very important. Many readers are sensitive if the blogger is telling the truth or not. So I believe that the best reviews are from the costumers. Thank you.


    1. Honest reviews are definitely the best otherwise people will find out you’re full of shit and it will finally hurt your brand.

  8. I think that this is true a lot of people will come into the online money making scene and just expect themselves to throw up a few adsense ads and within a couple weeks start really making money. I’m not going to lie I thought the same thing when I first started out. Now I realize that the only real way to make some solid cash is by offering your own products, but first you need an audience that trusts what you are offering.

    1. You and me both Chris, but at least we stuck it out and learned that there is more to blogging for money than just using Adsense.

    1. Exactly right :homage:

  9. whenever i try to buy a product, i try to read the bad reviews of it at first. i don’t even prefer sites which show completely good reviews of a product. i think everyone does the same thing. so we need to give honest review of a product to get good sales.

    1. Gee, if all I saw was bad reviews of a product, I for one wouldn’t be buying it :smoke_tb:

  10. Such a great article! Thanks for the useful advices, and I totally agree, the best way is a personal customer review. Although nobody knows the writer, a trust can be earned, if the reader has got the feeling, that he/she is similar to the writer. (both of them are customers)

    1. I’m glad you liked it Julie and learning your readers trust is a sure bonus.

  11. Great article! Reviews are a tricky thing, at least for every blogger who hopes for a proper income. Thank you very much for the advises and the guidance!

    1. Yes they are and importing Amazons reviews into your blog is a very good thing, even if in this post I merely pulled in an image with a link to the reviews.

      1. I must admit I’m not an expert, I’m not even close :) So Amazons reviews benefit more? There are so many things to learn!

        1. I think any review is better than none at all. I particularly like Amazon because it seems people like leaving reviews there so it’s unusual to come across a product without at least a few reviews.

          1. I see your point! Thank you very much! I will definitely try Amazon review and see myself the difference.
            Thank you again for your time!

  12. If the costumers were really dumb to believe on any product only because of the reviews, every shopping site could be Amazon.. Customers have really gone smart now a days and they look for money back guarantee or Cash on delivery thing first… Anyways nice post.. Keep up the good work. :)

    1. That certainly is true for a lot of people.

  13. Well I guess a product review from other mouths is very powerful in helping to convince the others to buy your product not just you are the only one selling it. Others’ reviews are very important because it will reflect the credibility of the products.

    1. Certainly more important than a salesman’s review of a product and I;m sure many people look at as as salesmen or shonky, marketers.

  14. maybe it´s because our clients cant see our faces and body language, all theý´re reading is words on a computer screen, people can tell if you´re lying when looking at you

    1. I don’t think that is entirely accurate. I used to be a salesman once and all I can say is you would be surprised how many people get sucked in by salesmen.

  15. Hello Sire,

    Great post as usual, with my business sites, I didn’t recommend anything until I had gained the trust of my regular readers, and I promoted only things that I actually use.

    Those sites do get potential advertisers sending me solicitations via email, however, if it doesn’t fit my site I won’t promote them. However, in several cases, I steered them to some of them to my blog buddies that would be a good fit.
    Opal recently posted…Video Humor: Frog strikes back!My Profile

    1. Gee. thanks Opal, it’s always nice getting high praise from a woman :angel1:

      I also get solicited from advertisers and I always direct them to my OIOPublisher link where they are free to take up one of the options. Naturally I need to approve any link before it’s accepted and any money changes hands :smoke_tb:

  16. The more appropriate you review a product the more chances of increasing sales. Honesty would always be the best policy even in this topic.

    1. That is true, and you would get even more sales once you overcome the trust barrier.

    2. One of my friend sells a product. And he sell it to his customers and tell everything and nothing but the truth to his customers even if he would lost a customer. You know what? He made even more sales because of his honesty.

      1. That’s why they say honesty is the best policy Kee :smile:

  17. Nowadays, it’s really hard to make a difference with our blogs, with all that niche sites. In addition, as you have said we need to build a strong brand and create a good image, before gaining the trust of our readers.

    1. Yes, and that takes time, time that unfortunately people are not willing to take and so they jump in too early and then get disillusioned when things don’t go as planned.

  18. It takes time to gain trust form you readers. I also believe when reviewing a product you need to list the good, the bad and the ugly, to appear believable. How would you rate WPzonbuilder with PHPbay? I have been using the latter for a couple of years now, but I’m interested in how it compares to WP zon builder.

    1. That’s very true and it’s one of the reasons I like Amazon as people leave honest reviews and even rate te products.

  19. It will only be ethical for bloggers to write a review about a product/service they have used and an honest review too. The good and the not-so-good just to give potential customer’s a heads-up about what the experience might be for them. People can tell when someone is writing a genuine review or just a sales pitch.

  20. After I finished reading this has coincided with me already thinking that I should increase my reviews and get going with my book . Thanks for this post brother Sire.

    1. Just remember that the reviews only have real value if you’ve actually tried the product.

  21. Totally agree, Sire. What I absolutely hate are these fake reviews all over blogs and you know the writer hasn’t even seen the product never mind bought it. If I can’t afford to buy a product, or don’t wish to purchase it, then I would try to get information directly from the product owner and I certainly wouldn’t call that a review.
    It amazes me that individuals who use these methods are then first to complain when the Authorities make an effort to tighten advertising standards. Thanks for your input.

    1. Yeah, using the product owners information as a review may be a little biased :lol_ee: I doubt many people will fall for that.

  22. I would also add a little thing at “Not Having enough products to sell”.

    It is important to have a variety of products or services, on a similar subject, that have different prices. Then, when someone rejects the “best option”, offer them an alternative and also suitable choice, in a cheaper price.
    Sofia recently posted…Logo AmendmentMy Profile

    1. That’s a great tip Sofia and I agree with you although I know I’ve read a few posts that argue against that particular view.

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