Making A Header For Your Blog Is Easy

It is so lucky for you guys that I’m a bloke and not a woman because if I was a woman I would be so pissed right about now. You know what its like when your special lady gets her hair done, buys a new dress or maybe some shoes and you fail to notice. First you may get the old silent treatment and then there may be the old banging of pots and pans and heaven forbid if in a moment of desperation you mention her monthly cycle  :furious_tb: Imagine the mood she would be in if a week went by and you still didn’t notice :guns_tb: Yep, its like I said, lucky for you guys that I’m a bloke because it’s been a week since I’ve changed the header and I’ve had heaps of comments, many of them from regulars too, and not one of you even noticed. Even if you did nobody bothered to mention it. Too bad really, because I had planned to give away $100 to the first person that noticed so at least I get to keep the cash :laugh_tb:

Designing A Header For Your Blog

Where possible I always try to design my own header because I know that doing so will make it unique and being unique helps tom make you stand out. I actually made two headers and I had to choose between the one you see now or this one.

The thing is that I’m not all that good at designing things from scratch so what Like to do is to take a photo of something and then editing it to suit my needs. The images that you see here are from the Bird Of Paradise plant that is growing in my garden. I took several shots of it and then used PhotoShop to crop it into what you see here.

I liked these images because although simple they are really very striking, it certainly is a lot different from the one I was using before. The beauty of doing it this way is that no artistic talent was necessary. The only thing you need is a camera, an interesting subject which can be absolutely anything and some software to crop it. Naturally if you know your way around PhotoShop you could really work wonders with it.

I think I may actually put a portfolio of headers together so that I could perhaps offer it for sale or even as a free gift somewhere along the line.

Some Photo Editing Tools You Can Use

There are a lot of editing tools that you can use, some of which I have included below. There are also websites like Flickr that offer online editing features that may do the trick. However you decide to do it you will get an immense sense of satisfaction every time you see your blog sporting your a header that you designed. [amzn_product_inline asin=’B003B32B2I’] [amzn_product_inline asin=’B005HTIWIQ’] [amzn_product_inline asin=’B0043RU29A’] [amzn_product_inline asin=’B004XXQMB6′]


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  1. I swear, I always read your blog in my RSS reader otherwise I would have noticed! :) I quite like your new header. It gives the blog some fresh color! I’m quite horrible about doing my own graphics so I usually outsource that!

    1. Hey Danielle, I got a laugh when I saw the title of your blog post as it really seemed to suit the content of your comment. Now I’m heading on over to see what it’s all about.

  2. Hi Pete,
    You make creating a header so easy ;)
    I am actually in the process of having a new header made…and even that has been a head ache.
    First I had to find myself through the process so I would know how I wanted my title and header representing me…
    and then I had to find someone that could put it all down artistically.

    I am still struggling with it a bit and will probably go with a header that hasn’t hit the high mark…but will work well enough.

    And then keep looking ;)
    Love your blog Pete…always lots of good stuff here to read and learn.

    You told me about a plug in that allowed readers to know when their comments have been commented on which allowed them to come back and recomment if they wanted.
    Can you throw that name by me again Pete? Otherwise I’ll have to fish you out of my comments somewhere ;)

    Thanks…and I do like you new header! :thumbup_tb:

    1. Hey Kathy,

      before I forget that was the ReplyMe plugin. It will come up if you do a search from the WP dashboard.

      Designing a header that represents you directly is always a lot harder. If I was doing one for myself I would take a photo of a subject that I felt represented me or something that I was promoting. I would then photoshop it to banner size and paste a photo of myself onto it.

      I’m all for keeping it as simple as possible.

  3. Nice job, Sire. It is indeed a striking header. I have to ask: are the fancy bits like the mouse-over title, the search box and the RSS tag embedded in the header or overlaid with CSS.

    I use Corel Paintshop Photo Pro and Corel Draw 12 to edit photos, make my headers and book covers, but I’m no artist, and these do not offer all the features that Photoshop does. But at $620 for the latest version (Amazon) I’d need to be doing a WHOLE lot more with photos to be worth shelling out that kind of cash. I suppose I could buy an older version on Ebay for $100 or less then get the PS CS5 upgrade for $200 and get off for half the price. But then I’d still have the learning curve to attack. I’ve read several times that it take years to master the thing. I did try out GIMP – a PS knock-off – and could not figure out how to get it to do anything I needed to do at the time.

    Well, anyway, you’ve turned out a nice looking header. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Allan :grin1_ee:

      I have to ask: are the fancy bits like the mouse-over title, the search box and the RSS tag embedded in the header or overlaid with CSS.

      They’re all part of the theme I’m using. I can have any colour in the title as the mouse over and can choose from several styles of search boxes and RSS icons.

      The beauty about doing the header this way is that you don’t need a really in depth program, all you need is one that allows you crop the photo to your header size. Naturally a better program will allow you to do more but that can always come later.

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Sire, I actually noticed it yesterday when I was reading your post on CommentLuv but go lost reading the comments.

    For image editing, I use GIMP. It’s free, uses layers and a ton of other features and even open Photoshop files.

    1. Hey Brian,

      I did try Gimp once but I found it too hard to use which is why I bought photoshop, something I found I needed because of my two photoblogs.

  5. G’day Peter, nice header. :thumbup_tb:

    I use a free editor called Vicmans photo editor which does some nifty things. I understand though that Photoshop has a free version (or very low cost) that pretty much is the donkeys. :cool2_tb:

    1. Never heard of that one Roz. As long as it allows you to crop a photo then you can use it to make a header, just like I did.

    2. Hi Roz
      There are student versions and other cut-down versions but never heard of a free version.
      Keith Davis recently posted…The Tyranny of the Or…My Profile

  6. Both the headers are looking excellent and for me. it is a completely new job to design the header. I will try one but I am not sure whether I will succeed. Thanks for sharing it Sire.

    1. It’s not hard Lalit. Just find, to take, a photo of a subject that you like or represents your blog and then crop it to fit your header dimensions.

  7. Hi,
    Your new header is nice. Is any of the software free? I tried Gimp but couldn’t seem to git it right. is there software that just does headers. I need something really simple, fast and not fancy with a good explanation on how to use it.
    Jim Calaman recently posted…Dog Obedience Training- Is It Worse Than Going To The Dentist?My Profile

    1. Hey Jim, no none of the software is free but I’m sure you could find a free one that would do the trick. As long as it allows you to crop a photo you can create a header.

  8. I can’t do this for the life of me, Been messing around with lightroom and adobe photoshop for a while but still can’t get it right. I guarantee that if someone new what they were doing, it would turn out perfect. Maybe you can create a fiverr gig and do it for me :)


    1. Keith, I am useless and designing stuff using software which is why I manipulate photos to suit the purpose. Anyone can crop an image, it’s one of the easiest things to do. The only difficult thing is finding the right image or photo.

  9. Twitter:
    I love the new header, but truthfully, if you hadn’t mentioned it I might not have noticed, even though it’s after Halloween. I don’t know much about editing anything but I did change my header, what, a year ago or so? I took a brief clip from a picture I thought was pretty cool and popped it up there and I love it. Course, that’s about as professional as it’ll get for me since I don’t have that kind of vision, if you will.

    By the way, take another look at that first line of your second paragraph; that’s all I’m saying. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…Does Social Media Create Agoraphobics?My Profile

    1. Yeah, that’s just like a bloke not to notice anything unless his nose is rubbed in it :lol_tb:

      Thanks for picking up that mistake too. You guys notice the strangest things :cheese1_ee:

  10. I really have a hard time making my own headers. Although i have the complete tools to use, i am still a beginner when it comes to making a professional looking header on my own. But then i won’t give up. I’ll definitely develop those skills. By the way, i think Photoshop almost has everything for header design.

    1. Honestly John, it’s not that hard, it’s just a matter of taking a photo and cropping it to fit, just like I did.

  11. I always had problems when I had to create a header for a website. I always struggled hard for 3-4 hours to create an ‘ok’ version of a header, then another few hours of making it good-looking and ready to use. It’s hard but it isn’t impossible, and it’s worth the whole time and effort. I use Photoshop but these are ok too. Thanks for sharing!
    Amit recently posted…Forklift Driver SalaryMy Profile

    1. No worries Amit. Sounds like you create your headers from scratch. It’s a lot easier my way :tongue_laugh_ee:

      1. Thanks Sire, like Amit, I also create mt headers from scratch, now I will do it your way! :cheese1_ee:

        1. It’s a heck of a lot easier than having to design them from scratch Bertha.

          1. Thanks Sire, I’ve tried doing it your way & it’s now easy as pie! :thumbup_tb:

            1. Glad it works for you Bertha.

  12. Oh, I missed the $100?! lol Good choice of header. The title of your blog won’t easily be recognized if you used the other one. Anyway, I’ve been learning how to use adobe cs5 and I’m so happy that I was able to conceptualize a header design and finish it with a good design. Still learning how I could improve my skills in designing headers because so far I was only able to learn the basics.

    1. Yeah, too bad about that :smile2_ee:

      As to the second header the theme allows me to change the colour and title font as well as placement very easily and so it would suit almost any header.

      1. It’s a good thing to know that you’ll be able to change the color and font. At least whenever you change the header, you can be sure that it matches the lettering for your blog title and tag line as well. I wonder what will be your header for this up coming Christmas!

        1. Yep and I can also change where the title appears as well. It’s a really cool theme.

  13. Hi Sire,

    I would have noticed, but for some reason my RSS feed reader is no longer picking up your feed? The last post I have from you is from October 31. I just unsubscribed and added your site back, but it still won’t update past 10/31.

    I manually came to your site, which is the only way I know you’ve made updates since then.

    Anyway, I like the header. I never would have known that was a birds of paradise plant. I have one in our yard.I have to bring it inside during the cooler months.

    Speaking of headers, I remember creating a kiddie one for my daughters site. She loved it. :)
    Opal recently posted…A crafting start; All that glittersMy Profile

    1. Hey Opal, you know that if you joined my list you wouldn’t have to worry about your RSS reader not picking up my feed? :winkle:

      As to the bird of paradise flower its really quite remarkable isn’t it?

  14. Twitter:
    Hey Sire,

    I like your approach. I too am horrible at creating things from scratch so, I basically go hunting for headers that I like and I just draw inspiration from them. I have been using PhotoFilter to make headers and my logo (they are not the best, but they do the job I think).

    I could outsource them, but I like doing things on my own as it gives me an opportunity to learn something new. Plus, when I am done with the graphic, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.
    Satrap recently posted…Get Paid to DriveMy Profile

    1. I’m like you Satrap, I like to attempt things myself, partly because I like to learn new things but mainly because of that sense of satisfaction I get from seeing how those things attempted turn out.

      PS, I like your header :drunk_tb:

  15. I personally feel that the learning curve that photoshop requires (and it is quite huge) is absolutely worth it. The things that photoshop can accomplish is amazing. To make the version much cheaper, find an old trial download on the net, theres one on CNET as of this morning for CS3. You can then upgrade to CS5 for 200 bucks.

    1. Don’t you just love the Net Pete, there’s always a way to save a buck here and there. You got to be careful though because you can always lose some here and there if you’re not careful.

  16. Congrats Peter! Well done!
    I liked it,but I’m waiting for your Christmas theme!!

    I liked so much your Halloween background !

    1. I’ll be using the one I use every Christmas Albert because I think its pretty cool.

      1. Last years I was not a reader of WassupBlog so I’m going to see your Xmas theme by first time :D

        1. Well, I sure do hope you like it Albert.

  17. No tools is better then Photoshop even though I work with paint (yeah Microsoft paint) and developed some interesting and quite beautiful headers and logos.
    Anyways, I love designing logos and headers for clients. I find it relaxing, being creative is cool :D

    1. I wouldn’t know Cristian, I’m not that creative :laugh_tb:

      I do like taking photos though and converting them into headers is pretty cool too. :thumbup_tb:

  18. I agree – having a custom site header (with logo if possible) makes your blog look much more professional and unique. Without a header, a blog is more likely to look generic and template-based.

    1. Yep and being unique and standing out makes your site more rememberable which is what everyone should be striving for.

  19. The header is looking really cool, very abstract as well :) I didn’t even notice it was a flower. Too bad I don’t know how to use photoshop, otherwise I could have made a header myself.

    1. It wasn’t hard at all Joan, all I did was take a photo and then cropped the portion of it that I wanted. Anyone could do it.

      You are quite right though, its very abstract looking. :drunk_tb:

  20. Besides photo editing, if you know something about jQuery you can create some awesome dynamic headers. Well Sire, I can’t understand if you have so much interest in designing and making catchy headers why you haven’t designed a logo yet :|

    1. I could easily shrink the header and make it into a banner or logo Umair :wink_ee:

    1. Hey Snajay, great to know. Loved to check it out when its done.

  21. It’s nice to have unique header. I design headers using photoshop which is excellent machine for wordpress headers.

    1. Can’t argue with you there Mike.

  22. What a rubbish lot we are – never noticed.
    We are all too captivated by your writing. LOL

    Photoshop really is the business but I never really felt easy using it.
    I use Adobe Fireworks now and I love it.

    I made the header for this site yonks ago and it still looks half decent…

    BTW – love your header graphic, is it new? LOL
    Keith Davis recently posted…The Tyranny of the Or…My Profile

    1. Hey Keith, you’re so right, it does look pretty cool. Good job mate.

      1. Thanks Peter
        Love your idea of taking a photo of plant in the garden and then manipulating with Photoshop.
        Keith Davis recently posted…The Tyranny of the Or…My Profile

  23. I think some people are just gifted or are talented artists. I could never draw anything. I can barely make a stick figure. All these fancy image creating and editing programs we have these days do help, but I still think some people are pretty good at it. I’ve made a few in my day, but I get impatient and say good enough that will work rather than polish it up into something better. Looks good to me by the way.
    Ray recently posted…Firefox 8 ReleasedMy Profile

    1. I feel you Ray, I also lack drawing skills. All the software in the world cannot help me solve this problem. That’s why I just stick to minimalistic headers :)

    2. Ray and Myke, I also lack drawing skills which is why I take photos and then crop them to suit. Almost anybody can do that. :wink_ee:

  24. “I definitely love your new header!I haven’t thought that it was cropped from an image of a Birds of Paradise plant. It’s unique indeed. :)
    Anyway, thank you for sharing these tips and this list of photo editing tools. “

    1. My pleasure Karylie.

  25. It should be noted that it is very important for an owner of a blog to design website professionally. As to header of a blog, it is the main part of design. Following tips provided in this post you can design a header of a blog in a quick and professional way.

    1. Yep, that’s why I bought this theme, it’s professionally designed and allows me to modify it any way I choose.

  26. Oh man, I did notice! LOL

    Hey Pete, how have you been mate? I really miss coming over and leaving comments on your blog but I’m finally starting to leverage my “daily tasks”. :)

    I think having a header is crucial for any site/blog (just don’t look at my header for obvious reasons LMAO! -long story-)

    For designing it seems like everyone has its own tools, I thought the industry standard was Photoshop but many people like to stay away from it because it has grown so much it actually is like flying a rocket.

    I mainly use Fireworks whenever I do some graphic work but honestly I TOTALLY SUCK at these things LOL

    I just went to your photography blog and you have some IMPRESSIVE skills mate!!

    I’m really in awe from your work there (pictures & header) even though I already knew you were a skilled photographer. :P

    Anyway, will try to come often Sire and hope you’re doing good lately man!


    PS. The comment on your wife made me ROFLMAO!! Whenever that happens to me with my girlfriend I ALWAYS ask if she’s on her period before going into discussion (and I always end up regreting it! LOL)

    1. Hey Sergio, so good to see you again mate. So does this mean you’re back from your overseas trip? I really must pop in to your blog to see what you’ve been up to. I must admit I’ve been pretty slack on my blog hopping of late.

      I love my photo blogs. One gives me the chance to show off where I live and the other a place to display my photos.

      As to me mentioning my wife, who said I was talking about her :tongue_laugh_ee:

  27. Nice header. ; ) Really useful info on making a fancy-dancey new header! I want a new one – still working with one a friend made for me – but making my own was somewhat intimidating. You’ve made it sound simple and easy. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Hey Kirsty, it is pretty simple as long as you can find or take the right photo.

  28. Very interesting.. I just scrolled up and yes it does look quite nice, a very clear photograph of a flower — but you kind of don’t notice it at first, which is a good thing. The thing I always fight with is the header being too busy/distracting.

    1. Yeah, I liked it because it’s different and not something that you normally come across on a site.

  29. Creating an attractive and unique header is not an easy task for me as it needs creative thinking. Creating design has always been a tough job for me since my childhood and hence I stick to the default Headers of Templates. Currently I am thinking of hiring a designer who can design a logo and header for my Blogs. Having a unique header and signs make our Blogs unique and it is necessary for creating an online Brand.

    1. Or you could take a photo of something and then use a bit of imagination to crop it make your header. I’ve done it that way for a while now with quite bait of success.

    1. I personally use Photoshop CS5 but I have used ACDSee

  30. Thank you for posting this topic. I’ts really easy for me now to create a header for my blog. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

    1. Always a pleasure Heather, and if you read this post you will see other example of how I’ve used this technique.

  31. Twitter:
    Making a good looking header can be difficult, but it is worth it because it is the first thing people see when they come to your website. This can possibly make or even break it!

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