I’ve done a lot of posts on how to make money on the Internet. They include everything from having a niche site, like my lottery sites, Buy Online Lotto Tickets and Get Online Lottery Tickets, to monetizing your blog with LinkShare. Some posts are honest reviews of sites and tools that I’ve used to help me make money online. Others are tips and tricks on how to increase your online revenue.

Its Not Easy To Make Money Online

Forget about all those sites that tell you making money online is easy. Don’t believe them when they tell you they have a product that will make you thousands every month, because if you do you’ll be lining their pockets not yours. Making money online requires a hell of a lot of effort. Even though the lottery sites I’ve mentioned above are bringing in a increasing source of revenue they’ve taken a lot of time and effort to get them to a money producing stage. They also require a lot more time and effort if I want to increase their monthly revenue.

How To Make Money With YouTube

I’ve been producing videos for YouTube for awhile now but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been uploading them to make money rather than to increase traffic to my sites. Naturally I still use them for traffic generation, I’d be silly not to. So how do you make money with YouTube? Well the first thing you need is to have an Adsense account and you can’t do that unless you have a Google account. That link will take you to the Google Adsense signup page.

Once you have your Adsense account you will need to upload your videos. Once you’ve uploaded your video you need to monetize them by activating the monetize icon as in the image below.

make money with YouTube

So, that’s it? That’s all you have to do to make money on YouTube? If only it was that easy.  :ponder_tb: Uploading your video and activating the monetize button only releases it’s potential to make money. You won’t make a dime unless you get people to view your video. The second arrow in the image is pointing to the most important factor for making money with YouTube, traffic. If no-one is watching your videos you’re going to remain penniless.

That arrow is also pointing to one of my most popular videos, Walkthrough For Candy Crush Level 147. I created that video on August the 18th 2013. To date it has received 21,196 views. That video has overtaken what used to be my most popular video, Freestyle Motorbike Stunts. The beauty about those two videos is that they’re, so far, consistently earning $20 per month each. If I could put 100 such videos online I would be earning $2000 per month! 

How To Get Traffic To Your YouTube Video

Like blogging there are several ways to drive traffic to your videos. The  most important is using the right keywords that you know people will search for. I use these in the keyword fields that YouTube supply, and when I remember, in the video description section.

You should also share your videos with as many social circles possible, including popular ones like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is also another that I have used successfully. You can access most of these from YouTube itself, once your video has gone live.

There are other tricks and tips that can be used but I reckon I’ll use them for another post.  :smoke_tb:


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