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Whenever I’ve found something of value I joined as an affiliate and I’ve placed it here so you can have a pleasant online shopping experience!


Did you know that online shopping is growing in popularity as each day goes by? There are many reasons for this, the most important being that you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your home. No more crowds or pushy salesmen, and you have the added benefit of savings as online stores have lower overheads.

Now is the time for you to join the growing crowd of Online Shoppers, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and a notepad just in case you want to make a note of any special buys that you come across.


As good as your computer is, it won’t do what you want it to do unless you have the right software. The problem is choosing the right one because the wrong choice can prove to be quite expensive.

This is where our first store, Top Software Online comes in as most of the software found in this store is shareware which means that you can try before you buy. If it’s not quite what you want just ditch it and come back to try another one. There is no need to make a purchase unless you find the program that is just right for you. Just make sure it has the “Download Now” button.


Perhaps you are looking for something other than software? Then please continue on down the mall, I’m sure you will find something that you like.


Remember there’s nothing wrong with window shopping, but there’s a whole lot more satisfaction when you take something home with you. :wink_ee:

  • Top Sexual Aids Store -Don’t even bother coming here it you’re under the age of 18 years. This is for those couples who want to spice up their sex life
  • Watch This Space – You can be assured that as I find more store and opportunities I will be adding them here.

Remember, Watch This Space!

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  1. FlexSqueeze, mmm, I think I will buy it, because the vector pack looks awesome, i am a designer and Love graphics stuff.

  2. I would never have known what is possible with flexsqueeze if you had not told us. I will have to add flexsqueeze to my xmas wishlist.

    1. You will want to move away from a blogger blog first Ron :wink_ee:

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