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Make Money Online Selling Headers

If you guys are like me you’ve more than likely read that the best way to make money online is to have a product to sell. The only problem is that most of us don’t have one. That being that case we resort to selling other peoples products, or services, as an affiliate. Well, no more! After my post The Logo Creator How Good Is The Logo Creator, Really? I discovered the Logo Creator enabled me to do so much more than to merely create logos.

That’s when it hit me. What was the most frustrating thing for me when I was trying to give my blog that individual look? The answer was finding the right header and then finding a theme that allowed me to import my header of choice. That was when I decided to create a package of very unique headers that people would be not only willing to buy but to promote as an affiliate as well. If I got this right I would be well on my way to make money online.

Why not? I had the Logo-Creator, my talent as a photographer and my [amazon_link id=”B0093FROMA” target=”_blank” ]Adobe Photoshop Elements[/amazon_link]! I used the Logo-Creator for the bulk of the work only resorting to Photoshop Elements when I had to blend images into the background.

Make Money Online With Headers

So far I’ve put together over 100 headers and I’m thinking about having a package that contains about 200 headers. That’s going to be a huge offer! I’m still working out what sort of price to put on that package and I’m open to suggestions from you guys on that aspect of the package.

I’ve looked at some of the other header packages that are on offer on the net and I wanted my to be different and unique. That’s one of the reasons for using my photos but the Logo-Creator held it’s own as well. I’ve posted banner size images of some of the headers but the header themselves are 1200 pixels by 166 pixels.

So, lets look at some of the image that will be included in my professional header package. The first image I’ve called angles and there’s an assortment of 11 images in the package.


The next one is called bark and consists of three images.

bark3For those baseball enthusiasts.

baseball Two banners


I called this the book pen :wink:


The next one has Dr Kno promoting a camera


There are two car headers.


I’ve actually used the following one as my Comment Policy header although I’ve used the words Comment Policy in the center of the header. I’m not sure if I should leave it or use the plain version. What do you think?

chat There are nine different cloud banners.


Two credit card banners, the only difference being the shadow on the image.


This is one of the photoshopped banners.


There are two ice banners.


Dr Kno introduces a laptop :wink_ee: There’s also one with Dr.Kno on his own as well as some with him promoting other products.


Two lichen images


One money grab image but it is so easy to make more with different backgrounds and the like.


Three money images. Again I can easily add more, especially because there are so many blogs online whose subject is about how to make money online


Three pattern images.

pattern Two rocket images


Three rose images.


Two skull images, this one and one with the skull on the right. As you can see both images have been photoshopped into the header.


Two chocolate strawberries images.


Two stunt plane images.


I kind of like this guy. There are two images, this one and one where he appears on the far right of the header. Again, both images have been photoshopped into the header.

make money onlineFor weird eye images.


Just wanted to see how the rocket would look like with this background. Looks pretty good I think. What do you think?



There are nine nature headings one of which I used for my F-Group page. The ability to have different headers for each page is one of the many features that I love about the Flexsqueeze theme.


This is another of the nature themes only with a slight adjustment thanks to my mate Mitch of I’m Just Sharing. He asked, “Just asking, but can you do some nature headers, some with cool designs, and some where you can have a spot that people can pop their image in?” And so my nature series was born.  :thumbup_tb:


I thought this one might be another one good for those make money online blogs.

make money online boat

I just liked the peacock one.


All these images, as well as the one I’m using for my about page will be included in my professional header package. A package that is unique compared to all the ones I’ve seen online so far.

Why so many headers?

Basically there are three reasons why I have decided to include so many headers.

  • Increase the value of the package
  • So that it would appeal to a greater section of the market. I plan to show prospective buyers all the images included in the package so they know exactly what they’re buying.
  • I’m allowing the purchaser the right to use these headers on their site and on any of their client’s site. They can even use it on any site that they intend to sell in the future. However, they can’t sell the package or any of the images as their own although they can sell it as an affiliate once I work out how to do that using JVZoo.

These headers are ideal for WordPress blogs because WordPress provides the actual headings. For those that would want to use them on other sites it’s easy enough to place their own titles on them.  Even so, I realize that having some headers in the package with the right wording on them would increase the popularity of the package with certain prospects. If you were considering to buy the package what sort of headings on the banners would appeal to you.

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    1. Thanks Mitch. It took some effort but well worth it.

      I found one guy selling 20 headers with psd files for under $8. Of course psd files are useless unless you have the program to adapt them. I found another selling 10 headers for 5 bucks but they were too specialised and would only suite a couple of niches. Another, 20 headers for 5 bucks. Not one offered anywhere near 200.

      Naturally you could get someone to design one for you on fiverr for $5 :wink:
      Sire recently posted…Nina Conti Friday Funnies #59 & Cab DriverMy Profile

  1. Twitter:
    well i am finding a perfect way to make money. i am doing great with adsense but its not permanent you know. publishers are being banned everyday and affiliate marketing seems so tough and my bad luck that i dont know much about photoshop so making headers is tough for there any other way except Google AdSense which is permanent

    1. What you need is to find something that others would be willing to buy. I’ve been at this for years and the idea of designing headers only just hit me.

      Once I’ve completed the package I will be able to do more than just sell it. I can offer it as a bonus on my Hire Me page or even as an extra bonus on some of the affiliates I’m promoting.

      Photoshop has helped but it was the Logo Creator that did most of the work.
      Sire recently posted…InMotion Hosting Review VPS Hosting ReviewedMy Profile

  2. Without doubt creating a logo/theme is the hardest part of any business. However, the big players will be paying advertising agencies like
    Saatchi & Saatchi to create their logo/them, so you are never going to compete versus that with a cheap automated product. However, there
    is always a place for the small niche guy somewhere imo, and these types of banners are great for people who have no artistist flair.

    1. OK, first I’m not competing with the likes of those guys, who I’ve never heard of. Secondly I’m selling headers and not logos or themes and lastly the people I’m aiming to sell my headers to can’t afford the likes of those big designers anyway.
      Sire recently posted…What To Buy For Someone Who Has EverythingMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    This is a totally new thing for me. Never thought about that way of making money . So far was aware about advertisement and affiliates as the way of making money . Thanks for this wonderful post

    1. Neither did I until after buying the Logo Creator. I had Photoshop Elements before but I only used that if I really really had to because I found it cumbersome.
      Sire recently posted…Dropbox And Why You Should Have OneMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Sire, very good post. We hadn’t thought of headers before, this makes very good sense. Thanks again.

  5. Twitter:
    I have to say Sire that if you’ve got an ounce of creativity in your bones and you know some graphics programs then I say go for it. This is so not my area of expertise and I’m not that creative. I sure wish I was but I so admire those who are. So although this is a great idea, I’m going to have to let you run with this one.

    By the way, nice looking headers too. My favorite one is Dr Kno with the laptop. Cool.

    Good luck, like you’ll really need it!


    1. Hi Adrienne, so happy to see your smiling face on my humble blog. Whatever talent I have it’s enhanced by the products I used. It’s just a matter of putting the bits together, that come with the Logao Creator, until I come up with something I like.

      I don’t expect to retire with the sales of my Unique Headers but I do hope to have some happy customers. I will also be able to offer the unique headers for free as an incentive to purchase other affiliate promotions as well as a sweetener in my Hire Me page.
      Sire recently posted…InMotion Hosting Review VPS Hosting ReviewedMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Yeah, it makes perfect sense and many top web design/graphic design providers are selling headers for websites, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, plus backgrounds. I am not sure you know this real story about the Philippino girl that make about a $1mil selling backgrounds and custom CSS for MySpace, this happened probably about 10 years ago.

    1. Nope, didn’t know that and it’s good to know so thanks for sharing. I know that there aren’t too many good headers out there and so I hope to make a few sales. I’m even hoping that offering them as an incentive will help me with other affiliate sales.
      Sire recently posted…Smoking In The Rain Friday Funnies #60My Profile

  7. Great idea, and great collection of headers, Sire.

    Should this idea click and you find the bulk of work gets too much, you can outsource some work to me maybe. :)

    Seriously, I think you’re on the right path. You finally have your very own product. My favorite is the one on the ocean with a boat in it. Looks cool. Wouldn’t it look even cooler if you could incorporate some splashes of water around the sides and rear of the boat?

    1. Sure James, why not? :smoke_tb:

      As for the boat, I photoshopped it from one of my photos. Unfortunately it was sitting idle at port and so there were no waves and I’m not adept enough to put them in :wink_ee:
      Sire recently posted…Best WordPress SEO Plugin Is…My Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Oh great idea! I never imagine to sell headers online. I think this will be a profitable one. I spent months thinking of the right business to start with, but still undecided which one of my choices to pursue. You just have given me the brilliant idea then. Thanks for hitting my brain.
    Alisha Moss recently posted…Online PhD UK | Guidelines on Social Science ResearchMy Profile

  9. Making money nowadays is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is not a cakewalk weather you are online or offline you need to spend a lot of time to earn those bucks. You need to work hard in every field as there is tough competition around 360 degrees. Even I work day in and day out to achieve something.
    This Post made me realize that you can earn money by designing Logo as Headers. Great way of monetizing with the Blog.

    1. I used the designing headers as an example I’m using. There would be lots of other ways to make money online. You just have to utilize your talents to come up with something that people will pay for.
      Sire recently posted…Blonde vs Redhead Joke Friday Funnies #69My Profile

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