This is only going to be a short post to announce the winners of the competition to win one year of free web hosting that I was running last week. I was fortunate enough to be approached by the guys at Zyma who offered me three free hosting packages as prizes. I made the requirements as simple as possible so as to encourage as many people as possible to enter the competition.

Before I announce the winners I want to say a little about the commentators. The ones that you see there are those whose comments survived my fairly strict scrutiny. Some of the ones that normally would have been allowed but were deleted were from people who said they were entering the competition but didn’t even fulfil one of the requirements. That being the case I decided the only reason they left the comment was to get the link juice and had nothing at all to do with the competition and subsequently they were deleted.  :devil_tb:

Now to the winners!

  1. Gabriel Killian of
  2. Brian Hawkins of
  3. Albert of
Congratulations guys, I’ll be sending your emails to the guys at Zyma who I am sure will be getting in touch with you.  :drunk_tb:


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